Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Chianti Classico - Part V

Beard stopples scraping my cheek wake me up. I dimly register that, yeah, Joey is actually still there. I do not find time or energy to wonder why while he continues to plant kisses down my exposed throat and on my naked arm. I groan and tuck it away, pulling the blanket up until under my nose.

“Good morning sunshine!” Joey’s voice is cheery and bright. Bright like a 1000 watt lightbulb after a whole century of darkness.

“Gnh…” I do not manage anything more eloquent.

He tries to get enough grip on the blanket to pull it down over my shoulder again but I have wrapped it tight around myself. When he instead tackles the parts of my face still showing above blanket line I roll away from him, to the edge of the bed.

“You are worse than a cat,” I mumble.

He snickers. “I ordered breakfast.”

“Hm?” The gears in my brain are creaking.

“Room service.”


The mattress rocks as he crawls over it towards me. “And I thought… before we eat we could continue where we stopped last night?”

I force myself to sit up with a groan, hair falling into my face. I turn away from Joey and get out of the bed, stumble in the direction of the bathroom, the blanket still wrapped around my naked body.

“Where are you going?”


When I am about to close the milky glass door that separates the bedroom and the bathroom I see his face. He looks a little disappointed. And horny. A lot of horny. I grin despite myself and let the blanket fall onto the floor as soon as the door has closed. I desperately need to wake up first.

When I return, naked but dry and clean, having brushed my teeth and showered for an eternity, feeling human enough for an actual conversation, maybe even more, he is lounging in bed, looking at me hungrily.

“I am not your breakfast.”

He pouts, sitting up. “Aww? But-“


“But you just did-“

“Not me. You.”

He huffs and lets himself fall back onto the heap of pillows on his side of bed. “Oh, come on!”

“You are all sticky and icky. Shower. End of discussion.”

Joey sits up and swings his legs over the edge of the mattress with a lot of groaning, if displayed for show or real I cannot tell. He remains sitting there. “You need to come with me.”

I am just sneaking back under the covers. “What?”

“Shower with me?”

“I just had a shower.”

“Yeah… but your shower is not accessible and I need someone to hold onto.”

I frown at his back. “Bullshit.”

He laughs and shakes his head, looking back to me over his shoulder. “You are the meanest person I have ever met.” His eyes are sparkling.

“Thank you.” I yawn and bury my face into the pillow. The gloriously fresh scent of my shampoo surrounds me. I watch lazily as he scoots along the edge of the bed, bends down to pick up his cane and uses it to push himself into standing. Nice ass. When he groans this time I am sure it was not for show. His walk is worse again, almost as bad as the first night we met, only minus the effect of the alcohol on his balance. Still he makes a detour to hold onto the recliner and the wall to get to the bathroom. One time he nearly trips over his left foot that seems to turn inward more than it used to. I suspect the braces have indeed a purpose.

I feel suddenly very awake and increasingly aroused. One hand wanders between my legs, touching the wetness and I bite on my bottom lip to not moan out.

Joey sings under the shower, loud and terribly out of tune. The whole bathroom is steamy from two people showering in a row, I can only see his blurred silhouette behind the glass. I keep standing in the door he left open, watching and listening.

“Seen enough?”

I startle but cover it up quickly. “Hm… it seems I have one of my generous days and… I thought maybe you need indeed help.”

Joey chuckles.

I take a peek behind the milky glass front separating half of the walk-in shower from the rest of the bathroom. Joey has grabbed the tiny grab bar that is installed on the side of the wall with his left hand. As I watch he closes the shampoo bottle in his other hand by pressing it against his chin and lets it drop on the ground. He seems to stand stable on his slightly bent legs, leaning over towards the grab bar to put more weight on it.

“I can do my hair but all the other parts… really difficult.” He tries to look innocent.

“Is that so?”

He smirks and starts to apply shampoo on his long hair with rough one-handed movements. “Take the bottle and come here.”

I step closer and cup his gnarled hand with mine. “Let me do that.”

He smiles and slides his hand out from under mine, wrapping his arm instead around me and pulling me towards him. “With joy.”

I giggle and take both of my hands to his head, massaging the white foam into his long hair. The smell of freshly mowed grass is filling the moist air. His cock twitches against my thigh, his wet body is hot on my dry skin.

Joey closes his eyes. “God, why can’t it always be like that?”

I cock my head at that but say nothing.

When I have thoroughly worked shampoo into his hair I give his arm a gentle slap. “Done.” Joey opens his eyes, fishes for the showerhead and turns it over us. I am pulled flush against him before I can escape and squeak as the water plunges over me. He pulls me in for a kiss, hand possessively in my neck. Water is running down between our joined lips.

He breaks the kiss. “So… what about the rest now?”

I give his ass a warning pinch before I wriggle out of his grip and bend down to retrieve the bottle he has thrown to the ground. Joey turns the shower head away again and I start with his upper body, working my way over his shoulders and down his well-defined arms. Heat coils in my stomach as I study his free right hand closer, carefully straightening his fingers while I massage soap between them, watching as they slowly curl back into a loose fist.

“I bet I have the cleanest hands in the hotel now,” he murmurs, lips moving close to my ear.
I blush and let go, returning my attention to his chest, taking extra care for his nipples until they are hard and reddened under my hands and his chest is heaving with exhilarated breathing. I am in the process of bending down, shamelessly ignoring his fattening dick to attend to his legs when he shoots out his right arm and pulls me in, roughly.

“Guess I am as clean as I get.”

I frown but decide to play the game, let my hands wander behind his back and down, massaging his ass. One finger slips between the cheeks, stroking the sensitive skin, making him shudder. He attempts to say something but I shake my head and he closes his mouth again, readjusting his grip on the grab bar and holds onto my shoulder with the other hand. My finger moves further down, finding his puckered hole and flutters over it. Joey groans and bites into my ear lope.

“Playing rough, huh?”

Joey barks a laugh into my ear. “God, Hannah… I waited the whole… morning. Can you die from being hard? I bet you can. I nearly died… I need you.” His hoarse voice makes my legs go weak.

His hips surge forward, rutting against my wet thigh. His hard cock is leaking even under the still running water. I hold him against me with one hand on his ass, aiding his movement, the other closes around his slick member.

Joey’s head falls back, lips parted. His little moans are deliciously needy as I start stroking the shaft, slowly, precome and water serving as lubricant. I reach further down with the other hand, fondling his balls. Joey groans and his eyelids flatter. The water seems to be hotter now than before, splattering over us unrelenting and I increase the pace of my hand. Our lips join hastily, water and puffy breaths between them.

Hannah, you’re the best-“

Joey’s left foot slips on the wet ground and he catches himself on the grab bar the same time I wrap my arms around him.


Joey coughs, shakes water out of his eyes and readjusts his weight, leaning against the wall behind him. The knuckles around the grab bar are white, his legs quivering. I eye him apprehensively.

His pupils are blown. “Come here. Turn.”

The tingling between my legs intensifying with his barked commands. I do as told and he pulls me against him, his right fist on my stomach, his cock sliding between my thighs. I press his forearm against my stomach, trying to give him more stability as he drives his cock between my legs, in and out, chasing the friction. I am surprised by how much control he has standing up, his legs seem close to giving out but his hip is snapping back and forth desperately. Shoving back against him, I press my legs together and he growls in my ear.


“God, Hannah, I… want you… beautiful like this.” His rapid thrusts become even rougher, less coordinated. His breath is hot on my skin and rattling.

“Joey… I got to…” My clit is throbbing, pleading for attention.

“Yeah…” he grunts.

My free hand reaches between my own legs, pleasuring myself to Joey’s moaning in my ear. Carefully I angle my hips without throwing Joey off balance so that his cock is sliding between my ass cheeks, not entering, barely touching, but at the same time incredibly hot. His arm around me starts to tremble when I climax and lose my grip on him as the world goes white for a split second.


Joey’s growl catapults me back into reality and I will my legs to straighten again, my hand to grab his arm to steady him. His body is shaking against my back, thrusting impossible at the moment.

“I can’t… please…”

I sneak one hand behind me, between our bodies, taking his cock in my hand. “Come on, Joey… you are nearly there.”

He whines into my ear.

“I got you.”

Joey bites into my shoulder and comes with a muffled cry, cock pulsing in my hand. I work him through his orgasm, trapping his shivering form between my back and the wall until his body sags against mine, hand slipping from the grab bar. Come mixes with water and gets washed away immediately. Carefully we slide down until we are sitting on the wet tiles on the floor, water falling between our legs.

Feeling dizzy myself, I want to warn him to not fall asleep on me now when we both hear the faint knock at the door outside, nearly drowned out by the water.

“Breakfast,” Joey mumbles and flails one arm out. “I’ll get it.” All he is doing is sliding down even farther, his tangled legs falling to one side.

I sigh. “You are doing nothing.” I pat his thigh and get up, grabbing a towel from the rail and wrap it around my hair. On the way out I wrap another towel loosely around my body. Sneaking looks counts as tip, in my opinion.

“You are not my breakfast.”

“Who are you?” Vanessa’s little doll face is contorted with disgust. She looks at me like I am a bug she found in her hotel room. Behind her I can see a few of her friends peaking around the corner to get a better view of what is going on.

“No one. What do you want?”

“Are you alone?”

The water is still running in the background, the large bed is all ruffled up and there are clothes lying around that obviously do not belong to a woman. “No.”

“Who is there with you?”

I start to get tired of participating in this quiz. “Oh… I get it! I am so sorry that you didn’t… I mean, I know how it is to spend the last conference night alone. So frustrating, right!? Lying awake all night knowing that they are having fun next door… But, you know… we are generally open for… exploration. Let us make your morning a little brighter…” I let the towel slide deeper.

Vanessa blushes and takes a step back. Her face is a mask of outrage. “Don’t you dare! What are you- this is disgusting!”

I cock an eyebrow, pursing my lips in disappointment. “You sure? Your friends are invited, too.” I smile flirtatious and wave. The girls start to scuttle back, horrified looks on their pretty faces.

Vanessa takes a last, slightly thrown-off look at me before turning around abruptly, addressing the others. “Joey is not here, obviously. Let’s go.”

They hurry down the corridor, whispering to each other, aghast. Before I close the door I can hear Vanessa’s scathing voice scolding a girl for taking them here.

“But I swear they said someone tried to book breakfast on his hotel room number but deliver it here. I do!” The other girl’s voice sounds panicked.

Vanessa’s laugh is cold. “Yeah, the bitch probably tried to get free room-service, that’s all. Thank god that’s not working here. I wonder who invited her… I had expected this event to have more class than-”

I close the door.

Joey has pulled himself into a more comfortable position on the floor when I return. His back is resting against the wall and the water is splashing on his legs, drawn up against his body as much as possible. He smiles blissfully at me.

“Who was that?”

“Oh… no one.”

He nods and extends a hand. I think he wants help to get up but instead he pulls me down into his lap, under the water. The towel falls onto the wet floor.

“Breakfast takes longer, huh? I see no problem there for us…” He takes one of my breasts in his hand, careful, and kisses the dark nipple, erect from the cold. The warm tip of his tongue brushes over it oh so slightly.

I sigh contently. “No… no problem at all.”

We part in front of the airport, still seated in the taxi.

“What is going to happen to your baby, by the way?”

“The Ferrari?” Joey stops scanning the outside and looks at me. “Apparently I still got some friends around here. One of them will take it into his garage. Until I have decided what to do. With it.”

“Next to his own, I suppose.”

“I’m not concerned with it being lonely, no.” A smile flickers across his face and he squeezes the dragon head of his cane sticking out between his knees.

I grab my purse. “So, Mister Bond…” I really do not feel like joking but it seems to help. “We stick to the plan? Me getting out now, you taking an extra tour around the area and getting out then?”

He nods.

I sigh. “I am still not sure we need to be all secret service.”

He shrugs. “Better safe than sorry, Hannah. I don’t want to see your picture in the local newspaper. Although I’m sure you would look stunning, next to me.”

I poke his thigh, making him wince.

Joey takes one of my hands in his own and we both look down at our intertwined fingers, his twitching and crooked, mine long and slender, sliding between his.

“Good bye, Hannah. Thanks for a wonderful week. And night.”

“And morning.”

“Who had thought that?”

Finally I grin. A little.

“Safe travel.”

“Same to you.”

I do not think I can kiss him without breaking down and luckily he does not attempt to kiss me either. I watch the taxi roll away from me, wait in front of a red traffic light, finally turn around a corner and vanish. As I walk towards the entrance to the terminal I find myself sneaking looks around, already paranoid by Joey’s worries. Everything seems normal but who knows?

“Miss, do you need help with the check-in process?”

“Yes, thank you.” I produce my ticket and stand in the queue I am directed to, moving slowly forward with the crowd. I look around several times during check-in, security check and even at the gate although I know his is nowhere near mine. And true enough, no flash of white blond hair.

“My dear, I am always sad, too, when holidays are over.” The old woman sitting next to me in the waiting area smiles at me, face all crinkling up, and hands me a tissue.

I swallow, thank her and use it to dap away the tears that have escaped on my cheeks without me noticing. “Yeah… silly, right?”

“No, not at all.”

I smile at her and lean back, listening to the old woman telling me about her last holiday while I watch the planes take off outside the window.


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