Friday, February 7, 2014

Update - Cambridge Connections, Chapter Seventeen

So I deliberately left Sam's text up to your imagination and skipped forward to Graduation Day. Sam breaks the news about Alex to her parents too...

This episode will mark a bit of a break for me from Cambridge Connections. I've already written up to Chapter 22, and I have a map of the whole story (don't worry), but I feel like I need a bit of time to re-write and re-work them so that it fits together a bit more nicely for you.

So I hope Chapter Seventeen will keep you going for a while. As ever, your thoughts are very welcome, and very helpful.

Keep an eye out for more, thank you for your support and kind comments so far, and I hope I won't be away for too long. Here's the updated Table of Contents too.

Bye for now,


  1. Really, dear. You needn't be so gentle with us. We crave more chapters like the greedy trollops we are!

  2. Since Hands On is completed, that only leaves your story that I follow with any regularity. And I am really missing it too. I hope it isn't much longer before you post additional chapters. I have also exhausted the Archives of stories that I found interesting so there just isn't much left here to keep me entertained. Please come back soon!!!!

  3. I miss this story so much -- please please come back. I too have run out of stories and need this one to come back so I can read more of these two beautiful people!

  4. Yes, I've been waiting, only for this story to come back! Every time I start to follow a story I really like, the author stops midway through. Please come back to cambridge connections!