Thursday, February 6, 2014

No Strings Attached Chapter 29

Jason has another rough day in the hospital and Ariana finds herself in a very difficult situation.

The next day Ariana got her pedicure and manicure done in the morning before she came to the hospital to see Jason. Her job at night would be a dinner and cocktail party at the Luxor. She was going to accompany a business man from Los Angeles to some event which was held by an international real estate investment firm. She wanted to look her best.

As she walked through the lobby of the hospital she waved at the receptionist. They already knew her name now and soon she walked through the hallway toward Jason’s new room. She knocked at the door softly and pushed it to go on in. Jason lay in his bed and slowly turned his head toward Ariana.

He looked tired and Ariana could tell right away that he wasn’t all the way well, “Hey Jason, how are you?”
Jason greeted her lowly, “Hey Ariana.”
Just as Ariana leaned down to kiss him she caught a glimpse of a sudden movement under his sheets, “What is going on with you?”
Jason shrugged his shoulders lightly, “Spasms ...I don’t know why…”
Ariana sat on the edge of the bed and took his hand into hers, “Does your nurse know you are having spasms?”
“It just started about half an hour ago.”  
Ariana stroked strands of hair from his forehead, “You should call the nurse.”
“I think it will be all right, maybe they will go away on their own without meds.”
Jason sounded frustrated and she stroked his cheek knowing he needed cheering up, “You will get well and you will get home soon, baby. I am sure of it. Until then I am here for you.”

He closed his eyes and his breathing came quicker as he felt his body getting spastic and his legs were shaking under the blanket.
Ariana looked worried, “What do you want me to do? Should I get someone?”
Jason opened his eyes, “Don’t worry about it Ariana, I will just try to wait it out.”

Ariana got up and walked around to the window and opened the curtains to let in the sun. She glanced at the bed and she still saw the rapid movement under the blanket and Jason breathing in gasps. She saw the tubing coming out from under the blanket and urine running through it into the plastic container attached to the bed. For a moment seeing Jason like this, overcome by the spasticity of his body once again and the things he couldn’t control made her sad and she wanted so much to be able to help him somehow be o.k. It seemed at times the paraplegia had no mercy with him; it kept torturing him constantly reminding him of his body being in shambles.

She stood by the window and watched Jason for a moment until he looked over to her and said lowly between breaths, “Maybe today is not such a good day to hang out here, Ariana. I feel kind of crappy.”
She walked over to him and sat on the bed again, taking his hand in hers and leaning down to him, “I am here and I am staying here until I have to leave for work. I love you Jason.”
He nodded, “I love you, but you shouldn’t…”

She didn’t let him finish. Instead she got up and in the bathroom she wetted a wash cloth with cold water and came back to the bed wiping softly over Jason’s face. He didn’t object, he didn’t say anything else; he kept his eyes closed, breathing through the strong spasms in his legs radiating up into his hips and belly and letting Ariana wipe his face while holding her hand and just feeling her close by.

Nurse Rose walked in and looked over at Ariana smiling, “Oh Hi, I didn’t know Jason had a visitor.” Ariana greeted her and then the nurse tended to Jason, “Jason, it looks like you are having quite some strong spasms?”
Jason shrugged his shoulders and Rose added, “I will bring you some meds. Are you o.k. with that?” Jason nodded.

Rose walked out and Ariana said softly, “Hopefully the medication will help you. The doctor said yesterday he is going to try some new medication on you, right?”
“Yeah, it is another spasm medication.”

Rose came back a moment later with a small cup with a little yellow tablet in it, “Here you go Jason, take this. It is the Dantrolene the doctor ordered to keep your spasticity at bay. It should help you shortly.”
Jason let his headrest come up some more and with Ariana sitting by he took a cup with water from Rose and swallowed the tablet down.
The nurse stood by watching him, “Hopefully this will bring you relief really quick.”

The tablet did bring relief but also made Jason especially tired. It took about twenty minutes until Jason felt the spasms letting off but at the same time he could barely hold open his eyes. Ariana just sat by him, stroking softly over his arms, holding his hand, letting her fingers glide over his face, down to his chest, wiping his face and straightening the sheet when his legs threw it off somewhat.

Sometime in between, Jason tried to keep his eyes open and looked at Ariana shaking his head slightly and saying very low, “Ariana, I am sorry. This medication is kicking my ass. I am so tired.”
Ariana stroked over his cheek and smiled at him, “No big deal, at least your spasms are gone. You don’t have to be sorry for anything. It’s o.k.! I am o.k.”
Jason kept his eyes on her, “I will be so glad when I am finally at home.”
Ariana smiled, “Me too but I am here right now and this is where I want to be.”
He looked at her with dark eyes, “Ariana, don’t let them put me back in ICU, please. I don’t want to go back there.”
Ariana nodded, “I won’t let that happen, baby.”

Jason nodded, seemingly relieved at her promising words. It was almost four o’clock and Jason’s spasms were gone. He had fallen asleep holding Ariana’s hand and she slowly pulled her hand from his. He shifted a little but didn’t wake up. Ariana walked out to the nurse’s station to talk to Jason’s nurse. Rose came walking up from another room and smiled at Ariana, “Hey Ariana, how is he?”
Ariana replied, “He fell asleep, the spasms have let off and I need to leave.”
Nurse Rose walked with Ariana towards Jason’s room.
Ariana said, “I wanted to make sure he is not transferred back into ICU.”
Rose stopped in front of the room and Ariana said, “He is very worried he will be put back in ICU. He really does not want to go back there.”
Rose smiled, “I don’t see a reason why he has to go back to ICU. He is worried, I understand and I will make sure that won’t happen. I know he had somewhat of a rough day.”
Ariana nodded, “Yeah, he seems to have a lot of problems with spasms lately, but I think the new medication worked.”
“That’s good. It just makes the patients sleepy and drowsy.”

The two women walked into Jason’s room, he was still sleeping. Ariana walked around to the table to get her purse and she thought if she should wake Jason up but then decided to just leave him sleeping. Nurse Rose was checking his vitals as Ariana got ready to go, “Well, I have to go.”
Rose smiled at her, “O.k. Ariana, thanks for being here with him today. Are you back tomorrow?”
“Yes, probably in the afternoon.”
“O.k. great, I know he will be happy about that.” They said Good Bye and with one quick kiss on Jason’s forehead Ariana left.

About half an hour later Ariana was in the shower at her place getting ready for her job that night. She would actually get picked up with a taxi and taken to the Luxor, where her client would meet her at 7 o’clock in the foyer of the hotel.
As she sat in the taxi she scrolled over her Facebook and email on her phone and she stopped and was looking at the pictures of Jason. She missed him so much already and couldn’t wait for him to get out of the hospital and be with him. He had had a rough day and it hurt her to see him that way but there was nothing she could do but be there for him and hopefully make him feel a little better.

At the Luxor she stepped out of the taxi and walked through the entrance door into the foyer. She walked over to the bar and on her way was approached by a young man, “Miss Ariana?”
She nodded, “Yes!”
At first glance she wasn’t sure if he was her client but it turned out right away that he wasn’t the client but just the assistant, “Mr. Ridgeway is in the bar waiting for you.”

Ariana nodded with a smile. The assistant walked in front of her and Ariana followed him to the bar and in a corner in a round booth they approached the client. He got up with a smile and Ariana was happy to see he was a very handsome man.
The assistant introduced them, “This is Miss Ariana.”
Mr. Ridgeway took Ariana’s hand and blew a kiss on the top of her hand, then to Ariana’s surprise saying in a British accent, “Very pleased to meet you Miss Ariana. I am Connor Ridgeway.”
Ariana smiled, “Nice to meet you Mr. Ridgeway.”
“Please call me Connor!”
Ariana nodded, “Very well.”

Connor was almost a head taller than Ariana, nicely tanned skin, light brown hair and dressed in a casual but expensive looking jacket with jeans, no tie. Ariana was pleasantly surprised, she had expected someone very different.

Connor gestured her to sit down, “Please have a seat. I thought we could have a drink first. The dinner is not going to start until 8.”
Ariana nodded, “That sounds very nice.”

She sat down and shortly after she had an alcohol free cocktail in front of her, Connor an imported beer.
Connor said with a very sexy smile, “You look astonishing, Miss Ariana.”
Ariana thanked him and asked her initial question, “Is that your first time in Las Vegas?”
Connor shook his head, “No, actually I come here quite often, it is really my ninth time.”
With Connor’s British accent Ariana asked, “Where are you from?”
“I was born and grew up in London. I moved to Los Angeles six years ago to work there for an international real estate firm. I travel a lot.”
“I see, sounds very interesting.”
Connor smiled, “It is but it can be a stressful business sometime.”

Ariana thought Connor very nice and friendly. He looked like he was maybe in his mid/late thirties.

They talked about London and LA, and Ariana told him just a little about herself, not too much information and nothing personal. Connor had never been married and Ariana was surprised about that. He was not bad looking and apparently had lots of money. A man like him would surely find a woman to join him in a heartbeat. Despite his wealth he seemed a genuine man, not snobby and not showing off at all.  At shortly before 8 o’clock they walked over to where the dinner would take place. It was sponsored by an investment partner of Connor’s firm and there were around 100 people at the dinner from all different places in the world.

Ariana spotted a few escort girls, even one from her agency accompanying an Asian business man. Ariana was relieved she got to spend the evening with Connor and not another client. The two women greeted each other discreetly in passing. During the dinner some of the executives went on stage and held speeches and there was also a Power Point slide show on some of the projects the company was investing and involved in. There was definitely lots of money involved. Connor was very nice and fun to talk to. Ariana had not felt that good about an escort client in a long time.

The cocktail party afterwards turned into dancing, drinking and fun conversations. During the evening Connor put his arm around Ariana.
He was a little tipsy and leaned over to Ariana, “I can’t wait to spend the night with you Ariana.”

Ariana was caught by total surprise because she had not been aware that Connor had requested an overnight and Beth had not told her either. She seemed to remember Beth saying it was not going to be an overnight.
She tensed up a little and Connor seemed to sense it, “That is o.k. with you I hope?”
Ariana swallowed and her thoughts were racing for a moment until she pulled herself together, “Of course, that is what you requested.”
She gained some posture and smiled at him. He smiled, “Thanks.”

Out of all her clients she had had over the last couple of weeks Connor was definitely one that she would have not had a problem with spending the night, on the contrary, he was attractive, friendly and very respectful, definitely a man she could have seen herself sleeping with a couple of weeks ago but now everything was different with Jason in her life.

She smiled at him, “Would you excuse me for a moment.”
Connor smiled warmly, “Of course.”

He guided her away softly with his hand on her back and Ariana walked towards the bathrooms. She felt light headed and had to take some breaths when she got to the bathroom. After she was done, she stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself and she felt so sad. She didn’t know what to do. Jason appeared in her mind and then she had Connor out there who expected sex for the night. Ariana felt her eyes get blurry, she didn’t know if she could do it. Maybe just once more! She had to make it clear to Darren and Beth that she didn’t want to do overnights anymore. Beth must have forgotten or something. She pulled her phone out and looked at Jason again, smiling his sexy smile with her on his lap at the bar. She loved him so much; but she was desperate now with the situation. She would make lots of money, which was for sure. They needed the money, but she couldn’t help thinking about Jason and how much she was hurting him with this, she felt like she was betraying him, like she was cheating on him. It was unfair to him and just the thought of how bad he was doing during the day and now Ariana was in this situation she felt so horrible. She freshened up and retouched her make-up, keeping her tears from flowing out. She brushed through her hair and picked on her dress a little before she felt like going back out there.

Connor was engaged in a conversation with some other men and Ariana joined him discreetly but he saw her right away and pulled her next to him with his hand on her back, smiling at her warmly. After a while of talking business Connor turned to Ariana and asked with a smile, “Are you all right Ariana?” Ariana was surprised at his sensitivity to her state of mind.
She smiled courageously, “Yes, I am very good.”
Connor said with a small laugh, “I have to hang around here just another hour or so, make conversation and stuff and then we can get out of here. What do you want to drink?”
This was a moment when Ariana broke one of her ground rules of not consuming alcohol and answered, “I will have a Black Opal.”

The Black Opal was a cocktail not without innocence. Connor seemed a bit surprised but smiled and ordered Ariana the requested drink. When she sipped on it, she felt the alcohol right away travelling through her veins. They danced some, Connor talked some more with people and Ariana had another Black Opal.
It was around 1 o’clock when they left the party and arm in arm strolled through the hotel and towards Connor’s suite on one of the top floors. He was the nicest guy, joking and laughing but not annoying. Ariana held her second Black Opal in her hand and she felt light headed, just enough to hopefully bring this night behind herself and not thinking about Jason. She tried to focus on the money and it kept coming up as her excuse to pull through with this job.

Connor’s suite was large and luxurious; Ariana was used to staying in the nicest rooms when she did have overnights with clients. Money was usually not an issue for these men who could afford hiring a girl for averaging $ 1500 a night. In the room Connor poured himself another drink from the bar in the room and then walked up to Ariana and right in front of her he lifted his glass to cheer with her.

Ariana tapped his glass and he said with a smile, “Cheers to a wonderful night in Vegas with an amazing woman.”

Ariana smiled and thought about if he would only know how she felt inside. He pulled his jacket off and displayed a nicely toned chest and arms under his snug fitting dark red T-Shirt. He touched her softly and stroked down her arm over her naked skin, “You are a very beautiful woman.”
Ariana looked down shyly, “Thank you Connor.”

Ariana felt nervous inside and couldn’t stop thinking about Jason and what she was about to do. Connor was stroking her arms lightly and then guided her over to the bed. She set her cocktail on the night table and Connor got down on his knees and Ariana watched him as he slowly put his hands on her high heels and softly pulled them off of her feet. He was gentle and seemed to be enjoying the moment very much. Ariana was breathing a little quicker and after he put her shoes next to her feet he got up and walked over to a switch in the wall and the main light went off and just a dim lamp shone over on the side. He also put on some music and before he walked over to the bed he slipped out of his shoes and socks. Ariana really couldn’t have asked for a more attractive client to spend the night with. She took another large sip of her drink and hoped that it would make her forget about Jason. She wouldn’t kiss him, that was not allowed for the escorts and the clients knew that. He was allowed to kiss her skin but no kissing each other orally with their mouths or on their genitals. He let his hands stroke up her legs and under her dress in between her thighs.

He looked up at her and smiled, “Are you all right?”
Ariana nodded and felt dizzy. She leaned over a little and put her hands on his T-Shirt and he let her pull it over his head. His hair was now ruffled a bit and she thought how good he looked. His chest was toned and she could tell he took care of his body. He had a tribal tattoo on his right pectoral and also a tribal ring around his left upper arm. He stood Ariana up and turned her around and unzipped her little black dress, exposing her skin with just a thong and a bra on. Ariana put her hands to his jeans fly and unbuttoned and unzipped him and his pants fell down on the floor and he pushed them over with his foot next to Ariana’s dress.

He pulled the blanket and sheets back on the large bed and he sat Ariana down and then pushed her onto the bed, kissing her neck and her chest. He unhooked her bra and exposed her perfect breasts and let his hands glide over her smooth skin. Ariana stroked over his toned body feeling his flexing muscles and the soft hair on his chest, arms and legs. His breathing came faster and soon she could feel a bulge in his underwear.

He smiled at her, “You are super-hot, Ariana.”
She smiled but she really felt like crying. She couldn’t get Jason out of her head. She saw him in the hospital and the way he was during the day. She saw his smile when he was doing well and she heard his voice telling her he loved her. Connor was gentle and warm. He pulled out a condom from the drawer. She felt his hand slide down her waist and belly and to her thong which he then pulled off in a swift move. He held her and stroked her breast, kissing her skin and letting his tongue flick over it.

He pulled his own underwear off and before unwrapping the condom he whispered in her ear, “Ariana, are you ready for me?”
She nodded, “Yes Connor.”
He smiled, “You are a beautiful woman, and you turn me on so much.”

She felt bad for him in a way, because even though her body was there for him, her head was in a totally different place. She wanted to be better for him; he was a good client, a good man, a gentle man with a warm character.

Connor turned away from her and she heard the crumbling of the wrap and she could see his arms moving and obviously pulling the condom over his erection. He turned back toward her, smiling and breathing quickly sliding his body over hers somewhat. Ariana had her hands on his back, her arms wrapped around him and she let him kiss her neck and touch her everywhere. She buried her face in his shoulder, her hands stroking through his hair and down his back to his very sexy ass. He slid over her all the way; she straddled him with her legs as he pushed his hard cock into her opening. She was ready for him nonetheless, wet and warm as he slid into her and started a rhythmic movement of his body on hers.

Ariana all the sudden felt her vision get blurry and she could feel herself tensing up somewhat and visions of Jason appeared in her mind and this time he didn’t smile but he looked serious, sad and angry and she tried to contain her feelings of doing something so wrong and hurtful. She let Connor glide in and out of her and his breathing was quick, he was getting warmer and he whispered into her ear, “You are amazing Ariana.”

She didn’t feel amazing and tears were building up in her eyes. She tried to not break down with Connor, he was a client, she couldn’t be like this, she needed to function and pull it together and she tried to focus on the money she would make but when this type of thinking used to work for her, this time it didn’t work anymore. There was Jason and her heart kept reminding her of him and she saw him in her mind as Connor was reaching his climax intense and satisfying for him but no idea how Ariana’s mind was so very far away from him.

When he slowed down and petted her softly, breathing quickly and letting his lips touch her neck, he suddenly felt moisture running down her cheeks and touch his tongue with a salty taste. He pushed himself up a bit and looked at her worried, “Ariana, I am sorry. Did I hurt you or something?”

Ariana had not been able to contain her tears anymore and they were streaming down her cheeks freely now and she opened her eyes to look into Connor’s worried expression. He would probably go off on her now, complain about her, kick her out of his suite and tell Darren and Beth about how disappointing the escort was and tell all his business friends not to ever hire a girl from City Glitter Prime Escort, because they break down and act like idiots.

Her tears were streaming and she said softly, “I am so sorry Connor.”
Connor actually stroked a strand of hair out of her face and shook his head, “You don’t have to be sorry. What did I do?”
“You didn’t do anything bad. It is me, I am having some issues.”
Connor said softly, “I am going to pull out, o.k.?”
She nodded and he got up, “I will be right back.”
He disappeared into the bathroom and came back shortly after in a robe. Ariana sat up in bed with the covers over her, “I can leave now if you want me to.”
Connor smiled, “No, you don’t have to leave unless you want to.”

Ariana still cried silently and he sat next to her on the bed, “Hey is there anything I can do to make you feel better?”
She looked over at him and smiled with tears on her face, “You are probably the best client I ever had, Connor.”
Connor smiled and put his hand on her back, “Do you maybe want some coffee?”
Ariana nodded, “That would be great.”

Connor set the coffee on in the small kitchenette of his suite.

Ariana asked him, “Can I take a shower?”
He nodded, “Yeah of course you can. The coffee will be ready in a jiffy.”

Ariana disappeared in the bathroom and took a quick shower without washing her hair. She came back out and Connor was dressed in some lounge pants and held his notebook on his lap as he looked up at her. He smiled and Ariana joined him in the lounge area. He got the coffee and sat it in front of Ariana on the small table.

He sat down again with his own coffee and after a sip he asked, “Are you feeling better?”
Ariana nodded, “Yes, Connor, I am so sorry about all of this and I feel so horrible to mess up your night like this.”
“You didn’t mess up my night, I had a great time with you by my side tonight and a while ago, it did feel very good to me but I am sorry it made you feel bad. I wish I could make it up to you somehow.”

Ariana confirmed to him, “Connor, you were wonderful all night…”
He leaned his head sideways a bit and said softly, “So may I ask what is going on with you?”

Ariana drank from her coffee and then stuttered, “I actually….I have a boyfriend and I didn’t want to do overnight escort bookings anymore because of him. I was surprised you had ordered overnight and my boss gave me the job. I told them I didn’t want overnights anymore.”
Connor nodded, “Oh, I see…well, I did order overnight…” He sighed.
Ariana waved her hand a bit, “Yes, and if that is what you ordered we will give that to you…but I just…I couldn’t stop thinking about….about my boyfriend. He is….actually not doing…so good. He is in the hospital.”
Connor sat up a bit, “I am sorry about all of this…I guess it was a misunderstanding with your company then.”
Ariana nodded, “Probably, but I am still happy to be here with you.”
Connor asked, “So, tell me more about your boyfriend. What is going on with him?”

Ariana got her phone and found the pictures of her and Jason in his wheelchair visible and she handed her phone over to Connor who started looking at her pictures curiously.

When he handed her back the phone he asked, “He is disabled?”
Ariana nodded and said lowly, “Paraplegic from a motorcycle accident. We just met about three months ago…His name is Jason. We met here in Vegas but we are both from Northern California, neighboring towns.”  
Connor nodded, “I see…I would think that it would get a bit difficult working as an escort if you have someone.”
Ariana nodded, “That is exactly the problem…”
Connor asked, “How does Jason feel about it?”
“He doesn’t like it but he doesn’t stop me. He got very sick a couple of weeks ago and lost his job, so he has no income anymore.”
Connor nodded and finished her sentence, “….and so you are making the money for you both….” He bit his lip, “That is a bad situation I guess…I can tell you though; he is a very lucky guy to have you.”
Ariana smiled and Connor added, “So he is still in the hospital?”

Ariana told Connor about the situation with Jason’s health and Connor listened to her with obvious interest and sincerity. She ended with, “I love him very much and I don’t think I can do escort too much longer and especially overnights. I really would love to move back to Northern Cali with Jason, but his dad is sick down here so right now we have to stay.”
Connor nodded, “Totally understandable but definitely a shame for your escort company if you leave them. You are a wonderful and beautiful woman.”

Connor seemed to have a sincere interest in Ariana and Jason’s situation. Ariana sighed and when she looked back at Connor she said, “I am so sorry about all of this. This is so unprofessional of me.” She shifted in her chair, “I should probably go.”
Connor shifted as well and then smiled, “You are welcome to stay but it is up to you.”
Ariana looked down, “I should leave.”

She set her cup of coffee down and got up, Connor getting up with her. Ariana slipped into her clothes and gathered her things and once she had everything she turned to Connor. He stood there in the middle of the room and she started, “Connor, I will let my boss know not to charge you for this night, it will be on me. I really messed up and I should have never let it come to this.”
Connor walked up to her and said lowly, “Nonsense, I will pay for this night and I want you to know something….”

He paused and put his hands on her arms looking straight at her, “You are a wonderful woman and if you wouldn’t have a boyfriend I would want to see you again very soon and not for an escort service. You are more than that Ariana, you are more than an escort and you deserve more. You are beautiful, nice, smart, and very compassionate and I am sure you will find something else but being an escort. Jason is a very lucky guy and I know you are a lucky girl, I think you two should be together and I wish you all the best.”

Ariana looked at him and thought about his words and what he had said about meeting her again. She was a bit nervous at his revelation but also flattered at his honesty. He walked over to a desk and then came back with a business card in his hand, “Ariana, we are probably going to open an office here in Vegas because we have lots of real estate stuff coming up here in Vegas and maybe if you are looking for another job I can help you out with that or maybe Jason. Also I have connections all over the West Coast when it comes to real estate. I maybe can help you out with your wish of moving back to Northern Cali.”

Ariana was very surprised, “Connor, I don’t know what to say. I am….” Her words faded, she was really speechless.

Connor smiled, “Well, how about you give me a call in about two months and I can tell you where we are at with the hiring process and our staffing needs for the office here in Vegas. It will be a fairly large office; we will have different positions available. I am going to travel and will be in Dubai for a couple of weeks but I will probably fly out again for some of the setting up here. You can also email me, everything is on the card. I really mean it, Ariana. I may can help you with jobs or maybe a place in Northern Cali.”

Ariana shook her head slightly, “I don’t know….Oh my God, Thank you so much Connor. I appreciate it so much.” Her voice trembled and she felt her hands shaking at what Connor had offered her.
“You’re welcome.”
With that he held his arms open and Ariana fell into his arms hugging him and saying Thank you again. Then she walked toward the door, Connor right behind her.
At the door she turned around and smiled at him, “If I wouldn’t have Jason in my life I would have definitely taken you up on that offer of meeting again not on business.”
Connor laughed a little, “That makes me happy.”
“Thank you so much Connor.”
“Thank you Ariana and please stay in touch, I really want to know what is going on with you and Jason and I am serious on the job offer or checking out places in Northern Cali, o.k.!”
Ariana nodded, “I will stay in touch with you. Thanks so much!”
They hugged once more and Connor said, “I had a wonderful night Ariana. Take care and Good Bye!”
“Good Bye Connor.”

Ariana turned around and walked away down the hallway toward the elevators. Connor stayed by the door and looked after her when at the elevator she turned around once more and they waved at each other with a smile.

Outside Ariana caught a taxi and was on her way home around four in the morning. In the taxi she looked at Connor’s business card again, it had his title, company addresses in Los Angeles, London, Dubai and Hong Kong and all phone numbers and email data, his Facebook page and Twitter. He was the executive broker at the company’s office in LA and Ariana could only imagine how much money he probably made. She would have had a shot with him and he had been one of her most attractive and also nicest clients in a long time. She did enjoy the time with him and she could have seen herself getting to know him better on another level but her heart belonged to Jason and she was absolutely sure about that even though when thinking about an imaginary date with Connor it made a smile brush over her face.

With that she pulled out her cell phone, programmed Connor’s data into it and then scrolled through the pictures of her and Jason ending in the text message option to Jason, “Hey baby! I love and miss you so much and can’t wait to see you soon.”

She sent the message off and hoped it would be the first thing he would see in the morning.


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