Monday, February 3, 2014

No Strings Attached Chapter 32

Ariana and Jason are going to share some very intimate moments which bring them so much closer and strengthening the bond they have even more.

After Michael had left Jason just laid there, dressed and feeling fresh and good. He was almost back to normal, just tired. He knew he couldn’t push himself too hard to not have any setbacks or a breakdown because of exhaustion. He set his phone alarm at two thirty and decided he would get up then and be back in his wheelchair before Ariana would get there.

Jason did actually fall asleep and was startled when the alarm on his phone played its song at the programmed time. He sleepily grabbed the phone and turned off the alarm. He still felt tired, but he really wanted to be in his wheelchair before Ariana would get there. He shifted in his bed, adjusted his position more upright pushing up on his hands. His chair was still next to his bed. He looked around the room, blinking his eyes, rubbing over them with his hand and yawning.

Leaning over slightly he pulled his wheelchair closer to the bed. The bed was still lowered and Jason scooted his butt over toward the edge of the bed. His one leg eventually slipped over the side of the bed somewhat rough and Jason saw his ankle hit the foot rest of the chair. He didn’t feel a thing but wondered if he may have bruised his ankle. Somewhat slumped over he lifted his other leg with his hand over the edge of the bed and felt unsteady sitting there on the bed. Both his legs were hanging over the side of the bed now and Jason just sat there on the bed with both hands next to his sides, concentrating on the moments ahead.
He was breathing, looking at his legs and pushed himself over to the edge of the bed some more and with a quick strong lift he plopped himself down in his wheelchair. He knew it wasn’t his most graceful transfer but he still felt weak in his arms. He definitely needed to get his strength back, especially in his arms. For a moment he lifted his left leg up and over placing his foot on the foot rest and then repeated the same with the right leg and eventually his feet were placed side by side on the foot rest and his knees parallel to each other. He leaned back for a moment catching his breath. It was strange how much a leg actually weighed when no muscle and no nerve helped move it.

He wheeled to the bathroom and checked himself in the mirror, brushed over his hair quickly and for a moment just looked at his mirror image. His weight loss was obvious in his face as well but he still felt good about being out of the bed and back in his wheelchair and he was looking forward to seeing Ariana. He wheeled back out into the room and over to the window. Down below life was bustling, cars driving, people walking and noises coming up to him. He watched for a little while and eventually checked his emails and Facebook on his phone. He remembered the message he had sent to Britt and was somewhat disappointed that she had not replied. Their friendship had been so short lasting and he felt bad about the whole situation. Maybe once he was out of the hospital he would wheel on down to the gas station sometime and see if Britt was there.

Ariana pulled into the parking lot of the hospital and found a spot quickly. She felt good in the car and was getting used to it and more comfortable driving again after such a long time of not driving. Happily she locked her car with the remote control and walked into the hospital excited to see Jason in a few moments.

Just when she walked in the foyer and didn’t think about anything all the sudden she heard Jason’s voice, “Ariana!”
She looked over to where his voice was coming from and was utterly surprised to see him there sitting in his wheelchair.
She stopped in her strides and looked at him with big eyes, “Jason, baby?”

Jason smiled shyly and didn’t know if he should put his hands to his rims and roll over to Ariana or just wait. It was good seeing her and he felt excited like the first time he saw her.
Ariana came walking over to him, “Jason, wow! You are...out of your room…”

She smiled and was beautiful with her hair flowing, her legs only covered just to her thighs by some shorts and wearing a tank top, flats on her feet, a purse dangling over her shoulder, looking a lot more approachable than the day before when she had come to visit Jason.

When she had reached him Jason said lowly, “Surprise!”

Ariana looked at him for a moment, she had longed to see him in his wheelchair for so long and there he was sitting in his black framed chair, his socked feet side by side on the foot rest and his hands folded in his lap, the wheelchair making him the man she wanted so much. He looked at her a little insecure as she squatted down in front of him, “Jason, I am so happy to see you like this, almost like you are ready to go home.”

He nodded, “Yeah, I am finally free from the IV’s and…all the other…stuff and I wanted to surprise you with this!” He looked down on himself in the chair.
Ariana smiled, “I love this surprise…”

She leaned over and looked at him for a moment, he put his arms around her and said softly, “Sit up on my lap!” At his saying the words her heartbeat was  speeding up and she felt like a little girl with a new doll.
To cover her nervousness of sitting on his lap, being close like they haven’t been in a long time, she said lowly, “I don’t know, you are so boney now…”

Jason smiled and pulled her by her hand onto his lap and she positioned herself on his legs, her own legs dangling over the side of the chair and she held on to his neck as he pulled her close to him.

With their faces almost touching Jason whispered, “It feels so damn good to be able to hold you like this.”
Ariana looked at him, “It feels wonderful! I am so happy to see you like this.”
She let her fingers stroke through his hair and looked into his dark eyes, “We are almost done with all of this here. Did you talk to the doctor about your discharge?”
Jason nodded, leaning his face closer to her hair and smelling it, “He said maybe on Friday I get to go home. I can’t wait.”
“Friday would be great...”

Ariana sat up and with their arms wrapped around each other they leaned in for a long and passionate kiss, not caring about people walking by in the foyer or anyone seeing them. They were in their own moment, only them two, holding each other close and kissing.

When they finally unlocked their lips, Jason stayed close to Ariana’s face and said softly, “I love you so much!”
Ariana looked at him with her green eyes and smiled, “I love you so much too!”
They held each other close and then Ariana said softly, “I have a surprise for you too.”
Jason held her back a little, looking at her curiously, “Really?”
Ariana nodded and replied, “It requires you to go outside with me if you feel up to it.”
Jason had a feeling on the surprise but said, “I am not wearing any shoes.”
Ariana laughed, “Don’t worry, you don’t need them.”
“It looks weird, I am only sock footed.“
She laughed some more, “If it makes you feel better we can get your shoes on and then go outside.”
Jason nodded, “Yeah, I want to wear shoes if I have to go outside.”
“O.k., let’s get your shoes then.”
Jason said lowly, “I would tell you to stay on my lap but I am not strong enough right now to wheel us both.”
Ariana scrambled off of him, “No, no, it’s fine…I will walk.”

In the elevator they smiled at each other and Ariana was so happy to see Jason like this. She knew it was a big deal for him and she couldn’t wait to have him out of the hospital soon.

In the hallway Nurse Rose greeted Ariana cheerfully, “So, is that a surprise or what?”
Ariana laughed, “A huge surprise but just great. I am so happy.”
Rose smiled, “Yeah, he is too.”

They chatted for a moment and then disappeared into Jason’s room.
Ariana put her purse down, “Where are your shoes?”
“In the bathroom I think.”

Under the sink Ariana found the sneakers that Jason wore the day his dad brought him to the ER many weeks ago. She brought them out to him and for a moment she wasn’t sure if Jason was going to put on his shoes on his own but somehow she had a feeling that it would be difficult for him and without any words, she loosened the laces and as she looked up at Jason she asked lowly, “May I help you with them?”

Jason didn’t object, but only nodded and let Ariana help him put on his shoes. He wasn’t sure if he would have been strong enough to bring his legs up on his lap to put on his shoes so he was o.k. with Ariana’s assistance. With his hands folded in his lap he quietly watched her slide his feet into his shoes gently and as strange and also embarrassed as he felt having her do this for him he saw how Ariana did this with a kind of sincere compassion on her face that made him almost tremble and it showed him something very special, she really cared for him to realize right away it would have been too much for him and stepping up without hesitation to assist him with something that seemed so common but at this moment would have required coordination and strength on his part.

She had also taken him serious with his concern about being sock footed outside and didn’t make a big deal about it but instead went with him and was getting him into his shoes.
When his feet were in the shoes she looked up at him with a smile, “Do you want them laced up?”
Jason snapped out of his thoughts and said lowly, “No, just leave them hanging.”
Ariana nodded, “O.k. Are you ready?”

Jason hesitated for a moment and while Ariana was about to walk toward the door he said, “Ariana!”
She turned around with a smile, “Yes?”
Jason reached his hand toward her and she took it. He pulled her down to him and onto his lap again and pulled her close, looking at her with serious eyes, “Thanks for helping me put on my shoes.”
Ariana looked down shy and said lowly, “No problem.”
Jason stroked a strand of hair from her face and tugged it behind her ear, she looked up shyly still and he said, “It means a lot you know, you doing something like this for me. It is a big deal for me.”
 “It is not a big deal for me. It is not even an issue.”
Jason leaned his head sideways a little, “Well, it means a whole lot to me.”
Ariana leaned her head onto Jason’s shoulder and said softly, “You mean a lot to me, Jason.”
Jason laughed lowly, “Hey, you are repeating everything I say.”
Ariana didn’t say anything and just left her head on Jason’s shoulder.
He let his hand glide over her hair gently and eventually he said lowly, “Well, you want to show me that surprise now.”
Ariana lifted her head and got off of Jason’s lap, “Yes, let’s go!”
In the hallway nurse Rose crossed their path again, smiling, “You are not trying to sneak out of here, are you Jason?”
 "No, I will be back.”
Ariana took the word, “I won’t kidnap him just yet; I just want to show him something. We will be back in a moment.”
Rose smiled, “O.k.”
In the elevator Jason asked, “So where are we going?”
Ariana smiled, “You will see.”
They got off the elevator in the foyer and Ariana looked at Jason, “Follow me.”

Jason felt almost a little tense, he had not been outside the hospital in weeks and the bright sunlight blinded him upon getting outside. Ariana walked a few steps in front of him toward the parking lot. Jason had a feeling about her surprise but didn’t say anything. Instead he focused on wheeling himself steadily across the paved parking lot. He still felt weak and he knew after this he needed to get back to his room and take it easy. He wanted to listen to his body and not ignore any signs of exhaustion anymore. To be able to get discharged on Friday he needed to be on his best behavior.

After a moment Ariana turned around to Jason, “O.k. babe, stop and close your eyes. I will push you the rest of the way.”
Jason stopped and closed his eyes and momentarily he felt his chair move by Ariana’s pushing until she stopped and said, “O.K., you can open your eyes now…”
Jason opened his eyes blinking and was parked right in front of a red car and Ariana next to it calling out, “Surprise!!!”
He smiled and she added, “Our new mode of transportation!”
He didn’t miss the “our” in her sentence and looked at the car.
Ariana smiled, “It is a Mazda 3 and can be modified so you can drive it as well, but I didn’t do that yet.”

Jason slowly rolled closer to the car and looked at it for a moment, thinking of what to say. Even though he had somewhat expected a car he now felt speechless nonetheless and Ariana saying “our” had touched him. He wheeled even closer to the car and touched it with his hand, then spun around to look at Ariana, “I don’t know what to say, Ariana….I….It is a very cool looking car.”
Ariana came up next to Jason and turned to look at the car with him, “I hope you like it as much as I do. It is spacey for your chair and I think you can transfer fairly comfortable into it.”
Jason smiled, “You thought about everything.”
He took her hand and she looked down to him and he said lowly, “Ariana, you…I don’t know…it is a great surprise.”

He had a hard time thinking of the car as theirs and with pulling Ariana down again, she squatted next to his chair and he said softly looking at her, “Ariana, it is your car though, not ours.”
Ariana sighed, “I knew you would say something like that. Jason, this is OUR car. I bought it for us so we don’t have to depend on busses and taxis anymore to see each other. When you are back home I want to be able to come and see you any time and I also want us to be able to go places together. I know this is weird for you but I want you to look at this car as our car. Don’t worry about anything else. Please!”

Jason knew there was nothing he could do about it and Ariana had made up her mind about this being their car.
He pulled her over and gave her a kiss, “Thanks Ariana, it is a very cool car and I like it a lot. I can’t wait to ride in it with you.”
Ariana smiled at him. She showed Jason the inside of the car and the hatchback trunk.

After checking out the car they went back inside and as Jason wheeled into the elevator he realized how tired he felt. Ariana just stood there smiling at him and soon they were back in Jason’s room. As they were inside Ariana closed the door behind them and then turned around to Jason who had parked in his wheelchair by the window. She came over to him and squatted in front of him holding herself steady with her hands on his knees, “Hey!”
Jason looked down at her and said with a smile, “Hey!”
Ariana started, “Jason, I can’t wait to have you back all the way on the outside. It is so good to see you back in your wheelchair. We can finally start our life all over again and have fun, enjoy ourselves and figure things out together. I missed you so much in these last couple of weeks and I was so scared I could lose you. I thought of you night and day and about all the things we will do together. I love you so much and I want to be with you always.”

Jason kept his eyes on Ariana and thought for a moment about his unbelievable luck to have this wonderful woman in his life now and he thought about how everything started and how he almost bailed out and how Ariana had been by his side these last couple of weeks and it made him feel so happy inside, “I love you more than anyone in this world Ariana. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I can’t imagine not having you in my life. You make me feel so good! I love you so much!”

Ariana leaned in between his knees, moved up to his face and with their faces close they fell into another long and hard kiss.

After a little while Jason’s phone ringing distracted them and when he pulled it out he saw his dad on the display. Ariana got up and sat on the chair next to Jason as he answered the phone call. They talked briefly about the day and Jason’s dad told him that he felt somewhat tired because of the treatment in the morning but Jason told him the great news about a possible discharge on Friday. Darryl was happy to hear about it and couldn’t wait to have Jason back home. He planned on visiting the next day, and they ended their call on that note to maybe see each other the next day. When Jason clicked his phone off, he looked over at Ariana and just smiled at her.

Ariana moved the chair closer to Jason, “So you feel good today? You haven’t had any spasms?”
He shook his head, “No, it has been a really good day. I hope it will stay that way.”

Ariana leaned herself forward a little and reached for Jason’s hands and he took hers and she smiled, “I am so happy about everything. It is so strange how everything happened these last couple of weeks.”
Jason nodded and said lowly, “Yeah, it is really like a dream somehow.”

He looked down on their hands, then back up at her and started lowly, “So when we first met at the Café…is it still like that? The things you had said about why you wanted to be with me and all…”

Ariana remembered back to their meeting at Café Blue and she remembered how she had told Jason the things about him being in a wheelchair and why she wanted to be with him. She wasn’t sure why Jason asked but his eyes were serious and questioning and she felt nervous about what he wanted to hear from her. He let his thumbs rub over her hands and kept his dark eyes on her.

Ariana looked down on their hands and nodded, replying almost in a whisper, “Why are you asking, Jason?”
He shrugged his shoulders a little, “Just wondering if things have changed.”
Ariana looked up at him, “Things haven’t really changed but I love you and the fact that you are paraplegic and in a wheelchair makes me feel very lucky. You are the man I always wanted, Jason.”
Jason didn’t say anything for a moment and just looked down on their hands still rubbing with his thumbs until he looked up at Ariana again, “So, if I would have walked into the clinic that day you wouldn’t have even wasted a moment on me?”

Ariana said softly, “It is not like that Jason…you are an attractive guy, women check you out all the time and I would have checked you out no matter what, but the wheelchair and your braces made you even more interesting to me. I really wanted to meet you. You were drawing me in by the way you are and the things that are going on with you. You turn me on all the time, even right now.”
She looked at him and he smiled, “Yeah?”
Ariana nodded with a smile, “Yeah, really! Like I want to jump you right now in your chair right here in the hospital room….”
Jason leaned his head sideways, “You will get in trouble. I am still weak and you can’t do that to a patient in a hospital.”
Ariana laughed at Jason’s joking, “Whatever!”
Jason’s smile turned into a grin, “It sure sounds good though.”

Ariana was relieved that Jason’s interrogation didn’t turn too serious and had changed to a lighter tone again. She was worried he still had problems with the way things started out and how she had approached him. Even though she hoped he had forgotten about it, she realized he had not. She didn’t want to cause him any worries about why she was with him. She knew now that she loved him and she tried her best to make him feel at ease about being paraplegic.

Jason pulled her hands closer and then looked at her with serious eyes, saying lowly, “I kind of understand what you are saying but I am worried I guess.”
“About what, baby?”
“About the things I deal with that are everything but hot and attractive. I want you to know everything about me if we are together and I am not sure if you realize some of the issues I have.”

Ariana wasn’t sure what he expected her to say and even though she knew there were issues, they had not talked openly about some of these things and she didn’t know if she was ready at the moment but she also felt that Jason had a need to let her in on all his issues, “Jason, no matter what is going on with you, it won’t change the way I feel about you.”
Jason nodded, “It is easy to say.”
“Baby, if you want to tell me things I am ready for whatever and whenever you want to tell me.”
Jason sat up in his wheelchair and then let go off one of Ariana’s hands, “Let me show you something.”

Ariana let go of the other hand and pushed her chair out of Jason’s way, getting up and following him into the bathroom. She walked in behind Jason and he had parked next to the toilet. He felt very nervous and his heart beat fast at the prospect of what he wanted to show Ariana. Mounted on the wall was a pocket and it had the catheters in their sterile wrappings in it. He pulled one out with a shaky hand. Ariana to his surprise pulled the small stool that was in the bathroom over and sat down on it close to Jason.

Jason looked over at her and handed her the package, “Look at this.”
Ariana saw his hand shaking and she took the package from him and after looking at it for a moment she implied lowly, “It’s a catheter?”
Jason nodded and with his head down he explained lowly with a trembling voice, “So with my injury I lost all the sensation below my T-5 vertebrae…and that means I can’t feel if I have to pee or….”
He stopped and took a breath and Ariana finished the sentence for him in a soft voice, “...poop.”

Jason didn’t look at her but only nodded. He felt very nervous. Ariana could tell he had a difficult time talking about this with her but she knew it needed to be talked about and if the moment was now for Jason to feel somewhat comfortable talking about it, then she was perfectly fine with that. She wanted to know even though it was a difficult topic to address and she thought about how she could make him feel more comfortable. She wondered if she should say things to him or if she should wait for him to tell her everything.

She wasn’t sure all the way and then Jason looked up at her, “Yeah, I can’t feel any of it. Just like I am not really capable of having…” he stopped and took a deep breath, “I can’t have an erection the natural way and with that I am….not able to actually…come. The feelings are there but the brain can’t transmit the signals to the organs it needs to reach.”

He paused and just looked at Ariana for a moment and she nodded in silence. She knew it had been difficult for him to say these things. Ariana took his hand and nodded, “Thanks for talking to me Jason.”
Jason nodded and added lowly, “Ariana, I can probably never ever have kids the normal way, you know.”
Ariana touched his leg softly and he looked at her hand, seeing it but not feeling her touch, “Jason, it is not an issue for me. It is not going to stop me from loving you.”
Jason put his hand on hers and said still with a low voice, “Just like I can’t feel your hand on my legs.”
Ariana took his hand and squeezed it, “You can feel that?”

Jason nodded with a smile and then looked up at her seriously, “Anyways, this thing in your hand…I use the catheters to empty my bladder. I have to do it every couple of hours, like every three or four hours…when I drink a lot even more often or I have to use some extra….protection in the form of….”

He paused and took another breath, he couldn’t bring it over himself to say it. Instead he took her hand in his and led it to his waist and put her hand on his sweatpants leading her hand closer to his crotch. Ariana felt the soft padded material under the sweats and knew what he was trying to say.

She looked up at him shyly and Jason said with a low trembling voice, “Adult incontinence briefs…the nice way to say it. I am sure you know the other word.” 
She nodded quietly and Jason added with his eyes down, “I have had some very embarrassing situations happen to me Ariana. At night in bed or even during the day while I am out and about….that is another reason why I haven’t been out a whole lot. It’s the worst when something like that happens and there is no place to go like a bathroom or such.”

Ariana just listened to him. He looked back up and put his hand out to her, “Here let me see it.”
Ariana handed him the catheter package and then said holding on to his hand, “Jason, I want to see you use it and I want to learn how to do it.”

Jason looked at her surprised, he hadn’t expected that and for a moment he felt it was out of the question to let Ariana help him with cathing but Ariana seemed to sense his doubts and added, “I am serious Jason, I want to see it right now.”
Jason looked at the package in his hand and then at Ariana, “You want to see me use a catheter?”
Ariana nodded and replied sternly, “Yes, I do!”
He took a deep breath and looked at her, saying softly, “Are you sure?”
Ariana nodded again, “Yes baby, I am sure!”

Jason set the catheter package on his lap and then holding on to the side of his chair he pushed himself forward some to move his butt closer to the edge of the seat. There was a handle next to the toilet and he held on as he pulled his wheelchair closer to the toilet. Ariana also moved her little stool closer and Jason looked at her nervously.

Ariana could see he was wobbly in this position and his hands were visibly shaky and she asked softly, “Can I help you with anything?”
Jason shook his head and grabbed a pair of Latex gloves from the wall mounted box and handed them to Ariana, “Here you go!”

He put some gloves on himself while Ariana put on hers. He unwrapped the package and pulled out the catheter tubing with Ariana looking on. He then slid his hand in his sweats and after a moment pulled out his penis from the confinement of the briefs and the sweatpants.

He looked at Ariana and said softly, “I have to insert this tube into my d…,” he stopped, sighed and then continued, “….into my urethra for the urine to flow out.”
Ariana asked in a whisper, “Can I do it?”
Jason looked at her surprised, “You want to do it?”
“Yes, please Jason. Show me how to do it.”
He took a deep breath again, “O.K. here!”

He took an alcohol swab and while looking at Ariana he quickly swabbed the tip of his penis, “Just to make sure it is clean to prevent infections.”
There was a bottle of lubricant next to the catheter packages and Jason grabbed the bottle and holding the catheter over the toilet he let a few drops of lubricant drip onto it. Ariana watched silently and when he looked at her and their eyes met he explained lowly, “It makes it easier to insert.”

He handed her the tubing and showed her, “You let this end hang in the toilet because as soon as the other end is inserted enough to reach the bladder the pee is going to flow through it into the toilet.”
Then he guided her hand with the other end toward his penis and said softly, “Find the opening and just push the tubing into it. Don’t worry about hurting me, I don’t feel any of it. It should go in easy.”

His hand was lightly wrapped around her hand, guiding it and as she found the urethra opening for a short moment she looked up at him and he met her eyes and he smiled in confirmation nodding.

He held his penis for her and Ariana leaned down and with full concentration slowly pushed the catheter tubing in, Jason guiding her hand somewhat still. Soon she saw the yellow liquid flow through the tubing into the toilet. Jason watched her face and was amazed at how she just did this without a trace of disgust or nervousness but stayed fully focused on him and helped him with this like she had done it a million times. As embarrassed and nervous the situation had made him, now he felt so much closeness to her and was overcome with emotions he couldn’t even explain. He would have never imagined a woman other than a nurse coming so close to him and he felt a huge relief having let her in on this very intimate issue.

Ariana looked up at him and when she saw the doubt in his eyes she said with a smile, “It is pretty easy. Thank you baby for showing me how to do this and telling me about it.”
She smiled at him and when the urine stopped flowing she said, “When you are done, you just have to pull it out?”
Jason focused back on the task, “Ah yes, take some toilet paper and hold it by the end when it comes out.”
He handed Ariana the toilet paper and she pulled out the tubing but nothing dripped and Jason said, “Then you can either just throw it away or put it back in the wrapper and throw it in the trash that way. That is what I always do. Some catheters can be reused after being washed.”

Ariana followed his suggestion about the wrapper and then threw the package in the trash. Jason tugged his manhood back inside the briefs under his sweats and took off the gloves. So did Ariana and they threw the gloves in the garbage can. Ariana pushed the toilet flush button and then looked at Jason, who looked down embarrassed.

Ariana moved her stool up to him, “Baby, I am so glad you let me in on this. I know this took some overcoming from you but I am so thankful. I want to know all those things because I want to be able to help you when you need me to.”
Jason shook his head softly and looked up with dark eyes, “So this was not disgusting to you, seeing how this is the way I have to pee all the time and what a hassle it is.”
Ariana took Jason’s hands again, “No, it wasn’t disgusting at all.” She smiled wider, “Actually I thought it was kind of….hot.”
Jason shook his head again, “No, no, no…it is not hot Ariana.”
Ariana added, “I am not just saying this to make you feel good about having to pee through a tube my sweet boy. I am totally serious about finding it kind of hot. I have no problem watching you do this and actually wanting some more of you. It turned me on.”
She laughed and Jason couldn’t help a shy smile brush over his face then.
He said softly, “You are crazy.”
Ariana laughed, “Crazy for you.”

Jason spun his chair around some to face Ariana and she just smiled at him. He couldn’t really believe that he had just showed her how to cath but in a way he started to feel good about it, because of the way Ariana had reacted.

He seized the moment and said, “The other issue though is a whole different story.”
Ariana turned serious, “Yes, but I want to know too.”
Jason sighed, “I don’t know if I am ready for that one.”
Ariana pulled his hands up to her face and kissed his fingers, muffling in between the kissing, “Whenever you are ready I am ready.”
Jason nodded, “O.k. maybe not today. That will be a lesson for another day.”
“O.k.” Ariana then leaned over to kiss him.
Jason held her tight and after the kiss he said, “I am kind of tired now, baby.”

With Ariana on his lap he wheeled out of the bathroom and toward his bed. She held on to his neck and her head was on his shoulder. At the bed she didn’t move and just held on. Jason put his arms around her and let his hands stroke over her back.

He whispered in her ear, “I love you so much. Thank you for helping me in there. I can’t even begin to say what this means to me.”
Ariana whispered in his ear, “No biggy! I love you and everything about you and I want to be part of everything in your life, Jason, even the things you dread so much. In good and in bad times!”

Jason didn’t know what else to say and when he heard her say the last few words he had a flash before his eyes seeing Ariana as his wife and the woman he would have by his side for the rest of his life. It made him feel so incredibly happy that it almost brought tears to his eyes thinking about it. He pulled her close to his body and pushed his face down to her neck and into her hair, closing his eyes and just wanting the moment to last forever.

They were interrupted by the dietary department lady who brought Jason’s dinner in and smiled at them both, seeing Ariana on Jason’s lap. Jason thanked her and the lady left again. The smell of food filled the room and when Ariana wanted to get up Jason held her down and said muffled into her hair, “Don’t get up yet!”
Ariana smiled and laid her head back on his shoulder, feeling his hand on her back and feeling her hold her to him. She said into his ear, “I love you Jason!”
“I love you too!” He pulled her up a little, they smiled at each other and kissed.

Ariana spent the rest of the evening with Jason. For her dinner she went to the hospital cafeteria and got herself a soup and a salad which she brought back to Jason’s room where they ate together. Jason felt slight spasms in his legs after dinner and decided to get into his bed. Being out in the wheelchair all afternoon had felt good but it had cost him some strength. After helping him out of his sneakers Ariana watched him transfer into the bed and adjust his legs getting a centered position in the bed. He still wore his clothes. She moved the table with the food out of the way and climbed up onto the bed with Jason. She had taken her shoes off too and laid her feet up on the bed. Jason had his arm around her and she snuggled up close to him.

Jason started, “This was a good afternoon baby. All the surprises today…”
Ariana laughed, “I know, lots of surprises but it was so much fun. You back in your wheelchair all hot and making me crazy, then the car I got today and then a while ago…”
Jason said lowly, “A while ago was a big deal for us.”
“Yes, it was but it made me feel even better about being with you Jason.”
“You have no idea what you are doing to me and how this makes me feel being with you.”
“I hope I made you feel good.” Ariana smiled up at him, as he stroked through her hair.
“Ariana, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me….”

Cuddled together they laid on the bed when the nurse came in to check Jason’s vitals and she smiled. Ariana had almost dozed off a bit. She made some room so the nurse could get to Jason’s chest and listen to his heart, check his blood pressure and his temperature.

Everything was o.k. and she reminded Ariana, “In about one hour visiting hours will be over.”
Ariana nodded, “I know.”

The nurse had disappeared out of the room and Jason suddenly grabbed his leg and sighed, “Shit!”
Ariana sat up and looked at him, “Jason, what is it?”
He told her about the slight spasms in his legs, “I hope it won’t get worse. I thought I would be making it through this day without spasms.”

Ariana massaged his legs softly and Jason just laid there and let her. He felt tired and exhausted but decided he would take some meds for the spasms to not get worse. He would let the nurse know when she came around again.

It was shortly before 9 when Ariana knew she had to get ready to go.

Somehow the Good Bye seemed harder that evening. For once she had enjoyed the afternoon so much with Jason and she couldn’t wait to have him out of the hospital and then again she was worried about him now because he was battling spasms again and as she leaned over him she said, “Jason, I want you to call the nurse and have her give you some meds for your legs.”
Jason nodded, “I will call her as soon as you’re gone. Don’t worry Ariana. It will be o.k.”

She held him so tight when she said Good Bye.

Jason could feel her tension and he held her in front of himself, “I am looking forward to see you again tomorrow. I want you to drive careful with the new car.”

Even he felt somehow the Good Bye was harder that night and he didn’t know what caused it.

They had enjoyed each other so much that day and somehow the whole situation with the cathing seemed to have created another type of very intimate bond, almost like they had slept together for the very first time. Ariana clung to him and didn’t want to let go.

Jason held her and whispered softly, “You have to go, baby. They will kick you out in a moment.” Ariana sat up and they kissed again, telling each other how much they loved each other and finally Ariana was walking toward the door. At the door she turned around again, waved at him and he waved back at her. Then she walked out.

In the hallway Ariana couldn’t help feeling down somewhat. She wanted to stay with Jason and wanted to stay the night. She wanted to lay next to him all night and she wanted to feel him close to her. Instead she had to leave him behind and he wasn’t doing all the way great and she almost wanted to tell the nurse on her way out but felt that wouldn’t be fair to Jason. She had to believe him when he said he would call the nurse in for some meds.

On her way home to her apartment she thought about the afternoon still and she missed Jason so much already. Melody wasn’t at home and when she texted her she replied shortly after that she was with her boyfriend. Ariana got on her computer some more and looked for apartments on the first floor or houses for rent with just one story. She found some that may be worth looking at but she still didn’t know if that is what she wanted to do of if she maybe really would move in with Jason and Darryl.
In her bed that night she imagined how nice it would be to be able to lay next to Jason at night and share the same bed with him always. The best thing to do for her would probably be to move in with Jason and his dad at first. Maybe down the road she and Jason could find a place for themselves. Darryl needed Jason to be there now during the treatments and hopefully things would work out some way or another. She looked at Jason’s pictures on her phone one last time before falling asleep.

Jason didn’t have to call the nurse after Ariana had left. The nurse had come in once again to check on him and he asked for medication. His legs were spastic and it took him a while to fall asleep with the muscle contractions shooting through his legs until the medication kicked in and made him sleepy. The day with Ariana had been special and a weight had been lifted off his shoulders after the situation in the bathroom. He had not expected Ariana to react the way she did but he was relieved at her openness and her understanding. He felt it was an important step for them to share this kind of intimacy. If they would live together there would be no way around these things anymore.


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