Thursday, March 6, 2014

No Strings Attached Chapter 1

Ariana sat in the waiting room of the clinic, turning the pages of a People magazine, reading up on all the newest gossip in the entertainment world. It was good to stay up to date because it could possibly come in handy for her line of work. She knew of one of her colleagues, Clarissa, who actually spent an evening with a famous musician for an award ceremony a couple of weeks ago, taking place in Vegas. Supposedly he was very nice, Clarissa had a fun night and the girls read about that exact award ceremony and that same guy in the People magazine a week later. Clarissa had insisted that her right leg in the purple glitter heel was visible in the magazine article. She had even showed her purple heels to the girls that night at Mandy’s apartment for proof of her possible leg image in the magazine. Ariana smiled thinking about that evening.

She skimmed over images of actors, singers, and other celebrities, thinking about how some of them looked very plain, sometimes not even very attractive in some of the Paparazzi photos, taken secretly from behind bushes, trash cans, or from cars. Her own clients were usually business men coming to the city for conferences, company trips, or on a private outing. She hadn’t met any actors or musicians in her two years of being an escort.

The waiting room was crowded, children crying, adults and teenagers on cell phones typing text messages or looking bored. A TV was on low, showing a children’s program with some children seated in front of it on small chairs. Ariana was here for her annual gynecologist appointment, something she always pushed off until she was overdue. Her appointment was supposed to be at 2:30, it was already after 3. She expected to have to wait probably for another half hour or so. She looked around the waiting room at all the people.

Her eyes went back to the pages of the magazine. A small child started crying close to her and she glanced over seeing the mother cradling the child and trying to calm it down. It was a little girl, maybe around 3 years old. Ariana didn’t think she would ever have kids, she didn’t think she would make a good mother. She had not experienced a loving relationship with her own mother and she felt she would not be capable of being a good mother herself. Her own childhood had not been great and she didn’t think she would know how to deal with a kid.

She had moved from Northern California to Las Vegas three years ago with her boyfriend Trey. The relationship didn’t last very long after that; he was not exactly a keeper. Soon after the dirty break up with Trey she met Darren on a night out with some girlfriends. He was charming and well mannered, treated her respectfully like she was special somehow. He didn’t make a move though, he stayed composed and in total control of the situation. Ariana was impressed. Darren met her on two more occasions after that night, took her out to dinner, got to know her and she got to know him. Darren eventually revealed to her that he was the owner of a well-established escort service in Las Vegas, about 40 girls working for his company. He managed the escort service with his wife Beth. When at first Ariana was shocked to find out what Darren did for a living after some consideration she felt she didn’t have anything to lose and she would give it a try. She was never shy to speak her mind and make her own decisions, life had made her somewhat tough on the outside and she was a daredevil sometimes. At that time she needed a job and money quickly and the escort service seemed like a good temporary idea. Darren was honest and sincere about the job and didn’t put her under any pressure to come and work for him but he made it clear that she could definitely be a big asset to the service and she would probably not be short of clients. Ariana needed a job and money to get back to Northern California soon. What started out as a temporary solution turned into two years of Ariana working for City Glitter Prime Escort Service in Las Vegas. Darren and his wife were great and made sure their girls were taken care of and treated right and fair. Ariana’s plan was to eventually go back to Northern California and live up there again. She missed it lots of times but had not had the opportunity to actually move back.

She kept looking around the waiting room when her eyes moved toward the hallway connecting into the waiting room and she saw a young man in a wheelchair rolling along the hallway. He was still too far away to make out any more but she couldn’t take her eyes off of him and glanced shyly from under her bangs toward the hallway watching in which direction he would go. He ended up turning a sharp corner into the other wing of the clinic and Ariana couldn’t help feeling a bit disappointed.

She had always had a thing for men in wheelchairs, on crutches or in braces, no one knew about her interest. Even though she was very open minded about everything, that part of herself sometimes freaked her out a bit.  She didn’t know where the attraction stemmed from and she had actually never dated a disabled guy but she always had to look twice if she did come across a hot guy in a wheelchair, on crutches or the likes, which was a very rare occasion. Her main interest was in paraplegic men; other disabilities didn’t interest her too much. There was something very attractive about a paraplegic not being able to walk but otherwise still being able to get around and think for himself.

Ariana had not actually dated anyone since Trey, she had not really been interested in anyone and her job got her in contact with men constantly that she didn’t really have the longing to be with one outside of her work. Some of the clients were interested in her beyond the escort service and when they would come to Vegas they would call up City Glitter Prime Escort and ask specifically for Ariana. She had her regular clients and was happy with them, but she had made it clear on more than one occasion that she wasn’t interested in an actual relationship with anyone.  She didn’t have sex with all of her clients; some of them really only requested the company of a beautiful woman for all kinds of events, no sexual favors. Some men had been banned from the escort service because of inappropriate behavior toward the girls. Everything was very discreet and the booking of the girls went through Darren or Beth not directly with the girls. The girls’ privacy was kept up and the men could not get information more than a name from the girls.

Ariana saw the guy in the wheelchair disappear in the distance and couldn’t help a small sigh due to her disappointment. She thought about maybe getting up and walking into the direction he had wheeled but she decided against it, thinking how desperate that would seem. She would forget about him again. Her eyes went up to the clock on the wall and she wondered how long it would still take for her to be seen. She was getting hungry and thirsty and wanted to get the exam over with. The little girl had stopped crying in her mother’s arms and Ariana smiled at the mother who met her eyes.

 She turned back to the People magazine, flipping another page. When she had just finished reading about the Kardashian sisters she was interrupted by the commotion of a kid running by and when she looked up she saw the guy in the wheelchair come rolling toward the waiting room. She was surprised for a moment and glanced at him quickly. He didn’t see her look at him. She was going to look away again but then felt a bit adventurous and flirty and decided to keep looking at him. Now that he was closer she was very surprised to see not only was the guy in the wheelchair but also wore some type of leg braces on both of his legs. He was focused on dodging people, saying “Excuse me” to a kid in the way and with his hands in some leather fingerless gloves he pushed his rims slowly and making his way toward the reception desk. He was close to Ariana’s chair and he must have sensed her staring at him because he looked up from his task of wheeling and their eyes met briefly. He was attractive with dark wavy hair, a shadow of a beard showing and seemed nicely built despite being in the wheelchair. Ariana was very interested in the braces on his legs and she only caught a glance of them as he rolled by her. Ariana saw some black cuffs strapped around his legs in various spots and steel rods that ran up his legs all the way to his hips and she couldn’t make out anymore. He wore jeans under the braces and a brown T-Shirt with some design on it. Ariana definitely felt a tingling excitement seeing this guy who had caught her full attention.


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  7. Thanks for all your comments, I appreciate them a lot...I am going to try to post the second chapter soon but I am having problems figuring out the date thing on the blogger and so I am not sure when I can post...