Monday, October 27, 2014

Three's A Crowd Chapter 32

After a good nights sleep Trish and Shawn share some very close moments.

Trish and Shawn didn’t wake up until they heard a knock on their door the next morning.
When it knocked the second time Trish jumped out of bed somewhat drowsy and went to the door, peeking through the spyhole and saw Randy outside the door.
She opened the door a crack, “Hey Randy, Good Morning.”
“Good Morning Trish. Did I wake you?”
Trish smiled sleepily, “It is no problem.”

Randy was used to getting up early, sleeping until eight was late for him. His job as a truck driver required him to get up at 4:30 or even earlier in the morning as his routes took him all over the state to various locations. He informed Trish that he was going for a run and would be back in about an hour.

While Trish was at the door with Randy, Shawn woke up slowly and with his hand he felt his briefs quickly. They were soaked and swollen with urine. He needed to get into the bathroom soon.
Trish climbed back into the bed next to Shawn. Where she had woke up in his arms she realized that she had slobbered just a little on Shawn’s chest. She pulled a tissue from the box on the night table and discreetly tried to wipe the moisture from his chest.
He smiled and asked softly, “You actually slobbered on me?”
Trish was embarrassed and Shawn laughed, “Some guys are into women slobbering on their chests…no big deal…I peed in my adult diaper and you slobbered on me…it is all good.”
Trish was happy to hear Shawn joke a little despite the circumstances.
She wiped over his chest quickly and kissed him, “I am sorry for the slobber attack.”
“Don’t worry about it. I have to get up and go to the bathroom and all that.”
“Let me go pee real quick.”

She scrambled out of the bed again and Shawn heard her in the bathroom. When she came out he had transferred into his wheelchair already and was just about to head to the bathroom. Trish fell onto the bed and Shawn glanced at her long naked legs and instead of wheeling on to the bathroom he stopped at the foot end of the bed and grabbed one of her legs.
Trish sat up on her elbows, “Hey what are you doing?”
Shawn softly let his hand glide over the top of her foot and up her leg some, scanning her leg and glancing up at Trish with his dark eyes, full of longing, “Just touching your leg.”
Trish sat up and moved herself over to the edge of the bed, letting her legs drop down and setting her feet on the floor. Shawn positioned his wheelchair in between her legs, forcing Trish to slightly spread her legs. She wore only pajama shorts and Shawn glanced at her legs on either side of him, letting his hands softly rub over her legs and feeling the warmth and softness of her skin.
He looked up at her and Trish smiled at him dreamily, “Your hands feel good.”

He felt so much longing to be closer to her in some intimate way but he wasn’t sure all the way how to go about it. He did feel somewhat better knowing about her being a devotee and his disability didn’t feel all the way awkward anymore in her presence, but he still wasn’t sure how to get closer to her in a sexual way.
For a moment he felt her legs still, then he remembered his initial task, “I have to go to the bathroom first.”
It was his way to interrupt the moment of tenderness and getting his head back to think about his next move.
Trish hadn’t missed the “first” in his sentence, wondering what it was that he was thinking about for “second”.

He wheeled away from her and disappeared in the bathroom. Trish was still lost in the moment of Shawn’s gentle touches on her skin and she thought about him in the bathroom and what he was possibly doing. She longed to see it and be in there with him. 
Determined she walked over to the bathroom and stood outside the door, “Shawn?”
She heard him from inside, “Yes?”
“Shawn, can I come in with you and watch how you cath?”
Shawn was thrown off by her request.
He was just in the process of slipping his shorts down, “I don’t know Trish.”
“If you don’t want me to, it is o.k.”
He really wasn’t ready for her to witness the task of catherization even though she had told him that she thought of it as something sexy. He didn’t think it was very attractive but then again Trish was definitely different.
Nonetheless he replied, “Better not yet Trish…please.”
Trish respected his request and sat back on the bed again turning on the TV and zapping through the channels for a few moments. She couldn’t ignore the faint feeling of arousal though when Shawn had touched her leg and she wanted to be close to him.
She walked back over to the bathroom door again and knocking softly she said, “Shawn, I want to take a shower with you.”

Shawn was parked next to the bath tub, naked and focusing on the task ahead of transferring onto the shower bench in a moment. He still had to calculate his casted hand into the whole process. At home he had developed a routine to get onto his shower chair, holding his hand up on the wall of the tub and being able to shower with only one hand. It took a lot longer than with two hands but he had managed as good as possible.
Now hearing Trish ask the question outside the door he thought about it and without waiting for his answer Trish slowly pushed open the door and peeked in. Shawn felt very vulnerable all the sudden, he sat there naked in his chair in plain sight and he still felt self-conscious about his body.

Trish closed the door behind her, keeping her eyes on him, and leaning with her back on the door she smiled, “Hey!”
Shawn glanced up shyly from under his bangs, “Hey!”
He watched as Trish slowly pulled her pajama tank top over her head exposing her two perfect breasts.
Shawn felt very nervous all the sudden. Trish though slipped her shorts down and let them drop to the floor, then stepped out of them and pushed them over to the side with her foot.

Now he looked up at her all the way as she just stood there. Her body was curvy and perfect, the long blond hair falling slightly over her one breast and some hair on the left side tucked behind her ear and probably at least reaching to her mid back. She was stunning and he couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was beautiful standing there and thinking about how long it had been for him to be in the presence of such a gorgeous woman he kept his eyes on her and scanned her from head to toe with so much longing to feel Trish on his body.
She whispered, “Please let me stay in here with you Shawn.”
Shawn shifted some, “O.K.”

He was nervous about the transfer onto the shower chair, he really didn’t want to be clumsy in front of Trish. She walked over and sat on the edge of the tub.
Shawn didn’t know where to move his eyes, her breasts were right in front of him, when he looked down he saw the crease of her pussy with a thin strip of pubic hair.
He was breathing quickly and he said softly, “Trish, you are making me nervous.”
Trish put her hand to his face and stroked softly over his cheek, “You make me nervous too baby. You look sooo incredibly hot right now in your chair.”
She glanced at his chest, scanned over his tattoos and his strong arms, down to his manhood and his legs. His legs were skinny in comparison to the rest of his nicely toned upper body and arms. They still were not all the way atrophied, probably due to Shawn’s ongoing spasm problems keeping the muscles working at least to some degree. 
Shawn smiled at her shyly and stuttered, “Trish, I haven’t…I am…”
Trish stroked her hand over his face some more, “I love you so much Shawn.”
He nodded, “I love you.”
“I can help you transfer if you need me to.”
Shawn shifted and replied, “I can do it.”

With that he pushed his wheelchair all the way to the tub edge and then placing the fingers of his casted left hand on the tub and his right hand on his wheelchair he pushed himself off onto the sturdy padded shower bench, keeping his eyes down, focused on the transfer and trying not to meet Trish’s eyes which were on him the whole time.
He sat on the edge of the shower chair holding himself steady and finding his balance he scooted into position, his legs still scrambled halfway out of the tub. Just as he was about to pull his legs over with his hand Trish stopped him and touching his hand she said softly, “Let me lift them over!”
Shawn took a deep breath and without saying a word he nodded, keeping his eyes down though. He balanced himself and watched as Trish gently lifted one leg, then the other over the edge of the tub, making sure to not let them drop roughly into the tub but carefully placing his feet on the bottom of the tub. Shawn sat a little unsteady on the shower chair still with both legs in the tub now.
Trish moved her own legs over the tub edge and watched him as he got positioned securely on the shower chair.
She saw his chest moving up and down quickly and when he looked at her she assured him, “You did great. This was so hot.”
He laughed a little, “What is so hot about that?”
Trish smiled, “I don’t know, it just is.”

Pulling the shower curtain shut she turned on the water.
The shower head was removable on a long hose, possible for Shawn to hold it down to his body in whichever way he wanted. The faucet was on the side wall, easy for him to reach.
He said softly, “I can’t get my cast wet.”
Shawn leaned the elbow of his casted hand on the wall and let his hand rest on his head as he watched Trish with serious eyes as she was checking the water temperature and kneeling in front of him sitting on the heels of her feet in the bathtub.
When the temperature was adjusted she held the shower head out to Shawn, “Is this good for you?”
Shawn just nodded as he held his right hand under the water stream, not moving his eyes from Trish’s naked body in front of him.
With that Trish let the water run over her body and he watched as the water ran over her skin. He could barely look at her but it excited him to see her naked and wet. The streams of water were dripping off her breasts, running down to her pussy and her thighs.

He just held his casted hand up over him and decided to just let happen whatever was going to happen. He had no control over any of it anymore. Trish was in the tub with him, they were both naked, in love and full of longing in the face of the tragedy that hung over them like a dark cloud. He needed something good to happen for him, he wanted to forget for just a little while about everything that was going on in his life. He wanted to forget about his disability, about Jesse fighting for his life, about his insecurities and everything that happened over the last couple of weeks, the last couple of months, really the last two years. All that mattered was Trish there with him, a woman he wanted in his life for a long time. Watching her, deep inside he felt almost like his former self again when he was with a hot girl, letting his lustful eyes travel over her feminine curves and imagining what he wanted to do to Trish.

Trish held the warm water stream over Shawn’s chest and he watched her face as she slowly moved the shower head over his whole body, her eyes fully focused on his body. She seemed to be in a different world.
Trish was still turned on witnessing Shawn’s transfer moments ago, seeing his naked body, looking into his dark eyes, and scanning his face, his still legs and forever sleeping penis. She wanted to taste him and his skin and after a moment she handed him the shower head. She saw a momentary slight imbalance on Shawn’s part as he took his hand off the seat to grab the shower head. The back rest of the shower chair helped him sit somewhat steady though.

Shawn’s legs were slightly floppy, falling from one side to the other. He used his right hand to help steady his legs and now the shower head to push his leg over.
Trish let her hands touch his legs and she held his legs steady, not letting them fall over to the side. She just watched his legs doing their own thing, trying to fight gravity and her grip, wanting to fall to the side. Shawn had leaned his head over on his left arm on the wall and just watched Trish’s face and her eyes exploring the reactions of his legs. Almost like it was meant to be, his left leg twitched slightly with her hand on it and she looked up at him surprised but smiling.

They stayed quiet, only communicating with their eyes. Shawn smiled and kept his head leaning on his arm and watched as she ran her hands over his legs to the inside of his thighs and up to his chest. She scanned the tattoo on his chest again and she kissed his pectorals, letting her lips touch his skin softly. Shawn felt her kisses on the upper part of his pectorals but when she let her lips come down further he didn’t feel her anymore, he only saw her kiss him and he watched her closely, feeling very content and enjoying her caress his broken body. He loosely held the shower head in his left hand still and moved it over her back, letting the water run over it.
Trish felt very excited kissing Shawn and she moved her mouth up to his shoulders and let her tongue flick over his collar bone, licking up to his neck and ear causing Shawn to take quick breaths now. His ears were sensitive to any soft touch of a finger or a tongue and Trish worked her tongue just enough on his ear lobe that he felt a rush go to his head, leaving his cock though in its deep sleep. He moved his head from his arm and looked down at Trish kissing his chest again.

He demanded softly, “Trish, take the shower head and let me kiss your body.”
Trish took the shower head from him and secured it in its holder again and positioned herself on her knees to make it easy for Shawn to reach her face, her shoulders, neck and breasts. Shawn let his lips and his tongue travel over her wet skin, licking and kissing her excitedly. His right hand stroked over her back down to her ass and he grabbed it forcefully pulling her to him some.

Eventually he pulled her head to his face and he pressed his lips onto hers hard and demanding. Trish felt her arousal building up with every second passing. She pushed her body to Shawn as he also moved his casted hand over now and she felt his fingers on her back, digging into her skin and pulling her to him more. The water next to them was running into the tub slowly filling the bottom.  
Shawn mumbled in between kisses, “Trish, help me get down into the tub! I want to kiss and taste your pussy. I can’t reach it from this position.”
He wanted so much of her and even though he tried to not worry about his sleeping cock, there was a distant anger in him trying to surface and stop the moment.
Trish wasn’t sure how to get Shawn into the bottom of the tub and she looked at him somewhat questioning.
Sitting on the shower chair though made it impossible for Shawn to reach Trish’s female parts with his mouth as he couldn’t bend down without falling over and off the chair.
When Trish didn’t react right away, Shawn said lowly, “Here, I will hold on to the grab bar and let myself down into the tub.”
Trish was a little worried about his risky excursion and asked, “What do you want me to do?”
“Just move over a little so I have room to let myself down.”

She did as told and moved back some and watched as Shawn held on to the grab bar on the side of the tub and the shower chair frame. He was concentrating and scooted himself forward on the chair with his butt almost coming off the chair. She was worried about this and kneeled down in front of him. There was water in the tub and his little adventure wasn’t without risk of slipping, getting hurt or his cast wet.
Trish worried, “Shawn I don’t know. Maybe you should stay on the chair.”
He didn’t even listen to her and another few scoots and his butt came off the chair and for a moment he used all his arm strength, Trish witnessing his biceps and triceps working very hard to let his body down into the tub. It wasn’t the most graceful move but he managed and as he landed on his butt he was still holding on to the grab bar.
When he looked over at Trish in front of him she smiled, “You are crazy.”
He laughed and demanded a little out of breath, “Push the shower chair back a little so I can lean on it, then sit on my lap and wrap your legs and arms around me so I can hold to you. I need you to support me in this position.”

Shawn was wobbly in the sitting position without proper support, the shower chair behind him only giving a little bit of stability. He held on with one hand and with the other adjusted his legs to either side so Trish could sit in between them. He nodded for her to get down and Trish sat down in the water with Shawn’s legs on either side of her and she wrapped her legs around him and locked them behind his back and arms around his chest.
He smiled, “There, that’s good.”
They sat in about waist high warm water. Shawn held on tightly to Trish and pulled her to him and looking deeply into her eyes he said, “I want to feel as much of you as I can.”
Trish stroked over his back with her fingers, “How are you going to get up again?”
Shawn took some strands of her hair between his fingers and shook his head, “Don’t worry about it. We will figure it out.”
With that he pulled Trish’s face to him and kissed her hard, his hands on the back of her head and Trish holding on to him, her hands travelling up and down his back, feeling the soft grooves of the scars on his spine.
Eventually Shawn whispered, “Stand up for me Trish.”

He let Trish slide from his grip but his hands still holding on to her legs as she stood up in front of him in a secure enough stance. Shawn had her pussy right in front of his face now. He held on to her ass, pulling her closer, grabbing the soft skin on her backside and kissing her hip bones, licking her and letting his mouth go down on her pussy. He licked around it as Trish pushed herself to him and held on to the wall and grab bar as good as she could. She put her one foot on the edge of the tub, spreading her legs some and with that was able to push closer to Shawn. She could see him balancing his body and a few times he adjusted his position and leaned on the shower chair somewhat for stability.

He held on to her as he let his mouth lead him to places he had not been before. He was breathing quickly now, his chest rising up and down, the kissing taking his breath away, but tasting the sweetness of Trish’s pussy on his tongue. He came around with the fingers of his healthy hand and joining his mouth in coming down on her girl parts, stroking over it with his fingers and letting his fingers explore her from the inside. He was flicking her clit and pussy with his tongue and eventually pushed his tongue into it after he had explored with his fingers inside her. Trish was breathing quickly over his head, looking down to him a few times, watching him pleasing her orally, the moisture on her body slowly drying as Shawn was busy bringing her closer and closer to orgasm.
Shawn was lost in the moment, he wanted to taste her so badly and kept his tongue inside of her, swallowing her juices and with his fingers working her clit and around it just enough.
Trish moaned over him, “Oh Gosh Shawn, keep going.”
He could barely breathe anymore as Trish above him moaned louder and eventually her body trembled almost like in a spasm, her knees almost seemed to give out and she mumbled his name a few times.
Shawn felt a distant flexion around his tongue inside her pussy and quickly moisture of a distinct taste surrounding his taste buds and after a couple more tongue thrusts he let his tongue come out and let his head rest on her thighs and pubic area, holding on tightly to her ass with his hands, breathing quickly and he felt his eyes get watery at the result of his tongue coming down on Trish and giving her this kind of pleasure.

Trish had stopped her slight rhythmic movements and eventually sat back down on Shawn’s lap and wrapped her legs around him again. Shawn’s cock was still in its eternal sleep and when she took his face in between her hands, she saw a tear roll down his cheek.
She kissed him and tasted her juices in his mouth. They held on to each other and in between the kissing the salty taste of Shawn’s tears were touching her lips. Shawn was holding on to her tightly with both his hands, feeling somewhat light headed and weak from the previous moments.

When they let their lips unlock she whispered softly, “I love you so much Shawn. This was awesome.”
He looked down and wiped his tears away quickly, “I am sorry…I don’t know what is going on with me. I love you more than anything Trish. I never want to be without you again in my life.”
Trish smiled, “You won’t never get rid of me, Shawn. I am here to stay.”
He smiled and another tear escaped from his eye, he didn’t know why.
Trish wiped her finger over his cheek, “Why are you crying?”
“I don’t know…I guess part of me…this was awesome…I enjoyed doing this to you so much…it was the best thing that happened to me in a long time…but…I guess part of me…”
He stumbled over his words but Trish knew what he was trying to say, “You thought that maybe you can still have an erection?”
He nodded, then said lowly, “I mean I knew it wasn’t working anymore but for some….for some reason I thought maybe…with the right girl and…the right time…I wanted to be inside of you so badly, Trish.”
Trish kissed him on his cheek, “I loved every moment of what just happened and I hope you may have felt something, if not down there, maybe in here and here.”
With that she softly touched her finger to his head and then laid her hand on his heart and he nodded, “I did…I did feel it in there…I love you so much Trish.”
Trish added assuring, “I don’t want us to stress about this. We will find what works for you and me both, Shawn. Please trust me. Don’t stress Shawn. What you did was just awesome baby, it felt so incredibly amazing.”
She held him and they hugged, feeling the coolness of the air on their skin and longing for the warm water all over their bodies. Trish turned the knob of the faucet and soon the very warm water ran over their bodies again.

Shawn was exhausted from the interaction with Trish even though he had not come. It seemed almost like he had just had really good sex and with a quiet satisfaction and reassurance from Trish, he watched as she caressed his body with the sponge and the soap. He didn’t have to do anything, he just sat there as Trish took over the duty of washing him and herself. He felt so much for her it hurt in his heart.
Never in his life did he want to be without this woman again.

When they were done and had let the water out, it was time for Shawn to get back up and onto the shower chair. It turned out to not be all the way easy and it took Shawn a few unsuccessful tries to be able to pull himself up onto the shower bench from the low position. He was breathing quickly and felt exhaustion as he tried for the fourth time to pull himself up onto the chair and when finally he was up on the chair he was out of breath and had to pause in his endeavors for a few moments. Trish had already stepped out of the tub and with a towel wrapped around her she stood by trying to assist Shawn with getting up onto the shower chair and feeling worried about him not making it. Obviously the idea of sitting down in the tub now backfired on them. Trish wasn’t able to lift Shawn and he had to do most of the work himself as she was motivating him to pull his body up.
Once he was up on the chair, Trish looked at him and said lowly, “I am so glad you made it. I was worried about you. Maybe we should never do anything like that again.”
Holding on the grab bar for stability and catching his breath Shawn looked over at her exhausted but with a mischievous smile, “It’s O.K. I made it. It was totally worth getting down on my ass. I had a lot of fun.”

Trish helped Shawn get done in the bathroom and got herself ready as well. Eventually Shawn was lying on the bed pulling his boxer briefs and jeans over his legs while Trish slipped into her clothes standing in the room. She couldn’t help throwing quick glances over at Shawn, watching him put his clothes on was hot to her. She was so happy that Shawn and she were able to reconcile after the confusion and the fight. She never wanted anything to come between them ever again.

About an hour later they sat in the small breakfast room of the hotel having the continental breakfast which was included in their room prices. Randy had joined them and they planned to go back over to the hospital after breakfast.

At the hospital everything was unchanged. Jesse was still kept sedated and on the ventilator. Really all they could do is stay in his room or hang out in the hospital. Jesse was stable and the swelling in his brain was going down, which was good news. His vitals were staying stable as well and he seemed to be doing all right.

Shawn had his wheelchair parked next to the bed and was just looking at his brother. Jesse had sticky sensors on his chest, monitoring his heart beat. IV’s lines were running into the back of his left hand and in the crease of his elbow, a clamp on his left pointing finger kept track of his blood pressure, and with a soft strap his left wrist was restrained to the bed to avoid any jerking of the arm and causing the IV’s to rip out. The ventilator tubing was strapped to his face, his right arm was still in the sling over his chest.

Shawn knew he looked just about the same when he was in the hospital after the accident and Jesse was the one sitting next to his bed every day, either reading or sometimes napping in the chair, but always there and only leaving his bedside to go the restroom or get something to eat in between.
It was difficult for him to see Jesse like this and he hoped so much his brother would make it out of this all right.
Trish came up next to him and pulling a chair close she sat down and just looked at Jesse with Shawn. Randy walked in and out of the room all day in between keeping his kids at home updated on Jesse’s condition. Ceci was planning on coming down the next day, Danny and Colby possibly on the weekend.

Trish called the nursing home that night to tell them she wouldn’t be back until Monday. Even though they were understanding, she knew that this was just a temporary solution and couldn’t be a permanent thing.
It was Wednesday and on Thursday Trish was going to be off anyways. Friday she would take another vacation day but Monday she had to be back at work.
Randy planned to stay one more night and then go back the next day as soon as Ceci would get there.

That night when they had dinner at one of the local restaurants they discussed the possibility of all of this going to court and fighting for a settlement. The driver had died in the accident but the investigation was still going on if his death occurred because of the heart attack or because of the accident. An autopsy was ordered and depending on the outcome Jesse could fight for a settlement. They needed to get an attorney to fight for them and Randy thought about all the people he knew and eventually remembered a couple he knew from his church. The man was a lawyer and he contacted him that night to talk to him about this situation.
The man gave Randy some more information to an attorney specializing in car accident settlements and he was going to call him up in the morning. Shawn really didn’t know where to even start when it came to all of this and was glad his uncle helped him out and took somewhat control of the situation.

When he had his accident there was no settlement, no money, nothing. His friend Chad had died in the accident and Shawn almost went to prison for vehicular homicide. The only thing that had helped somewhat was the fact that Chad had not been buckled up, the vehicular homicide charges were thrown out and Shawn had only been charged with a DUI. Jesse had pleaded with Chad’s family to not press charges for the vehicular homicide. After the investigation Shawn was free to go but had to pay a lot of money for the DUI charges. He was in the hospital and rehab during the whole process and would only get updates from Jesse on where they were standing. Jesse had to borrow money from the bank to pay Shawn’s way out of a harsher sentence.
Things were very different in this case and it would probably be a good idea to get an attorney specializing in accidents and who could defend Jesse in a court room and fight for a settlement.

Randy looked at Shawn, who was worried, “It will work itself out. We will get a lawyer and hopefully there will be some money coming out of this. It is horrible that the man died but we will see what the autopsy will bring.”
Shawn could only nod and Trish took his hand in hers and he looked over at her.
Softly she said, “I love you Shawn. Everything will be O.K.”
Randy lowered his eyes when Shawn replied to Trish, “I am so glad you are here with me. I love you.”

Randy knew that Shawn was worried and really had no idea what was going to happen. They had to stick together now as the small family they were and help the guys out of this situation. Randy had always looked after the guys like his own sons after his brother had died and left the young men behind. Now he needed to be there for Shawn and Jesse once again and help them to his best abilities.

After the dinner they drove to the hotel and retreated to their rooms.
Shawn felt drained from all the emotions running through his body and the spasms that had been light during the day were becoming stronger now that he was in his room. He stayed in his wheelchair and wheeled over to the window of the room, looking out onto the swimming pool area. From the other side of the room Trish admired his silhouette for a moment, Shawn in his wheelchair with his back turned to her. She sighed and walked over to the window and without asking she climbed on Shawn’s lap and wrapped her arms around his neck. Shawn looked at her and in the twilight both their eyes were shiny.
Shawn said lowly, “Trish, I am scared about everything.”
She stroked her hand over his check, “Don’t worry baby, we got this. I am here for you and you have your uncle and cousins. We will make it through this somehow.”
Shawn lowered his eyes, “I am just so fucking tired. I can’t handle any more shit in my life.”
“I know and it will be all right.”
“I couldn’t do it without you.”
“That is why I won’t be going anywhere ever again.”
He stroked his hand down her hair, “You are the only good thing in my life.”
“I love you so much Shawn. I won’t ever leave you.”
His eyes were shiny and dark scanning her face, “You are so beautiful. I love you so much too.”
They fell into a kiss, full of love and longing, ending with Trish’s head on Shawn’s shoulder and his hand softly stroking over her back.


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