Wednesday, February 5, 2014

No Strings Attached Chapter 30

Jason finally gets to leave his bed for the first time after a couple of weeks and he is moving right along hoping for a discharge very soon. Another message to Britt and some serious conversations between Ariana, Jason and Darryl take place.

Jason slept all night with the help of the medication and from exhaustion of the day before with the spasms tormenting his body. The night nurse had also given him an oral laxative before bedtime so he could possible attempt a bowel movement in the morning.

He was awakened Monday morning by the dietary service lady who brought him breakfast. He did realize that he had slept through the vital checks during the night. He blinked at the dietary service lady, managing a weak smile.

The smell of food reached his nose and even though he was somehow hungry he felt a gag reflex at the thought of food. He shifted a little and tried to wake up. He took his phone and turned it on, announcing a new message from Ariana. As he read the message it put a smile on his face. When he saw the time of when it was sent around four in the morning he was somewhat surprised. He remembered that Ariana had to work the night before but he didn’t know if it had been an all-night job or just an evening job. Thinking about the possibility of her staying with another man all night stung in his heart and he brushed the thought away quickly.

He sat up by pushing the button on his bed and the head end automatically came up, lifting Jason into a more upright position.

He texted a reply to Ariana, “Hey Ariana! I can’t wait to see you today. Love and miss you too.” 

Then he pulled the tray over with the breakfast on it and took off the lid on the plate. It was some kind of soft and warm cereal in a bowl. He also had some Orange Juice, two slices of toast and a small container with Strawberry jelly and a small butter. In a small pot there was coffee and there was an empty cup on the tray. Jason wasn’t too impressed. Even though he was hungry he really didn’t feel like eating but he knew he had to bring himself to eat again. He had lost weight over the last couple of weeks, his belly was hollow and his ribs were showing. Slowly he took the spoon and started eating very small bites of the cereal and it was difficult for him at first, he almost couldn’t swallow but he made himself without catching too much of the actual taste of the cereal. He just put the food in his mouth and swallowed it down right away.  He managed only a few bites and then he drank from the Orange Juice and he was done. He didn’t touch the toast or the coffee.

Nurse Rose came in around eight o’clock smiling, “Good Morning Jason.”
“Good Morning.”
Rose came up to the bed and touched his arm softly, “Are you feeling better today?”
Jason nodded, “Yes, a lot better.”
Rose looked at the food tray and looked seriously at Jason, “Did you eat?”
“A little bit. I am just not really very hungry.”
Rose smiled, “You have to eat again Jason. You lost a lot of weight these last couple of weeks in ICU, you lost like fifteen pounds. You have to eat my dear.”
“I know.”
Rose walked around to the window and asked Jason, “Can I let some sun in for you?”
“Yeah, sure.”

She came back around and checked Jason’s vitals and the urine container, “So the CNA’s will come in here in a few minutes and they will fix your bed and also help you in the bathroom, with showering, teeth brushing and all of that. I see you also had some Docusate last night to help with a bowel movement this morning. It looks like you didn’t have a bowel movement during the night, so we can try for that this morning as well.”
Jason replied sarcastically but with a smile, “Good, I am super excited about that.”
Rose picked up on the sarcasm right away and just smiled at him.

She left and Jason looked at his phone. While he lay there his eyes travelled to the tubing coming out from under his sheet, he saw the yellow liquid travel through the tubing and collect in the container attached to the bed. He was still on an indwelling catheter and he really wanted to get rid of it.  He felt good otherwise and at the moment there were no signs of spasms in his body which he was relieved about.

It knocked on his door and two CNA’s came in, “Hi Jason. Good Morning!”

Jason looked up and greeted them. They introduced themselves as Tori and Michael. Michael came up to the bed and smiled friendly, “So we are going to get you out of your bed today Jason. I will help you in the bathroom with a shower and everything while Tori gets your bed all nice and fresh. Does that sound like a plan to you?”

Jason was relieved to hear that Michael was going to help him in the bathroom but he was also nervous at the prospect of coming out of his bed.
Michael asked, “Are there any concerns you have Jason?” Jason shook his head.
Jason had concerns but he wouldn’t mention them to Michael or Tori because he felt embarrassed about them. Michael moved the food tray out of the way.
He then turned to Jason, “Jason, do you want to use your own wheelchair or do you want me to get a hospital chair for now?”

Jason definitely wanted to use his own chair. Tori pushed the wheelchair around to Michael and Jason almost felt excitement come up at the prospect of being able to get in his chair.
Tori smiled at Jason, “Are you ready to get out of here soon?”
Jason nodded, “Yes, very much.”

She nodded with a smile and then disappeared into bathroom.
While Tori was in the bathroom, Michael asked, “You did get a laxative last night, right?”
Jason nodded and Michael added, “I will get you on the toilet first.”

Tori came back out of the bathroom with a thick pad which she then placed on the wheelchair seat.  Michael told Jason to put his arms on his shoulders so he could help lift Jason out of the bed. Jason laid his arms on Michael’s shoulders and wrapped them around his neck. Michael then lifted Jason out of the bed and into his chair while Tori transferred the catheter container and handed it to Jason. Jason realized that he didn’t have lots of strength at all. His arms felt weak and shaky and he felt nervous when Michael lifted him.

Jason held the urine container in his hand while Michael pushed him into the bathroom and then closed the door behind them. Jason had a hard time with all of it and he could feel anxiety creeping up and his hands were shaky. He tried to remind himself to keep it together; any setbacks would only push his release from the hospital out even further. He wanted to go home so badly.

In the bathroom, Michael helped him take his gown off and helped him get on the toilet seat. Michael was professional and gentle and Jason felt somewhat o.k. with him there. Once he was on the toilet, Michael said, “I will give you a couple of minutes now and hopefully we can get that bowel movement and then I will help you into the shower. Are you o.k. with that?”

Jason nodded without looking at Michael. He held on to the rail next to the toilet.  Michael left out the bathroom. Jason felt somewhat down and he felt weak and wobbly on the toilet. He held on tighter to the rail and looked around the bathroom. This was the first time he was out of his bed in weeks and he tried to focus on the good things about it, he was out of his bed, he was moving on into the right direction. The laxative was just an unpleasant side issue but it had to be done. For weeks he was not able to use the toilet and it was such a big part and also a big problem of being paraplegic, probably the most difficult issue for him. He saw the yellow urine run through the tubing into the plastic container which was about a quarter filled already. He saw his skinny legs in front of him while he was holding on to the rail of the toilet seat. He did look down to his stomach and saw the hollowness and the ribs protruding from his chest. He had lost weight and that needed to change again.  He thought about Ariana and how he could never imagine her seeing him this way. 
To his utter relief a bowel movement happened after about twenty minutes, Jason found the toilet paper and it was really a relief for him that his bowels had emptied and he hopefully wouldn’t have to worry about this issue again for a day or two.
Michael came back in and saw Jason struggle with the toilet paper and said softly, “Here let me help you with it.”
Jason’s hands were shaking and he gave up letting Michael take care of cleaning him up in the back. After he was cleaned up, Michael helped Jason back into his chair and they wheeled him over to the shower.

There was a lift but Michael asked, “Do you want to try to get in yourself or do you want to use the lift?”
Jason answered while getting ready to transfer to the shower seat, “I will do it myself.”

Michael held the urine container attached to the catheter as Jason transferred himself over to the shower chair breathing heavy but determined to do this on his own.  He finally sat on the shower chair, Michael hooked the urine container to the side of the shower and Jason was able to take the shower head in his hand, turned the knob and let the water run over his body. Michael stood by ready to assist with anything but Jason managed most of the showering himself. The shower definitely felt awesome and a bout of energy travelled through him feeling the water touch his skin.

It took about one hour until Jason was done. Michael had stayed with him in the bathroom, helped him with drying and shaving. Jason also brushed his teeth over the sink finally, not a spit tray from the hospital and while in bed. When he saw himself in the mirror he realized right away how his face had sunken in, he did look skinny. Seeing himself in bad shape like this made him somewhat sad, he had been really sick over the last couple of weeks and on and off really over the last couple of months. He wished so much that his days of being sick would be over for a while. He wanted to go home, be with Ariana, with his dad and just enjoy life again. He wanted to get well and he wanted to get things going for himself again.

Eventually he actually wore some shorts and socks and he felt so much better when he wheeled out of the bathroom.
Tori looked up from finishing the bed and smiled, “Wow, where is the guy that went into the bathroom a while ago?”
Jason smiled and Michael laughed, “Yeah, this is our new and improved Jason.”

Jason was still weak and couldn’t transfer into the bed on his own so Michael and Tori helped him in. He would have really liked to stay in his chair but he felt his body too weak to sit upright, so he let them get him back into bed. Michael moved the urine container to the side of the bed again.

He asked Jason, “Are you using indwelling cathing all the time?”
Jason replied, “No, I usually use intermittent and I can’t wait until they get this thing out of my d...”

He stopped himself from saying the word remembering Tori in the room. She just smiled and draped the new sheet over Jason’s legs. His bed was fresh and clean and everything was good.

For a few more moments they chatted and then the two CNA’s had to leave for their next patient. Jason thanked them and Michael said he would probably see him again the next day. Jason was exhausted from the bathroom ordeal and let his head fall back onto the pillow and just took regular breaths. The exhaustion and weakness was definitely still there and even though he felt o.k. at the moment he knew even when he would go home he would really have to take it easy with everything. His body had been through a lot of stress and he would need time to recover. He lay there and actually fell asleep after a little while.

Ariana had slept in since she had not gotten into bed until almost 5 in the morning. She woke up around noon with noises outside her door in the apartment. Melody was apparently on her phone with her friend laughing and chatting loudly. Ariana called out to her, “Melody, can you keep it down a little.”
Melody knocked on the door and came in giggling, “It’s almost one o’clock Missy.”

Ariana pulled the blanket over her face and crawled back down under it. When she peeked at her alarm it showed after twelve, realizing that Melody had exaggerated just a little bit. She had left the door open and Ariana heard her still on her phone walking around in the apartment. Ariana pulled her phone under her blanket and turned it on and saw the message from Jason. She smiled and scrolled to her text option to him, “Hey baby! How are you feeling today?”

For a little while she checked her Facebook and after a moment she saw the reply from Jason, “Hey Ariana, I am doing well today. I was asleep…I actually got out of bed today and got to take a shower.”
Ariana sat up a bit in surprise, “Oh wow that is wonderful. How was it?”
“It was exhausting but I managed. Are you going to be able to make it today?”
“Am I going to be able….of course I will come see you today. Probably around four o’clock. I am still in bed.”
“Really?” Jason thought about why she was still in bed and he typed, “Did you have a late night?”
“I did, so I slept in today. My roommate Melody just woke me up being all loud on the phone and stuff.”
Jason couldn’t help think about that she may have had a late night because of her work and it hurt him.
He typed, “Well, I can’t wait to see you today. I am feeling really good. It felt great to be in my chair. I can’t wait to get out of here; it is really getting old now.”
 Ariana’s reply came, “I know you are ready my love. I am ready for you to be out too. Oh Gosh, and I can’t wait to see you back in your wheelchair.”
“All smiles my baby….hey, I am going to let you go for right now and I will get out of my bed and get ready and stuff. I have some things I need to do before I head out to see you.”
“O.k. I will see you later then.”
 “You will. I love and miss you!”
“I love and miss you!”

They finished their texting and Jason let his head fall back on the pillow. He laid there and thought about Ariana and was looking forward to seeing her soon.

He played around with his phone some more and when he scrolled through his Facebook he saw some postings from Britt, Chelsea and Micah. Jason had not forgotten about Britt, he had thought about her and after Ariana had told him about their meeting he wasn’t sure what to make of the situation. Even though to Ariana she had expressed interest in him beyond friendship and she didn’t want to see him again because Ariana was in his life, Jason was somewhat sad about this and would have liked to stay friends at least but he did understand where Britt was coming from. She had not replied to the message he had sent her the day before and he thought about writing her again.

He looked at her profile and saw her pictures, messages and all her other information and then decided to message her again, “Hey Britt, this is Jason. Do you remember me?JI wrote to you a few days ago but haven’t heard back. I am not sure if you got my message or not.  How are things going for you? I know these last couple of weeks have been pretty messed up. I know that you contacted Ariana and told her about me in the hospital. Without you she would have maybe never known and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart that you did this because I know it wasn’t easy for you. You telling Ariana made it possible for me and her to reconcile but I know it caused you pain. Ariana told me about your meeting and she told me what you said about not wanting to see me see us again. I fully understand but it also makes me sad because I really like you. I enjoyed hanging out with you, your sister and Micah and I wish we could have stayed friends. What you did for me in such a short time of knowing me means a whole lot and it is difficult for me to express but I do know that I love Ariana but at the same time I wish so much we could be friends still. I am not sure how things will be for me once I get out of here; I guess I was off pretty bad and wasn’t doing very good at all. I kept pushing it off for weeks, I knew I was getting sick but I didn’t want to be sick at that time because it was right at the time when I had met Ariana and even when I met you guys. I kept ignoring my symptoms and I guess I almost died which coming to think of it would have been really messed up. You telling Ariana about me was a big part of all of this. She would have not known, she and I had basically split up after our weekend together and I didn’t know if I would ever see her again or not. You were there for me when I felt like shit and you also were there for me in a way of informing Ariana about my situation. Britt, I am not sure if we can make this happen somehow but I would really love to still be friends and I know Ariana feels that way too. She is so thankful to you and it hurts her that things are weird now and was hoping you and her could be friends. Well, maybe if you feel up to it, text me or call me. I would love to hear from you again. I really liked your sister and Micah and I wish things would have gone different. I am now in a regular room, out of the ICU finally and I may be able to go home by the end of this week, I can’t wait. I am very tired of all of this here now. If you want to visit, I would really like to see you. I am in room 3016 now, third floor. I can have visitors all the time. Think about it! Thanks again from the bottom of my heart; it meant a whole lot to me what you did. Please know that. Take care, Jason.”

Jason sighed and sent the message off. He didn’t know if it was a good idea but he wanted to let Britt know how much he appreciated everything she had done for him. Without her, Ariana and he would have maybe not even been together now. He looked over Britt’s profile some more and eventually put his phone back on the bedside table.

It was around one thirty when it knocked on Jason’s door and his dad peeked in, then smiled seeing Jason awake and walked on in, “Hey Jay.”
Darryl came in and Jason sat up, “Hey dad.”
Darryl walked over to the bed smiling, “Hey where is your hospital gown?”
Jason sat in his bed only in his shorts and socks, his upper body shirtless and Darryl nodded toward his chest, “You are too skinny, Jay.”
Jason looked down on his chest and belly and said lowly, “I know, I’ll gain it back once I am eating normal again.”
Darryl nodded, “I hope so. How are you today? You look like you are doing well.”
“I am doing good today, a lot better than yesterday.”

Jason went into talking about his getting out of the bed and his showering and everything else. Darryl had pulled a chair over next to the bed and sat in it listening to Jason. He was glad to hear how Jason felt good and things seemed to go back to normal again. 

Jason finished, “I just need to go back on intermittent cathing and I am ready to get out of here.”
Darryl smiled, “I know you are ready. Hopefully by next week the same time you will be out of here.”
Jason nodded, “I hope so too.”
 “Is Ariana coming today?”
 “Yes, she says maybe around 4 this afternoon.”
“O.k., good!”
Jason looked at his dad, “So, how are things going for you, dad?”

Darryl sighed, looked down on his hands, then back up at Jason, “It’s going…”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, I guess I have just been really tired and exhausted from the treatments and stuff.”
 “Do you already have new labs or something?”
Darryl shook his head “No, just getting my treatments and maybe in about 8 weeks or so, we will see.”

Jason nodded but didn’t say anything. Darryl changed the subject, “So what is going to happen with you and Ariana once you get out?”
Jason looked at his dad, “I don’t know yet….she lives in the city and she lives in a second floor apartment so I really don’t know…I really want to be with her.”
Darryl nodded, “Yeah, I can see that.”
Jason paused for a moment than started lowly, “Dad, Ariana had brought this up a few days ago about her apartment and stuff. She is looking to move out because of me. She wants to move into a place accessible for me and even though I would be very happy I don’t know how to help her with that.”
Darryl nodded, “Well, if you two feel you want to be together I guess it would be nice if you could visit her wherever she lived. That won’t happen in a second floor apartment.”
Jason looked over to his dad and said lowly, “She came up with this idea about….”
He paused, took a breath and then continued, “…about moving in with us out in Junction 8.”
Darryl shifted in surprise, “Really?”
Jason nodded, “Yeah, she brought it up.”
Darryl thought for a moment, “Well, how do you feel about that?”

Jason started playing with his sheets, looking at his fingers and shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t know, I mean…I would be happy to have her with me all the time but I am also nervous about everything…how things would be with me and how she would maybe…I don’t know…it may be weird and stuff.”
Darryl smiled and said, “We have never had a woman in that trailer, that would be a sight to get used to but it is not all the way a bad idea.”
Jason was surprised at his dad’s comment, “You think so?”
“Yeah, I could actually see a lot of good in that and it seems that you both really care for each other.  I think she is a good woman, Jay. I like her and I think she would be very good for you. All this time with you in here she came every day and sat by your bed, I have seen her cry over you and I have seen her happy with you doing better. She cares about you very much, Jay. You have a reason to stay out of hospitals and ICU’s and such, you have someone who needs you out there and wants to be with you and I think she really loves you. I do believe that she would be o.k. with everything but you have to talk openly about your concerns with her to find out if her love is strong enough to take you on with all your ups and downs. You have to be completely honest with her and see how she feels about all of it. Then you also have to remember what kind of work she does and I am not sure if you can handle it.”
Jason nodded and took a deep breath, “Yeah; that is a real issue for me but I really don’t have a choice. I don’t even have a job anymore. I can’t support Ariana for nothing and it makes me feel really shitty. I mean, any sane woman would stay away from me right now. I have nothing for her, nothing at all.”
Darryl nodded, “You are right about that but she wouldn’t be here if she would have a problem with all of that. You love her and I think that is all she needs from you. Things will change for you again Jay. Whenever you are o.k. again all the way you just have to get it together son and get back on your feet. I am sure she could help you with that. Finding a job, maybe going back to school, you know what you have to do Jay.”

Jason nodded and still fiddled with the sheet. Darryl knew Jason was worried a lot and he said, “Things will be o.k. and if Ariana wants to move in with us and if you are o.k. with that, I am perfectly o.k. with it. I think it would be good for us guys to have a woman in our house. It makes me very happy to see you two together, Jason…I want things to work out between you and Ariana just like you do, believe me.”
Jason nodded again and replied lowly, “I will talk to her about everything again and then we will see.”

Darryl stayed around watching some TV with Jason and talking with him about things when in the afternoon it knocked on the door softly and Ariana came in, looking beautiful. She smiled at Darryl and Jason, “Hi Darryl…Hey baby.”
With that Darryl got up and she walked up to him and hugged him tightly, then she turned to Jason and smiled big, “Jason… you look so good, almost like you are ready to go home.”

Jason felt his heartbeat speed up. She looked beautiful this time in a blue summer dress, matching flats and her hair flowing long and shiny down her chest and back. She came to him and smiled, then leaning down and he pulled her to him for a kiss. When she looked at him again, she had her hand on his arm and smiled, “How are you feeling?”
“I am actually feeling pretty good today.”
Ariana sat on the edge of his bed, “You look great…only a bit skinny.”
With that she put her fingers on his belly and stroked softly over it. Darryl agreed, “He is too skinny. It is time he puts on some weight.”

Ariana laughed and Jason looked at her hand on his belly and then up at her. With his hand he took hers and stroked softly over it with his fingers. Ariana kept her eyes on him and she saw the longing in his eyes. They smiled at each other.

Ariana then said, “Well, once he is out of the hospital he will eat some real food again and hopefully not be skin and bones for too much longer.”
Jason added, “I am o.k. with this. It makes things easier for me, transferring and all.”
Darryl replied, “Well, I can see that but at least a little bit more meat on your bones wouldn’t hurt. Right Ariana?”
Ariana laughed, “Right.”

She turned to Darryl and asked him, “How are you doing Darryl?”
Darryl looked tired and like he actually had lost some weight too. He shrugged his shoulders, “I am o.k. I guess.”
Jason just looked over at his dad and Ariana.
Ariana said softly, “You look like you lost weight too.”
Darryl smiled, “That’s o.k. I can afford it. This one though…” he nodded toward Jason, “…he was already skinny and didn’t need to get any skinnier.”
Jason smiled and Ariana went back on topic, “How are your treatments going?”
Darryl told Ariana the same things he had told Jason already. Ariana looked down and then back up at Darryl, “Well, hopefully there will be good news at the next evaluation.”
Darryl nodded, “Hopefully.”

Jason thought a little bit about his dad and what would happen if there weren’t any good news but pushed the thoughts out of his head quickly.

Ariana looked back over at Jason and he started, still holding her hand in his, “I told my dad that you are thinking about maybe moving out of your apartment.”
Ariana nodded and looked over at Darryl quickly who nodded supporting, then asked, “Have you found anything already?”
She shook her head, “No, not really but then again I haven’t actively been looking, I have been too busy.”
Darryl looked at Jason and then at Ariana, “Well, Jason mentioned you are thinking about moving in with him.”

Ariana was nervous but also relieved that Darryl apparently knew a little about her thoughts. She nodded and looked at Jason for a sign on how much he and his dad had talked about the issue.
Jason sensed it and took the word, “I told dad that you had mentioned moving in with me and him in our trailer.”

Ariana looked down on her hand in Jason’s hands, nodding. She was nervous about her idea and wasn’t sure yet if that would even be a good solution but before she could say anything Darryl said, “Ariana, I am o.k. with you moving in if you decide to do that. We have enough room and if that is something you can see yourself doing you are more than welcome to stay with us. We do live kind of far out though and the connections to the city are complicated with the busses. I am not sure how it would be with your job.”
Ariana looked at Darryl, “Thank you Darryl. I am not sure yet what I want to do. I just want Jason to be able to come to my place, wherever I live. Right now I am on the second floor and he won’t be able to come up.”
Darryl nodded, “I understand.”

Jason didn’t say anything and only stroked softly with his fingers over her hand still.
Darryl shifted in his chair, “Well, whatever you decide Ariana, please know you are always welcome at our place. It is not much but I have no problem with you moving in.”
Ariana smiled and got up to give Darryl a hug, Jason watched silently.
After the hug his dad said, “Well, you two, I think I will try to get back home so I can get some sleep tonight before my appointment tomorrow.”

Jason shifted and Ariana stayed standing. Darryl walked over to Jason and the two men shook hands and knuckle bumped.
Darryl said, “I am not sure about tomorrow Jay, it depends how I feel after the appointment. Usually I am very tired so if I can’t make it tomorrow, I am sorry.”
“Don’t worry about it, dad, it’s cool. I will call you.”
They said their Good Bye’s and then Darryl turned to Ariana again and they hugged again.
He smiled at her and said, “It was good seeing you Ariana. You look very nice by the way.”
“Thanks! Hope to see you soon again Darryl.”
Darryl smiled, “Sure. Take care you two and I will see you later.”
He pointed at Jason, “We’ll talk on the phone tomorrow son.”
Jason gave Darryl thumbs up, “Sure thing, dad.”

Darryl left out the door and Ariana sat back down on the edge of the bed, turning to Jason. She smiled at him and felt her heart beat fast just looking at him. He was skinny but he still looked good to her and his dark eyes were on her, when he pulled her over for another long kiss. Ariana lay halfway across Jason when it knocked on the door and she quickly sat up and the food service lady came in with dinner. She smiled at them, they greeted each other and she sat the tray down on the bedside table next to Jason’s bed.

After she had left Jason said, “It’s dinner time already. This day went by fast.”
Ariana nodded, “Yeah, it’s already after 5.”
She looked at Jason and said softly, “You look good today baby.”
Jason smiled, “…except you and dad are trying to get me fat.”
Ariana leaned over to him a little, “No, but a little bit more meat on your bones wouldn’t hurt. Your tattoo is getting all shriveled up.”
She laughed and Jason looked down on his chest, “Really?”
He was almost worried that it was true what Ariana said.
She smiled, “No, not really but still.”

Ariana moved in for another kiss and then Jason put his arm around her and she laid her head on his chest and traced his tattoo with her fingers, hearing his heart beat right on her ear.
He stroked through her hair with his fingers and smelled her hair, then kissed her head softly and sighed, “I can’t wait to get out of here. I am so tired of this place.”

Ariana looked up at him and asked softly, “So you told your dad about my moving plans?”
Jason replied, “Yeah, I hope it was o.k.”
“Of course it is o.k.….I haven’t found anything yet but like I said I haven’t been looking, I haven’t had the time.”
Jason thought for a moment, “Well, I mean it is no rush or anything. You should take your time with looking and maybe I can help you look around once I am out of here.”

Ariana still had her eyes on him and continued, “What do you really think about me moving in with you?”
Jason looked down, and then said lowly, “It sounds really good but I just don’t know….I guess I am nervous about it and how it would be.”
Ariana stroked through his hair and looked into his dark eyes, “Why are you nervous?”
Jason took a breath, “Well, just about me and everything that is going on. I am worried it would maybe change things between us.”
Ariana stroked her fingers over his cheek, “It will change things between us….” She paused, then added, “It will get so much better Jason.”
She sat up a bit and said, “I am ready to make this, you and me, a serious deal, baby.”
With that she moved up to his face and they looked at each other until Ariana said, “Jason, I love you and I want to be with you always.”
He let his fingers glide over her long straight hair and said lowly, “I love you too and I want nothing more than have you in my life always, but…”
Ariana put her finger on his mouth, “But nothing, there is no “but” Jason. We can do this.”
Jason nodded and replied, “O.K., you’re right. We can do this. Let’s do this then.”
Ariana smiled, “Me moving in with you?”
“Yes, you move in with me.”

They held each other tightly and kissed long and passionately.  Jason held Ariana and her head was resting on his chest, he kissed her hair and stroked his fingers through it, thinking about how lucky he was to have her in his life. It still felt like it was just a dream that they had found each other a couple of weeks earlier. They spent the rest of the evening in an embrace and watching TV. Jason felt so happy and Ariana felt so much love for him. She left at 9 o’clock that evening and felt tired from the lack of sleep from the night before.

At home she hung out with Melody for a little while and when she went to bed the last person on her mind was Jason smiling and his wonderful dark eyes.


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