Sunday, February 2, 2014

No Strings Attached Chapter 33

Jason's discharge is close and he is having a rough day with a strange encounter and Ariana is very busy when he really needs her to be there for him.  

Jason slept well through the night. The spasms did not get worse and he didn’t even wake up when the nurse checked his vitals through the night. The new spasm medication had helped him to stay in a deep sleep. He only woke up when breakfast was delivered and he blinked sleepily at the lady from the dietary service department, thanking her with a scratchy voice. She left with a smile and a nod and Jason shifted a little and eventually pushed the button to sit up in the bed. He pulled his phone over and turned it on and to his surprise he saw a message from Britt.

He felt his fingers tremble when he tapped the screen to read the message, “Hi Jason! I am sorry I haven’t replied sooner but I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to reply at all. You deserve a message from me though and so I wanted to let you know that I can’t see you again ever. I know Ariana is the girl you want in your life and I had hoped to the last moment that maybe you would change your mind about being with her but I know you love her and she loves you.  After I saw you for the first time at the gas station I couldn’t stop thinking about you and I was hoping so much Ariana would not come back into your life. I know it is my own fault that she is back in your life because I let her know about you being in the hospital. I felt it was the right thing to do even though I started to have feelings for you. Maybe you and I were not meant to be and even though I know Ariana wanted to stay friends I just can’t do it. She is a good woman and you deserve nothing less. You are a great guy and I hope she knows that. I wish you all the best and I hope things will work out for you and Ariana. Take care!”

Jason sighed after reading the message. He really didn’t want things to be weird between Britt and him but he knew now that she felt more for him than just a friend and there was really no other way than to stay away from each other. He held his phone in his hands for a moment and just looked at it thinking about everything and thinking if he should write anything else to Britt but decided better not to. He dropped the phone on the blanket and laid his head back. He smelled the breakfast on his bedside table and even though he was not particularly hungry he knew he needed to try to eat. He pushed himself up some more, pulled the table over and checked out the breakfast menu. Everything looked good and he slowly started eating.

Ariana hung up with Beth about a job that night and snuggled back into her bed some more with her phone in her hand texting Jason, “Hey baby, good morning! How was your night? I was worried about you last night…did you still have to deal with the spasms after I left?”

It didn’t take long and Jason already replied back. He informed Ariana about his night and how he was, “I am eating breakfast right now.”
Ariana smiled, tapping the letters on her phone, “Good boy, put on a couple of pounds again…Are you ready for me today?”
Jason replied, “What a question? Of course I am ready! I want to get up soon and get back in my chair again so I will be in it when you get here.”
“What time do you want me to come over?”
“I don’t really care but I should be ready around noon.”
“O.K., I have a job tonight so I have to leave the hospital around five to get back home and get ready and all. I will be there around one o’clock then, my love!”
“Sounds good.”
“I love you and will see you later!”
“I love you. See you when you get here.”

After Jason sent off the last sentence he took a breath and thought about Ariana and her job for a moment. She would be with another man that night but she had promised that she was not doing overnights anymore. Jason couldn’t bear the thought of her and another man and he tried his hardest not to think about it too much but it was a challenge.

Quickly he turned back to his breakfast. He didn’t get too many bites down but at least some. He didn’t mind being skinny, it made life being paraplegic easier but he had noticed that his ribs were protruding already and he knew he had to get some meat on his bones.

During the morning the CNA Michael came in to help Jason in the bathroom and get dressed again. Jason wanted to get back into his wheelchair and around 12:30 he sat in his chair, fresh and dressed even with shoes on and feeling good waiting for Ariana.

Ariana’s morning turned around very quickly when Melody knocked on her door around 10:30, “Ariana, are you awake?”
Ariana had just finished texting Jason and mumbled, “Yes, I guess I am awake now!”

Melody came in with a sad expression. She sat down on Ariana’s bed.

Ariana sat up and looked at her, “What is going on?”
Melody looked down on her hands in her lap, “Chad broke up with me last night.”
She could barely finish the sentence and broke down crying as Ariana sat up more, looking surprised and softly touching Melody’s hand, “What? Why?”

Melody and Chad had been together for two years with ups and downs, he was actually a dancer in one of the shows on the strip and known to always be up for some flirting with the women but always came back to Melody. Melody fell on Ariana’s bed, sobbing and crying and her voice barely understandable talking about how Chad could do this to her. Ariana stroked over Melody’s hair, there was not much she could say to make Melody feel better. Apparently Chad had decided Melody was too clingy and he needed some more freedom still.

Melody stayed in Ariana’s room for an hour and Ariana tried her best to make Melody feel a little better. Finally Melody calmed down and Ariana knew then that she had to be there for her friend and roommate and said warmly, “O.k. you and me, girls afternoon, at the mall, shopping, getting our nails done and eating high calorie food.”
Melody seemed to be relieved to hear about Ariana staying with her and nodded with a teary smile, “O.k. thank you so much Ari!”
They hugged and Ariana said, “First I need to get showered and stuff though, o.k.”

Melody left Ariana’s room and Ariana scrambled herself out of bed and straightened her room thinking about Jason and that she had to cancel the visit with him that day. He would probably be disappointed.

It was almost one o’clock when Jason’s cell phone played its ringtone and he saw Ariana’s face on the display, “Hey baby!”
Jason asked excitedly, “Are you on your way?”
Ariana took a deep breath and then started slowly, “Jason, actually I have some not so good news.”
Jason’s voice sounded less excited now, “What is it?”
Ariana told him about Melody and ended with, “So I think I kind of need to stay with her today, she is really feeling bad.”
As disappointed as Jason was he did understand and didn’t want to make Ariana feel bad about being with her friend, when she needed her most, “Yeah, well, I guess you should be with your friend today then. I am o.k.”
Ariana knew he was disappointed and he tried not to show it, “Are you sure?”
“Yeah, I am positive!”
“Baby, are they still talking about getting you discharged tomorrow?”
Jason looked out the window, “Yes, sometime tomorrow, I have to call my dad and let him know and all. I don’t know what time they will let me leave.”
Ariana added, “So tomorrow is a sure thing. Oh Jason, that is so great. I will call you again this evening.”
 “Sounds good, I will be waiting for your call then.”
Ariana said softly, “I love you Jason!”
“I love you!”

After Jason had hung up with Ariana he looked out the window for a moment, he felt frustrated about not seeing Ariana but then he reminded himself not to be too needy. Ariana had other people in her life besides him and he couldn’t expect her to be there with him 24/7 and he also had no right to make her feel bad about not being there that day. He was perfectly fine, he was out of the bed, in his chair; he could watch TV, wheel through the hospital a little or go out into the courtyard if they would let him. He should be able to manage being on his own for a day. He also reminded himself of the next day when he would hopefully get discharged. He was used to being by himself so it shouldn’t be a big deal this time. With his phone in between his thighs in his chair he put his hands to his rims getting ready to venture out a little bit.

At the nurses station the nurses smiled at him and Rose chatted happily, “Jason, all dressed and ready to get away from here aren’t you?” She came around from behind the nurse’s station.
Jason laughed a little, “I won’t try to run off or anything, I hope to get out tomorrow but is it o.k. for me to wheel around the hospital?”
“Yes of course. Are you not getting any visitors today?”
 Jason told her about Ariana and that he didn’t know if his dad would be able to show up either.
Rose nodded compassionately and smiled, “Yeah, take a little stroll or go outside. It is fine with me.”

Jason thanked her and wheeled off toward the elevators. It felt good to be mobile again, he felt good and he felt ready to go home the next day. Even his strength seemed to return as he wheeled into the elevator, got out on the first floor to hang out in the foyer and maybe check out the courtyard of the hospital.

He wheeled toward the door to the outside courtyard and just when he pushed the button for the door to open automatically a young woman came wheeling up behind him in a red framed wheelchair and laughed, “I hope we both get through before it closes on us.”

Jason wheeled through the door quickly and spun his chair around to get a better look at the woman who had come up behind him. He smiled but was a little intimidated to see her in the same situation as himself. He didn’t have a lot of experience interacting with other paraplegics. Looking at her for a moment he assumed she was paraplegic and she came rolling up next to him smiling, “Hi, I am Amy, T8 incomplete.”
Jason was surprised at her introduction and for a moment wasn’t sure how to introduce himself but then followed her example, “Jason, T4 complete.”

Amy wore soft looking pajama pants and a tank top. She wasn’t bad looking at all with long blond hair, blue eyes, a few freckles in her face and nicely tanned arms and chest.
On her naked feet she wore Flip Flops and after Jason’s intro she asked, “Are you visiting or are you a patient?”
He smiled, “I am a patient.”
“Me too.”
Jason wheeled over to the side a little and Amy asked, “Is it o.k. if I join you out here?”
Jason didn’t know how to respond at first but he couldn’t really tell her not to join him because that would be rude so he replied, “Yeah sure.”
Amy wheeled up next to him, “I can’t stand being in the room, I need to get out some…”
Jason nodded while placing his hands on his rims, “I hear you.”
Amy seemed cheerful and open and went on, “I am almost out of here, probably on Monday! How about you?”
Jason answered and she asked, “So how long have you been here?”
After he told her the length of his stay and why he was in the hospital Amy said with big eyes, “Shit! That wasn’t fun I bet and I am sure you are so ready to get out tomorrow.”

She told him about her own problems with a urinary tract infection but had only been in the hospital for five days. Amy was not shy at all, she smiled at people passing by, she asked Jason about his issues some more and even though he felt a little invaded in his privacy he answered her politely and kept looking at her every so often and she smiled at him.

Amy had been paraplegic for 10 years, she was 26 years old and had become paraplegic through a car accident when she was 16. Compared to Jason she was a seasoned paraplegic and she seemed very content with her disability.

They found a shady spot by the pond and Amy asked Jason bluntly, “Are you married?”
He looked up at her and shook his head, “No, but I have a girlfriend.”
Amy wasn’t married either and she was single.
She asked Jason, “So, have you been together with your girl for a while then?”

Jason told her about him and Ariana just recently getting together, he didn’t mention Ariana’s line of work or any other private issues.

Amy listened closely, “So she is o.k. with your disability and all?”
Jason thought quickly about the rocky beginning of his and Ariana’s relationship and after a moment of hesitation he replied, “Yeah, she is perfectly fine with it. It is what caught her attention when she first saw me.”
At that Amy leaned her head sideways a bit, “Your disability caught her attention?”
Jason wondered about the question and answered lowly, “Yeah, I mean, I guess it caught her eye…I was wearing my leg braces the day we met for the first time…I have them for standing up and taking some steps and all…”
His voice faded out because all the sudden he felt odd trying to explain what Ariana thought about him at their first encounter.

Amy looked at him with a serious expression and then asked lowly, “So is it your disability she wants or is it you?”
Jason was thrown off now and became nervous at Amy’s strange questioning.

When he didn’t answer Amy added, “You know Jason, in 10 years of being a para I have seen it all and met a whole lot of creeps and assholes. There are some really sick people out there who are into us only because of our paraplegia. They don’t care about the person we are but only about our disability and wanting to get all into our business like that. They jerk off thinking about us in our wheelchairs, not able to walk or such. They want us to be like this, dependent on others and they are happy we are in this situation. Some are into quads or other disabilities like Cerebral Palsy and stuff, some into blind or deaf people. Those creeps are sick in the head, they are perverted and gross. I have seen it all and I am done with it. I am only going to date disabled guys from now on because then I know what I am getting and not having to worry about being objectified for some sicko’s sex pleasure. Those people are fucked up Jason and I am telling you just to be careful. You are still pretty new to this whole para thing and it took me a while to figure this stuff out and I was disgusted at finding out about those people.”

Jason looked at her and said tensely, “I am sorry you had bad experiences with able bodied guys. My girlfriend is not like that.”
Amy realized his tension and added, “If your disability caught her attention I don’t know. What would she have done if you would have been walking on your two legs? Probably not even wasted a moment on checking you out. What would she do if there is ever a way for us paras to be able to walk again? Is she going to stay with you and help you get back on your feet or is she going to dump you then?”

As pretty as Amy was, now her beauty seemed to fade when she said all those things and Jason put his hands on his rims. He was sorry he had even started talking to Amy and couldn’t really believe what he had just heard out of her mouth.

He said tensely, “Well, I don’t think I have to worry about that anytime soon. I am not walking and you are not going to walk either. You also don’t have a right to judge my girlfriend or me. You don’t even know us. You don’t know anything about us.”
He looked at her with dark eyes and put his hand to his rims ready to make his getaway.
Amy stayed cool, “It is o.k. Jason, I was in denial for a couple of years as well. You will realize sooner than later.”
Jason was angry now, his voice louder, “Whatever your deal is, I am not on that band wagon, o.k…Just leave me alone.”
He shifted in his chair and wheeled away from Amy, who called after him, “I am sorry Jason. I hope you will be happy with that girl. I hope she won’t break your heart but remember what I told you.”

Jason heard her but didn’t look back and didn’t reply to her. He wheeled away along the path through the courtyard heading for the opposite door from the one he came out. He couldn’t believe what all Amy had said and he tried to make sense of it. He wheeled toward the door and when he got there he pushed the button for the automatic door opener and when the door swung open he wheeled back into the foyer of the hospital. He was still processing the things Amy had said to him and even though he had been so happy about Ariana and his relationship he couldn’t help feeling the distant emotion of doubt creeping up inside again.

Just as Jason wheeled up to the elevators to go back up to his room he heard Darryl’s voice behind him, “Jason, son!”
Jason turned around and his dad was standing there, “Hey dad!”

He was relieved to see his dad. The previous moments had left him somewhat confused and having all kinds of thoughts running through his head about Ariana and him.
Darryl walked up, “What are you doing out of your room?”

They both stepped in the elevator and Jason explained he was just out and about in the hospital a little bit and how Ariana couldn’t come to see him that day.
Even though Jason tried to sound normal about it, Darryl could sense that Jason wasn’t all the way o.k.
They got out on Jason’s floor and went back to his room. Jason was still thinking about the things Amy had said and even though he tried to focus on his dad the words of Amy were still ringing in his ears.

In the room Darryl asked, “So they are still kicking you out tomorrow?”
Jason nodded, “Yeah, that’s the plan.”
“What time will that be?”
“I don’t know, Dr. Chapman will come on his rounds in the morning and he will have to put in the discharge order, so maybe around noon.”
“Well, I can pick you up whenever.” Darryl smiled, “Are you ready?”

Jason nodded but for some odd reason he couldn’t be as excited about his discharge as he maybe should have been. It was strange to him to not see Ariana that day and the girl Amy had brought up emotions inside him that he had been pushing away deep into his mind because he wanted to be happy with Ariana and he didn’t want anyone or anything come between them.

Darryl sensed something was not right, “Jay, what is going on with you?”

Jason had parked his chair by the window and his dad had taken a seat in one of the two chairs by the window. Jason was surprised at his dad’s obvious sensitivity to his mood, “I am sorry dad but I guess I am a bit off today. I mean I understand Ariana has to be with her friend today but I guess I am not used to not seeing her. I am worried about going home tomorrow and maybe she can’t come out to the house every day. As a matter of fact I know she can’t come out there every day.”
Darryl added, “…and you want to see her every day?”

Jason just nodded and all the sudden the discharge seemed to be such a drastic change coming up and he was worried. He hadn’t talked about Ariana moving in with him anymore and now he wished it would be very soon that she could move in with him but she had not been preparing a move or anything. Then again she had spent all her free time with him all week and wasn’t able to get prepared for a move. Maybe once he was at home they could plan the move together.

Darryl said, “Jason, don’t worry…I think you are nervous about your discharge tomorrow and that is o.k. I am sure Ariana will call you tonight and be here tomorrow for your discharge.”
Darryl stayed with Jason for another hour and they decided to talk on the phone the next day as soon as Jason knew when he could leave.

After Darryl left, Jason stayed in his chair and looked at his phone and while he sat there by the window he scrolled over the pictures of Ariana and him and he remembered their first meeting and how everything had developed over such a short period of time. As close as they had become over these last couple of weeks and as much as he felt for Ariana and thinking what all she had been telling him he was worried about the upcoming change.

The girl Amy had stirred emotions in him that he didn’t like, emotions of doubt and questioning his relationship with Ariana. She was everything he could dream of and he hoped that he was everything to her, not just a sex toy like Amy had put it so bluntly. Yes, that is how it all had started out and he thought he was over that but Amy had awakened the feelings he had experienced when Ariana first told him in the café what she wanted with him. All the sudden a shadow came over Ariana and all the sudden he doubted everything about her.

He sighed and set his phone aside and looked out the window. Lowly he talked to himself, “What the hell is wrong with you man? You love her, she loves you and that is all there is to it. You belong together. Whatever the fuck this chick said, why are you letting this crazy talk get into your head? Get your shit together….”

He had balled his hand into a fist, hitting the inside of his other hand. He grabbed his phone again and brought up the text option to Ariana, “Hey Ariana, please call me tonight when you can. I miss you so much today…I hope your friend is feeling better soon. I love you!” He sent the message off and sighed again.

The rest of the afternoon he spent in his chair and watched some TV. Even when his dinner came he ate while in his chair. He kept glancing at his phone and was waiting impatiently for a message from Ariana. After dinner he decided to change into his shorts and get into his bed.

Just as he was situated in his bed, it knocked on the door and to his surprise Dr. Chapman came back in, “Hey Jason.”
Jason glanced up at the clock on the wall, “Hey doc”
He pushed himself upright some and looked at Dr. Chapman expectantly. The doctor started, “I wanted to check on you once more before your discharge to tomorrow. I will still come by in the morning too.”
Jason nodded and Dr. Chapman continued, “Are you still ready to go home tomorrow?”
“I am ready.”

Dr. Chapman looked over Jason’s profile on the computer, “Well, everything looks good.” He then came over and sat down on Jason’s bed, “Jason, you really need to take it easy even at home, o.k.? You are still weak and slowly need to get used to being at home and out there again. You can’t work yet either.”
Jason nodded, “That’s not a problem. I don’t have a job anymore.”
Dr. Chapman nodded seriously, “I am sorry about that but I am sure you will find something again. Do you have help at home?”
Jason shrugged his shoulders, “Yeah, I live with my dad, he is there with me….and I have…my girlfriend. She can come and help me.”

“O.k., I know your dad is going through some rough times too. I am not sure how much help he can be for you right now. If you need a social worker to assist you with paperwork to get some help we can give you all the information before you leave tomorrow.”
Jason was surprised but nodded, “Yeah, I know but I think it will be o.k. I will just go home and see how it goes. I know I can get some help.”
“Good. I just want to make sure you are not back in here again, at least not anytime soon.”
Jason nodded, “I understand.”
Dr. Chapman nodded with a smile, “Well, then let’s plan to get you out of here tomorrow afternoon. I will get all your paperwork done in the morning and come by once more tomorrow. You can tell your dad to pick you up around noon tomorrow.”
“O.k. great.”

After Dr. Chapman left Jason just laid back in his bed, he was tired but excited about the next day. Just when he grabbed his phone he got a text message from Ariana, “Jason, I am sorry I couldn’t call you anymore today. I am on my way to my job tonight and I don’t know when I will be back home later. I will call you first thing in the morning and we can talk about your discharge. I love and miss you so much. I hope you are not mad. I love you Jason.”

Jason felt disappointment overcome him and he threw his phone down, “Fuck!” He thought about Ariana with another man and it was eating him up inside. He felt angry and couldn’t believe that Ariana had not even called him anymore during the afternoon. Everything had seemed off that day, first she couldn’t come, then the incident with Amy and now he ended his last night at the hospital angry and frustrated. The day had turned on him and he didn’t like it one bit.

Jason didn’t know that Ariana had been really busy all day and after she had spent a couple of hours with Melody and having a fun time with her, getting Melody’s mind off of the break up and trying to help her feel better, Ariana called Darryl. He was just on the way home from visiting with Jason and Ariana had some important matters to discuss with him. 


Jason had a bad night, he didn’t sleep well and spasms started in the middle of the night. He really needed to be o.k. for the morning and it was around three in the morning when the night nurse gave him his medication.  Ariana was on his mind the whole time and he kept thinking about her not calling during the evening before. He drifted in and out of sleep and was glad when finally the night nurse came in for his morning vitals and at seven the dietary service lady came in with his breakfast.

After breakfast Jason turned on his phone and texted Ariana, “Hey Ariana, today is the day…I really can’t wait to see you today. I am a little nervous. I think I can get picked up around noon today. Will you be able to come and get me? I sure hope so. I really missed you so much yesterday and I felt kind of shitty all day but I know you had to be there with your friend and also had a job at night. Well, hope to hear from you soon once you get up J I love you very much!”

He sent the message off and even though he still felt somewhat strange from the day before he tried to sound cheerful in his message and not let Ariana feel that he had been angry, not really at her but just the whole day before. Amy had really gotten into his head and he almost thought about finding her in the hospital and giving her his peace of mind on how she had judged Ariana and their relationship so harshly. Amy had no right to be that way, she didn’t even know Ariana or him. He tried to think of Amy as a young bitter paraplegic woman and pushed her out of his head. 

Dr. Chapman came in around ten o’clock and after his initial checks and looking over Jason’s record again he finally turned to Jason to say his Good Bye.

Jason was still in bed, he was waiting for Michael to come in and help him get ready with everything. Once Dr. Chapman would give his final o.k. for Jason’s discharge, Jason would call Darryl and let him know.

Dr. Chapman smiled at Jason, “Well, your vacation here at Providence is over Jason. Dr. Shumar is going to stop by in a little while, he wants to say Good Bye as well. We sent all your records over to Dr. Ramirez so he has everything on you. I know he is your primary provider and knows you. Jason, remember what I told you last night. If you need some kind of additional assistance as in a social worker, caregiver or even financial services you can either contact us here at the hospital or Dr. Ramirez can help you as well.”
Jason nodded and Dr. Chapman continued, “So, this is it. Are you getting picked up by your dad?”
“Probably, I will call him after this.”
“O.k. I guess as soon as the CNA has been in here helping you get packed and you received your medications to take home you are free to go. The nurse will have your discharge meds for you. I put in an order for a 90 day supply of your new spasm medication and also a refill on your anti-depressant and pain meds for you to take as needed. How about catheter supplies?”
Jason nodded, “I still have enough at home for a while.”
“Good! Well, Jason I hope things will work out for you, maybe a new job soon. Take it easy though for at least another two weeks. I don’t want to see you in here anymore.” Dr. Chapman smiled and held his hand out to Jason, “Take care Jason and good luck with everything. Let us know if you need anything, o.k.?”

Jason reached his hand out to the doctor, “Thanks for everything you have done for me. I know I was a lot of trouble and I am very glad to have been here at Providence. It is a great hospital and the staff has been really awesome. I plan on not coming back anytime soon.” He smiled at Dr. Chapman and the two men shook hands in mutual understanding.

After they said their Good Bye’s Jason checked his phone for any messages from Ariana. There was nothing. He called his dad and let him know. Darryl answered the phone right away and was happy to hear everything was going as planned with the discharge. 
The CNA Michael came in shortly after, “Hey Jason, Good Morning. Today is the day, right?”
“Yes, finally.”
Michael came up to the bed, “Well, I will help you get done in the bathroom and then you just have to wait for you medications and I think Dr. Shumar wanted to come by and say Farewell.”
Jason nodded.

Michael merely watched as Jason transferred into his wheelchair and wheeled over into the bathroom to cath and get into the shower. He wanted to do everything himself and felt good and strong enough. Michael more likely just stood by making sure Jason didn’t need assistance with anything and even though he saw that Jason was determined to get everything done on his own Michael did remind him not to overdo it and accept help if he felt it was getting too strenuous.

Jason wanted to be dressed in Jeans and a regular shirt, socks and his sneakers and with some difficulties and a little help from Michael he was finally dressed and sat in his wheelchair in front of the mirror in the bathroom. It felt so good to be in regular clothes again and he started getting really excited at leaving but was impatiently waiting for Ariana to call or text him. As he looked at himself in the mirror with his clothes on he didn’t look too skinny, his jeans were always a bit loose fitting and his T-Shirt had never been tight either. He felt good looking at himself and he was so ready to get home and was hoping Ariana would call soon.

When he came wheeling out Michael was just drawing open the curtains and as he turned around said, “Good, you are all done and ready to get out of here. You did good with everything on your own.”
Jason nodded, “Well, at home I have to take care of my stuff too so I really just needed to do it all.”
Michael smiled, “Just don’t do too much. You have your dad there, right?”
“Yeah, he can help me, it is going to be o.k.”

Michael came up to Jason, “You want me to help you pack your stuff up?”
“I don’t really have a lot of stuff here, I can get it, Thanks Mike.”
“Well, then that is it for me.”
The two young men shook hands and knuckle bumped each other and said their Good Byes.

Michael left and Jason checked his phone again. It was almost eleven and there was still nothing from Ariana. He decided to call her and touched her number to dial.

It rang a few rings and then went to voice mail, “Hi, this is Ari, leave a message!” For a moment Jason debated if he should actually say something and his mood changed again at not being able to reach Ariana. He hung up and said to himself, “Where the heck are you?”

After a moment he dialed again and when it went to her voice mail he spoke, “Ariana, it’s Jason…hey, where are you? I am going home today, remember. I am getting out of this hospital. They said I can leave soon. I was hoping you would come and get me but dad will be here around noon. I hope you can let me know if you will be able to pick me up so I can let my dad know not to come into the city. I am getting worried because I haven’t heard from you. Please call me or something. I love you.”

He ended the call and his mind was racing because he really wasn’t used to Ariana not calling or texting. She always communicated with him, at least now that they were together. He remembered when they first met she didn’t text him too quickly and there were a few times where he waited for her message or her call and nothing came but that was back then. Now they were a couple and he felt she needed to let him know what was going on with her. He was somewhat worried because he knew she had had a job the night before but he also felt a slight anger at her leaving him hanging on this very important day.


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