Thursday, July 31, 2014

Margaret's Chance update!

Ah!!! I am so sad to see Cambridge Connections coming to an end...I'm currently on chapter 15 and sooo in love. Rose, you're a genius. Please write something else, and SOON!!

Also, I've just started reading The Outsiders and No Strings Attatched -- I'm loving those stories too! NSA is so unique, it's rather refreshing :-) And I love that The Outsiders features a protagonist with braces and crutches -- those kind of characters have been abundant here lately; I'm loving it ;) Please keep up the good work ladies!

Here's a new chapter of Margaret's Chance. This time I think we get to see a little bit more of Margaret's character. Not too much Finn here, but some yummy bits coming up, promise! :) I've also changed a minor plot aspect: instead of being a newspaper journalist, Margaret now works for KTAL6 a local news station in Montogomery. It just seemed to work better with where I'm going with this and present a more real conundrum, you know? I believe that's the only thing that's changed though! :-)

Hope you all enjoy it. Please leave comments; I hoard them. Lol.

Chapter 4 can be found here, and look! here's an updated Table of Contents as well. Now doesn't that make you all want to read? ;)

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