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Three's A Crowd Chapter 33

Jesse is waking up and Trish and Shawn are there to support Jesse as good as they can.

The following two days Jesse stayed stable and Dr. Runkel informed Shawn that the swelling in Jesse’s brain had gone down and he felt that Jesse could get taken off the ventilator very soon. They were aiming to have him come out of sedation slowly over the weekend.

Ceci made it down to Springfield on Thursday and was happy to see everyone but also devastated to see Jesse in the state he was in. She cried as she first laid eyes on him. Shawn was not able to stay in the room when Ceci started crying and he wheeled out to the waiting area of the ICU. Trish sat down on a chair next to him and she could only take his hand and be there for him. Ceci eventually came back out teary eyed, sniffling her nose and trying to get a grip on her emotions.  

At the hotel Ceci had taken over the room her dad had stayed in as Randy left Thursday evening heading back to Washington. They all had dinner together before Randy got on the road to make the trip back home.

Trish and Shawn were snuggled up in bed on Thursday night watching some TV. Shawn had been dealing with light spasms for the past few days. That night as he was in bed, sitting up against the head board and Trish snuggled up next to him with her head on his chest, the spasms in his legs were getting stronger. Since he was wearing shorts Trish and Shawn at the same time saw how his legs were jerking up and down quickly.
Trish sat up some, “Are you all right?”
“Yeah. I have been dealing with them all week.”
“Did you take your Baclofen?”
He looked down at his legs watching the chaotic movement, “I have been trying to go without it.”
Trish watched his legs and softly laid her hand on his thigh feeling the movement under her hand and stroking up and down Shawn’s thigh. He just watched her hand gliding over his leg. Trish couldn’t ignore the faint arousal at seeing Shawn’s legs twitch violently. His right foot was tapping quickly into the air.
For a moment she was lost in her observations and when she looked up she was surprised to find Shawn’s eyes on her curiously.
She quickly looked away again embarrassed. When she moved her hand from his leg, Shawn took her hand again and put it back on his thigh, “It’s O.K. You can leave your hand there.”  
She kept her eyes down and Shawn left his hand on hers as she felt the muscle twitches under her hand, vibrating and charging into her body.
He asked lowly, “Do you like this?”
Without saying anything Trish just nodded. Shawn pushed her hand over his leg and saw Trish’s breathing quicken.
He couldn’t see her face with her hair hanging down. He took his hand off hers on his leg and brought it over under Trish’s chin and lifted her head to face him.
She still didn’t want to look at him and Shawn softly stroked his fingers over her cheek, “It’s all right. I don’t mind. You don’t have to feel weird about it.”
Slowly she moved her eyes up to Shawn and met his smiling face, “Come here!”
He pulled her close to him, “I like that you like it. Now I have a reason to actually enjoy my leg spasms.”
He laughed lowly and Trish joined him.
“I love you Trish.”
Trish nodded and replied, “I love you and everything about you.”
They kissed but were interrupted when a very strong spasm actually threw Shawn’s left leg up. Both looked down at Shawn’s legs and watched the movements for a moment. Trish asked lowly, “Can I rub them?”
“Yeah, go for it.”
Trish moved down and gently started rubbing up and down Shawn’s legs, from his boney shins, over his knees to this thighs, stopping short at his crotch. She felt the contractions of his muscles under her hands and enjoyed every moment of it. 
Watching Trish lovingly massage his legs, Shawn contemplated again about Trish being a devotee and how he never would have thought that someone could actually look at the spams that usually annoyed him as something erotic.
Even with Trish’s gentle and patient massage the spasms didn’t let off and stayed severe. Shawn eventually decided to take a dose of Baclofen so he would be able to sleep.
Trish had felt arousal touching and watching Shawn’s legs with their spastic activity but when Shawn didn’t take the closeness any further she didn’t want to make a move for more. She wanted Shawn to somewhat have control over when he wanted to take their closeness further or not. Their kissing and cuddling didn’t end in a more sexual encounter but merely falling asleep in a loving embrace with Shawn’s legs finally relaxing as the Baclofen tablet started working.

Friday they spent the day mostly at the hospital again. Jesse was stable and there was not much they could do at the moment.
As they were sitting outside the hospital in a park in the afternoon Shawn’s cell phone announced a call from his uncle, “Shawn, hey!”
“Uncle Randy, how’s it going?”
“Good. I just finished talking to Chris Curtis, the attorney.”
Randy explained to Shawn that the attorney was willing to defend Jesse in the case and after the initial interview with Randy, Chris Curtis was going to look into the investigation of the accident and also wanted to stay updated on Jesse’s recovery and everything going on, also waiting for the results of the autopsy of the man who died. He had assured Randy that a case like Jesse’s would most likely lead to a settlement and he would defend Jesse in his rights to get what he deserved.
Randy gave Shawn all of Chris Curtis’s information and also the link to his website so Shawn could get familiar with Curtis & Barkley Law Firm, specializing in auto accidents and personal injury.


It was on Saturday when Dr. Runkel decided to decrease the sedatives for Jesse and let him slowly regain consciousness. Trish was relieved about that, she wanted to be there when Jesse woke up.

Shawn was nervous as they sat in Jesse’s room on Saturday afternoon just watching and waiting for Jesse to wake up. He was being monitored very closely. Nickie was his nurse on this Saturday and she walked in and out of the room, keeping an eye on all the levels and numbers. She chatted a little with Shawn and the women but was mostly focused on keeping a professional eye on her patient.
The sedatives were slowly decreased. Jesse was still on the ventilator and the soft Velcro strap was still over his left wrist so he wouldn’t jerk in the process of waking up and accidentally rip out his IV-lines.

Shawn, Ceci and Trish ate dinner at the hospital cafeteria that afternoon. They didn’t want to be too far away in case Jesse would wake up.
As they sat outside the ICU in the cozy furnished waiting area, Scott, the night shift nurse, came out to them, “Jesse is waking up.”
Shawn put his hands to his rims quickly and they followed Scott to Jesse’s room. Shawn wheeled almost faster than Scott was walking but when he approached the room he slowed down his pushing. Trish caught up to him and slowly and quietly they went inside Jesse’s room. The women let Shawn approach the bed first. Scott had let down the bed some so Shawn could have a better view of Jesse and get closer to him.

He wheeled up to the bed and when he looked at Jesse he saw he had his eyes open. Jesse couldn’t see Shawn though because the cervical collar prevented him from moving his head to the side.
Shawn wanted to be closer to his brother and demanded lowly, “I need to sit on his bed so I can look at him and he can see me.” 
Scott asked, “Do you need the bed lower so you can transfer or do you want me to help you up?”
Shawn did not want Scott to help him up on the bed, “Can you lower the bed some more?”
With a soft humming, Scott let Jesse’s bed down lower until Shawn had a good angle and transferred onto the edge of the bed skillfully and quickly. He was careful to not interrupt any kind of IV tubing leading into Jesse’s arm, but moved close enough so he could look at his brother.

Jesse’s eyes were shiny and he tried to focus on who was in front of him.
Shawn leaned over him and said lowly, “Jesse, hey, it’s Shawn. Can you see me?”
He realized that Jesse was trying to bring his hand up but the strap didn’t allow it. Shawn wrapped his hand around Jesse’s hand. He could see the panic in his eyes not being able to communicate verbally.
Shawn tried to calm him, “Jesse, it’s all right. You are in the hospital but I am here. Ceci and Trish are here too.”
The force of Jesse’s hand trying to reach up subsided and when Shawn kept looking at Jesse, he saw tears streaming out of the corner of his eyes.
He spoke to him softly, “Jesse, don’t panic, O.K….they are trying to let you wake up but you have to behave. Do you remember how it was when I was in the hospital?”

He tried to keep his emotions in check at seeing Jesse apparently scared and not knowing what was going on. He remembered exactly the way he had those same emotions of panic and fear when he woke up at Harborview in Seattle after the accident. Not really knowing what was going on and not being able to talk was frustrating and very scary.
With a trembling voice he explained, “Jesse, you had an accident at work. Someone hit you on the Interstate when they ran through the construction barriers. You will be all right though. I am here with you.”
He held Jesse’s hand with a tight grip in his and watched the tears stream down on the side of Jesse’s face, down to his ears and disappearing into his hair and the pillow. 

Shawn looked over to Ceci and Trish by the door, Scott was still keeping an eye on the monitors announcing lowly, “Jesse is doing good.”
With a nod Shawn gestured Ceci and Trish to come closer and the two women walked up to the bed. Jesse’s eyes moved toward them and he kept his gaze on them for a moment.
Ceci leaned down now and said, “Hey honey, it’s your cousin. I am here too. We love you Jesse.”
She tried very hard not to cry again and let her hand stroke softly over Jesse’s cheek.

Trish walked up and Jesse looked at her with alert eyes. He couldn’t move or do anything but just look at everyone hovering over him.
Shawn held Jesse’s hand still and watched as Trish let her fingers softly stroke over Jesse’s cheek, “Jesse, it’s Trish, Hi…I am so glad to see you wake up.”
Tears were just rolling down Jesse’s cheeks and Trish wiped them away with her finger somewhat.

Shawn stayed seated on Jesse’s bed for at least an hour until he was getting tired and uncomfortable. Jesse just laid there and after a while the tears had stopped streaming but he had kept his eyes on Shawn almost the whole time as wanting to somehow communicate with his brother.
When Shawn shifted to transfer back into his wheelchair, Jesse tried to move his head some but he couldn’t.
Shawn saw him stretch out his hand toward him and he took Jesse’s hand in his again, “I am here bro, I won’t go anywhere.”

That night Shawn really didn’t want to go to the hotel but when he fell asleep in his wheelchair and Trish sitting in one of the comfortable arm chairs outside the ICU sleeping, Ceci decided they needed to get to their hotel rooms. Jesse had also closed his eyes again and the last thing that was said that if everything would go well, Jesse could come off the ventilator maybe on Sunday or Monday.

When Trish climbed into bed with Shawn that night, she snuggled up very close to him and he put his arm around her. Trish was going to leave to go back to Washington the next day and they didn’t want to think about being apart.
Softly Trish said, “I am going to miss you so much Shawn.”
 “I am going to miss you. It sucks so much but I have to stay here with Jesse. I hope they can transfer him to Olympia soon if he stays stable.”
Trish moved up to Shawn’s face and they kissed for a long time, holding each other close and not wanting to let go.

On Sunday right after breakfast, Trish, Shawn and Ceci drove back over to the hospital. Trish had her bag and her things in her car already, she was going to leave for Washington directly from the hospital in the afternoon.
In the ICU they were greeted by Nickie, who was assigned to Jesse for the day shift again, “Good Morning, Callahan family.”
Shawn greeted her, “Hi Nickie. How is he?”
Nickie smiled, “He is awake. Probably waiting for you. You can go right on in.”

Shawn nodded, thanked Nickie and wheeled by her, followed by Ceci and Trish. Jesse’s bed was still low.
Shawn took his baseball cap off, laid it on his lap and ran his hand through his hair before he wheeled right up to the bed, saying loud enough, “Jesse, Good Morning.”
Jesse tried to move some but still couldn’t look over to the side.
Shawn took his hand again, “I am over here. I will come up there. Hold on.”
Parking his wheelchair in the right angle he handed his cap to Trish and then transferred. Trish watched him closely, still enjoying very much when Shawn transferred. His legs dangled over the side of the bed and untwisted when he pushed his butt further up on the bed and was able to look at Jesse.

Trish came up to the bed, next to Shawn and Ceci walked around to the other side. Jesse’s eyes flickered nervously as he looked at all of them.
He could just lay there as the women greeted him. His wrist was still held down by the soft strap but it was obvious he hated not to be able to do or say anything. His green eyes scanned nervously between Shawn and Trish and over to Ceci. His right arm was still immobilized in the sling around his upper body, letting his collar bone heal.

Trish saw Jesse ball his left hand in a fist and tried to move his arm up but couldn’t.
She wrapped her hand around Jesse’s clenched fist and leaned over some, so he could focus on her, “Jesse, they don’t want you to move much yet.”
Shawn looked down to Jesse’s fist with Trish’s hand wrapped around it, “Jesse, if you act right they will take the wrist strap off.”
He leaned over with a smile, “Do you remember how I acted like an idiot in the hospital and they had to restrain my wrists? That is why, it is for your safety. Just relax. We are here and you don’t have to worry about anything else. Can you hear me?”
Jesse’s fist seemed to loosen in Trish’s hand and he focused on Shawn and they could see a tiny nod from Jesse.
Shawn kept on, “I will ask the doctor when you can come off the ventilator.”

Shawn knew from his own experience how frustrating it was not to be able to communicate, being on the ventilator and having no control over what was going on.
Trish still had her hand loosely over Jesse’s hand and she started, “Jesse, I have to go back to Washington today, I have to work tomorrow and I have no more days to take off. I am so glad I got to see you wake up though and I can’t wait to see you back at home.”
Jesse moved his eyes over to Trish and to her surprise he wriggled his hand out from under hers and took her hand in his. He kept his eyes on her the whole time and Trish looked from their hands up to him with a smile.
Shawn glanced at their hands but then looked away, not wanting to disturb the moment and hoping it was a peace offer on Jesse’s part about their situation of Trish and Shawn being together.
Jesse looked at Trish for a moment and then moved his eyes to Shawn and back to Trish.
She wasn’t sure if he was trying to communicate on some level and she just smiled and said lowly, “We hope you can come back to Washington soon.”

Jesse did well during Sunday morning but around noon his blood pressure dropped some and he seemed exhausted. Nickie checked all the vitals and IV’s and decided that Jesse probably needed some rest.

Before they had to leave his room Trish came up to Jesse again and leaned over him. His green eyes were on her, he looked tired.
She touched her hand to his cheek and softly stroked over it, “Jesse, I will be gone later. I have to get on the road so I will be at home tonight.”
Jesse opened his hand for Trish to put her hand in his and she did, “Shawn will keep me updated on you and maybe I can come down on Saturday again if you are not coming back to Washington yet.”
She saw a small nod again and Jesse’s eyes seemed alert on her as she finished, “We love you Jesse and Shawn is going to be here with you to make sure you are all right.”
Jesse had not moved his eyes from her and she bent down and kissed him on the cheek, saying lowly, “Take care and be strong for us.”
He squeezed her hand and when Trish stood up he let go off her but kept his eyes on her until she was out of his view.

Shawn wheeled up to the bed and leaned over to tell Jesse he would see him later and that he should get some rest now. Jesse nodded slightly again, whatever limited movement was possible with his neck held in the cervical collar.
They left Jesse behind with Nickie hovering over him.

Outside the ICU, Ceci said her Good Byes to Trish by hugging her tightly and thanking her for being there with the guys through this difficult time, “Trish, I am so happy you are with Shawn. He needed this so badly and especially now you are like heaven sent. I am soooo glad you were able to reconcile again. Whatever was going on between you both I hope it was the first and last time. I think you both are meant to be together. If there are ever any issues please talk to me, the guys are like brothers to me.”
Shawn was over by a large window front looking out over a park waiting for the women to finish their Good Buys. He couldn’t hear what Ceci and Trish were saying.
Ceci squeezed Trish once more and eventually let go of her with some tears flowing from her eyes, “I will stay here with Shawn until the weekend at least. I took off this week so I can be down here with him. I think dad will come down again on Friday unless anything changes with Jesse.”
Trish nodded and thanked Ceci for everything and with another quick hug the women were done and Ceci turned to Shawn, “Shawn, I am going to the cafeteria. I will wait for you there.”
He spun his wheelchair around and nodded an O.K. to her. Ceci waved at Trish and walked away.

Shawn stayed by the window and moved his eyes toward Trish approaching him slowly.
She smiled at him despite feeling sad about leaving, “I guess I should get going so I am driving home in daylight.”
Shawn nodded and held his hand out to her. Trish took it and he pulled her onto his lap. Without words they fell into an embrace and he muffled into her ear, “I am going to miss you so damned much.”
“I will miss you too but it is only for a few days. I will try to come back down on Saturday unless something changes. I really hope they can transfer Jesse back home to Olympia or maybe Seattle.”
“I hope so too.”
Trish looked at Shawn, “Are you glad he is awake?”
Shawn nodded, “Yes, and he seems like he was all right somewhat.”
He buried his face into Trish’s hair again and said lowly, “I hope so much his head will be all right.”
“I think so, he seemed to know us and is just frustrated he can’t talk. He seemed like he was O.K. with us…you and me.”
“I hope so…”

For a moment they looked at each other until Shawn started lowly, “Trish, whatever happened between us when I found out…when I found out about your thing…I don’t ever want anything like this to happen again. I am sorry for acting like an idiot and I want to kick my own ass for almost losing you. I don’t ever want to lose you, you are the most important person in my life and I need you. I love you so much and I can’t imagine ever living without you again. I think we are meant to be in each other’s life. I am what you need and you are what I need. There is no other place or person we should be with. I love you so much.”
Trish smiled at his emotional words and replied, “I love you too Shawn. You ARE everything I need and I want to be with you always and even if we are not together for a few days you will be in my heart every hour of the day, no matter how far apart we are. I love you so much.”

Shawn pulled her face to his and they kissed a long and loving kiss, Trish holding on to Shawn tightly and feeling his body on her, his skinny legs under her and his strong arms around her. She let her hands ruffle through his hair in the back and he held her head to his face and kept his lips on hers, taking in as much as he could of her before they had to say Good Bye.
They didn’t want to let go off each other but eventually after another couple of kisses Trish said, “I should go now Shawn.”
He nodded in defeat and let her climb off his lap, “I will take you to your car.”
Shawn wheeling next to Trish they headed for the parking lot to where she had parked her car in the morning.
As Trish unlocked her door and opened it, Shawn watched her and felt bad about her having to leave. Trish hated to leave him behind too but she had to go back to work to not lose her job.
She tried to keep her emotions hidden from him but she really felt like crying a little when she said again, “O.K. baby…I have to go.”
She sat down in her driver’s seat and Shawn wheeled his chair all the way up to her. They looked at each other and Trish held her hand out to him.
He took it and said lowly, “This sucks…”
She could tell he was frustrated and he wanted to say harsher words but he kept himself in check.
She smiled at him comforting, “You have to be there for Jesse. He needs you Shawn and when all this over it will be you and I and it will be so good. I want you to be strong for me down here. I love you.”
“I know. I love you. Drive careful. Call me when you get there and text me in between too. Keep your phone on. Don’t speed and don’t stop in weird places.”
Trish laughed lowly, “Yes Sir.”

Shawn leaned over toward her for one last kiss and then he reluctantly pushed his chair away from her car and closed the door for her. He backed up some more and watched as she started the ignition and slowly backed out of the spot, then looking up at Shawn, blowing him a hand kiss and with a small wave she took off and he thought he saw a glistening on her cheeks as she tried to smile leaving him behind in the parking lot. In her mirror she saw Shawn wave at her, then the blue framed TiLite wheelchair with her boyfriend in it got smaller and smaller in the distance until she had to turn onto the main street.

Tears were now streaming down her cheeks as all her emotions came flowing out of her, Shawn on her mind, the fight, the love and the passion, Jesse in the hospital and everything that had been going on over the last couple of weeks. Answering the ad in the newspaper had definitely changed her life but she wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.


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