Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Jonas (nsfw)

Sorry for the boring title, I think this erotic short story has also been on the forum before but I wasn't able to find it. 

For four and half weeks we had been sitting on the opposite sides of the classroom,
me watching Jonas, -Jonas seemingly oblivious and following class.
We had spoken a few times, about school and weather and movies and such. He was one of the less nerdy guys in the summer programming class, he was good looking by any means with his short blonde hair and brown eyes with long dark eyelashes, but what really made him stand out to me was that he was in a wheelchair.
I already knew I was a devotee at this time, but I wasn't prepared for my reactions when I met Jonas.
He had a really sexy voice with a slight speech impairment and I was pretty much sitting bored in class, imagining him whispering dirty words to me instead... He was quite fit with a muscular neck and arms, his hands and left arm contracted, and his legs and arms were often spastic.
I found these spasm surprisingly thrilling and I always got really excited about watching his contracted, bony hands, wondering how he would go by to masturbate, get undressed, or other naughty thoughts…

I realised that the summer was almost over and that I needed to act fast if I was ever going to meet Jonas outside of class, but I wasn't sure of what to do. Last week when class ended I had helped him with the elevator and he had given me the cutest smile ever, but we had both hesitated, I could feel my cheeks go all red of embarrassment and I couldn't even say a word. -Had he been waiting for me?
Class was nearly over when I received an e-mail:  ‘Stop daydreaming' /J
My heart jumped and I replied to him; 'Can you help me with this task? I don't get it? Maybe meet me in the library after?'
After a minute he replied; 'I can't get into the library.' /J.
I wasn't sure of what to reply to that, feeling very stupid since I had suggested an inaccessible place to meet, I didn’t want him to think I was that ignorant. But he sent me another message before I had a chance to reply;
'Tell me what you were thinking about when you had that look on your face'. /J
I was starting to panic and I knew I was blushing again, I couldn't tell him, could I?
When class ended he made the situation even more embarrassing by coming up to me,
-I was looking around for a way to escape but he simply positioned his chair in the way, grinned, and said
“-What about the café? We can use my laptop there and you can help me carry my coffee.'”
I just stood there blushing and he continued:
“Well do you want to pass this class or not?” He started rolling out of the school and I had no choice but to follow him through the mall and to the café.
I realised why he needed me to carry the tray with our coffee and sandwiches when his legs started to spasm really bad again.
“-Alright then cheeky girl”, he said and I just melted by his sexy sexy voice. He instructed me how to set up his laptop and joystick and quickly loaded the data for this weeks programming task from my memory stick.
“-Ah”', he said:
“-You are not so far behind after all”. We walked through the code step by step, changing some wrongly assigned operators and testing the program. Once done he said that I needed to help him with something now, -since I had bought sandwiches; could I feed him his?.
I asked him if he was serious and he laughed saying that he could try himself, but his aim wasn't so good so there probably wouldn't be much sandwich left to eat. He laughed at my high-red completely embarrassed face and I couldn't believe I was sitting here with this hot guy and now he wanted me to feed him, -did he realise it was nearly a wet dream just sitting there next to him?.
But when we got ready to leave Jonas said;
“I need to tell you something, you are gorgeous and funny, but I'm actually in a relationship right now”.
My heart sank and I was feeling very upset, I knew it was just a coffee but I had really enjoyed the afternoon.
”-I'm not sure she's that into me anymore and we are moving to go to different uni's in two months, but I need to give it a shot.”
Next week Jonas didn't show up in class, I emailed him and when I got home there was another message from him. 'She dumped me, not feeling so good.'’/J.
Two weeks passed and class was over, I hadn't seen Jonas since the afternoon at the café. On friday I received an email;
-I've turned my final assignment in, how about you? Need help? /J'
I replied to him: 'All done, thanks. Unless you want to help me with something else...?'
'What would that be, cheeky girl? And I could use your help with moving some boxes, my place tomorrow at 4? /J’
Seeing Jonas again made my heart go "bababoom", he was so hot and not seeing him for a while only increased my excitement. We chatted a bit and as promised I helped him prepare for his move, packing stuff and carrying boxes.
Jonas joked and laughed alot, enjoying ordering me around. We eventually ordered some pizza. Sitting down to eat he got this huge grin on his face and he said:
“So, are you going to make a pass at me or not? I've seen that look on your face before”.
I went over to him and took his head in my hands and kissed him, to show him how bad I really wanted him. The careful taste soon turned to a deep hungry kiss with our tongues swirling around and we kissed for several minutes. We had to finish the pizza before it went cold but I took extra care on teasing him while feeding him. I wanted him so so bad and I didn't need any more encouragement. We went into the bedroom and he nodded at me;
“You first..”
I took off my shirt but kept my bra on, holding my huge tits up creating a perfect cleavage.
I stood in front of him rubbing my tits knowing he couldn't reach me: I wasn't much of a dancer but I wanted to take my time, I was rubbing myself teasingly and turned around waving my butt at him, bending over slightly. I took my leggings off and showed my matching underwear, white and almost see through with a small lace and a rose in the front. He said '
“-Yeah keep your underwear on... come here..”
I stood close to him with his left leg between mine. His fists clenched and his arm went out but he said:
“-Don't worry I'm not gonna hit you, you are just making me too excited.”
I had to kiss him again and when I leaned on him he turned to give me a really sexy bite on my earlobe, breathing hot on my neck and continuing biting my neck and moving down.
I pushed his head in the direction I wanted, and he had his face, his warm mouth and wet, quick tongue all over my breasts. I pushed his head down and he kissed my breasts, smelling me and licking me with short fasts moves.
His short beard was just soft enough to tickle me. He was gently stroking me with his arm and hand where he could reach and it was an amazing feeling. He stopped and we kissed passionately again. Finally I had my hands on his sexy neck and shoulders, I took off his sweater and t-shirt with some help and I wasn't disappointed. He was really fit with a perfect flat stomach and sexy chest.
To my surprise he had a black sun tattooed on the right side of his chest. I touched it with my fingertips and said:
“-Because your skin is warm like the sun...”
He asked me if I liked it and said there was a lot of things I didn't know about him yet.
I let my hands run down his arms and he tried to grabb my hands.
We stood like that for a while just looking at eachother, and I told him my secret fantasy;
I wanted to watch him masturbate.

I could tell he got really turned on by the idea. I helped him on the bed and to take his pants off. Then I stood watching him struggling to get his underwear off and I had to resist going there even though I wanted him so bad.
His underwear went off and down on the floor and when his leg jerked, I saw one fine cock: -with a large shiny Prince Albert piercing.
“-It's the only way I can reach” he said with a big grin.
“-It makes my cock bigger. And it feels good”.
I watched his legs and feet spasm violently and he started rubbing his hand over his cock.
He couldn't grab it but was rubbing and bouncing his hand on the cock and piercing. It couldn't get any harder than it already was. We both let out loud moans and I knew that I had never seen or heard anything sexier and more arousing than that.

He watched me closely as I couldn't take any more and I had to get my underwear off, I
stood in front of his face with one leg supported on the bed, I had him lick my finger and started rubbing my clit. Soon we had both cum, his white cum dripping all over his beautiful cock and over his leg. I told him how much I loved it and how I loved a loud man. I
After I had washed him off I lied down beside him in his bed.
I put my am around him and we rested for a few hours, half asleep and very happy.
I was watching his hot body, his skinny legs and sexy hands, his arms and shoulders, and I knew I had to have more. I reminded myself I still hadn't tried a PA, but I wanted to discover all of his body. He opened one eye looking down at me saying:
“-You know, if you gave me a massage I would probably loosen up a bit more”.

I didn't need to wait for a second invitation, he rolled over more to the side so that I could reach, It wasn't the ideal position but I learnt he wasn't able to lie comfortably flat on his stomach. I started to massage his scalp, his hair was really soft and smelled fresh. Now It was my turn to kiss his neck and bite his earlobes. I went on to gently massage his neck and shoulders. I let my fingers and nails run over his back while he shivered of pleasure and laughed. I gently massaged the sore spots on his shoulder blade, then I sat up and turned him around a little more so that I could stretch his arm without making it too uncomfortable.
His arm and hand twitched a lot but I held his wrist and Jonas just kept his eyes closed and kept smiling.
I caressed and massaged his upper arm, I loved how his muscles felt and from time to time I could feel a tremble. I massaged and kissed the innerside of his elbow, then placed both my thumbs on his underarm and massaged it in small circles down to his wrist. I stretched his elbow a bit more and then stretched his contracted wrist very gently. I put my hand on his shoulder and pulled his wrist very gently to stretch his arm.
He whispered
“-It feels great angel, keep going -where did you learn to do this?”
His hand was in my lap and I was wondering if he could feel how warm I was getting, I was still naked and his hand where pretty close to my pussy. I wasn't able to place his hand palm up in my lap but I massaged and stretched each finger. I pressed the area between each finger gently and the part of his palm that I could reach.
He repeated that it felt really good, and I had to resist sucking on his fingers right there.
His arm jerked for a bit but I moved it back, adjusted my position, and moved his hand towards my pussy.
He opened his eyes at the touch and said
“Oh yeah it's been a while since I did that.'
I was holding his hand and guided him; two of his fingers were inside of me, they felt strong and I loved finally having something inside of me. It really got me going again, and fast..
I couldn't believe I was experiencing my fantasy with Jonas, even though I knew he would be moving away soon.
I had to stop before it went too far and I removed his hand. I moved down to the end of the bed, he had some spasms in his legs but they weren't as big as when he had been masturbating.
I did the same procedure with his feet and lower legs; his legs where a lot stiffer than his arms and wouldn't stretch very far. I massaged his thighs one by one, ignoring his alerted
cock on purpose but admiring the PA. I giggled and asked
“-How do give you a bj without being knocked out -and I haven't done a cock with a PA before…”
He had been waiting for this question and said that he was still pretty relaxed, I just had to watch out for his legs, it was difficult when he got excited.
“-As for the PA, do what you wish I'm sure its all going to feel good.”
I realised I would have a problem putting it all in my mouth, I wouldn't be able to deepthroat him and I decided to go with licking.
At first the cold steel felt really strange when I kissed around the bottom entry hole and licked the underside of his cock. I licked down and then on the sides of the base of his cock. I put one hand on each side, with my thumbs just under the PA and the head.
I rubbed up and down gently and he started to moan. His moan with his speech impairment was such a turn on and I let go, grabbed the base of his cock with one hand, trying to keep his left leg still with my other hand.
I was feeling more assured and started kissing and licking his cock wildly, moaning loudly as I knew he would love that; the head, the ring, up and down, blowing gently on his balls and tickling his stomach and his thighs. The only thing I loved more than feeling a cockhead in my mouth, its taste, its texture, its hardness, softness and warmth, was probably a cock emptying inside of me.
Since he had cum earlier that evening, I knew I could enjoy sucking his cock longer before he would be ready to cum again. I loved sucking his cockhead and letting my tongue flicker fast, gentle and hard, barely touching him. I would lick along the PA with big wet licks, take the PA with my teeth and pull away very very gently. I knew I was torturing him, he was breathing fast and moaning for more, and I loved it.
I wasn't sure how we would position for intercourse since now he had real problems keeping his legs still. He read my mind and asked me if I was ready, saying that he
probably needed a quick breather first.

He asked me to get a pillow from the wardrobe; it was a long round pillow to be placed
behind is back to make it easier for him to lie on his side, then I would put a pillow under his left knee. He asked me to lie down on the side in front of him, and carefully pull his right leg between mine. The he asked me to carefully roll towards him with my leg over his. I was amazed by all this acrobacy, but he laughed and whispered in my ear;
'-Well try me, think you can find my cock?”
I could feel his warm cock and the metal on my leg and I managed to get my hand there
and grab it around the base. He moaned loudly and asked me to position it.
And with surprisingly ease and with an incredibly tingling feeling his cock fit perfectly inside of me.  With my leg I could help hold his lower leg still and he asked me to
put one of my arms over his top leg. Then he asked me to just relax, as he used his body weight to roll closer and allow his pierced cock to penetrate deeper. With me using my top leg and my weight to push him back slightly, and him using his body weight to push forward, we soon found our rhythm and slowly made love.
As if reading my mind again, he started whispering between his moans, how good it felt and how sexy I was, how horny I made him and how he had loved my tongue on his cock. He said he loved the way I looked at him and it made him feel wanted and attractive. I told him I loved his voice and I loved to feel his whole warm body pressing against mine. I could feel his cock tremble inside of me and I had to clinch my hand around his leg.
I tried to, but he wouldn't let me increase the speed, it was a battle of wills but when he was ready, I could feel not only his cock, but every inch of his body tense up for several seconds, he held his breath and then I could feel him release, he moaned my name over and over again, and just like that all the tension in his body was gone, I felt his cum being pumped
into me and his cock pulsated so hard and strong. I immediately had the most intense orgasm and I could hear myself scream far away.
Afterwards, when our heartbeats slowed down again, he lied there stroking my hair, whispering “-Cheeky girl.”


  1. Your short story's are simply delectable!

  2. Thank you for posting your writing! CP is not my "thing" but I truly enjoyed this story. You are a talented storyteller :-)

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