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Chianti Classico - Part IV

It is sometime after breakfast the next morning when I hear the whispers. Joey had again already left when I woke up. I have not been part of the meeting that took place among a small circle but everyone else seems to be well informed. People standing in groups in front of the still closed conference rooms repeat in hushed voices the words that were apparently shouted across the table, father and son arguing over something. The exact reason for the quarrel changes depending on who tells the story but it all centers around the same.

“Said he did not want to take leadership of the foundation.”

“I heard he cannot because of… you know…”

“Those kids, rather spent their money on cars and alcohol…”

“Ah! I am sure there is a woman involved.”

“He has always been hot headed. He will pull himself together again soon.”

“I don’t think anyone knows her, though.”

“I had wondered before… is his disability limited to physical impairment only?”

I stop listening at that point. Somehow I make it through the day, talks and discussions a welcome distraction from the rumors still boiling around me. No one approaches me with the subject as no one knows my connection to Joey and I suddenly feel relieved about his secretive behavior towards me in public.

The only place where I can be alone is a stretch of grass behind the conference building, well hidden from view by a few bushes. I watch the soft ups and downs of dark green hills and the hint of the sea in the far back, feeling the cool grass beneath me and the soft warmth of the setting fall sun on my skin. I try to convince myself that it is good that this is the last evening of the conference. That tomorrow we will all board our planes and divert in all regions of the world.

“I am sorry, Ma’am, but this place is already taken.”

I do not know how he found me and even less how he managed to sneak up on me. It should be impossible with his cane and his uncoordinated movements, but I must have been deeply in thoughts and suddenly he is there. Standing next to me, leaning heavily on the dragon’s head because of the sloping ground, face turned towards the hills.

“Well, I do not see any sign with your name on it, so I assume this must be the last place around here that is not owned by you.”

He looks at me and laughs, but it quickly dies away. I stand because it suddenly occurs to me that he probably does not want to sit on the ground.

“Are you hungry?”

I frown. “Conference dinner?”

He grimaces. “I know a better place.”


We make our way around the bush and uphill to the walkway. Joey takes forever, each step is calculated on the uneven grass. He is testing his footing before moving, ramming his cane into the soft ground. A few times he sways and seems to lose the rest of his balance and I tense and get ready to jump to his side but every time he manages to get control again. His brows are drawn and he is sweating when we reach the gravel path.

“I would sell the place to you. For a reasonable price,” he jests, darkly.

I nudge his side and succeed in coaxing a small smile out of him. “Where are we going, anyway?”

“Well… I thought you really liked that one restaurant in the castle that we tragically missed last time.”

My head whips around to where he limps next to me. “What?”

“You will love the Chianti, I promise.”

“Do they have a ramp now?” I ask when we are seated in the Ferrari. Joey has gotten the keys from somewhere and we have managed to sneak out to where the car was parked and leave the premises without meeting anyone from the conference.

“Don’t know.” Joey says, taking a turn without slowing the car down.

I slide deeper into the seat, bracing myself against the car’s door to not get thrown around and say nothing.

Turns out, the castle has no ramp. Also no elevator. In the end Joey climbs it with a lot of swearing directed at the restaurant’s owner and medieval architects, clinging to my arm and the handrail on the other side. I am allowed to carry his cane. It is astonishingly light weight, what I had not guessed from the looks.

The problem with steps seems to be that they require a lot more precise coordination than walking on flat ground. Several times Joey’s foot gets caught on a step when he does not lift it high enough and he would have probably fallen had I not thrown my body against the forward motion of his. Often times it takes several attempts before his foot is placed securely and he can put weight on it and every time he slips I see the line on his forehead get deeper. I definitely get why he does not do steps.

Somehow we make it and the food, the alcohol and a mutual silent agreement on not talking about the conference leads to the smile returning to his face.

“You do understand how the accelerator ring works, don’t you?” Joey asks me at one point well into the evening.

I squint at him from across the table. The glint in his eyes says nothing good. “Uh… yes?”

“Good. Because I would really like to have more of this…” he shoves his nearly empty wine glass under my nose, holding it with the handle between his crooked fingers. I must admit I took a liking to this Chianti, even though I had my doubts.

Before I can voice my protest he has ordered a whole bottle.

“You can take more as well,” he says, winking at me.

“I… no, no, no, Joey. No.” I am not driving his car. A Ferrari. Without foot pedals. No way.

He wraps the quivering fingers of his unoccupied hand around mine. I feel along the calluses on his palms. His hand jerks. Puppy eyes.

Oh, damn it.

“It’s a car, Hannah. Not a tank.”

“Are you sure? Because it sure as hell feels like one.” I feel sweat trickle down my back as I slowly, slowly ease the car out of the nearly empty parking lot onto the equally empty street. I barely dare to touch the ring that hovers over the steering wheel. Every time I do, the car’s motor growls like a tiger.

“And it’s called accelerator ring because of one particular reason…”

I groan through gritted teeth. “Shut up or walk home. Capito?”

Joey clamps his mouth shut and looks at me with an eyebrow cocked. “Jesus.” He laughs as he leans back, rearranging his legs. “Just wake me when we have arrived, okay? If I am still hot. Leave me to die should I be old and crinkled at that time.”

My fist pretty neatly lands on his upper arm and he howls, grinning.

The drive back to the hotel turns out to be more fun in the end than I thought. I get the hang of the accelerator ring fast, it is not much different from a game’s console. The lever for breaking is more troubling, the two or three times I have to actually use it the car jolts to a halt immediately. Joey glowers at me from the side every time we are thrown into the seat belts but he has the wits not to comment on it.

Somehow we end up in my room again.

“Paparazzi,” he murmurs when he follows behind me through the door. I cock an eyebrow and sit down on the bed.

“Are the rumors true, then?” It is the first time I address what might have happened this morning.

“That the sun will explode and the planet earth will die? Yes. Someday.” He stands in the middle of the room, swaying slightly.

“Hm… so what are we going to do until then?”

“What about… you getting naked and letting yourself get fucked into oblivion by this guy?”

I swallow. Okay, that is straightforward.

He smirks and limps towards the bed, stopping in front of me. His left arm extends, hesitantly, he is obviously trying to smoothen his movements. I cannot suppress a shiver when his fingers trace the side of my neck and follow down over my shoulder.

“Joey… I…”

He shakes his head and I suck in my breath as his hand cups one of my breasts, warmth seeping through the thin fabric of my blouse. Heat is surging through my body. The cane makes a dull sound as it falls onto the floor and he adjusts his weight, bracing himself on my shoulder instead. He takes the other hand down, too, gently cupping my other breast, his fingers twitching minutely.

I place my hands around his hip, taking the opportunity to steady him as well as check out his ass.

“Are you okay with this?”

My eyes search his, clinging to them. I do not know if I am. All I know is that Joey is not the man I thought he was and that we both could use something to take our minds off of things. But this is different from a one-night stand, I sense. And Joey has more to lose than a night of sleep.

“You know what comes second on the list of most hated objects?”

I shake my head. The blue is a deep swirl, I think I might drown in it.

“Buttons.” His grin is big and boyish.

I smile a little and swat his hands away, slowly opening the buttons on my blouse for him, stripping it over my head. I am still not sure what I am doing. My hands wander to my back where my bra is fastened. “Joey, I… you know that I have to go back tomorrow and you too. We will be at two different ends of the world.”

Joey is quivering from the strain of standing without his cane, his shoulders twitching. “I know.”

I open the plastic hooks. “Okay. I just wanted to make sure you are not giving away your future for… a night.”

He laughs, sadly and hooks one finger under one of the straps over my shoulder, trying to coax it down. I help along with my own hand.

“I… I don’t think there is anyone I would give up my future for within a few days.” Joey stares at my breasts then clears his throat. “Although I am not entirely sure right now…” He jests but his grin vanishes quickly.

I feel myself blush and shy away. I had not really been thinking that, had I?

He stumbles as he attempts to take a step forward and catches himself on the mattress, using it for balance as he walks along the bedside until he has reached the head. He sits on the mattress, heaving his legs up with a hand under each knee and leans against the padded headboard.

“I am sorry… My life must be a whole mess to you.”

I make a vague sound, somewhere between a snort and a comforting hum.

“And I am sorry that you got dragged into this. I assure you I will keep you out of the whole…” he waves a hand in jerky motion, “whatever comes now.”

“This… I wasn’t worried about that, Joey.”

He nods. “I promise you, this whole shit with Vanessa was the last time my father or anyone tried to take control over my life.” His eyes are like steel, burning into me. “This week has made me realize that much. I cannot… won’t stand it any longer. Not one more second. I… don’t want to pretend anymore, Hannah.”

“I just… did you think that through?”

The blazing blue fixes on me. “I did. And I am not afraid. Someone said it is my choice. And I chose.”

I unfold the arms I had unconsciously wrapped around myself.

Something shifts in his gaze and a grin steels on his face. “Also I think you are damn hot and when you don’t get out of your pants right away my friend here might explode.” He gestures to his crotch, where I can still clearly see his interest and openly leers at me.

“Asshole.” I feel a little relieved but I am hesitant. I like Joey, even if it took me some time to realize that. Actually, I like him a lot, I think. Maybe that is the problem.

“I can hear you thinking from here,” Joey groans. “Stop that, now.”

I roll my eyes.

“Seriously, that must be painful. Stop worrying. This is our last night! If you don’t go for it now you will regret it. I can tell you from my own experience, sex with me is amazing.” He winks at me.

I snatch one of the pillows from the bed and throw it at him. “You are awful.”

He peels the pillow from his face, laughing. I do not feel sorry for having hit him square on, his reflexes this time way too slow to protect himself.

His laughter makes my resistance melt away. My pants are off in a second. I take more time for my panties, teasing Joey. 

He is slumped against the headboard, one hand palming his erection, watching me through hooded eyes. “Fuck… you are gorgeous. How did we end up wasting all the other nights with food and other insignificant stuff?”

Now that I have made up my mind, I feel the heat surging through my body. Split naked, I climb towards him over the bed. “Too many clothes for my liking.”

He struggles with putting the tiny buttons of his button-down through the tiny holes. I do not ask how he normally does it, or who, I wordlessly unbutton it and help strip it over his head. His upper body is well defined and I swallow before planting shy kisses on his collarbone, wandering down to his nipples.

Joey moans, his hands digging into the mattress, his legs quivering.

I let my tongue gently flick over the hard nubs, laughing when he sucks in air. “This a sensitive spot?”

His answer is more unintelligible moaning.

I tug at his pants. “Get the rest off, please?”

Joey waves at me and I happily oblige, removing his shoes and opening the button on his pants. It proves to be difficult to strip them down his constantly moving, twisted legs, but in the end I manage. Somehow I succeed in removing the braces, too. I cannot help staring at his legs, bony compared to his upper body, all muscles taught.

“G-get up here.” His voice is kind of strangled.

I shake my head to clear it, arousal for a second overwhelming me.

His kiss is hungry, sloppy even, his tongue demanding. His hands roam my body, gripping me tight at all the right places, pressing me down onto his own. I feel his rock hard erection through his underpants.

“I guess y-you don’t mind being on top?”

I sit up. My body is buzzing with lust. “No… I don’t.” I look at him quizzically.

Joey pushes up on his hands, getting himself up the headboard a little. “I… c-can’t kneel really well. My legs…”

He does not end the sentence but I think I understand. I have seen him kneel before, I remember. It did not look comfortable. “Hey… it’s okay.”

What else is there? I can feel his muscles working under me, involuntary contractions making his legs kick out, causing the muscles in his stomach to twitch and his upper body to surge up a little. 
Suddenly I feel like back in the car, my hands on the accelerator ring. How is this going to work? I know nothing about him.

His hand squeezes my thigh, gently. “Hannah… You okay?”

I realize I had let my fear show on my face.

“Not a tank, remember?”

I swallow drily, sweat beading on my forehead. “Y-yeah…”

“Just do what you would do with any other guy.”

I nod, biting on my lips.

“Maybe get the rest of clothes off, for a starter.”

He is teasing me, I realize. I chuckle, feeling myself relax. This is not my first time with a guy, I scold myself.

I strip down the underpants, waiting for a moment of silence from his legs. His cock is erect and leaking, begging for attention. I run a fingertip along the length and he shudders.


“Yeah, that’s the general idea.”

He glowers at me.

I plant kisses on his stomach, wandering down to his thighs, nuzzling the inside where the skin is the softest. Joey’s breath has gone ragged.

“I… I… d-d-don’t want to hurt you… b-but I can’t guarantee…”

Obviously not only alcohol messes up his speech.


“My l-legs? The kicking…”

“Oh…” I move to the side, away from his legs. “Better?”

His smile is broken. “Yes… and no. I l-liked you down there.”

I surge in for a long kiss, relishing the feeling of those lips on mine, sending electric shocks through my body. Then I direct my attention back to his cock, swallowing his length as a whole.

He practically mewls.

His legs kick out violently, far away from my body that is still directed to the side. His flailing hand lands on my ass, gripping tight. I breathe through my nose, taking in the musky scent, feeling the smoothness of his cock on my tongue. When I do not move he lets out his breath in desperate puffs and his hips jerk up feebly, searching for friction.

Hannah… Fuuuck.” His other hand paws the mattress helplessly.

I chuckle with his cock in my mouth, the air tickling down his thighs. Joey swears again and intensifies his struggling. I finally have mercy, wrap a hand around the lower part of his cock and start moving my tongue around the upper one, along the shaft, circling the tip, teasing. Joey’s fingernails are digging into my flesh, I am sure they must draw blood but I do not care. Slowly I get lost in the rhythm of his cock sliding along my lips.

He groans every time I take him deep, the sound vibrating through his whole body. I pull off when desperate tiny yelps mix into the grunts, the plop of his wet cock leaving my lips sounding obscene in the neat hotel room. He stares at me wide eyed, adam’s apple bobbing with words that try to find a way to escape.

“Ha... Hannah. Pleeease.”

One hand still loosely wrapped around the base of his cock, I use my other to gently detach his fingers from my ass, guiding his hand between my legs. He is not coming away that easily.

Joey whimpers. He takes a few shaking breaths, I can see how hard he is trying to come down from wherever he has been, trying to still his hand. The effort makes his body start to shake all over.

“Sh… You’re okay,” I whisper.

He closes his eyes, pressing his lips together for a moment.

I squeeze his hand. “Joey, you still with me?”

“Hm… y-yes. ‘M good. I’m just…” He is crunching up his face in an effort to keep himself together.

“You want to keep going?”

“If you stop now I’ll kill you.” He grins crookedly but I believe every word he says. I guide two of his quivering fingers to my clit, counteracting the spasms with a firm grip.

Joey’s eyes fly open the second his fingertips meet my wetness and he locks his gaze with mine. I cannot speak for a moment because the trembling fingers on my clit, the calluses fluttering over the sensitive skin are catapulting me towards orgasm faster than I thought. A moan escapes my lips as I help two of his fingers slip inside of me, only a little, and hold them there, gently but firmly.

“Joey…” Slowly my hips rock up and down, fucking myself on his fingers. “God, yes, you are good…”

As my grip on his hand loosens, his fingers slip out of me and his administration of my vagina gets less refined. I find to my own surprise that I am immensely turned on by his rough movements, the sight of sweat beading on his forehead, his eyebrows drawn in concentration. He gauges my face, trying to find hints of displeasure but I have none to give. I speed towards orgasm on the fast lane.

His arm jerks and I buck my hips to follow the movement, gasping when his fingers meet me again. For a few more minutes I allow myself more of that incredible pleasure, then I hastily place his hand again on my hips and lean over him, carefully avoiding his dancing legs to fish for a condom in my purse lying on the small desk next to the bed.

His eyes follow my movements as I roll down the condom over his cock. “Hannah. Please… I… pleeeease…”

I dig my fingernails into my thighs to prevent myself from orgasming at that point, his nearly incoherent begging sending me to the edge like nothing. His cock is huge and warm as I slowly take him, eliciting a stream of incomprehensible words from Joey. His hands fall from my hips, grabbing the mattress again. My hips move, deliciously, adding to the quivering of his own body, the small but noticeable efforts of him bucking up into me. I can sense his legs going berserk behind me, robbing him of any chance to get leverage.

“Han… nah.” His white blond hair is plastered to the side of his face. His mouth has fallen open and his throaty moans accompany my movements.

Desire rolls over me with a sudden, fierce need. I hold myself up with my hands splayed flat on his chest, pinning him down, preventing his head from bumping into the headboard with every spasm that makes his upper body jerk upwards. I move with the desperate rhythm of our breathing, rapid gasps of air in the hotel room that seems to be suddenly too small, too small to ever have enough oxygen for the both of us. Joey’s cock slides in and out of me, each thrust seems to bury him deeper into me. I feel the strange desire to surround him, all of him.


He grunts through clenched teeth.

“Joey… fuck… I…” My hips stutter.

His roaming eyes find mine and I plummet into the blue, my orgasm forcing the rest of air out of my lungs as I scream. I realize he is orgasming too when his body gets taught under me, then convulses through the waves of pleasure rushing over us, his eyes going white as they turn into his head, his hands flailing and fingers twisting in impossible ways. I can barely imagine how his legs must look like but the mere thought of them makes the second orgasm ram into me like a freight train and I ride it out on his slowly softening cock before all my muscles give out at the same time and I manage to roll away, narrowly avoiding collapsing onto him.

“God…” Joey slurs.

I slowly find to myself again, prying my eyes open. We are lying close to each other, unmoving on the mattress, our bodies glistening with sweat. Joey’s chest heaves with heavy breaths.

I manage to prop myself up on an elbow and scoot closer to him, snuggling into the crook of his neck. One of his hands dangles over my body, the other comes to settle loosely on my stomach. I notice how soft his shoulder feels, how still his fingers are. His muscles seem to give him a break.

He blows a strand of hair out of his face. “I… don’t need to say that that was amazing, do I? You… you are amazing.”

I run a fingernail down his chest, watching goosebumps rise up in the trail.

“How far again is it to the other end of the world?”

--> Part V


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