Tuesday, May 27, 2014

In/Exhale - Season 2 Finale

So . . . it's finally here.

This season ends a little more quietly than last, and I hope you won't hate me after reading it.

Last week, we got some interesting backstory as to how Kai ended up with his last name Fox, saw his situation escalate, ending in a heart breaking call to Renee.

How can things possibly get better after that?

I hope this week's episode - in which you'll get to see a short session with Dr. Miller for the first time from Kai's POV - will show the light at the end of the tunnel for both Kai and Renee. Kai makes a tough choice, and so does Renee. . . .

November 25, 2000

As always, Table of Contents is updated.

I've been working on Season 3 and have a general idea for everything that will happen, and have a few scenes already written. Next season we will see a lot of character growth from Kai, and we'll get a lot more backstory/insight into Jon's character. We'll also explore some of the secondary characters like David and Martin. In some ways, Season 3 is already shaping up to be the most expansive season yet.

Season 2 will be available in ebook form later this summer, and I'll try to post here when it's ready for download. (Season 1 is already available as a free download on my blog.)

Thank you again so much to all of you for reading and commenting. It means a lot to me to see how deeply my story has resonated with many of you, and it keeps me motivated to keep writing no matter how hard it can be to share sometimes.



PS - I will try to keep active on my blog and on twitter throughout the summer, though I'm taking two classes in June so I'll be pretty busy. But feel free to follow me for updates while I/E is on hiatus! I hope I'll be back for the fall or winter of this year at the latest. :)

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  1. well well, I´m addict to this book. It´s amazing how you detail everything to my is like i´m reading "josé de alencar" a old writer very good. Its not just a book it´s so much more, much more. I hate some caracteres like Becca and Nikki and that proves how good it´s your style cos I can feel so much emotion. This year I didnt read another book, I go to amazon e just can´t buy a book because now I just think all the romances too superficial if compare to yours.
    Thanks for sharing