Tuesday, April 15, 2014

In/Exhale Continues - 50th Episode!

So, it's Thanksgiving, finally, in Jonesville, and our two heroes were left in quite a state! We start off with the first part of this long, eventful day, seeing how each of the brothers is doing after their fight Tuesday. We also get a chance to see Kai and David spending some time together (Kai runs into someone unexpectedly!) and we finally meet Renee's older brother, JP, in the flesh.

The cartoon above is from a webcomic called That Deaf Guy, which is about a Deaf man, his interpreter wife, and their hearing son. I particularly like the way the cartoonist incorporates signs into the illustrations. I stumbled upon this recently, and I thought this particular cartoon fit today perfectly. Great mind's think alike, I guess!

Enjoy the official 50th Episode:

November 23, 2000 - Part I

I was originally going to try to post the first two parts of the day together, but I just didn't have time to finish formatting Part II for the blog since I was so busy this week. Sorry!!

Thanks everyone for your great feedback last week!! I really appreciate it and am glad you guys are enjoying the way the season is progressing as we wind down toward the end. Still lots more in store :D.

As usual, I've updated the Table of Contents.

Also, I'm almost ready to release Season One in ebook form. I'm doing the second round of formatting and hoping everything will look as good as possible in kindle form (as well as PDF and EPUB). I'll let you know as soon as the downloads are up!


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