Wednesday, February 26, 2014

No Strings Attached Chapter 9

It was a Saturday two weeks later when Jason was sitting at work at night and was staying busy with calls from people ordering taxi service. He had successfully put Ariana out of his mind and had somewhat regained his dignity. His days had gone by as usual; he worked, ate and slept. His dad had been fighting a cold for a few days and was more or less lying in his bed. Jason had to take care of the house, made sure there was dinner on the table and tended to his dad when he needed it. He himself was tired a lot throughout the day having to take care of everything and working at night. His intentions of getting into his braces every few days and standing or trying to walk a little bit had been crushed with everything going on. He had no energy to do anything extra physical besides just making it every day. The plans on getting out more also didn’t happen. It almost seemed like he wasn’t meant to just go out and have fun. Now his dad needed him again and Jason had to stay at home.

Jason’s dispatch phone was ringing off the hook and he answered calls all night. It was around 1 o’clock in the morning when he answered another call, “Speedy Taxi Service, this is Jason. How can I assist you?”
The voice on the other end was a female, “Hi Jason, I need to get a taxi to 18220 Hummingbird Lane, Apt B-2.”
Jason was about to put in the order but as he heard the familiar voice he thought for a moment when he realized, “Ariana?”
“Yes, it’s me.”
Instead of making any kind of conversation though he just said, “O.k. I will get that Taxi to you in about 15 minutes, 18220 Hummingbird Lane, Apt B-2.”
Ariana replied lowly, “That is where I live Jason.”

Jason felt his heart beat faster and his hands were shaking a little as he typed in the dispatch order. Ariana was on the line with him and everything he had managed to forget over the last two weeks now came bubbling up again. She ordered a Taxi, probably for one of her escort jobs. He didn’t even want to think about it, about her or that he knew her. He resisted the urge to say anything else to her and tried to stay professional.

He swallowed and said lowly, “O.k. the taxi will be there in 15 minutes. Is there anything else I can assist you with?” It was the obligatory sentence he had to ask any customer and he thought about how sarcastic it sounded, saying it to her. She probably would answer something like, “Yeah, I want to fuck you.”
Ariana didn’t say anything of that kind except for, “Thank you Jason.”
He felt his voice shaky, he wanted to say so much more to her but all he could barely get out was a “Thank you for your order.”

They finished up and he felt like he had just done some kind of physical activity, feeling drained of energy just from the short conversation. He looked at her address on his computer screen, swallowed and closed his eyes for a moment but right away the phone was ringing again on two lines. He didn’t even have time to think for a minute longer. Why had she come into his life?

Ariana had been at home that night without a job and she had been drinking and being by herself she had started thinking about Jason once again and she wanted to hear his voice or something. The drinking had not helped her feeling badly about the date with Jason two weeks earlier. She wanted to apologize to him. Dressed in some blue jeans, heels, tank top, and her short leather jacket, her purse over her shoulder she walked outside her apartment to wait for the taxi. Her long red hair was flowing freely, but her face looked tired. She did feel light headed and shaky on her feet, feeling the drinks she had consumed. The taxi arrived about 5 minutes later and she got into the back seat.

The driver turned around to her, “Good Evening Miss. My name is Jose and I will be your driver tonight!” He spoke with a heavy Spanish accent, obviously Mexican and Ariana smiled at him, “Hi.” “Where to Miss?”
Ariana thought for a moment and then said, “Actually I have a special request…”
Jose nodded expectantly with a friendly smile, “Yes Miss!”
“I want you to take me to your dispatch center out in Junction 8 or wherever it is.”
Jose asked, “Dispatch Center? I am sorry Miss…why is that? Is there problem with our service…?”
“No, no problem at all. I want to visit my friend Jason, your dispatcher there. Do you know Jason?”
Jose smiled, “Yes, I know Jason.”
He emphasized the “o” in Jason extra hard.
Ariana added, “Do you think you can take me to him?”
Jose was still a bit hesitant, “Does Mr. Jason know?”
Ariana tried to sound as sweet as possible, “No, it is a surprise….Please Jose!” She smiled her sexiest smile to try to persuade Jose that it was o.k. for him to take her to Jason.
He finally gave in to her flirtatious smile, “O.k. Miss, I take you to Jason.”
Ariana leaned back satisfied but also nervous at how Jason would react.

Finally there was a little down time at the dispatch center for Jason. On a Saturday night, it would probably start again at around 3 or 4 in the morning. Saturdays were always very busy and they had been asking their manager to hire extra help for weekends. Jason sat in one of the buildings in a strip mall about 20 minutes from Junction 8 where he lived. The strip mall had a dry cleaning service, a nail studio, a coffee shop and a video game store. All were closed at night and Jason was the only person in the strip mall, he had his door locked and the blinds were drawn at night. He only had a light right over his desk and other than that it was dark around him, just the lamp from his desk casting a dim light into the room. He had a TV running on low up on the wall. If there was not much going on he would sometimes watch TV. This Saturday he wasn’t bored, he stayed busy with all the calls coming in.

He was just finishing up a call when he heard a knock on the glass door of his office. With the blinds drawn he couldn’t see who was out there and he was definitely suspicious. It was the middle of the night or really early morning and why would someone knock on the door. Maybe one of the drivers needed something. Jason hesitated and didn’t budge in his wheelchair but just stared at the door. He had no gun or anything; he could only call 911 if there would be an emergency. He didn’t really want to open for anyone or even wheel over to the door. He was defenseless nowadays, easy prey for a crook, a drunk or thug. Back in his healthy days he could stand up for himself in any situation, never backed out or got worried. He beat up a guy or two in his lifetime. Things were very different now. It knocked again and he tensed up and put his hands to the rims and wheeled backward out from the desk and then around to the front of his desk. It knocked again. He debated if he should call out to the person but decided against it. He quietly wheeled over to the large window next to the door. The blinds were drawn on it but he debated if he could secretly peek through the blinds and maybe get a glimpse of whoever was standing outside his door. He felt his hands sweaty and his heart beat quickly. This was a serious situation for him. He couldn’t risk opening the door, anything could happen. He wheeled to the window and from the far right corner he slowly moved the blinds just a tiny bit to get a peek to the outside.
He was shocked to see Ariana outside his door under the street light and he whispered to himself, “What the fuck?”

He put his hands to his rims and wheeled toward the door, his breathing shallow and nervous.
It knocked again and then he heard her voice, “Jason?”
He unlocked the door and opened it slowly just a crack to peek out.
Ariana stood there looking lost, “Jason? Hi!”
Jason was sincerely surprised to see her at this time of the night right outside his door at work, “Ariana?”
He held the door open just a crack and didn’t know what to say.
Ariana looked serious, “I know this is weird….”
Jason nodded, “It sure is…” Ariana waved at the taxi behind her, directing him to leave.
Jose took off and Ariana looked back at Jason, “Are you going to leave me out here or what?”
Jason said coolly, “What do you want?”
“I want to apologize.” Jason looked down, still holding the door handle.

Just then the phone rang and he looked up, “I have to get that.”
He swiftly wheeled back to his desk and while he answered he saw Ariana step into the dimness of the room and close and lock the door behind her. She stood in the room like some kind of vision, unreal and beautiful. Jason answered the call, put in the order for the taxi and hung up again. He kept his eyes on Ariana the whole time.
Ariana looked around the room, “So this is your kingdom?”

Jason didn’t say anything but leaned back in his chair waiting. Ariana looked over at the couch and thought for a moment to sit down, but then stayed standing in the room.
Jason felt somewhat victimized for her to just show up like that, “What is this about?”
He sounded stern and without emotion. Ariana threw her purse down on the couch now and walked over to him. He got nervous at her coming closer and wheeled out from the desk looking toward her, almost ready to go into the defense somehow. She looked stunning in her jeans and heels, her red hair flowing down her shoulders, the black leather jacket and her big green eyes. What happened next came as a total surprise for Jason. She walked right up to him and Jason had to look up to her and was still waiting for her to say something but she just stared at him, her lips parted, her eyes shiny, and her hair like a curtain around her face. He smelled the faint scent of alcohol coming from her. She then put her foot in its high heel in between Jason’s thighs on his seat and pushed his chair back against the wall. He instinctively put his hands on his rims to get a grip somewhat and looked from her foot to her face. She took her foot off his chair, took off her heels in front of him and Jason watched astonished as she got down in front of him on her knees.
She looked up at him with big eyes, then let her head hang and whispering while she put her hands on his thighs, “I want to apologize to you Jason. You have every right to be mad at me. What I said was wrong. I want to make it up to you. I can’t stop thinking about you and me.”

She slid her hands up to his belly and one of her hands slid under his T-Shirt, his breathing came quickly, his chest visibly rising up and down. He wanted to say something but it was like he had lost his voice. Her other hand travelled up to his neck and he felt her hand grip him slightly around his neck, then travelling over his shoulder and down his arm,  gliding under his T-Shirt sleeve and over his biceps. Her head was still down, he couldn’t see her face as she whispered, “Jason, I want you so badly. I can make you very happy if you just let me. Please let me have you!”

Jason looked down at her head, speechless. He felt her hand on his arm, her other hand had travelled up under his shirt, some sensation, then the sensation disappearing when her hand slid down a bit farther. She stroked her hand over his chest, his arms.
She whispered almost like to herself, “You are such a hot guy to me.”
She looked up at Jason, her eyes looked glossy and he could smell the liquor on her breath.
He finally found his voice, scratchy, “You are drunk.”

Ariana smiled in a daze, “Maybe a bit tipsy, not drunk.”
She then put her hands to his T-Shirt and without hesitation she pulled the T-Shirt over his head. Jason couldn’t even react quickly enough and he sat there with his naked upper body, nervously looking toward the door as to see if it was really all closed and no one could look in. Ariana was looking at him admiringly and breathing quickly. Jason wanted to fight this but in a way he was so shocked that he just let it happen, because really he was getting very excited.

He asked lowly, “What are you doing?”
Ariana looked up at him again, “Showing you what you are missing out.”
Her eyes scanned his chest and the tattoos on it and on his biceps. A little belly was hanging over the waistband of his jeans. Ariana stroked her hands over his arms and his upper body and eventually she put her lips to his chest and Jason watched her for a moment as she was flicking her tongue over his skin and his breathing came quickly. The phone rang and as Jason was rudely pulled out of the moment he pushed Ariana away from himself but she stayed kneeling on the floor and once he was up to his desk he answered the phone quickly. While he was on the phone he felt her hands around his neck from behind stroking and pushing just enough for him to almost having to catch his breath. He finished the call, another taxi ordered and instead of spinning himself around he just sat there. Ariana pushed him over a bit; he let it happen like he had no will of his own anymore. In his wheelchair she pushed him against the wall again and he felt his heart race inside his chest. It had been so long that a woman had come so close to him, and even though he didn’t feel every spot Ariana touched on his belly and chest, just seeing her hands all over him was a huge turn on. He could feel his heart beat in his neck, he felt like he was not getting enough air and as much as he wanted to stop her and as much as he felt all of it was so wrong he couldn’t bring it over himself to stop it. Ariana’s hands were now on his thighs rubbing around, he didn’t feel a thing but he saw her hands gliding over his jeans and he almost couldn’t resist the urge anymore to just pull her up and kiss her. He shook his head to himself and fighting with his conscience he finally broke down and said in a gasp, “Stop it, Ariana!”

His reflexes took over and he pushed her away roughly. She fell over and instead of screaming at him she just sat there on the floor, her head hanging, her hair covering her face. She didn’t look up. Jason put his hands to his rims, he felt weak and anxious as he wheeled away from her and his desk; turning away from her. He grabbed his T-Shirt and pulled it over his head again, still breathing quickly. He was facing away from her and tried to collect himself. Ariana had definitely done something to him he had not experienced in a long time. He turned around a little and saw she still sat on the floor, barefooted, her heels strewn next to her, her head still hanging and he was worried he had hurt her somehow.
He asked softly, “Ariana, are you o.k.?”
She nodded without looking up and he heard her say, “I’m so sorry, Jason.”
Jason felt bad now and he wheeled closer to her, “Ariana, what are you doing?”
She then looked up and he saw tears on her face, her make up a bit smeared.
With a low voice she said once more, “I am so sorry….” She swallowed and explained weakly, “I came here with the intention to apologize to you, I screwed up again.”
Ariana shifted and grabbed her shoes. Slowly she got up and Jason could tell she was wobbly on her feet. He watched her walk to the couch, about to slip her heels back on and grabbing her purse. She pulled out a small mirror and checked her face in it, mumbling, “Oh Gosh, I look like shit…”
She attempted to fix her face; Jason watched her thinking about the moments before and what to tell her.
Softly he said, “There is a bathroom in the back if you want to use the mirror in there.”
She glanced at him quickly and then got up and walked to the back.

He looked after her. She had a great body, her long hair flowing down her back almost to her ass. He looked down on the floor, still thinking about what all this was about and what to say to her. As strange as all of it had been, when she was all over him he almost enjoyed it. It was difficult for him to admit that the objectification of his body actually was a turn on for him and if he would be objectified by a woman, then why should it not be by a woman like Ariana, who was hot and beautiful, a woman any man would take home. He had the chance to get some piece of her and be taken by her the way he was. If it meant objectification, then maybe he just needed to learn to deal with it and see where it would go and he would maybe even get a good time out of it. What were the odds that a woman would want him for his disability and everything involving it? Not too many paraplegics or quadriplegic dudes he talked to could say that about themselves. He had a chance of getting laid, in whatever way that would take place but just having a hot woman like Ariana near him was a sight for sore eyes and could make a guy very happy. Why should he not go for her proposition until something real came along, a women worth for a relationship? Until then he could have some fun with Ariana.

She came out and with his hands loosely on his thighs, he looked at her almost a bit wild. Ariana glanced at him quickly, she had cleaned herself up and said, “I am going to go now, can you call me a cab again?”
He looked at her seriously and said, ”You don’t have to leave yet. Sit down!”
He looked at the couch and Ariana seemed to be surprised by his command.
He wheeled over to her and he looked up from under his bangs with serious dark eyes, “I thought about your proposition.” Ariana looked up at him alert and Jason couldn’t tell that just a moment before she had shed some tears over his rejection.
Jason continued, “So you really want this?”
He gestured at himself and she nodded slowly.
He added, “You want a guy in a wheelchair; that’s what does it to you?”
She nodded again.
He leaned his head sideways, “Why is that?”
Looking down she shyly shook her head, “I don’t know…”
“How many guys like me have you had?”
She said lowly, “You are the first I had the courage to talk to.”
With some sarcasm in his voice he replied, “O.k. good! So I don’t have to meet any expectations on my performance competing with the rest of the male paraplegic population of Vegas or whatever the heck it is that does it to you.” She shook her head.
He asked lowly, “How do you think this is going to go down?”
She shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know, you are just a really hot guy to me. There is a word for this.”
“What are you talking about?”
“What I am dealing with is a type of condition called “Abasiophilia”. Look it up!”
Jason looked at her interested, “What is it? A fetish or something?”
“I don’t know if that is what you can call it.”
“What does it to you?” He looked at her with deep dark eyes.
Ariana replied with a soft trembling voice, “You in your wheelchair and everything about it turns me on. When I saw you wear your leg braces, my pussy got wet just from seeing you like that.” She knew that caught his attention on another level.
Jason shook his head slightly and rubbed his chin with his fingers, feeling over his stubble of a beard, “Wow…seriously?” She nodded.
Their eyes met and they kept the gaze for a moment until Ariana took the word again, “So what are you thinking?”
Jason looked at her with his dark eyes and said, “So the plan would be that you just want to hook up with me for a fuck every now and then?”
She nodded, “Yes!”
“No strings attached?”
Ariana nodded again, “No strings attached.”
“What if I want out?”
“You can leave at any time you want and that counts for me too. If I want out you let me go without giving me shit.”

Jason had moved his hands to his rims and moved his chair back and forth on the spot, thinking. Ariana sat on the couch and looked down at her hands clasping her purse. She wanted to be with him and she was worried he would decline and still be angry with her. Jason was processing all the things said in his head as the phone rang again. He got pulled from his thoughts and wheeled over to his desk. Ariana looked after him with admiration how he swiftly wheeled across the floor and rolled his lap right under the desk. He answered another call for a taxi order and then sat quietly by his desk, slowly moving his head and looking over at Ariana.

“Where are we going to meet?”
Ariana shrugged her shoulders, “It doesn’t matter, my place, your place or somewhere else.”
Jason’s brain was working in overdrive; he just couldn’t really grasp the fact about Ariana’s proposition. Even though in a way it sounded appealing, in a bad way he still had doubts. How could something like that work out? It was bound to be a disaster or cause some kind of heart ache.
Ariana said lowly, “Well, maybe if you could order me a taxi now. I would appreciate it.”

Jason looked over at her and her eyes met his, open and direct.
He then said lowly, “Ariana, do you even know anything about my disability and what all it brings with it when a person is a T-5 complete paraplegic like I am. From about here….” He put his flat hand horizontally right by his belly and then continued, “…there is no sensation from here on down. I have no feelings at all downward from here. What is your take on this?”
He said it in a challenging tone and Ariana said coolly, “I have no problem with that. I have never had an orgasm with a guy inside me so you don’t have to worry about that. There are plenty of other ways and just looking at you gets me hot and if I would just touch myself right now I would probably come right here on this couch.” Jason was surprised at her reply.
He shook his head lightly, “You are all for being direct, aren’t you?”
Ariana smiled a sexy smile and then said in a hushed tone, “You want me to show you?”
She put her hand on the inside of her thighs and gazed at Jason.
She whispered, “You don’t have to do anything.”

Jason put his hands on his rims and wheeled over to her, right up to her on the couch. She looked at him with a seductive smile. He looked down for a moment, shaking his head again and then up at her and he pulled her hand away from her thigh, “No, Ariana, you don’t have to show me. I guess I should be flattered but it is difficult for me to understand. I am willing to go for your proposition but I am not all the way sure how this will work but I guess it won’t help to think it over and over again, so I am just going to take you up on your offer and see where it leads. If it does not work out either of us have the right to get out, right?”
She nodded and stretched her hand out to him opening it for him to put his hand in it. He put his hand in hers and she closed hers around him, whispering, “Deal?”

He nodded at her, “Deal!” With that he pulled her up, “Sit on my lap!”
She did as told and slid herself onto Jason’s lap and he said, “Put your hands around my neck.”
With her hands around his neck holding on Jason put his hands on his rims and wheeled into the back hallway that led to the bathroom and to a tiny kitchen. In the hallway he parked with his back against the wall, took his hands off the rims, put his break on, and pulled Ariana close to him, breathing into her ear, “Is there stuff we can’t do to each other?”
She shook her head, whispering, “Anything goes.”

With that he hushed an O.K. into her ear, then pulled her forcefully to his face and started kissing her hard. He was excited and Ariana replied his kissing with her own force. She pushed her body against him, feeling his heat and her own excitement travelling through her body with the realization of having found Jason and being so turned on by him. She felt the tingling between her thighs wanting more of him, pushing herself to him even more. Jason pulled her tightly against his body. He was breathing quickly, his chest rising up and down fast and feeling like he was not getting enough air, which turned him on even more. He hadn’t been close with a woman in so long and his hands travelled quickly over her back, down to her ass, gripping it tightly. Ariana moaned softly in between kisses. She felt her excitement in her loins and she wanted him so much. Her hands slid over his arms, his biceps flexing as he grabbed her ass hard pulling her even closer. If they could have melted into each other, they would have. Locked in the kiss, their tongues slithered around in each other’s mouths. Eventually Ariana pulled back a little and hushed, “Jason, you turn me on so much.” He kissed her neck and bit it slightly, pulling her hair softly. Just then the phone outside rang and Jason was startled and hissed into Ariana’s hair under quick breaths, “Shit!”
Ariana stopped, “You have to get that?”
Jason nodded and hissed again, “Yeah.”

Ariana kissed him and then hopped off of Jason’s lap. He put his hands to his rims and quickly rolled out into his office. Ariana leaned on the wall and pulled her fingers through her hair. She was very excited about being with Jason and she wanted to touch herself just thinking about him. She heard him outside in the office and just when he hung up, another call must have already been waiting because he answered another call right away. Ariana could hardly wait for him to come back. She wrapped her arms around herself in a hug and smiled. Eventually Jason came back into the hallway and just seeing him wheel in with a smile on his face gave her a tingle. He was so hot.

Jason couldn’t really believe what was going on and that Ariana had actually come back for him. He felt eager but deep inside just a tiny bit weary. The proposition of just a sexual relationship with Ariana made his mind race with thoughts of How? and Why? He didn’t know if he could actually pull it off and was really surprised how a woman could come up with that idea. Ariana was special. She had this cool direct approach and it was difficult to resist her. Then again, when thinking it over, what did he have to lose to just go with the flow and have a good time with her? He wasn’t sure if she really knew what his disability encompassed in the way of sexual activity but she said she didn’t care. He would try his best and hopefully gain some good time out of it. He had nothing to lose, no strings attached, the dream of any guy in his 20’s, single, horny and able bodied.

He on the other hand though wasn’t that guy anymore, he was 32 now, disabled and even though single and horny in his head all the time, the physical aspect had changed for him and really lately he had thought of finding someone serious to get with; a women who would be willing to get into a relationship with him and be willing to deal with his disability and everything about it, who would love him for the guy he was now and be o.k. with it. A few tries had already failed, dating sites didn’t really do the trick either and he wasn’t getting out enough to have a huge choice of encounters with compatible women out there. With the failed tries of meeting women he had changed his focus and come to terms with most likely staying single. Now the one he met and was attracted to, wanted him only for the physical aspect, for his disability and sex only. As difficult as it was to comprehend it in his head he really had no better options and before he had no one, he decided to give this a try with Ariana.

Ariana had been drinking quite a bit at home but was glad she had had the courage to come out to Jason’s work place and reconcile with him. She had thought of him all this time and thought about the things she wanted to do with him and to him. To just let him get away was out of the question. This was her shot at having that fantasy of being with a paraplegic man come true. She could not let him get away like this and her approach had worked, he was willing to go for it. She wanted him and wanted to have fun with him. A relationship was out of the question and she didn’t need a guy to support her, not that Jason had much to offer anyways. For sex and fun he would be perfect and she knew she could do it. She had her work and everything else going for her, didn’t want a relationship but having a guy friend to hang out with and have the sexual fun with him would be a perfect addition to her life. Jason being a paraplegic made it all even more worthwhile. She would show him a good time and let him realize that he was still very much an attractive guy and a sexual being, everything she wanted in a guy. At the moment it seemed a win-win situation for both.

Jason came wheeling around the corner again into the hallway, Ariana sat on the floor, her back leaning against the wall. She looked up and he asked, “Are you all right?”
She smiled, “Yes, I was waiting for you.”
Jason wheeled closer and looked down at her; she was about height level with his knees. Ariana looked at his legs, perfectly still, parallel aligned, his feet in some black Nike’s sitting side by side on the foot rests of his wheelchair. His jeans looked a bit loose covering up his legs, which were probably somewhat skinny under there. She put her hands on his knees and got on her own knees in front of him. Jason put his hands around her head, holding her to look up at him. She felt her excitement build up again as she let her hands travel over his knees to his thighs. She looked down at his crotch, nothing visible of any kind of excitement under the jeans. Ariana let her hands travel up to the waistband of his pants and under his T-Shirt. Jason had sat back again and just watched Ariana and concentrated on where her hands were under his T-Shirt, waiting for the sensation of feeling her hands on his skin under there. He wanted to feel her hands and he didn’t feel anything until she had reached his rib cage. For just a moment he felt a slight sting in his heart on how long it took for him to feel her touch on his skin. He wanted to feel her hands on his legs, under his shirt, on his belly and his waist but he hadn’t felt anything. He only saw her hands on his body but with his eyes closed he wouldn’t have known that her hands were even on him. Ariana smiled at him and came up to his face. He pulled her up for another kiss; that was at least one sensation he could feel and he wanted to feel it so much. He kissed her hard again and pulled her head to his, not letting her have a lot of wriggle room to get away from him. He wanted to feel her kiss, her lips on his, her tongue exploring his mouth and his tongue visiting her mouth, encircling her tongue. He could still kiss; it was the one thing he had left. He wanted to drive her crazy with his kissing. Just when Ariana moaned softly, the phone outside rang again and Jason almost got angry and let his kiss subside and whispered a, “Fuck!” to himself.

Ariana backed off of him, “Someone needs a taxi.”
Jason nodded and without another word he wheeled out again. He couldn’t afford to get complaints on him about not answering the phone; he could not afford to lose his job as a dispatcher. It had been difficult enough for him to find this job and he really needed it. He answered the call and ordered another cab. Just when he was getting ready to wheel back to Ariana she came out with her heels on her feet again. Jason looked at her puzzled and she said, “You should probably call a cab for me to get home. I mean you are at work after all and I don’t want to get you in trouble.”
Jason nodded in defeat, “Yeah, I guess so…you are probably right.” She sat on the couch and looked through her purse while Jason called a cab for her.
Once he hung up he wheeled over to the couch, “Andy will be here in about 15 minutes.” He smiled at her from under his bangs and she leaned over to him, “Thanks, sweet boy!”
“You are welcome even though I hate to see you leave.”
Ariana smiled, “I know, but I shouldn’t keep you from your work. I want to see you again Jason.” Jason laughed softly, “I hope so.”

They were quiet for a moment until Jason took the word softly, “Ariana, all of this tonight, I am still not all the way sure how this can be but I hope you know what you are getting into with me. I am a T-5 complete Para and there are things that don’t work right for me anymore.”
Ariana almost whispered, “Are you worried you can’t satisfy me?”
Jason nodded slowly, “Yes, I am worried.”
Ariana took his hand in hers and leaned even closer, “Look at me!”
He looked at her, her green eyes directly focused on his dark eyes, “You are all I need for an orgasm and next time you will help me to get one. It won’t take much believe me, my sweet boy. When I see you again I want you to be in your leg braces…” She paused and looked up dreamily, then back at Jason, “Can you do that for me?”
Jason nodded and felt the urge to touch her face and kiss her, his heart was beating like a drum inside his chest, he felt his hands tremble.
Ariana continued, “You are everything I need Jason. Don’t worry about things you can’t do, I promise you won’t regret being with me like this. I will show you a good time and I am sure we can get you to places you don’t think you can go.”

She smiled at him seductively and then pulled him close for a deep and passionate kiss. When they were done Jason asked lowly, “When will I see you again?”
“I will call or text you, sweet boy.”
 Jason didn’t like that answer but he didn’t protest, he just wanted to see her again. Shortly after another kiss it knocked on the door. Jason almost didn’t want to let her go but he had to, his phone was ringing again.
Ariana kissed him once more quickly on the cheek, “Until next time. I will be thinking about you.”
Jason nodded, “I will be thinking about you. I can’t wait to see you again.”
With that she walked out and Jason looked after her for a moment. The door closed and she was gone. With a heavy heart he sped over to his desk to answer the phone.

When Ariana got in the taxi the driver Andy had a big smile on his face and asked her, “Are you a friend of our Jason?”
Ariana nodded, “Yes, I am. I came by to give him something.”
Andy laughed a little, “Is that so?” Ariana didn’t reply but thought about Jason and how things had been. She did feel really tired now and was ready to get home into her bed.


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