Tuesday, March 4, 2014

No Strings Attached Chapter 3

Jason pretended to watch the TV but he knew the woman watched him the whole time and he tried his best to act like he could care less. He was out of practice of picking up girls and the waiting room of a clinic was not really helping the situation.

When she got up he glanced up and he saw her long shapely legs in the black leggings and even though her ass was covered up by her top he could only imagine how nice and round it was. She wore a short black jacket. Her red long hair reached down to her mid back. She was definitely a looker and he really couldn’t imagine why she was checking him out. He was caught off guard when she threw him a very hot smile right before she disappeared with one more glance at him through door number 4. He smiled back at her and then looked down. She was gone and in his mind he was metaphorically kicking himself in the ass for not having had the guts to actually sit close to her and maybe chat a little.

 This could have been his chance in maybe meeting someone. It was not that he got out much lately and he usually stayed cooped up at the house and with that not having too many chances in meeting someone. He had been on the online dating sites, had actually signed up on a disability dating site but nothing had come out of it. The last time he had actually talked to a woman had been at least 6 months ago. She was a woman he had met at a bar, she had come up to him and tried her best to impress him but it didn’t click. She was not his type at all and way too loud for his taste. When she had asked him during the evening if he could actually have sex and he had told her the truth, she pretended that she didn’t care but he realized she was somewhat turned off and awkwardly disappeared with her friends. It was o.k. for him, she wasn’t his type anyways.

 Now this woman in the clinic was a whole other story, she was very attractive and if she was really interested in him, he deserved to be slapped for not making a move. He looked down on his braced legs and sighed thinking about the missed chance. Shortly afterwards, his number was called and he was directed to door number 1, his usual door. He put his hands on his rims and wheeled toward the door, pushing the automatic door button and rolled on through the door, which closed behind him.

Dr. Ramirez’s office was at the end of the hallway and as Jason approached his receptionist, she called out cheerily, “Hi Jason, how are you?”
Jason smiled, “Hey Rachel!”
Rachel was a middle aged woman, always smiling and friendly. She typed into her computer, “Let me get you checked in. I see you are wearing your braces. How is that working for you?”
Jason shrugged his shoulders, “O.k. I guess. I can’t do too much in them, but I don’t want the doc to get onto me again, I know I should wear them sometimes and get up and stuff…”
Rachel smiled at him, “It helps your circulation and the more you practice the better you get in them standing and maybe taking a few steps. It will help your muscles work a little bit.”
Jason nodded, “I know.”

She typed some more and then asked Jason to come in through the office door, it opened automatically for him. Inside was the small reception office to his left and he was then greeted by Dr. Ramirez’s medical assistant, Jenna, approaching in the hall.

“Hi Jason, good to see you. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?”
“Yeah, about 6 months.”
Jenna smiled, “O.k., well follow me, I will get your vitals.” Jason rolled behind Jenna into the small exam room with all the machines to check blood pressure, temperature and scale.

She checked him out and said slightly surprised, “Your blood pressure is up a bit...are you feeling o.k. today?”
Jason wasn’t surprised at the blood pressure, he knew exactly where it stemmed from but he said, “Yeah, I feel fine.”
“O.k. then.”

Jenna finished with him, his temperature was right; his weight was unchanged from the last time he got weighed. Once Jenna was done with him he was led to Dr. Ramirez office and exam room. Dr. Ramirez got up from behind his desk and came toward Jason with a friendly smile, reaching his hand out to greet him.
 “Jason….good to see you, and look at you, following my orders and wearing your braces.”
Dr. Ramirez was an orthopedic doctor and surgeon and also the one who had taken over in the hospital when Jason was brought in following the accident. He had been seeing Dr. Ramirez ever since then, for almost two years now. Jason liked him and had made sure he could stay with Dr. Ramirez for his check-ups pertaining to his disability.
Jason shook his hand, “Hi doc.”
The doctor sat down in a chair close to his desk in the front, gestured Jenna with his hand, “Thanks Jenna!, and Jenna walked out.

He turned to Jason, “So, how are you?”
 “I am doing o.k. I guess.”
 “You guess?” Dr. Ramirez waited for Jason to open up a bit. Jason shrugged his shoulders and Dr. Ramirez asked,
 “How about the braces? Did you only wear them for me today or do you wear them regularly?” Jason smiled at how Dr. Ramirez knew him, ”Yeah, I kind of wore them today, so you won’t get onto me.”
“I knew it.” Dr. Ramirez looked at Jason with a smile, “I can’t force you to wear them but I will suggest it every time you come in here, Jason. It is a good thing but I won’t get into it, you already know that. So let me see you stand up.”

Jason sighed a bit, not looking forward to the show he was about to give Dr. Ramirez. It was still difficult for him to stand up in the braces. The braces in the locked position helped keep his legs straight and they connected to a back brace he wore under his T-Shirt, usually over a thin under shirt or muscle shirt. The brace put Jason into the position to stand upright without swaying too much due to the missing sensation from his chest down. Usually he was always a bit wobbly even sitting down without any kind of brace but it was a hassle to put on his braces and he didn’t feel like going through the process too often. When he did feel like wearing them, usually once they were on his body they just stayed there all day.

Dr. Ramirez stood up, “Come over here to the parallel bars.”
Through the intercom on the phone he called for Jenna to come back in again.
Jason wheeled over to the parallel bars. He knew the drill. He would get up on his legs, the braces locking in the upright position, holding on to the parallel bars, Jenna pushing the wheelchair behind him slowly, Dr. Ramirez in front of him and he would have to walk back and forth a few times. It wasn’t that he couldn’t do it, it was just kind of tiring and he couldn’t go for long periods of time. Jenna came in with a smile and positioned herself behind Jason’s wheelchair as he held on to the parallel bars and pulled himself up into a standing position. He did what Dr. Ramirez asked and was praised by the doctor on how well he held himself up and how good he did with the walking. Jason kept his eyes down on his legs, watching every step he took and making sure he kept his balance as Jenna was walking behind him alert to push the chair under Jason’s behind in case he wouldn’t make it and Dr. Ramirez in front of him holding his hands out a bit. It actually went well and he realized his mind drifting off a few times to the girl from the waiting room, wondering what she would think of him with these odd tries of walking. For about 20 minutes Dr. Ramirez made him walk in the braces and he was glad to finally plop into his wheelchair again, slightly exhausted.

Eventually they sat facing each other again and were discussing how Jason should keep the exercise with the braces regular. Dr. Ramirez asked him if he had any other problems he wanted to discuss, he also asked him about the spasms he dealt with on a regular basis. They had previously talked about the option of maybe inserting a Baclofen pump into Jason’s belly. Baclofen was the medication he had to take to keep the spasticity at bay. Spasms were a daily issue and it seemed they had gotten worse over the last year and the pump would constantly keep the medication in his body in his control and keep the spasms in check. Dr. Ramirez would have to put in the paperwork for an approval and authorization of the surgery and they ended the conversation on a note that Jason would wait for Dr. Ramirez to try to get the authorization through the health insurance. Jason was in Dr. Ramirez’s office for almost an hour and came out with some papers on range of motion exercises and a new prescription for his meds, Baclofen and his anti-depressant.  

Outside Dr. Ramirez’s office, Jenna intercepted Jason again, made some small talk and told him Good Bye with a friendly pat on the shoulder and Jason wheeled up to the door. Rachel came over to the door and asked him lowly with a smile, “So everything is o.k. Jason?”
Jason replied weakly, “Yeah…”
“You look a bit….I don’t know…tired…maybe sad.”
Jason lowered his eyes and then looked back up with a smile, “Well, I got my moments I guess, but nothing I can do about it, right?”
Rachel didn’t miss the slight sarcasm at the end of his sentence and she knew he was not doing so well sometimes, “How is your dad doing?”
“He’s doing o.k.”
“Are you still seeing the girl you told me about last time you were here?”
“No, not really…it’s o.k. I don’t have time and energy for drama.”
Rachel smiled but didn’t leave him alone yet, ”What about your work?”
Jason thought for a moment, “It’s all right.”
Rachel got up, “Well, I hope things will get a bit better for you. You know the doc is here for you or can direct you to the right people if you need some help.”
“I know, thanks Rachel.”
She smiled, “Well, we will see you at your next appointment then.”
Jason nodded, “Yeah, I will be back.”
He paused for a moment and then asked, “Rachel, I got one more question.”
“Yeah, what is it?”
”What is behind door number 4 here at the clinic?”
Rachel leaned her head sideways a bit and smiled, “Door Number 4?” Jason nodded.
She thought for a moment and then answered, “That would be the GYN Clinic, the Well Mother/Baby Clinic, and the Pediatrics…why?”
Jason shrugged his shoulders and said lowly, “I saw this woman go in there and…” he paused a moment, then continued,”…well, she smiled at me a little and kind of….looked at me, I think.”
Rachel smiled, “Did she have a kid with her or look pregnant?”
Jason looked up at her surprised, “No…”
“Well, then maybe she went to the GYN Clinic? If she didn’t have a kid with her or didn’t look pregnant, that would be my guess.”
Jason replied, “Yeah…I don’t know.”
”You didn’t talk to her?”
”Well, maybe you can hang out in the waiting room a bit.”
“No, it is o.k., just wondering…Thanks Rachel!”
“You’re welcome, hon!” Jason said his Good Bye’s to Rachel and then wheeled out of Dr. Ramirez practice.



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