Saturday, October 25, 2014

Three's A Crowd Chapter 34

Trish is heading back home and Shawn is staying behind with Ceci. They are nervously awaiting Jesse to come off the ventilator and Shawn is concerned about what Jesse may have to say to him.

After Trish was out of his sight Shawn slowly wheeled back into the hospital and headed for the cafeteria where he found Ceci at a table for two by the window. She looked up from her phone when she realized the wheeling motion out of the corner of her eyes and saw Shawn approaching the table. She had already moved the second chair out of the way and Shawn popped a small wheelie as he arrived at the table.
Ceci asked lowly, “Is she gone?”
Shawn just nodded and glanced at Ceci’s coffee.
Ceci inquired, “You want some coffee?”
“Coffee sounds good.”
Shawn was fine with Ceci getting the coffee for him. Balancing a coffee cup in between his thighs wasn’t all the way easy so he waited for her at the table until she came back with a cup for him, “Here you go cuz!”

Shawn took a careful sip from the cup.

Ceci watched him and asked lowly, “How are you holding up?”
He shrugged his shoulders but didn’t say anything and Ceci asked furthermore, “Are you doing O.K. with all of this?”
He looked out the window for a moment, then at Ceci, “I am all right. I have no choice, but all of it seems so unreal though. It is not right for Jesse to be dealing with this. He was supposed to be healthy and working and keeping shit together for us. I am supposed to be the only fucked up one in this family.”
Ceci and Shawn grew up together. She knew her cousin and didn’t mind a curse word coming out of his mouth occasionally. 
She nodded in agreement and replied lowly, “Yeah well, shit happens I guess…”
She sighed and then said more intensely looking directly at Shawn, “You know we are here for you Shawn. We won’t leave you guys hanging, no matter what happens.”
Now Shawn nodded, “I know and I am very grateful for that…I couldn’t do this without you guys.”
Ceci leaned her head sideways a bit and added, “…and you have Trish now. I for one am very happy about that and I hope you are too.”
Somewhat lost in thoughts he replied, “Yes…Trish...who would have thought?”  
“What do you mean?”
Shawn shrugged his shoulders again, “I don’t know…I just didn’t think that a woman would be into me again after what happened.”
“She seems to be very much into you…”

He contemplated for a moment to tell Ceci about the devotee thing but then decided it would stay between him and Trish because it was a special bond they shared and something people probably wouldn’t understand. Just like he reacted very confused and angry when he first found out, others may react the same way. He would always protect Trish and her secret.

Ceci drank a sip from her coffee, then looked back at Shawn, “So what was this fight about that you had with Trish? You never really told me.”
Shawn’s expression was serious, “And I won’t. It is between me and Trish and it is behind us.”
“O.K., I can respect that. I will not ask you about it anymore. I just hope you both are good now.”
Shawn looked at Ceci with dark eyes, “Trish is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love her.”
“I am very happy to hear that Shawnee, she is very lucky to have you.”
“I am lucky to have her.”
Ceci sighed and looked out the window, then back at Shawn, “….and Jesse is going to make it through this and everything will be all right.”

Sunday evening around seven Scott, the night shift nurse called Shawn on his cell phone, “Shawn, Jesse is awake if you want to come see him. He got some good rest and is doing very good right now. Doc said they will take him off the ventilator tomorrow morning.”
“I am glad to hear that. I will be right there.”
Ceci and Shawn were buzzed into the ICU once again and headed straight to Jesse’s room. He laid unchanged, still and quiet, the machines humming around him.
Ceci walked over to the bed and greeted Jesse with a small hug, “Hey Jesse, we are back.”
She took Jesse’s hand and his eyes stayed on her alert for a moment until he heard Shawn’s voice, “Hey bro, how are you?”
With that Shawn pulled his wheelchair all the way up to the bed, it was still low enough for him and he transferred right back on it so he could see his brother face to face. He smiled at Jesse who had his eyes on him.
There was not much they could do but just be there with Jesse.
Shawn told him, “Trish left today. She had to go back because she has to work tomorrow.”
Jesse’s eyes stayed on Shawn the whole time as Shawn tried to think of things to say, “She is still working at the senior citizen community.”
Scott came back a little while later, walked over to the bed and hovered over Jesse so he could see him, “Hey Jesse, are you ready for the night? Let’s make it a good one with lots of rest and good heart beats and an amazing blood pressure…”
Scott laughed and Shawn thought he saw tiny wrinkles around Jesse’s eyes as he was possibly trying to smile.
Ceci and Shawn stayed with Jesse until shortly after nine o’clock and eventually said Good Night to him and headed back to the hotel.

As soon as Shawn was outside the ICU he heard his phone announcing a text message and he stopped to look at it.
It was from Trish, “Hey baby! I just stopped at a gas station to get something to drink. I am in Washington and be home in an hour or so. Hope you, Jesse and Ceci are O.K. Love and miss you.”
Shawn typed his reply quickly and then followed Ceci to her car.

At the hotel he felt strange wheeling into the room without Trish being there. The room felt lonely instantly but he reminded himself it would only be for a few more days hopefully. He had agreed to meet up with Ceci in the breakfast room downstairs at eight in the morning and then head over to the hospital to catch Dr. Runkel.
He spent another hour getting undressed and washed up, then wheeled up to his bed and transferred into it. He adjusted his legs on the bed and slid his body down to lay flat. His phone was in reach on the night table as he waiting for Trish to text or call him when she got back home.

It was around ten when Shawn was aroused from sleep with his phone announcing a text message.
He had dozed off with the TV on and sleepily picked up his phone and saw the message from Trish, “I made it home. In my apartment, very tired, will go to sleep now to be somewhat O.K. for work tomorrow. Miss you and love you so very much.”
Shawn would have loved to hear Trish’s voice but he opted not to call her and clicked on the reply button, “I am glad you are home now. Miss you and love you very much too. I fell asleep in the room with the TV on. I have to be at the hospital at nine in the morning to talk to the doctor. I hope Jesse will come off the ventilator tomorrow. I will keep you updated.”
“That would be wonderful. Maybe we can talk tomorrow morning. I have to see how busy I will be at work.”
“O.K., well, I love you, Good Night and sleep well.”
“You too baby, I love you.”
She included a heart in her message and Shawn set his phone down on the night table. Trish was on his mind when he fell asleep again.

At shortly before nine the next morning, Ceci and Shawn arrived at the hospital and Dr.  Runkel met them outside the ICU. After a greeting Dr. Runkel explained that Jesse was stable and they would take him off the ventilator later that morning. They had been decreasing his oxygen supply gradually over the last few days and so far Jesse was compensating very good on his own.
Shawn asked, “Do you think he is going to be O.K. with his head injury?”
Dr. Runkel answered, “Well, all his neurological data has been within the normal range and we will see when he can talk to us. I think your brother will be fine. He really just had a very bad concussion, there was no injury to his skull or brain but merely swelling and that has been going down. Jesse will have to take it easy and not take on too much stimulation at the moment but I think he will be just fine. His leg is really more a problem than his head.”
“Is there any chance he can get transferred to a hospital at home in Washington?”
Dr. Runkel didn’t look very positive, “Not anytime soon. He is not ready to be transported yet and it depends if his insurance would cover a transport like that.”
Shawn didn’t like hearing those news at all, “When do you think he would be ready?”
“I am not sure Shawn, I am sorry. We will have to wait and see.”
Shawn looked over at Ceci who didn’t look very happy either.

He lifted his body up for a split moment, then replied, “Well, I want him to be strong enough before he gets to go back to Washington but it is difficult for me to stay down here.”
Dr. Runkel nodded, “I know, I am sorry. I hope you can find a way.”
They were silent for a moment and eventually Dr. Runkel asked, “Do you have any other questions for me Shawn?”
“No, not at the moment.”
“O.K., well, I will be with Jesse and our team at eleven and we will get Jesse extubated. He may not be too talkative though after that. It is better if you let him rest for now until the extubation. You could come back around noon and probably see him then.”
Shawn remembered the procedure of extubation and it definitely had been an ordeal to have the tubing of the ventilator removed and it hurt in the throat for days. He wasn’t too happy about not being able to see Jesse until later but he understood.

He turned to Ceci, who was reading in a magazine, “I guess we will just hang around here?”
Ceci looked up, “We don’t have to stay here in the hospital. We could probably be back around one and hopefully then Jesse will be O.K. We need to get away from the hospital a bit.”
Shawn wasn’t sure if he wanted to leave, “What if something comes up with Jesse or if there are problems with the extubation?”
Ceci took Shawn’s hand and said in a comforting tone, “Shawnee, he is O.K. You need a little break too. Let’s get out of here. Come on!”
Shawn sighed and nodded, “I know, you’re right. Let’s get out of here.”

Soon thereafter they were on their way over to a waterfront park by the McKenzie River.
Ceci found a spacious parking spot and Shawn was able to get into his wheelchair easily.  
Since it was still early on a Monday morning there were only a few joggers out. Paved paths wound through the park and Ceci and Shawn strolled down to the riverfront and looked out at the water.
Ceci asked Shawn, “Did Trish make it home last night?”
Shawn updated Ceci about Trish making it home safe and sound.

He pushed his rims next to Ceci, who kept pace with his speed. When they found a bench Ceci sat down and Shawn parked his wheelchair next to the bench.
Shawn looked out to the water, “I don’t know how much longer I can stay down here if they don’t let Jesse go to a hospital in Washington. I also don’t want Trish to have to come down here really, it is too much driving and everything.”
Ceci pulled out her sunglasses, “I know, it would make things easier if he could get transferred. I thought I can stay all week but I have to leave on Wednesday. I forgot about a class I have on Thursday. Colby and Danny wanted to come down maybe, but I know Danny is working up North this week and I am not sure if he can make it. I know dad is coming down on Friday again.”
Shawn remarked lowly, “As much as it means to me you guys really don’t need to be down here with me. I can handle it by myself and I know everyone has jobs and responsibilities. I would totally understand if you can’t come back down and Randy, Colby and Danny really don’t need to either. It costs too much money for everyone to travel back and forth.”
“How are your finances right now?”
“It is all right. Jesse made good money for this project down here. I can still live off that for a few weeks I guess. Just throwing my hopes out the window for having anything done to the house or maybe getting a car for me. It doesn’t matter though, I need to be here for him. I will just have to keep cursing at the carpet in the house and rely on everyone else to drive me around. I don’t care about this stuff, I sacrifice all that if Jesse is going to be O.K. I will deal with whatever if I can just have Jesse healthy at home again.” 

Ceci nodded and she felt bad hearing Shawn’s words. She could hear through his words how much he needed his brother and how much he cared for him. She knew her dad and the rest of the family would have no issues with helping them out. In the past they had offered financial assistance to the guys but most of the times Jesse had declined, he didn’t want any monetary help but it had also meant that Shawn had been waiting to get a car and had been waiting to get some things in the house modified for him. There was some unspoken tension about these issues in the past because Jesse felt he needed to take care of everything concerning him and Shawn which led to many hours of work on his part, just making ends meet but keeping Shawn in the waiting for changes in his life concerning mobility or accessibility.
Shawn depended on Jesse and it had caused fights and arguments between the two quite often which usually always ended in Jesse throwing at Shawn that he worked so hard for them and telling Shawn he was ungrateful and impatient.
Ceci started thinking about just overthrowing Jesse’s stubbornness and helping Shawn out soon. He did need a car and he was bound to not only the wheelchair but even the house with no way to go anywhere when Jesse was gone to work.
As Ceci had stayed quiet Shawn looked over to her and repeated, “I mean it…you guys don’t have to stay here with me. I can handle it.”
“Well, we will see how things will develop over the next few days.”

They stayed at the waterfront for another hour, strolling along and chatting about different things. Ceci found out about Shawn in the beginning not wanting Trish to come and work for them and how he and Jesse got into the bad fight, in which he broke his wrist. She was somewhat shocked that Jesse had went off on Shawn like that but she knew as much as they loved each other, Shawn’s accident had caused so much tension and stress between them. It was really no surprise that Jesse had lost his temper with Shawn.
She also knew that Shawn had been taking to the alcohol too much over the last couple of months and it caused issues all the time. Randy had been talking to Shawn, she had been talking to him about it and it somewhat had stayed a problem.
She asked him at that moment, “Are you still drinking?”
Shawn kept pushing his rims and looking at the ground in front of him, “Only that one night, not really other than that...”
“You need to stay away from that stuff. You can’t drink yourself into a coma every time something comes up or if there are issues.”
Shawn said tensely, “You don’t have to tell me…I know what I have to do.”
Ceci knew he didn’t like hearing about that and she added, “We only say this stuff because we care about you. You have Trish now and that is a chance for you to think about making some changes Shawn. Trish is a good woman.”
“I know that and yes, I want to make changes. Right now though I have to focus on Jesse and that is all.”
Ceci knew Shawn was done with that conversation and she didn’t say anything else about it.

Nervously Shawn and Ceci came back to the hospital around twelve thirty. When they rang the ICU bell and stated who they were, there were buzzed right in and Jesse’s day Nurse Samantha greeted them in the hallway of the ICU.
Shawn asked nervously, “How is Jesse?”
Samantha smiled, “He probably hates us now.”
Shawn looked at her alert and Samantha added quickly, “Well, the extubation isn’t ever fun but he did very good. I am sure he is ready to see you and talk to you as good as he can at the moment. He is still in pain with a sore throat and even though we gave him medication for that it is still strenuous to talk for him but you guys can go in and see him.”
With that she let Shawn and Ceci go and added, “Let me know if you need anything.”
“Thanks Samantha.”

Shawn couldn’t wait to see Jesse now but he was also nervous at what Jesse would possibly have to say to him.
They reached the room, the curtain was draped and door was pulled closed somewhat with only a crack just wide enough for Shawn to wheel through. The first thing he realized was Jesse’s left hand on his chest, he wasn’t restrained anymore and now his whole face was visible with all the tubing and straps gone.
Shawn wheeled in slowly but the soft squeaking noises of the frame of his chair and his wheels on the linoleum floor made Jesse shift just a little bit.
Shawn approached the bed, it was somewhat high again and Shawn hated the fact for a just a moment. He didn’t want to have to mess around with letting the bed down to see Jesse but Ceci was quick in response and with her foot pressed on the pedal she said softly, “I am letting the bed down.”

The bed softly hummed and lowered itself, Jesse now breathing a bit quicker at the realization of Shawn and Ceci being in his room. He still couldn’t turn his head and even though his eyes flickered nervously he didn’t see his brother until Shawn quickly climbed up onto the bed again and leaned over Jesse, “Jesse, hey? It’s me…Shawn.”
Jesse’s face was clean shaven and his green eyes looked tired but he was alert and to Shawn’s surprise his first stuttering and very scratchy words to him were, “I…can…see that. My eyes…still work.”
Shawn had to laugh lowly and he was excited to hear Jesse talk that tears shot up in his eyes. He couldn’t help when a tear actually came rolling out and he was embarrassed for Jesse to see his tears.
He wiped over his eyes quickly, “Jesse…”
He felt very insecure momentarily and didn’t really know what to say.
Really he actually felt like crying and when some more tears came out Jesse actually said, “It’s all…right…Shawn.”

As much as Shawn wanted to say things to Jesse, all the things he had planned to say, now he couldn’t bring any words over his lips as his emotions took over and he could only produce tears and no words.
Jesse lifted his hand and balled it into a fist holding it out to Shawn for a knuckle bump and Shawn gave Jesse a silent knuckle bump. Still his own throat felt like fire as he just couldn’t speak.
Ceci saved the moment as she leaned over Jesse, “Hey love…it is so good to see you Jesse.”
Jesse turned his eyes from Shawn toward Ceci and smiled at her, “Ceci…Hey!”

As much as Jesse felt Shawn being very emotional at the moment he knew the best thing was to let Shawn have a moment to collect himself. It hurt him to see Shawn feeling that way though and he wanted to be cheerful and strong for Shawn, even though inside he felt anything but cheerful and strong but was very scared and desperate as to what was happening to him.
Ceci stroked over Jesse’s cheek, “How are you feeling? And don’t talk if you are in pain or whatever.”
Jesse answered lowly, swallowing in between words, “I…I’m O.K….Glad I…I am off…the ven…ti...lator.”
He was in pain, his throat burned like it was an open wound on the inside but he wasn’t going to let this stop him from talking. He swallowed with a pain stricken face.
Ceci replied, “We are too…everything is uphill from now on.”
“I hope…so.”
Ceci wasn’t going to say much more to him, she knew it was difficult for him to talk.
She assured him, “We are here for you Jesse. Everything will be fine.”
She leaned down and kissed Jesse on his cheek.

Shawn was sitting quietly on the bed, watching Jesse and Ceci and feeling overwhelmed with seeing his brother struggling to talk.
Jesse looked back at him meeting Shawn’s teary eyes and he started, “How…the hell…did you…do it?”
He swallowed and coughed a little. Shawn had no idea what Jesse was referring to and he looked at him questioningly.
Jesse then added with difficulties, “A tube down….your throat….for weeks….”
Shawn realized he was talking about his time on the ventilator after the accident. He had been on it for almost three weeks until he was strong enough to breathe on his own again.
He replied lowly, “I don’t know. I didn’t really have a choice.”
Jesse kept his eyes on Shawn and his face was serious when he asked, “Are…you…all right…Shawn?”
Shawn still couldn’t really talk and his tears didn’t want to subside and he only weakly shrugged his shoulders at the question. He wasn’t really all right either.

He looked over at Ceci and she understood the look, “I will give you guys some time.”
Jesse moved his eyes over to Ceci and she said, “I love you Jesse.”
Jesse managed a low, “I love you…thanks…Ceci.”
She walked out and in passing she touched Shawn’s shoulder lightly.
Shawn nodded at her and when she was out of sight Jesse looked back at Shawn, “Shawn…are…you O.K.?”
Shawn didn’t want to lie and he shook his head. Tears still rolled over his cheeks.
Jesse said lowly, the pain about seeing Shawn that way making it hard for him to stay positive, “Shawn…hey…I need…you…to be strong…you hear.”
Jesse touched his hand to Shawn’s arm and he added, “Every…thing…will be O.K.”
At that sentence Shawn had to laugh lowly again, tears streaming down his face even more now.
He barely managed, “That has been your motto forever!”
Jesse smiled weakly, “Yes, the only…way…to look…at it.”

Shawn wanted to hug Jesse, he wanted to tell him how much he loved and needed him and how terrified he was of anything happening to him but instead he could only nod and asked lowly, “You are not mad at me anymore?”
Jesse turned serious, “No, I was….wrong...I am….sorry.”
Shawn didn’t really care anymore about the arguments and the fights he had had with Jesse. They both had made the wrong choice in words and actions in the past. The only thing that mattered now was Jesse coming out of this and coming back home.
Shawn looked down, “I am sorry too.”
Jesse then asked lowly, “You…really…love her?”
He nodded and answered lowly, “Very much.”
Jesse looked at Shawn intensely, “That’s good.”

For a moment they were quiet until Shawn started lowly, telling Jesse how he found out about the accident and that he came down with Trish and Uncle Randy initially and in the end he informed Jesse, “Uncle Randy is talking to an attorney for you.”
Jesse listened quietly and eventually he asked lowly, “Shawn…I didn’t…fuck up…my Spinal Cord…did I?”
Shawn shook his head and answered, “No, your right leg is in bad shape though and you have a bad concussion, there was swelling in your brain and they had to cut into your skull.”
“Why…can’t I…move…my head?”
“They are holding your head still with a cervical collar so you can’t move it and mess up anything.”
Jesse slowly moved his hand up to his head and felt the bandage on it, “Fuck!”

His eyes travelled back to Shawn. Shawn’s tears had finally subsided and he just looked at Jesse.
Jesse asked him, “How…is…your…health?”
“It has been good, just issues with spasms as always.”
Jesse glanced at Shawn’s casted hand, “Still…in a…cast?”
Shawn nodded, “Yeah, actually I should be getting it off this week.”
“I am…sorry.”
“It’s all right. I deserved it.”
“No, you…didn’t.”
They were quiet for a moment again.
Jesse took another deep breath, ”A lot…of….stuff…ha…happened the…last…couple of…weeks…”
Shawn nodded and he also felt Jesse needed to stop talking. He took gasping breaths and his chest was visibly rising up and down.
“You shouldn’t talk so much. You probably need to rest again.”

Shawn shifted on the bed, he felt slight spasms travel through his legs and adjusted his legs in a different position. Jesse watched him closely as good as he could.
“I am…really…glad…you are…here. I missed…you and…your...atti...tude.”
Shawn grinned at him, “Really?”
“Well, I will stay here as long as it takes for you to be better or go home with me.”
“She understands.”
“But don’t…you…want to be…where she is?”
“Yes, I want to be where she is, but I need to be here with you and that is what I will do, however long it takes.”
Jesse smiled, “You…don’t have…to pay me…back…for when…you…were at…Harborview, you…know?”
“It’s not like that, I want to be here…just leave it at that Jesse.”
Jesse heard Shawn’s voice somewhat tense and stopped but held his fist out for another knuckle bump to ease the tension. Shawn smiled at Jesse and replied the knuckle bump.

Ceci eventually came back into the room. She leaned over Jesse and talked to him a little bit.  He was getting tired though and his words came out with more difficulties.
Samantha checked in on Jesse and all the vitals were showing regular activities.
It had been a long day and Jesse seemed exhausted. Shawn stayed on the bed the whole time, listening to Ceci, Jesse and Samantha. He just wanted to be there with Jesse through all of it. At the same time he wished very much that Trish could have been there with him.
Jesse’s eyes kept travelling over to Shawn and the two brother’s eyes would meet and Shawn nodded reassuringly a few times.

Around seven Shawn announced, “We should probably head back to the hotel. You seem tired.”
Jesse’s eyes glanced over to Shawn, “I am…tired, but…you…don’t have…to leave yet.”
“It is probably better Jesse. We will be back tomorrow. You had a lot of stuff going on today. You should get some rest now.”
Just when Shawn shifted to get off the bed, Jesse reached his hand to Shawn’s arm, “Shawn…I am…glad…you are…here.”
He took a couple of heavy breaths and Shawn smiled at him, “I am too. I will be back tomorrow morning all right?”
Shawn shifted again and Jesse stopped him again, “Shawn…”
Shawn looked over at him again, “Yes?”
“When…you…talk…to Trish…tell her…Hi from…me. It…was…good…seeing her…down…here. Tell her…Thank you and tell her…I am sorry.”
Jesse was struggling taking breaths now and his blood pressure went down some on the monitor.
Shawn looked at him worried, “I will tell her. You need to take it easy now…It’s all good.”
Jesse tried to nod a tiny nod but couldn’t really. His chest was moving up and down quickly as he was trying to breathe but was obviously somewhat distraught.
Shawn leaned over him one more time, “Don’t worry about anything, O.K. I need you to get out of here soon and I know Trish wants that too. We missed you Jesse and when all this is over, everything will be good.”
Jesse nodded again but couldn’t speak anymore.
The blood pressure monitor beeped and Scott came in, “What’s going on with the blood pressure?”
Shawn then moved over to the edge of the bed, pulled his wheelchair over some and transferred down, “We are leaving. Jesse needs to rest I guess.”
Scott was at the monitors and then hovered over Jesse, “My man Jesse, try to relax, O.K. Take some good breaths for me.”
Ceci leaned down over Jesse, kissed him on his cheek, “I will see you tomorrow sweetie.”
Jesse tried to smile but he had a hard time breathing now, his ribs hurting with every breath he took.
Shawn was in his wheelchair and took Jesse’s hand in his one more time, “See you tomorrow bro. Get some rest now.”
Scott stayed behind with Jesse, keeping an eye on him and saying Good Bye to Ceci and Shawn as they were leaving for the day.

Seeing Jesse and talking to him had been difficult for Shawn too but he didn’t want Jesse to know. Now he wheeled silently out the door of the ICU and toward the elevator.
In the elevator Shawn stared at his hands in his lap and Ceci asked lowly, “Are you all right?”
Shawn looked up at her and with a deep breath he replied, “I am just freaking worried about him and how everything is going to be. He can’t work anymore for a while. His leg is fucked up and it is going to take months for him to be back to normal if everything even works out and heals the way it should. It wasn’t supposed to happen like that. Jesse shouldn’t have to go through this. I am so pissed off.”
The elevator door opened on the first floor and Shawn wheeled out somewhat angry, Ceci behind him, “Shawn wait up!”
Shawn spun his wheelchair around and Ceci looked at him with serious eyes, “It will all be all right. Jesse can make it through this and at the end of the road he will be back and you guys will be all right. You need to have faith that things will work out, you hear?”
Shawn nodded, “Yeah, I know…I just hate seeing him like this.”
Ceci walked over to Shawn and leaned down to hug him, saying again, “Things will work out Shawn and you know we are all here for you guys.”
The hugged and then headed out to Ceci’s car.

On the way to the hotel they stopped at a Fast Food place and ordered some food to go. Shawn hung out at Ceci’s room for little while eating and chatting with her. They called Uncle Randy and talked for a while. Randy had another appointment with the attorney on Wednesday and they would discuss further process.

The Police Investigation was still ongoing at the time and they were waiting for the autopsy results of the driver’s cause of death. All this took time and meanwhile Jesse was recovering in the hospital. There was not much they could do in taking the next step and maybe taking this to court.

Cascadia Construction had contacted Shawn the day before. Jesse’s boss Ray Carver had known Jesse for over five years and Jesse had been one of his best employees, reliable, flexible and hard working. Mr. Carver had told Shawn that he would still be paying Jesse the full wages for the project. He wanted to help the guys out and was devastated about the accident and Jesse having been seriously hurt. All the guys in Jesse’s crew had sent their get well wishes and were still working hard on finishing the Interstate expansion. Everyone had been shocked by what had happened and they all missed Jesse very much.

That night Shawn was in his hotel bed, propped up on the pillows with his head leaning on the head board. It was after nine and he touched Trish’s number on his phone and shortly after it was ringing on the other end.
Trish answered, “Hi baby?”
“Trish, hey!”
“What are you doing? How is Jesse?”
Shawn explained to Trish how he had talked to Jesse and Trish was very relieved when she heard what Jesse had said and that he wasn’t mad at Shawn, “I am so glad about that.”
“Me too, he seems to be doing all right.”

On the other end Trish was laying in her bed after a long day at work and still tired from the weekend and all the things that had happened, “I miss you already Shawn.”
“The hotel bed is way too big for only myself.”
“Oh baby, I know…I am planning on coming down on Friday night or Saturday.”
“I really hope Jesse can get transferred once he is stable enough.”
“Hopefully soon.”
They talked for a while still until at almost ten o’clock they said Good Night and hung up.

Shawn couldn’t fall asleep, too many things were running through his head and he had not brought any sleeping pills with him. His legs were spastic under the sheet but he tried to go without taking his Baclofen again and just riding out the spasms for now.
He thought about Trish and Jesse and as his eyes adjusted to the darkness he could make out the silhouette of his TiLite next to his bed and it was almost like the wheelchair was watching over him somehow, just a piece of aluminum and wheels but at the same time having had such a huge impact on Shawn’s life for the past two years.
He wondered how things would have been if he would have never been in that accident but it was hard to remember himself walking and standing. He used to work full time in construction just like Jesse making decent money that supported all his activities outside of work, drinking, going out, on occasion smoking pot, switching out the girls by his side all the time and making sure his truck ran good and would take him wherever he needed to go. It was strange to remember how his life used to be and how it was now.
Whereas he used to feel anger and frustration though at the memories of his old life, now he felt content and somehow like it was all meant to be this way.
He stared at his wheelchair in the darkness and lowly into the room he said, “You won!”

Pondering in his thoughts and turning on his phone once more to look at Trish’s pictures he finally fell asleep at almost midnight.


  1. I'm happy to see that Jesse is not too bad and that he is starting to get back to where he needs to be. I am glad Shawn was able to reconcile with him, too.

  2. Really enjoyed this chapter Dani, thank you for all your hard work!

    Clair D

  3. Nice chapter. After all the drama things seem to go in the right direction for everyone. Even though I feel a bit sad for Jesse :(