Friday, February 28, 2014

No Strings Attached Chapter 7

Ariana watched Jason closely as he approached the table and her heartbeat quickened. His chair fit perfectly with him, the frame of the chair a dark green color, his backrest not too high, about to his mid back and there were no arm rests, his hands in the gloves were directly on the rims of the chair, moving them slowly as he wheeled through the place carefully not to bump into anyone. His dark brown wavy hair looked a bit tousled, strands of his bangs in his forehead as he smiled at her from a clean shaven face. He wore a dark colored T-Shirt with some tribal design on in and blue jeans which looked somewhat loose on his legs, the knees close together and his feet in dark sneakers side by side and perfectly still on the footrests of his wheelchair. He came wheeling up to the table and looked down nervously for a moment, then up at Ariana.

She sensed his nervousness and smiled at him, “Hi Jason! You made it.”
Jason saw the second chair off to the side, wondering if she had thought of removing the chair from the table for him.
He greeted her nervously, “Hi Ariana, it is good to see you. I'm sorry I'm a few minutes late.”
“Don’t worry about it, I just got here too. Is this table good for you?”
Jason nodded, ”Yeah, it’s perfect. As long as I have a parking spot, it’s always good.” Jason tried to loosen himself up a little by joking. She smiled at him and he asked, “Do you live far from here?” 
 “No, not at all. I took a cab, the ride was about 10 minutes.”
 Jason looked up, “A cab, which company did you use?”
“Why do you ask? I used City Cabs…”
“You should use Speedy Taxi Service next time.”
“Why is that?”
“Well, if it's at night between 9 and 6 in the morning I may be on the phone taking your call.”
Ariana leaned her head sideways a bit, letting her hair fall freely to the side, “Is that where you work?”
Jason nodded with a shy smile, “Yeah I'm a dispatcher there at night.” He hoped his choice of career wouldn’t throw her off in a negative way.
She smiled, “O.k., I will remember that and call you next time I need a taxi at night.”

The waitress came and took their orders and once she was gone, Jason shifted in his wheelchair, he still felt nervous in Ariana’s presence. He thought about what to say next, but Ariana took the word, “You said you live out in Junction 8, that is quite a ways out there.”
“Yeah, it is, but the bus connection is o.k.”
Ariana’s expression turned serious, “You don’t drive then?”
Jason looked up at her and hoped his next not so impressive answer wouldn’t shadow what she thought of him, “No, I would love to drive but I have to get a car modified with hand controls and I haven’t been…able to afford it.”
He looked at her to read her face at the mentioned financial predicament.
She smiled at him, “Well, I hope you will get that car one day….did you drive before?”
Jason nodded, “Yeah.”
He didn’t want to go into any details about his accident yet and hoped she wouldn’t ask. Her using the word “before” told him though that she had an idea that he probably had not been in a wheelchair all his life. He would tell her when the time was right. When that would be he didn’t know.
He then asked her, “So where do you work Ariana?”

Ariana looked at him surprised and started playing with her hair and Jason was a bit taken aback at her reaction. He looked at her expectantly. Just at that moment the waitress brought their beverages. The waitress smiled at Jason as he thanked her and then he returned his eyes back to Ariana. Jason wouldn’t let her get away that easy.
He asked her lowly, “So what kind of job do you have? You work on the weekends and stuff, right?”
She nodded and took a sip from her Latte. Jason still kept his eyes on her, questioning.
She then said, “Do you really want to know?”
Jason smiled warmly, “Yes, I would really like to know.” He was curious now and couldn’t let her just not tell him.
He looked at her with dark eyes, “Do you work for the government or something?”
He tried to sound jokingly but he had a nervous tension in his voice.
Ariana looked away, then down onto her hands, “Not yet, Jason, please!”
He shook his head and pushed on with a low voice, “It can’t be that bad, can it?”
Ariana looked up at him and he realized how green her eyes were.
She added lowly, “Usually guys don’t stick around when they find out what I do for a living. You are not going to let this rest though, are you?”
Jason’s brain was in overdrive now, thinking about what kind of work she did and he didn’t know what to expect and couldn’t help feeling a very distant painful twinge in his heart.
Her green eyes were directly gazing into his dark eyes and he replied lowly, “Ariana, I want to know.”
Her eyes seemed shiny and she replied lowly, “I am an escort, I work for City Glitter Prime Escort Service, been there for 2 years.”
She finished the sentence and just watched Jason’s reaction. His mouth was open and his dark eyes flickered but he didn’t say anything for a moment.
He took a breath and Ariana looked at him shyly, then she added softly, “I do sleep with some of my clients if you are wondering.”
That had been his first initial thought when he had heard her say “escort”.
She added a bit tense, “This is my dark secret and that is what I meant when I say guys don’t stick around.”
Jason felt he needed to say something now but couldn’t really find the right words, he was speechless and pictures of Ariana with other guys flickered by in his head.
Ariana asked, “What are you thinking?”
She looked right at him. He didn’t know what to say.
The first shock subsided and he said lowly looking up at her from under his bangs, “O.k., I don’t know what to think really, but I still want to get to know you more if you will let me…it's just a job, right?”
He looked down shyly and Ariana realized he wasn’t just here for the fun of it. Jason looked up at her expectantly, waiting for an answer from her.
Ariana looked at him nervously, “It IS just a job, Jason…nothing else and I want to get to know you better too.”
Jason nodded, “Good, then we are clear on the reasons why we are here.”
He smiled at her reassuringly to get a smile in reply and for a moment she seemed lost in thoughts, then looking back at him with a shy smile, “We are clear.”

They drank from their coffees and eventually Ariana picked up the conversation again, “So, are you from here Jason?”
Jason shook his head quickly, “Hell No….I just got stuck here.”
“Where are you from?”
“Northern Cali.”
Ariana shrieked lowly, “No way! I am from Northern Cali…”
Jason was really surprised now, “Seriously? That is so unreal…where from?”
“I'm from Arcata.”
“Wow, I'm from Crescent City…”
They started talking at the same time, stopped and laughed. Instinctively Ariana touched Jason’s hand and he almost felt an electric surge go through him. Her fingers were so warm on his hand. She laughed, “Why are you here Jason?”

Jason told her about his dad living down here and getting sick a few years back and why he came down here. He didn’t tell her about the accident or his brother Brandon getting shot but ended, “I wish we could move back to Crescent City, I don’t like it here that much…this place only brought bad stuff for us.”
He knew he wouldn’t get around telling her about his accident too much longer but he tried to push it off as long as possible.
Ariana looked at him warmly, “I am sorry…I miss Northern Cali too sometimes.”

Jason had a moment flash in his mind, seeing Ariana and himself at a beach on the Northern California coast. He shook his head slightly, and then said, “So tell me why are you here?”
Ariana told him her story about her boyfriend and her moving down to Vegas and how things went from there on out, “That is how I got stuck here.”
Jason shook his head again in disbelief, “I can’t believe it, we are both from Northern Cali, and our High Schools probably played sports against each other…”
Ariana nodded, “Could be? When did you graduate?”
“In 1999.”
“I graduated in 2003.” Jason smiled; she was a few years younger than him. He was happy about the coincidence and hoped it would mean something. What were the odds of him meeting a girl in Vegas who was from Northern Cali like him, “I just can’t believe it.”
Ariana smiled, “I know, this is crazy.” She paused, and then asked, “Are you going back one day?”
Jason thought for a moment, “I don’t know. I would like to but things are different now and my dad can‘t move anymore. His health is not that great and for me it wouldn’t just be a piece of cake either. I miss it though. I miss the rain, the ocean and the green. Sometimes I miss it a whole lot.” His words faded and he looked down at his coffee mug.
He shook his head slightly and then looked up at Ariana who looked at him seriously, “I miss it a lot too sometimes.”
Jason laughed, “Let’s get drunk, and feel miserable together about being here in the freaking desert.”
Ariana laughed softly. She then put her hand on Jason’s hand, “I have other plans for us.”

Jason looked up at her alert and questioning. Her hand on his felt warm and he almost instinctively wanted to pull his hand away from hers but kept it there.
Ariana continued, “We can maybe do the drinking part but we won’t feel miserable. Come here!” She leaned in over the table a little coming closer to Jason’s face and he didn’t move until she said, “Come closer!”

Jason was caught off guard; he didn’t know what to think about Ariana moving in like that. She put her hand under his chin, almost on his neck and pulled him in. He felt his breathing get quicker and his heart pound inside his chest. She let go off his hand and he held himself steady on the edge of the table. Ariana’s face was right in front of his now and she held his chin with a tight grip. He felt a unsteady, partly because of leaning over like that and his trunk control not being the best, and partly of being nervous at her approach. He thought about the belt probably cutting into his waist, sitting like that but he didn’t feel it. With his hand he felt for it and realized it was tight with him leaning over. Ariana held him and he lowered his eyes.

She said lowly, “Look at me!” He was stunned at her demand. She said, “How long has it been since you were with a woman?”
Jason couldn’t be more surprised and he opened his mouth to speak but felt his throat dry and his chin shiver slightly.
Ariana said, “Has it been before the accident? You did have an accident, right?” He nodded slightly and felt his hands get sweaty. What was she doing to him?
Ariana asked again, “How long?”
Jason looked down again and spoke in a whisper, “About two years. “
“Look at me Jason.”
He looked up again and swallowed feeling her grip on his throat as she continued, “This is the deal! I find you very hot and we could have some good fun together if you are up for it. I'm single, I don’t want a boyfriend, and I want to have some fun. I work as an escort so I'm constantly around men, I don’t think any guy could deal with having a relationship with me other than sex, so I'm putting it to you. I would like to hook up with you sometimes and we could have some fun, no strings attached! You don’t have to feel weird, I think you are really hot and I can totally see us doing it so think about that, Jason. I have money, I support myself, and you don’t have to worry about that because I assume you are not exactly able to do a whole lot financially. You are very attractive to me, I have a thing for guys in wheelchairs and I really loved your leg braces. My panties got wet just seeing you in those. I want to see you in those all the time. I'm going to leave here in a moment. I wanted to see you again today to make sure I was really into you and that me and you would click. I totally think we click. I will give you some time to think about this. You can call me or text me when you have made a decision.”

Ariana felt Jason swallow again. He just looked at her speechless and didn’t know what to think of this. He also felt anger creep up inside himself. How could she put him on the spot like this?  Ariana stayed close to his face but she had loosened her grip. Jason looked up at her. She had literally wiped the smile off his face.
He said lowly, “So, you are saying you just want to use me?”
Ariana smiled, “Don’t put it like that Jason. You make it sound bad. I want to hang out with you, yes. I want to spend time with you, yes. I would like to see you and me together, yes. I just don’t want a relationship.”
Jason shook his head looking down, “Wow!”
He said it not in amazement but in disbelief.
Ariana added, “I do sleep with other men on my job, Jason. I want to be totally clear on that. I may be blunt but I do respect you and also respect you if you cannot agree to this. Do you have any thoughts on my proposition?”

Jason felt the anger get stronger, his words came out harsh “Ariana, what do you expect me to think about this….you are into guys in wheelchairs, what the fuck are you talking about…my braces…I hate those things…what is your deal? I mean, what do you expect me to say? You know…I was really surprised when you told me your number at the bus stop but at the same time I was freaking happy about it; because “No” I haven’t really been collecting hot chicks phone numbers over the last two years or so. When you gave me your number I also felt like I had a shot at meeting someone again, like you would be into me and stuff, it was an ego boost I haven’t really experienced lately. Then when you texted back and agreed to meet me today…do you even know how nervous I was to come here and how excited at the same time. Come to find out we are both from Northern Cali...what are the odds…and now you just shattered me to pieces right here. I can’t believe what you just said….” He felt his hands shaky and his voice tremble as he tried to think of his next words, “What the hell am I supposed to think? You want to use me for a quick fuck every so often, when you feel like it I suppose? I am out of here…”

He threw a $ 20 bill on the table and put his gloves on with shaky hands. He was breathing quickly and he felt tense and his body react a little bit. He was hoping he wouldn’t get any spasms right now. As he struggled to put his one glove on with his shaky hand he felt his emotions take over.
To his surprise Ariana moved her chair over and took over the glove, “Here, let me get this.”

Jason was awe struck; now she was helping him.
For a moment he watched on in shock until he snapped out of it, “Get your hands off me!”
He put his hands to his wheelchair rims now, spun around and wheeled out of the Café, followed by Ariana with quick steps and other guests looking after them suspiciously.

Outside he wheeled away with full speed and Ariana called after him, “Jason, I'm sorry but I didn’t want to lie to you. I wanted to be honest…” He didn’t turn around and Ariana now felt her voice tremble, “Jason, think about it….”
As the distance between Ariana and him became further he felt his anger get stronger at the incredible insult he had just experienced.  He felt as bad as he had never felt in his life before and once he was out of sight from Ariana, he lost his battle fighting the oncoming anxiety attack and it showed in spasms running from his belly down to his toes, making him clench and hold on tight to the rims. He needed to get home as fast as possible but now was getting worried of his capability of taking the bus in his condition.


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