Thursday, September 18, 2014

No Strings Attached Chapter 25

Hi my friends, I am writing this with a heavy heart this week. First off sorry about being a day late but two authors shouldn't post on the same day, so I skipped yesterday since another author was in the queue. I am feeling somewhat down and insecure this week with posting NSA. I know I have a few faithful readers and they keep me going but all the sudden with the way the story is going my hits have declined and comments even more so, maybe it is boring to some people now. I think about how to rewrite to make people happy but then at the same time, this is my story and I want to be true to myself and maybe shouldn't change a whole lot. Yes, right now my story is not overly sexual and instead a lot about bonding between Jason and Ariana and dealing with him being in a bad state and being in the hospital. As much as I like to write about sexual encounters I am a romantic after all and so many things are important to me when I write. I want my story to be as realistic as possible, also when it comes to the time line, which can be a challenge. All of this here is so important to me and YOU keep me going. If I don't have that, I start to doubt and become insecure about everything I am doing here on the verge of giving up and crawling back inside my shell. I guess I am just having a bit of a rough time this week. NSA is still here waiting to be edited and fine tuned and I hope I can keep you interested I guess, if not I am sorry. So with this I leave you with Chapter 25 and I hope you will stick it out with Ariana and Jason. Hugs, Dani


  1. Don't stop writing!!! I love NSA.
    Yes there is a rule about the stories posted but you have to think as devs we thrive on these stories. Lately the site has only had NSA which I thank you for because I love it.
    But waiting for it weekly is hard. Don't feel insecure. We love all dev writers :)

  2. Also maybe it's hard for some to read about the realistic aspect about him being in the hospital and his dad ultimately having cancer. That aspect is sad but Ariana is his ray of sunshine, his silver lining. Now we want him to get better and see where his relationship goes. I like the spasm scene where his leg fell off the bed and told Ariana not to lift it. I wonder if she was turned on my the sight of his leg and spasms and if he thought she was turned on by it...

  3. Don't stop! I look forward to it.
    I hope you make Jason strong again.