Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sorry to my NSA fans

Hello my friends, unfortunately this week I do not have Chapter 23 of NSA ready. It still needs some work and with my mom here I just haven't found the time to really focus on my writing and editing this week. I am so sorry about that. After last weeks emotional meeting between Ariana and Jason I want to give you a good quality Chapter 23. It is the middle of the night right now and I thought I could get it done but I don't think the chapter is ready yet. I hope you can forgive me and ask for your patience. My mom leaves on Thursday and after that I want to get the chapter posted as soon as it is fine tuned and edited. As much as I enjoyed summer I am also looking forward to fall in the hopes of having more time to write and edit again. Just these past three weeks when I barely got the last two chapters posted I realized how much I missed being able to just take a few hours to only write. My mother is older and I am not sure when I will see her again so I had to make the time with her count but sacrificed the personal time I need to write. It is o.k. though and I hope you understand. I will post as soon as I can. Thanks so much for reading the story and making me feel good about it every time I post. You mean a whole lot to me! Hugs, Dani


  1. Thank for the update.
    You are wonderful about keeping us posted.
    Happy writing!

  2. You just enjoy the time you have visiting, and take your time with the writing. Family always comes first.