Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Three's A Crowd Chapter 30

Shawn and Trish both want to get to Eugene as quick as possible to see Jesse. A last minute decision by Shawn gives them an opportunity to connect again and also a new starting point for their relationship.

Shawn sat in his uncle’s truck and they were on their way out of town. Just when they almost reached their turn toward I-5 South, Shawn looked over to his uncle, “Uncle Randy…I am sorry but is there any way you can take me to Trish’s place? I know this is stupid and I should have thought about this before you came over but I think I need to ride down to Eugene with her.”
Instead of his uncle being annoyed with Shawn’s last moment decision he just nodded, “Yeah, I can take you there. No problem. We could probably follow each other down there.”

Shawn had never been to Trish’s apartment but had her address in his phone and shortly thereafter the map on his phone gave them directions to her apartment.
At the apartment complex Shawn spotted Trish’s car in front of her apartment number and was relieved that she was still there and hadn’t left yet.
Randy pulled the wheelchair from the backseat and came around to Shawn who had opened the passenger door. Once the wheelchair was sturdy on the ground Uncle Randy had to help Shawn, the truck was a too high for him to get down into his wheelchair. Shawn put his arm around Randy’s neck and his uncle lifted his legs and gently let him down into the chair. Shawn mumbled a “thank you”.

Apparently Trish lived in a second floor apartment. Shawn wheeled over by Trish’s car while Randy went upstairs and knocked on the door to her apartment. There was a tiny spy hole in the door and Randy was sure he was being looked at after the knock. He smiled at the hole, hoping Trish would remember him and know who he was.
Trish appeared in the door, “Randy?”
“Trish, Hi, I am sorry to be coming here so late…Shawn is actually downstairs, he wants to ask you something.”
Trish nodded with a surprised look, “Oh, O.K., I will be right down.”
Randy nodded and Trish closed the door again.

When Trish got downstairs she found Shawn by her car. He was clean shaven, he wore regular clothes, jeans, sneakers, a hoodie and a baseball cap. Her heart was beating fast at seeing him there in the dim light of the parking lot lantern, a perfect man in a wheelchair.
Randy was over by his truck, checking his phone and Trish walked over to Shawn, greeting him lowly, “Hi Shawn.”
Shawn lowered his eyes, then looked up at her and with a shaky voice he asked, “Hey Trish. I was wondering if I could maybe ride down to Eugene with you? We could follow my uncle or he could follow us. I am sorry…I probably should have called and not just showed up.”  He sounded nervous and apologetic.
Trish nodded and answered softly, “No problem… and yes, I would like very much for you to ride with me.”
Shawn nodded and she saw a shy smile on his face, “Good.”
“I am almost ready, I need maybe about 20 minutes.”
“That’s fine, I will wait here with my uncle.”
Trish nodded and a bit hesitant she added, “I am sorry I can’t show you my place.”
“It’s O.K., maybe some other time.”

She smiled at him and rushed up the stairs again to her apartment. She felt so much relief that Shawn had come and now wanted to ride with her. She tried to not show too much excitement but her heart was pounding of joy to be close to him again. The road trip would be at least four hours or more. Her plan was to drive all the way through, she wanted to get to Eugene as quick as possible. They needed to get down there as soon as they could to be with Jesse.

Shawn and Trish didn’t talk much when Randy loaded Shawn’s duffle bag in Trish’s trunk, stashed his backpack in the back seat and Trish added her large bag in the trunk.

It was shortly after midnight with Shawn next to her on the passenger side Trish pulled out of her parking space and left her apartment complex. Katie knew everything that was going on and had wished her a safe trip and told her to keep her updated. Randy was driving through town ahead of Trish and Shawn and they were planning on following him, staying together just in case something happened.
Quietly Shawn sat next to Trish and they left the city lights behind, joining other night travelers and semi-trucks on the Interstate. When Randy switched lanes Trish did too until they eventually got a steady speed going and driving on the middle lane heading south on I-5 toward Portland.

Trish felt nervous with Shawn next to her, because she really didn’t know how he felt about her anymore after the devastating discovery he had made. She was hoping the road trip would give them a chance to talk about everything and clear things up.
So much she would have loved to reach her hand over to his thigh but she didn’t. She looked over at Shawn, she only saw the silhouette of his face, his wavy longer hair sticking out in the back of his baseball cap, his hands in his lap with his left hand still in a cast.
“Don’t you get your cast off soon?”
Shawn looked down at his casted hand, “Next week hopefully. I guess it all depends now…”
Trish nodded, “Yeah…”

They drove in silence for a few more miles until Trish stated, “I am glad you decided to ride with me Shawn.”
He replied lowly, “Me too.”
He didn’t make it easy for her to start a conversation and she thought of something else to say, “If you need to make a stop or something, let me know, O.K.”
“Yes, I told my uncle to let us know if he makes a stop and we will do the same.”
“It will be a few hours at least.”
Shawn looked over and asked, “Do you think you will be all right with driving?”
“I hope so…”
“If you get tired we should pull over.”
“Yeah, but I want to get down to Eugene as fast as possible.”
“Me too.”
Trish sighed and then asked carefully, “What did they tell you about Jesse?”
Shawn looked down on his hands, “I guess he is stable now, but he is in a coma and the head injury could be a problem.”
He couldn’t finish because just the thought of something happening to Jesse in terms of brain damage was the most terrifying thing to even imagine. He couldn’t lose his brother like that. He was very scared and tried his best to keep his emotions in check.
Looking over at Trish though he felt a different pain in his heart and he knew that a week earlier he would have been able to deal with anything coming at him with her by his side. Now there was this divide though and so many things that he wanted to know and that he needed to talk about with her.

They didn’t speak a whole lot, the worries about Jesse and the situation they were going to face was on their mind. Right around Portland Shawn called the hospital to find out if there were any changes with Jesse and how he was doing. The nurse confirmed that Jesse was holding up well, and still stable. Shawn explained that he was on his way and would hope to be there early in the morning on Tuesday.
The last thing he had heard from the State Patrol was that the driver who had hit Jesse had been an elderly man with no previous heart condition but suffered a massive heart attack while driving on Monday morning. It was unclear if the heart attack happened before the man crossed the construction barrier or after he crossed it.

Shortly after Portland Uncle Randy called and said he was going to pull over for a pee break. Shawn was good with that and they found a large gas station and pulled in to park. Trish needed some coffee, she did feel tired somewhat. She brought Shawn’s wheelchair around to his side. He glanced at her quickly before he transferred and she actually walked away a few steps, not wanting to invade Shawn’s space too much.

Randy was holding the door for them as Trish walked in behind Shawn. Shawn had his backpack on his lap but told his uncle to go use the bathroom first.
He looked around somewhat nervous at the public bathroom situation and Trish realized and asked lowly, “You O.K. with this bathroom?”
He nodded a bit embarrassed, “I will try to make it quick.”
“Don’t worry, take however long you need.”
Shawn was in luck as no other person was there to use the bathroom. Inside he was glad to find his incontinence briefs still dry but still catheterized. Trish stood guard in front of the bathroom and he came out after a few minutes, glancing at her quickly, “Thank you.”
Trish smiled and went in after him.

When she joined the two men in the store Randy held a Styrofoam cup of coffee in his hands and Shawn had a Pepsi between his thighs already.
He looked at Trish and asked, “What do you want?”
“I need some coffee.”
Randy pointed her to the coffee machine and while Shawn waited for her, Randy paid for his coffee.
Trish had a large cup of coffee and Shawn asked her, “Do you want anything else? Get whatever you want.”

“I am good, I have my coffee. Thanks!”
When Trish pulled out her wallet at the register Shawn pushed her hand down and said lowly, “I got it Trish. Put your wallet back in your purse.”
He paid for their beverages and they left the store. Outside they talked for a few moments, Shawn updating his uncle on Jesse and eventually they got back into their vehicles and were off.

Back on the Interstate there were hardly any cars and they really had the road to themselves, hitting speeds of eighty miles an hour.
After Trish sipped from her coffee Shawn asked, “Is it fresh coffee at least?”
“Yes, it is hot and fresh, tastes all right for gas station coffee.”
Shawn inquired, “You are not too tired to drive?”
“No, I am still good, I will make it. We need to get down there.”

After a while of silence Trish started carefully, “I heard you were in the hospital last week?”
Shawn was caught by surprise and for a moment he thought about what to say but Trish cut in before he could say anything, “Ceci had called me that night.”
He looked out the side window and didn’t say anything when she asked, “Are you O.K. again?”
Shawn glanced over to her and for a moment he just looked at her and when she realized his gaze on her he looked down and nodded, “Yeah, I am O.K. again…I…I kind of had a mental….” He stopped, he couldn’t talk about it.
Trish said softly, “It is O.K. Shawn, you don’t have to tell me. We don’t have to talk about anything.”
To her surprise though Shawn replied lowly, “Trish, I…these past few days…I didn’t know how to keep going…I have all these thoughts in my head and…I have questions…now I have this situation with Jesse…”
He swallowed, the pain trying to bubble up.
Trish said lowly, “Jesse needs us now and he needs us to be strong. I want to be there with you Shawn and help you through this. I don’t know what your opinion is of me and I know we have to talk about everything, talk about us. I am so scared, you don’t even know…I am scared of so many things…since our…since our fight, all I could think of is that I didn’t want to lose you.”
Some tears escaped her eyes and Shawn tried to think of what to say. His worries about Jesse and his heartache about him and Trish were trying to eat him up inside as he continued with a trembling voice, “Trish, last week was so freaking hard for me. I wanted to talk to you again, I didn’t want it to be like this. Now I can’t believe we are on the way to Eugene to see Jesse in a hospital. I can’t lose Jesse…I will go crazy if something happens to him. It is like a fucking nightmare that just doesn’t stop for me…”
He took a deep breath and Trish said lowly, “If your uncle wouldn’t be in front of us, I would pull over now. Shawn, right now we are together though and that is all that matters. Together we will face whatever will come our way when we get down there. Jesse will make it. Shawn, please believe me when I tell you, no matter what happened between us and what you saw, I still love you so very much.”
Her tears were slowly flowing now and she added, “I want to explain everything to you and I hope you will understand and realize that I am not some kind of monster or freak.”

Shawn looked over at her and saw the tears rolling over her cheeks. He moved his casted hand over to her thigh. Trish glanced down at his hand and without hesitation she took his fingers in her hand and looked over at him. Shawn then pulled his fingers from her hand and wrapped his fingers around her hand, keeping his eyes on her, “Trish, I love you too and I freaked out when I saw this stuff on your computer. I want to understand and I want to know everything. I care so much about you and us…you made my life so much better these past few weeks, I really didn’t want to think about that it could be over for us. I was devastated…I actually had some bad thoughts in my head.”
With shiny eyes Trish glanced over at Shawn, “It will work out and now we are together again and I will let you in on everything and I want us to be O.K. again. I missed you so much Shawn.”

She cried and her voice trembled. She would have loved to pull out at the next gas station because she wanted to hold Shawn and kiss him and she wanted to be held by him. Instead she had to keep driving though because Randy had no idea what dramatic conversation they were having.
Shawn leaned over some and squeezed her hand, “Trish, I love you and I need you so much.”
He didn’t want to let go of her hand and Trish let her tears roll down her cheeks quietly.
Shawn said softly, “From now on you won’t have to cry anymore when it comes to us.

After another hour Randy called and told Shawn he was going to pull over at the next rest stop, he needed to get gas.
It was a truck stop where they pulled out, 18-wheelers parked all over the place with restaurants, two large gas stations, a gas station for the trucks and a motel close by.
Trish pulled into a parking space next to Randy, but left room for Shawn on the other side. As soon as she had turned off the car, Shawn was unbuckled and turning toward her he pulled Trish over to him with his good hand and helped with his casted hand, holding her around her waist and his hand on the back of her head he pulled her face to his and in the light from outside they looked at each other for a moment.
“Trish, I love you so much and I don’t want to be without you anymore. We will figure out the rest and I don’t care anymore. I really don’t care what is going on with you, I just know I need you and you are good for me. That is all there is to it. I want us to be together and if my being paraplegic is something you are into then it is even better. I have talked to people online about it and other wheelers wrote to me about it and for the most part it seems like it is a good thing for guys like me. I just got so scared at first because I thought you may have only been using me and I would lose you, I couldn’t bear the thought of losing you and I just couldn’t imagine that what we had was just a game or something. You are everything I need and want and I hope I can make you happy.”
His dark eyes were shiny as Trish nodded and smiled, “I love you a lot too, I want to be with you Shawn, for the man you are and not for your disability. I hope I can show you that I am serious about wanting to be with you, I want to be everything to you because you are everything to me. I love you.”

Shawn pulled her closer and pressed his lips onto hers and they fell into an embrace and a kiss full of love and passion. It was a kiss that changed everything for them, the declaration of wanting to be with each other and a kiss strong enough to overcome whatever obstacles they had faced so far and from then on wanting to be there for each other and with each other in whatever the future would bring.
Shawn didn’t want to let go, he held her and he kissed her and for a moment Trish opened her eyes and she saw Randy walking into the gas station.

Eventually their kissing slowed down and they unlocked their lips. Shawn lowered his eyes, breathing quickly as the kissing had triggered so much for him but still reminding him that he was going to have to face another tough situation soon but feeling strong because he had Trish with him.
Trish still held Shawn’s hand, “Your uncle went inside already.”
Shawn looked over to the truck and nodded, “Yeah, I guess we should go too.”
Trish nodded and smiled at him warmly when she let go off his hand to get his wheelchair out of the backseat.
This time she somewhat stood by when Shawn transferred and he glanced at her quickly after the successful transfer.
Trish locked the car and they went inside. This gas station had a Starbucks attached to it and Trish spotted Randy in the line, “He is over there.”
Shawn wheeled ahead of her into the Starbucks and Randy saw them come in. Shawn wheeled up to him, “Hey…sorry we needed a moment.”
Randy just smiled and nodded, “It is quite all right. Do you guys want something? I am buying.”
Trish and Shawn stood next to Randy as a friendly barista took their order, then they moved over waiting for their beverages. It was almost four o’clock now and Trish felt somewhat tired.
As they waited for their coffees, she yawned and Shawn looked at her a bit worried.
He reached his hand over to hers and took it in his, asking, “Are you going to make it?”
Trish nodded. It made her feel so good how Shawn had taken her hand.
With their coffees in their hands they walked back out to their cars. Randy wanted to hang out a moment, get some fresh air and stretch his feet and legs some. Trish handed Shawn his coffee and took a sip from her own hot brew. It felt good and tasted fresh and better than the coffee she had earlier from the gas station.
Randy walked around a little and then looking over at them both he said, “Are you guys all right? We are almost there now, maybe another hour.”
Shawn looked over to his uncle, “Yeah, I can’t wait to get there.”
“Have you heard anything else from the Police or the hospital?”

They got back on the road again after about twenty minutes and Trish did feel fatigue trying to overcome her but she needed to stay awake and alert. Shawn was tired himself but he wasn’t going to sleep because he did not want to leave Trish on her own with him sleeping beside her. So he stayed awake and he moved his casted hand over to her thigh again, leaving it there in assurance that he was there with her.
They didn’t speak a whole lot anymore, instead Trish had the music somewhat loud.
The sun came up around five thirty and it felt a little better to be driving with daylight setting in. The Interstate got busier too, more cars joining them and more 18-wheelers pulling out from the truck stops along the way.

Soon the city limit sign of Eugene appeared on the Interstate. They had to get off the Interstate and followed the directions to Sacred Heart Medical Center in the outskirts of Eugene, a place called Springfield.
Shawn felt very nervous now and Trish looked over at him as they neared the hospital, “Are you all right?”
He nodded and said lowly, “Yeah, I just want to see Jesse.”

They pulled into the parking lot of the hospital and while Randy found a spot in the regular parking, Trish pulled into one of the disabled parking spots. It was almost six o’clock in the morning.


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    Hugs Alexandra

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    Love the characters.
    Poor Jesse

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