Tuesday, May 20, 2014

In/Exhale Continues

I know these last few episodes have been kind of heavy, but I thank you all for sticking with me. Today we see the second half of November 24, in which Kai is still dealing with the fallout of Thanksgiving.

The first part has one of my favorite moments in the season, in which Jon learns how and why Kai picked the name "Fox" when he changed his name; I hope you guys will like it too. We end with an important few scenes, including one with Vicky that I hope will give you some more insight into her behavior (I know some of you guys hate her, lol), and another with Renee that might have you all hating ME.

However, after this double-episode we have ONE more episode left, the season finale, and perfect timing, too, as my classes start up the following week.

I hope you enjoy this double-episode:

November 24, 2000 - Part III | November 24, 2000 - Part IV

I've been planning for Season 3 already and have a little bit written, but especially with some health issues and class it may not be until Fall or Winter of this year that I'll be able to start posting again. However, I'll be sure to let you all know when the Season Two ebook is available for those of you who may want to read it in a more convenient format.

Thanks, all of you, for your support and encouragement. It's been a pretty rough time for me lately in which I've doubted myself and my writing, and coming onto the blog to read (and re-read) some of you comments is always a small boost.

Thank you all again, and as always, Table of Contents is updated.



  1. So sad this season is coming to an end. It's such a well written, thought provoking, emotional story. I feel like Kai and Renee are people I know, people in my life. I love when a book does that.

  2. Thank you, mwin! This has to be one of the best comments I've ever received. Thank you for reading and I am so glad you enjoy the story. I hope to not take too long to bring more of these characters to you. :)