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Three's A Crowd Chapter 31

Trish, Shawn and Randy are getting to see Jesse at the hospital and are trying to deal with the reality of Jesse's accident and injuries. Through the bleak outlook though concerning Jesse's recovery, the situation brings Trish and Shawn yet closer and realizing that each other is all they need.

In the foyer of Sacred Heart Medical Center Shawn wheeled right up to the reception counter. The receptionist was an older lady and she had seemingly just arrived to start her day as she was setting her purse down and turning on the computer.
With a friendly smile at the three early morning visitors she greeted them, “Good Morning, how can I help you?”
“Good Morning, I am here to see Jesse Callahan, I am his brother.”
“I am sorry sir but visiting hours don’t start before nine o’clock.”    
Shawn explained, “We actually drove down over night from Washington. My brother was in an accident down here. I think they are expecting us.”
“Oh, that is different of course. I am sorry to hear about your brother. Let me look him up for you right now. You said his name is Jesse Callahan?”
Eventually she typed into her computer and replied, “So Jesse is indeed in our Intensive Care Unit. Only family members are allowed to see him at this time.”
With that comment she glanced from Trish to Randy and Shawn explained quickly, “This is my wife and our uncle.”
Trish tried to not look too surprised at her sudden appointed title by Shawn.
The receptionist didn’t question the relationship status and gave them the directions to the ICU.
As they were out of hearing range from the receptionist Trish looked over to Shawn wheeling beside her, “Wife?”
Shawn just nodded with a smile, “Yeah, remember that while we are here.”

He felt his hands sweaty of getting very nervous to see Jesse in a moment. Randy also took quick strides toward the elevator they had to take to the second floor.
At the ICU they stood in front of closed doors. There was a bell on the wall.
Trish pushed it and momentarily a voice asked, “Yes, can I help you?”
Shawn took over the answering, “My name is Shawn Callahan; I am here for my brother Jesse Callahan.”
“O.K., please come in and if you could sign in at the front desk.”
The door buzzed and opened automatically.

As they walked through the door the sterile smell of the ICU met their noses. In front of them was a brightly lit hallway. Located to the left of the hallway were some patient rooms and the reception was right in front of them with a woman looking toward them as they approached her.
When Shawn wheeled up to the counter Trish could see for just a moment a curious look on the face of the receptionist.
Shawn tried not to sound nervous as he greeted and introduced himself, Trish and Randy.
The receptionist’s badge showed a photo and her name as “Andrea”.
Upon Shawn’s introduction Andrea replied friendly, “We are very glad you made it down here so quick. We have been expecting you. The police is also in contact with us to stay updated on Jesse’s condition.”
Andrea made Shawn sign some papers, Trish and Randy also had to sign their names and then she made a call on the department phone.
When she was done she smiled, “Scott is Jesse’s nurse right now. He will be right out and show you to Jesse’s room.”
Shawn could barely stand the waiting, Trish realized his tension and took his hand in hers. He looked up at her and she smiled. Randy stood by nervously.

A middle age male nurse approached them from the back of the hallway, smiling at them, “Hi. Good Morning, I am Scott.”
His badge was just like Andrea’s but in large letters stated “RN” under his name.
Scott reached his hand out to Shawn first, “You must be Jesse’s brother.”
“Hi Scott, Shawn Callahan.”
Scott turned to Trish and Randy and they introduced themselves with handshakes. Trish didn’t introduce herself as Shawn’s wife but merely said her name.
Scott smiled and started to walk ahead of them talking while walking, “Please follow me. You made it here quick. Didn’t you guys come down from Washington?”
Shawn felt his hands shaky as he pushed his rims, rolling behind Scott, answering, “Yes, we left as soon as we could.”
His heart beat in his neck, he was very nervous to see Jesse.

The room was in the far left corner and coming up to it they heard beeping noises come out of it and before Scott walked in he turned to all of them, “If you could please use the hand sanitizer every time you go in and out of Jesse’s room.”
They used the hand sanitizer and followed Scott in, Shawn right behind him.
Trish and Randy stayed back somewhat, letting Shawn wheel up to Jesse in the bed.
Scott walked around to the other side of the bed and looked at Jesse and checked the IV’s.

Jesse was hooked up to various IV lines, different medications running through tubing into his veins. A tube was inserted in his mouth, secured to his face and mouth leading to the ventilator helping Jesse breathe.
His head was wrapped up with a thick bandage, only his hair on the top and on the back of his neck sticking out some. He wore a cervical collar holding his head still. His eyes were closed but showing dark bruises under them.
He laid there with a bare chest. His bandaged right arm was held close to his chest in a 90 degree angle in a type of brace, wrapping over both his shoulders and over to his chest.
His legs were covered with the sheet and a blanket over it and the blanket obviously bulged some over his right leg.
There were various bruises on his chest and some on his left arm. The right side of Jesse’s body was showing noticeably more severe injuries than his left side.

Shawn had a very difficult time looking at Jesse in this state. Wheeling closer to the bed he took off his hat and held it in his hands nervously.
Trish stood back watching Shawn hang his head and she felt tears come up in her eyes. She could see Shawn tremble, trying to keep his emotions under control. Randy gently put his arm around Trish as they stood there.

Scott turned around to face Shawn from the other side of the bed and explained softly, “He is stable right now but we have to keep him sedated and intubated until the swelling in his brain goes down. In addition to the head injury he also broke his right collar bone, three ribs on his right side and one on his left. His right leg sustained an open compound fracture of his femur shaft. Temporarily his femur is in an external fixator; again, until the swelling of his leg goes down. He suffered a torn ACL in his right knee and a hairline fracture of the right tibia. He is going to have surgery on his leg.”

Shawn looked up at Scott and asked lowly, “What exactly happened to him?”
Scott sighed and replied, “Well, apparently an SUV went through the construction barrier and hit him going about 50 miles an hour, throwing Jesse through the air and he hit the concrete with primarily the right side of his body. The police can maybe tell you more, they will be here later this morning. His hard hat saved his life, none of it was Jesse’s fault.”
Shawn took a deep breath and asked furthermore, “Will he be all right?”
Scott nodded, answering lowly, “I think so. Dr. Peterson is our orthopedic, dealing with Jesse’s broken bones and Dr. Runkel is the neurologist. They will be here as well later on and can tell you more about Jesse’s injuries.”
Shawn just nodded and looked back at Jesse. Scott announced lowly, “You can stay as long as you want right now. I will be right outside on the unit until about seven thirty if you need me. Then the day shift nurse will take over. I will keep checking in on Jesse in about 30 minutes.”
“Thanks Scott.”

Scott walked by Trish and Randy and smiled at them. Randy nodded a “Thank you” to him. Trish saw Shawn’s body shake and she knew then he was crying. She looked up at Randy and he nodded as to assure her to go over to be with Shawn.
She walked over to the bed and stood next to Shawn, her hand on his shoulder, looking at Jesse but not saying anything.

Randy moved to the other side of the bed and looked at his nephews with a sorrowful face. There was nothing they could do, but just look at Jesse and listen to the machines around him and in the room. No one dared to lift the blanket to look at his leg.
Trish stood quietly next to Shawn as he silently cried.
There were two chairs off to the side and Randy got one chair for himself and slid the other one toward Trish, “Here you go Trish, sit down.”
Trish sat down and was now at Shawn’s eye level. With sad eyes he looked over to her and said lowly, “I can’t lose him like this.”
Trish felt her own tears running over her cheeks and replied softly, “You won’t lose him Shawn. He will pull through this.”

Randy was devastated to see Shawn and Jesse having to go through yet another rough patch. He wanted to be able to do more and make sure he was taking care of the guys but he felt helpless in the face of the tragedy, in his mind communicating with his deceased brother that he would do anything in his power to make sure his brothers sons would be all right.

They all sat there silently for at least an hour, Trish felt her eyes get very heavy and she felt the fatigue of driving all night overcome her. For a moment while she sat there she dozed off and when her head fell forward she jerked it up in shock.
Alarmed, Shawn quickly supported her with his arm around her, “Trish, are you all right?”
Trish looked at him with tired eyes, “Just very tired right now. I am sorry Shawn.”
He pulled her to him some, “Sit on my lap and lay your head on my shoulder!”
Trish moved over onto Shawn’s lap and she was able to rest her head on his shoulder and right away closed her eyes again.  
Shawn felt his own exhaustion and tiredness but looking at Jesse made it impossible for him to fall asleep.
Randy sat quietly on the other side of the bed and slouching down in his chair, his legs stretched out under the bed, hands interlocked over his belly he also fell asleep some.

Around eight the day shift nurse, Nickie, came into the room and informed Shawn, “The police are outside the ICU and want to talk to you Shawn.”
Trish was startled as Shawn shifted, “Yes, I will be right out.”
He softly stroked the hair out of her face and whispered, “The police are outside.”
Trish yawned and got up from Shawn’s lap. Randy also woke up from his nap and all three made their way to the waiting area outside the ICU.
As Shawn wheeled toward the officers one of them walked up, “Shawn Callahan?”

“Hi, I am Lieutenant Mossner from the California state patrol. This here is Sergeant Wickham.”
Shawn reached his hand out to the officers and introduced Trish and Randy, who also greeted the officers with handshakes.
There were no other people in the waiting area and Lt. Mossner gestured toward the chairs, “Why don’t we sit down over there?”
Trish and Randy sat down and Shawn parked his wheelchair next to Trish and took her hand.
Lt. Mossner sat down across from them and explained the situation.

As far as what the police knew by now, the elderly driver of a Buick SUV suffered from a heart attack and went through the construction barriers on Monday morning hitting Jesse who was on his feet. The driver could not be saved. It was not clear if the driver had suffered the heart attack before or after he went through the barrier. Jesse was not to be charged for anything, he had been wearing the proper safety gear according to protocol of his company and the State Patrol safety precautions for construction workers on the Interstate.
They did confirm that Jesse wearing a hard hat had saved his life from a serious head injury that could have caused death. Lt. Mossner suggested looking for a lawyer who could help them with everything that would be coming up concerning this situation.

Shawn just listened and eventually Lt. Mossner finished with, “We will get all your contact information and will stay in touch with you about any changes and the ongoing investigation. How long are you planning on staying here?”
Shawn had no clue, but he planned to stay there as long as he needed to, he had no other place to be and so the only place for him to be was at his brother’s bedside no matter how long that would take. Jesse had done the same for him after the accident and there was no question he would do the same for his brother in return.
After Sgt. Wickham got all the contact information from Shawn the State Patrol left and
Trish placed her hand on Shawn’s knee, “Seems like they are doing everything they can.”
Shawn nodded and she kissed him softly on his forehead.
Randy then turned to Shawn, “So, should I look for a hotel?”
Shawn nodded, “Yeah, unless the hospital has a place to stay for us.”

The hospital didn’t have accommodations for them and Randy looked around on his phone for hotels in the area. Eventually Randy found a hotel with wheelchair accessibility, about two miles from the hospital and not too pricey. After a moment of discussing they decided to get two rooms.

Back in the ICU Dr. Peterson showed up around noon. As Dr. Peterson explained the injuries, he eventually pulled the blanket back and they could see Jesse’s leg badly bruised, broken skin and still some bloody streaks blended with the brown color of the Iodine solution. The broken femur shaft bone was held together by the steel frame of the external fixator, the thin steel rods inserted into Jesse’s leg, bracing the bone on the inside. The leg was swollen in some areas making it look oddly shaped and like it didn’t even belong to Jesse’s athletic body. A soft brace supported the knee and tibia. Jesse was on strong pain medication that numbed his leg and didn’t let him feel any of the excruciating pain of his badly injured leg.
Shawn looked at the leg and mumbled to himself, “Fuck!”
No one said anything for a moment until he asked Dr. Peterson, “So how long will all this take?”
Dr. Peterson sighed and looked very serious, “At least six to eight months.”
All Shawn could think of at that moment was how they would manage without Jesse’s income. He really didn’t have a clue and it scared him.
Dr. Peterson explained some more about the leg injury, then assured them that the collar bone won’t be too long to heal and also his ribs would be o.k., Jesse just had to stay immobilized in bed.
He added, “Jesse is lucky that none of his broken ribs punctured his lungs.”
Dr. Peterson could see the fear in Shawn’s face, “Your brother will be all right, he will make it through this.”
After Dr. Peterson had left Shawn looked over at his uncle and said lowly, “How the fuck are we going to live?”
Randy answered with his hand on Shawn’s shoulder, “We made it through your accident; we will make it through this. Don’t worry about the money right now Shawn.”

Soon after Dr. Peterson the Neurologist Dr. Runkel showed up and after a brief friendly introduction the doctor looked at Jesse for a moment and then sat down on one of the chairs to be at eye level with Shawn, “So Jesse suffered a good blow to the head but fortunately we did not have a skull fracture and no bleeding of the brain. He is dealing with some slight swelling of the brain and I had to drill a hole in the skull to relieve the pressure. We sedated him and put him on a ventilator to not cause him any stress for the next 48 to 72 hours at least. An injury like his needs lots of rest and if he would be conscious it could cause complications.”
“How long will he be kept in a coma?”
“We will see what the next couple of days will bring and then decide on a day to day basis.”
Shawn looked over at Jesse, then back at the doctor, “Could there be any issues afterwards?”
Dr. Runkel didn’t answer right away but thought for a moment, then replied, “Well, hopefully there won’t be any post traumatic effects of the head injury but we won’t know until later when Jesse is recovering.”

Shawn nodded and it was difficult for him to think of something happening to Jesse because of the head injury. Jesse didn’t deserve any of this. He was always the stronger one of the two and Shawn couldn’t imagine having to take care of Jesse in some way or another. He was barely capable of taking care of himself, how would he take care of Jesse? Panic inside of him tried to surface and he felt his hands tremble and sweaty but pulled it together until Dr. Runkel was done and had left.

Shawn looked over to Trish and she could see the fear in his eyes. She went over to him and leaned down to hug him tightly, then she climbed onto to his lap. Randy bit his lip as he watched Shawn clinging on to Trish.
He mumbled with a trembling voice, “I don’t know what we are going to do. Jesse is…I need him…I can’t lose him.”
Trish let her tears flow silently, holding Shawn and trying to be there for him. She was very worried about Jesse as well.

As they realized they couldn’t do much for Jesse at this point, they finally took off to the hotel at around four, picking up an early dinner on their way.

At the motel they checked into their rooms and even though it wasn’t anything special, it was somewhat accessible for Shawn and even had a shower chair in the tub, lower towel handles, grab bars and also a frame around the toilet to hold on for him. One of the two Queen Size beds was lower to the ground than the other. The room seemed more spacious than a regular hotel room. Shawn was able to wheel comfortably into it and around in the room. There was enough room between the beds for him to wheel up to either side of the bed. The bathroom sink counter also was accessible for him to wheel under it with his chair.

Randy’s room was a couple of doors down the hallway from theirs. He went to his room and told them he would be right back to eat dinner with them.

Trish sat down on the lower bed, Shawn wheeling right up to her. He took her hands into his and they looked at each other for moment. He did realize how Trish looked tired and her eyes were shiny and her make-up was smeared some.  
She smiled at him, “Are you all right?”
He nodded and replied lowly, “Thanks for coming down here too. I kind of can’t believe it all. It seems like a bad dream.”
“I know, it does….”

Around eight o’clock Trish was already in bed when Shawn came wheeling out from the bathroom with only a towel over his lap. From in between his thighs he pulled out a pair of incontinence briefs and his shorts and threw them on the bed before he transferred onto it. Shawn avoided Trish’s eyes as he transferred and she realized his insecurity and tried not to stare at him too much as he made his way into the bed.

Trish was glad to be there with him but she didn’t really know how all this was going to work out. She had called out from work for the day and the next day, but she knew she couldn’t stay in Eugene for too long. She would have to go back home and go back to work but she tried not to worry about it too much yet.

Shawn scrambled into the bed and just as he grabbed the briefs to slip them on under the blanket, Trish took them from his hand, “Here I will help you get them on.”
Shawn was reluctant to let her help him again and as Trish sensed it, she said softly, “Shawn, I have seen you naked, remember?”

He did indeed remember when Trish first helped him at home after his ordeal with severe spasms and how she had helped him then. Then he didn’t know yet what it was about her though, the way she actually felt about his broken body, the way his body possibly did things to her that he still couldn’t grasp all the way.
The way he felt about his own body though was the problem and he was hesitant for a split moment, still feeling insecure about these things and Trish somehow being involved in his issues.
Trish stroked her hand over his arm, “Please Shawn.”
He nodded and replied barely audible, “O.K.”

With some difficulties he scooted his body down into the bed, throwing his legs down, adjusting them somewhat straight and finally laying flat on his back.
Trish moved the blanket over and gently pulled the incontinence briefs over Shawn’s thin legs. Shawn was staring at the ceiling and only threw quick glances at Trish who was as always focused and almost had a slight smile on her face helping him with the task. Once the softly padded briefs were on him she let her hands travel down his legs again, over his bony thighs and knees, then his shins covered with the soft fluff of dark hair. Shawn glanced down to her and watched her for a moment until she looked up and met his eyes with a smile.

Eventually he also had his shorts on over the incontinence briefs and Trish crawled up next to him, pulled the blanket over them again and cradled herself into his arm and her head resting on his chest and whispered, "Thank you!”
Shawn asked lowly and with a slight tremble, “So for women like you all this stuff I am dealing with when it comes to bodily fluids is not really an issue?”

Trish pushed herself up on her elbow and looked at Shawn, explaining lowly, “No, for me personally it is not an issue. I actually think it is kind of hot. I like to make sure you are all right during the night. I mean I don’t want you to be waking up in a wet mess and maybe risk getting sick or something. I have no problem with you wearing these briefs Shawn.”
Shawn shook his head a little, “I never thought that this could be hot to anyone…dealing with this stuff isn’t easy you know and it kind of takes a lot of that dignity away that any man would want to try to keep…I just can’t imagine that some women are into this stuff.”

Trish was tired but she wanted to take advantage of the moment and explain to Shawn if he was interested, “Well, I am one of the women who are into this stuff. It is part of who you are and I love everything about you, including your disability. It is not an issue for me, it turns me on Shawn to see you in your everyday life being paraplegic. I love to see you transfer, I love to see you spin your rims and move your body in the chair. I love seeing the quick little lifts you do in your wheelchair to prevent pressure sores. I go crazy seeing you do a wheelie Shawn. I love looking at your legs aligned perfectly with your feet on the foot rest. I love seeing your muscular arms work when you push your chair and believe it or not, I kind of think of you cathing as a very hot thing. I can’t wait until you let me see it. I love everything about you Shawn. You are a dream come true for me. I never meant any harm and I hope you will understand…I love you so very much.”

Shawn pulled her close to him and kissed her lips, then looked at her again, “I talked to some of the guys on my message boards…and they kind of opened my eyes to the whole devotee thing. I had no idea, Trish…I didn’t know there was something like that and that there were women who were into guys with disabilities. Most people I talked to kind of assured me that it was all good and that it was the best thing that could have happened to them, finding out about devotees. Some of the guys have devotee girlfriends or even wives.”
Trish smiled, “I am so glad you came back to me. I was so scared to lose you over this. I was always scared you wouldn’t understand, that is why I couldn’t tell you. I am sorry I waited too long Shawn until you found out by coincidence.”
“Well, it is behind us now. I love you so much Trish and I am glad that it is this way because I know now and I think it will be a good thing for us. I don’t ever want to have any secrets in our relationship.”
They kissed a very long time until Trish rested her head on Shawn’s chest again, letting her fingers stroke over it, “Are you going to be all right with Jesse’s situation?”
Shawn took a deep breath, “I am scared but I am trying to keep it together for him. It is not going to help if I break down. I need to be strong for him. Jesse doesn’t deserve any of this, he is one of the best guys I have ever known. Yeah, we have our differences and life has been kind of rough for us but Jesse is such a strong guy, he always kept going and kept staying positive. Without him I wouldn’t have made it. He is the best brother anyone can wish for, I love him so much and I need him to be around for me. I want him to see that I am going to get back on track, I am going back to school or trying to find a job and I want you to be by my side for all of it and I know Jesse likes you a whole lot.”

With that they looked at each other for a moment, thinking about what had happened weeks ago with Trish coming into their life and Trish confirmed softly, “You were the one I wanted from the beginning Shawn.”

Shawn kept his dark eyes on her for a moment, then gently pushed Trish down onto the pillow and leaning over her he pressed his lips onto hers for a long kiss. Trish was running her hand through his hair and over his back, feeling Shawn’s shoulder blades and feeling the movement of his muscles while he kissed her hard and demanding. 
As fatigue finally overcame them, Trish fell asleep in Shawn’s arms and didn’t move all night.


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