Monday, March 3, 2014

No Strings Attached Chapter 4

During her appointment Ariana was a bit distracted thinking about the guy in the wheelchair and a little disappointed that she may not see him again. Her doctor confirmed to her that everything seemed to be in order and asked a few questions about her sex life. Ariana wasn’t in a relationship and any sex with clients was with protection provided but she did have an occasional one night stand here and there. She always used protection and if a guy or client would not want to use any there was not going to be any sex. She did not want to take a chance on getting pregnant or getting a disease by some random guy and if the guy didn’t want to protect he was out of the bed and out the door. 

Jason wheeled out of the clinic into the waiting room and looked around to see if the woman was still around somewhere. There was no sign of her. He debated with himself if he should maybe hang out in the waiting area as Rachel had suggested but then thought about how long he had been in Dr. Ramirez’ office and that she was probably long done and gone from the clinic. He tried to put a period behind this little flirt but couldn’t help the disappointment at himself for not being a little bit more assertive. He had missed out and he had to deal with it. The waiting room was still crowded with people as he wheeled through some kids and people walking. He still glanced around with a little bit of hope left but she wasn’t there. He didn’t know that Ariana was still in the back behind door number 4 and was just now slipping into her leggings and shoes again in the dressing room.

Jason didn’t have a car and was depending on the public transportation of Las Vegas, busses and sometimes a taxi. Outside the clinic across the street was his bus stop. It was a scorching day in August, the pavement hot like a stove and the heat waves hovering over the ground. He had good sturdy wheels on his chair because of the heat and he always wore his fingerless gloves to push himself around. Sometimes the rims got hot just from sitting in the sun for 15 minutes. He had always wanted to get away from Las Vegas, he didn’t like the heat and the desert very much but it was where he ended up four years ago.

 He grew up in Northern California, had a job there, and had had a girlfriend and a life. Then his dad got sick with prostate cancer down in Vegas. Jason’s younger brother had been shot and killed a year earlier in a random shooting at a gas station in California, and his mom had been dead for a long time so Jason had to come down and help his dad out. He thought the long distance relationship with Emily would work out but it didn’t last long and they broke up. Jason had to take care of his dad, worked as a maintenance guy at the MGM Grand casino and was busy just making ends meet. His dad had to stop working of course and was going through Chemo therapy and recovery as good as possible. Jason had stayed busy to be able to pay for the trailer his dad owned. He got himself a motorcycle for a decent price to at least get back and forth to work. For over two years he just worked and mainly took care of his dad until the motorcycle became his fate. It wasn’t his fault, the car crossing into his lane didn’t see him, the driver had not looked over his shoulder and Jason was in his blind spot when he pulled over and pushed him off the road going 70 miles an hour. Jason had no chance to do anything and was thrown off his bike, flew about 15 feet through the air until he hit the pavement with full force, severing his spine, broke his left arm, both legs and suffered a serious concussion. Only the helmet saved his life and even though the force with which he hit the ground caused the concussion he luckily didn’t fracture his skull or injure his brain. The person in the car also went off the road and died at the scene. It had been an elderly man who had changed Jason’s life from that moment on.

Everything became a role reversal, from then on Jason’s dad had to take care of him.  Jason of course lost his job; they almost lost the trailer, he went on welfare and Medicaid, and his dad got a little bit of Social Security but life went very much downhill then. The person who had caused the accident had had no insurance and turned out to be in the US illegally.  Jason now lived in the trailer with his dad outside the city. He did find work after about nine months of hospital stays and rehabilitation and now worked at a taxi dispatch center at night.

The trailer was not at all very accessible for Jason and his wheelchair, the only thing that had been done to the trailer was a ramp his dad and some friends had built. Inside it was difficult for Jason to get around and they needed a new place very urgently but could not afford it. His dad was not able to work anymore in his old job as a heavy duty machine operator at construction sites and had been looking for work for a long time fitting for him and his condition.

Jason wheeled across the street and toward the bus stop. He thought for a moment if there was anything he possibly needed to get from the supermarket close by but decided they had everything at home for right now. He joined a few other people waiting for the bus as he parked his wheelchair under the covered bus stop. He would have to take one bus to the central station and then another out to his suburb, about 5 miles outside of Las Vegas.

 A couple of kids were running around playing tag while waiting with their moms for the bus and Jason watched them. One of the kids stopped right in front of him and stared at him and then down to his legs obviously curious at the braces. The little boy was probably around 6 years old and just stared at him. Jason said with a smile, “Hi!”
The little boy was startled at Jason’s greeting and looked up at him quickly, then smiled too. Another one of the kids joined him and stared at Jason’s legs now. The first little boy then asked, “Are those superpower legs?”
Jason had to laugh lowly at this new view pertaining to his braces and after a moment he answered, “Yeah, actually those things on my legs have superpowers, they help me walk. Without them I can’t get up to stand or walk.”
 The little boy replied, “Can you show us?”
Jason was caught off guard with the question but one of the mom’s came to his rescue and called to the kids in Spanish, apparently telling them to leave Jason alone because right away they waved at him, said Good Bye and ran again. He was relieved he didn’t actually have to get up and give them a presentation of his “superpower” legs. He smiled a little at the thought.

In the clinic Ariana was dressed again and checked herself in the mirror of the dressing room. She left the GYN clinic, going back out through door number 4 into the main waiting room. She had thought about the guy in the wheelchair the whole time during her appointment, wondering where he may have gone for his appointment and if she would maybe see him again. In the waiting room she looked over to where she saw him last, he was gone. She would have liked to maybe have a flirty chat with him but then again thought about how it was just not meant to be. She shrugged her shoulders in acceptance of not seeing him again. He probably had a girlfriend anyways, he wasn’t bad looking at all, and he wouldn’t be single for sure. Some girl would probably be into him even though he was in the wheelchair. She still could not fully shed the thought of having a fling with him, his wheelchair and leg braces had definitely sparked her interest and attraction in him.

Without a care though she pulled her phone out and checked her messages. She had a message from Beth, asking her if she would be up for a short notice job that same evening, client would meet her at 7 o’clock at the Bellagio entrance, escort was requested for an evening dinner with business partners. Ariana stopped in the hallway and texted a reply that she would be there at 7 and asked Beth if there were any special requests by the client and that she would call her in a little while for his name and ID number. She walked out into the heat and headed for the bus stop to take the bus to her apartment. As she waited at the cross walk she was still texting her friend Michelle and then crossed when the light turned green for her to go. As she approached the bus stop she glanced up and to her surprise she spotted the guy from the clinic, sitting in his chair and looking at his phone as well.

Jason was texting his dad at the moment and sent the message off.  He looked up and down the street for the bus and was just as surprised to see the girl from the clinic walk toward the bus stop. He couldn’t take his eyes off her as she came right up to him with a smile. Jason was surprised. He had not expected to ever see her again and now she stood there smiling down on him, “…and we meet again!”

Jason felt very nervous in her presence but managed a reply, “Indeed!”

She still smiled, “I am Ariana”, saying it confidently like it was normal to just tell a stranger her name.

Jason looked down for a moment, then up at her with a smile, but he felt his hands sweaty and his heartbeat racing inside his chest, “Hi, I am Jason!”

Just as he thought of what else to say, a loud engine noise approached and Ariana looked up, “Oh, here is my bus.”

Jason almost went into a panic attack. She was about to get on this bus and disappear from his life again. It was not the same bus he had to take and his thoughts were racing as what to do. Ariana asked, “Do you have your phone?”
He nodded and took his phone out. She ordered, “Type in my number!”
Jason’s hand’s trembled as he tried to pull himself together to be able to type right. The bus came closer with a loud engine. Jason panicked as he got his phone out to put in her number and Ariana said, “Ready?”

She told him her 10 digit number including area code quickly and Jason typed on his touch screen, at the same time he couldn’t believe what was happening. The bus pulled into the bus stop and he looked up frantically, hoping he would be able to get the number in.

Ariana was finished, “You got it?”
He nodded dumb founded, tried to think of something to say but couldn’t get a word out. Ariana tugged a strand of hair behind her ear and laughed a little, then looked at him again and got ready to get on the bus.

He looked at her, wanting to say something but she started boarding the bus, turned around once more and said with a very seductive smile, “Those look very hot on you!” With that she nodded towards his legs and then stepped on the bus.

Jason had lost his voice, his throat seemed scratchy, his lips felt dry and all he could do is look after her disappearing into the bus. He saw her take a seat by the window and she looked out at him, smiling and sending him a small wave with her hand. He couldn’t believe what had just happened and almost wanted to wheel up to the bus, which was about to take off again or maybe scream after her or something. Why had he not said anything to her?

He watched the bus disappear and looked down at his phone shaking his head, saying to himself, “What the hell just happened?” His eyes travelled to the number on his phone and he saw it was really there. Still shocked he tried to remember her name. Was it Ariel or Anna? No, it did not sound that hard, it was softer, maybe Ariana? He decided the name sounded like a possibility and typed it in for the matching phone number. Ariana! He said the name lowly to himself and felt it was the right name. Before he could think any more about the incident he heard and saw his bus approach and put his phone in between his thighs, put his hands on his rims and got ready to board the bus in a moment.

The whole way to the central bus station he thought about the incident with Ariana. What had she said in the end? Those look hot on you! What was she referring to? He thought and played the scene over in his head again. She had looked at his legs and he wondered what she was talking about, it could not have been his braces. Maybe his jeans? He shook his head to himself, his jeans were not even really that visible under the braces; all she could have seen was that they were black. He took his phone out and thought about texting her, then decided to wait a bit until he was at the central bus station.

Ariana had stepped on the bus with a smile. Jason was his name! He was hot and she knew she probably had thrown him off a bit with her approach. She liked to have her fun sometime and felt like playing around a bit. Now it was up to him to make the next move. She called Beth and talked to her about the job in the evening. She was supposed to wear an evening gown, heels, and not too much make up. The client wanted her hair undone; he definitely wanted a red head. They would meet at the Bellagio and the dinner would be at one of the upscale restaurants at the Wynn and would probably go from 7 until about 10 or 11 that night and so far he had not requested her to stay the night with him. Ariana would charge $ 120 an hour for only escort. If the client would want her to spend the night it would cost him at least $ 1500, and 20 % would go to Darren and Beth.

Ariana checked her text messages while on the bus home. She thought about Jason and was hoping he would maybe call her or text her. He had looked puzzled when she told him to put her number in his phone but he had done it. She could tell he had been nervous and he wanted to say more but didn’t really have a chance. It had been a little bit unfair to him; he had definitely been in the disadvantage during the situation. Ariana remembered his legs in the braces and felt the tingle in her loins. She envied the girl who was probably with him and got to play around with those braces all the time. It was worth a try to give him her number, now she would just wait if he would call or text.

She was going to have a date on Thursday with a guy she had met at the club two weeks earlier, his name was Brian. He seemed nice and she had agreed to meet him for dinner. On Friday night she had a job, a dinner party of a large construction company. She would escort the Assistant to the CEO, a man named Trent Bryson. The party was going to take place at the Venetian. Ariana knew all the casinos well; most of her jobs were at a casino some way or another. When she was off she stayed away from the casinos as much as possible. She usually would go out to the local bars and clubs with her friends, places where tourists didn’t hang out. Sometimes she just enjoyed being at home. She shared an apartment with another girl, Melody, who also worked as an escort for Darren and Beth.

Ariana watched the outside scenery go by, the sun was coming down a bit now, but seemed brighter than at noon. Everything was cast in a bright orange light, it was still hot outside. She had gotten used to Las Vegas; it had been difficult at first and after her break up with Trey she had really wanted to move back to Northern California right away but never made it back. She thought about moving back lots of times, she missed the area, the weather and the Pacific. Las Vegas was an oasis in the desert, a dream come true for some but a curse for others. Too much was going on here and too many people had found their doom in Vegas. Ariana had somehow gotten numb to the Glitter life, she enjoyed her job and she knew how to carry herself as a top escort girl but inside she was just a small town girl from Northern California. She would exchange her heels for flip flops anytime and instead of the evening gown she would always prefer a pair of jeans or shorts with a tank top. That was the first thing she did when she got home, change clothes.
Melody was not home as Ariana got there. After she changed she straightened up the apartment a bit and then looked through her closet to see which dress she would wear for her job that night. She had about two hours left to get ready. With the TV on the local news she settled down on the couch checking her Facebook and some of the discussion boards she was on, some about escort service and some on Abasiophilia. On her Devotee site she had to tell her fellow devotee girls about her sighting of a “hot wheeler in leg braces” at the clinic and quickly she got some comments on how lucky she was. She also wrote about how she approached him and gave him her number and the girls wished her all the best with him and hoped he would call her. She was called courageous for being so direct to him and while she read the comments she thought about how she really had been a bit crazy just telling Jason her name and to put her number in his phone. He had made her nervous too and she probably had acted somewhat out of her own insecurities or nervousness in his presence. Oh well, it was done and he probably wouldn’t call anyways.  She spent the rest of the time on her lap top and then she got ready for her job that night


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