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Three's A Crowd Chapter 35

Trish is coming back to Eugene and with Jesse off the ventilator he finally  gets to tell both Trish  and Shawn how he feels. As Shawn and Trish are trying to relish in the little time they have together they enjoy some more steamy moments in intimate closeness.

The following days showed some more improvement in Jesse’s condition. Ceci left on Wednesday and Thursday Colby and Danny came down to see Jesse and be with Shawn until Sunday at least. Shawn enjoyed the company of his two cousins. During the day there was life in Jesse’s room with all the young men. Colby and Danny loosened up the situation with their conversations and jokes, making Shawn feel somewhat at ease and also getting Jesse to smile more and more.

Jesse didn’t recall anything from the accident and had some trouble remembering some things that came up during their conversations. Shawn worried about this very much but no one said anything about it. Some examples of what Jesse couldn’t remember was their cat’s name, what kind of truck he drove and their house number at home.

The moment the cat name came up Colby was humming the Rocky theme trying to get Jesse to remember but he couldn’t get the name. Staying seated in his wheelchair Shawn was now able to look at Jesse who sat slightly reclined in his bed and could now see what was going on around him. There was no injury to his back or spinal cord. The main issue was his fractured ribs and at times he would make a pain stricken face with deep breaths that hurt in his chest. He had to stay in the neck brace because of his head injury. The doctor didn’t want him to move his head too much but at least he was sitting up. He also still had his right arm angled in the brace for his collar bone to heal.  No one mentioned Jesse’s leg injury and it stayed hidden under the thin sheet, strong pain meds keeping Jesse from even knowing how bad his leg was.

When he couldn’t remember the cat’s name even though the guys were joking and giving him hints his eyes turned sad and he met Shawn’s worried expression.
Shawn couldn’t look at him and lowered his eyes. Between the two brothers was an unspoken concern about Jesse’s memory problems.

Danny and Colby were trying to ease the tension as Danny finally said, “Jesse, what was freaking Sylvester Stallone’s name in a series of boxing movies?”
Jesse answered lowly, “Rocky.”
Colby laughed, “Dude, you got it. That is your cat’s name.”
Everyone knew that it wasn’t that Jesse had remembered the cat’s name but had merely remembered the name of Sylvester Stallone’s character. No one mentioned the cat anymore after that.

It was Saturday around one and the guys were hanging around in Jesse’s room when it knocked softly on the glass door and as everyone turned to look there was Trish smiling shyly at everyone, “Hey!”
Shawn knew she was coming down and had been waiting for her but now seeing her again made his heart beat speed up. He had missed her so much even though they talked on the phone every night.
Trish’s eyes travelled from Shawn to Jesse on the bed. Jesse couldn’t turn his head but his eyes focused on her.
Shawn wheeled over to Trish and upon seeing him she also felt her heart race in her chest. They smiled at each other and Shawn held his hand out to her. She took it and leaned down to kiss Shawn and they lowly greeted each other. With everyone in the room their greeting was quick and discreet but Shawn didn’t let go off her hand as she stood up again.

Trish eventually pulled away from Shawn and saying a friendly Hi to Colby and Danny she then walked over to Jesse. Jesse’s eyes flickered as she approached the bed and he felt very nervous seeing Trish now.
Trish took his hand though and with a smile at him she said lowly, “Jesse, Hi. I am so happy to see you.”
Jesse smiled weakly, “I am happy to see you.”

The moment was a little awkward but Trish took control of it and leaned down to Jesse and gave him a kiss on his cheek and a small hug as much as possible with Jesse unable to move a lot. She felt his left hand on her back as she hugged him though and when she stood back up, Jesse’s eyes were shiny but he said with a smile, “Thanks for coming down again. I know Shawn missed you a lot this week.”
Jesse was able to talk with more ease again and Trish smiled at his words.
Slowly she let go off Jesse’s hand but his eyes stayed on her as she stood next to his bed. Shawn wheeled up next to her and trying to distract he asked, “How was the drive?”
Trish sat down on the edge of Jesse’s bed as she told the guys how her drive coming down to Eugene had been.

Shawn couldn’t take his eyes off her. She looked beautiful and he knew it was strange for Jesse to see Trish. Her long blonde hair was in a single braid over her right shoulder and she wore a summer dress with flats, matching to the red in her dress. He couldn’t wait to be with her in the hotel room. He wanted to hold her to him so badly but it wasn’t a good moment with everyone there so he could only keep his longing in check.
Trish talked about her week, the guys talked about Jesse and what was going on with him as far as his getting better and everyone hoping he would be able to get transferred back to Washington soon.

Later that day, Colby and Danny announced they would go to the cafeteria and get some coffee leaving behind Shawn, Trish and Jesse. Trish sat on Jesse’s bed and Shawn was parked next to it with his hand on Trish’s knee.
Trish turned to Jesse, “I am so glad to see you getting better Jesse.”
“I can’t wait to be back to normal but I know it will take some time.”
There was a moment of silence and eventually Jesse started lowly, “I…want…to apologize to both of you.”
Shawn knew what this was going to be about and replied lowly, “Jesse…don’t…”
Jesse sounded tense, “Let me talk Shawn.”
Trish took Jesse’s hand but didn’t say anything.
Jesse attempted again, “Shawn, Trish…I was wrong to say the things I did. Shawn…” He moved his eyes toward Shawn and swallowed before he continued, “Shawn, I…you…deserve nothing less than to be happy. I know everything has been so freaking hard for us and especially for you with the accident…I can’t even imagine how it must have been…now I am in this hospital and it seems surreal…but I am so scared about the future and it puts everything in perspective again…I want you and Trish to be happy and I want to be part of your happiness and I think we need to stick together to make it through this shit. I am so scared and I need you guys. I know...”, he paused and his voice trembled a little, “I know there is stuff going on with me….my leg is fucked up and I have problems remembering things and it scares me.”
A tear rolled out of his eye and down his cheek. Shawn felt his body tremble at his brothers’ words.

Trish leaned over some and said calmly, “Jesse, we are here for you whatever it takes and we will stick together. It means the world to us that you are O.K. with me and Shawn being together. We love you so much.”
Shawn tried to think of something to say but felt a knot in his throat and was glad that Trish had taken over the talking for now.
His hand on Trish’s knee got sweaty and holding Jesse’s hand in one hand Trish took Shawn’s hand in her other hand and squeezed it, “Jesse, we will make it through this. You need to be strong for us and we will be here to support you all the way.”
Shawn looked up slowly and said, “Trish is right, we will make it Jesse. And as for me having it hard for the past two years, it was just as hard for you and I know that. But you were there for me no matter how horrible I was to be around…things are going to be different now Jesse. I am getting better too and I will get my life back on track.”
Shawn looked from Trish back to Jesse and with a trembling voice he added, “You being O.K. with Trish and me means everything to me. I wouldn’t have known how to keep going if this would have come between us.”
Jesse took his hand from Trish’s grip and held his fist out to Shawn, “We are cool and we will be there for each other always.”
Shawn nodded and fist bumped Jesse, “Yes, we are cool. I love you Jesse.”
“I love you.”
Trish smiled at the reconciliation between Jesse and Shawn and she was so relieved.

When Colby and Danny came back they all hung out some more in Jesse’s room until it became evening and Jesse got tired. With hugs and Good Bye’s they left Jesse to rest and left the hospital.
Trish had come straight to the hospital and her Mazda was parked out front. Shawn wheeled beside her to the car and when she glanced over at him he met her eyes and they silently smiled at each other.
At the car Trish shamelessly watched Shawn transfer from his wheelchair into her car and she then stashed the chair in her trunk.
Colby and Danny were going to eat somewhere and then go out for drinks. Shawn had told them that he would stay in with Trish, they only had one night together after all. Trish was going to leave again on Sunday.

In the hotel room Trish dropped her purse and small bag with a change of clothes on the floor and then fell on the bed. She couldn’t even react as quick as Shawn was next to the bed with his wheelchair, transferred quickly onto the bed, and pulled himself over Trish, held her down and moved up to her face, “Gosh, I missed you so much this week…”
Trish could barely tell him that she missed him too when he wildly showered her with kisses and as she felt his weight on her and let his lips unite with hers she was very excited. Shawn kissed her passionately and demanding. When he unlocked his lips from hers he held her arms down beside her head.
He just looked at her with his dark eyes, strands of hair falling into his forehead when he asked Trish, “Did you miss this paralyzed guy?”
Trish had to look away from him momentarily and Shawn demanded, “Hey, keep your beautiful blue eyes on me and tell me how much you missed me.”
Trish giggled lowly and Shawn smiled at her, “Ms. Devotee, come on…I need to hear it. I need some morale boosts.”
She still giggled, “Shawn…”
He laughed lowly, “Nah, you don’t have to say anything. I love you!”
“Well, what if I tell you that I thought of you all day and at night in my bed when I thought of you I got really wet and I imagined your mouth on my pussy.”
Shawn made a surprised face, “Whoa…all right then…but I asked for it, didn’t I?”

They laughed and fell into a long kiss again. When they slowed down their passion, Shawn laid his head next to hers and Trish stroked through his hair, “I love you so much Shawn.”
“I love you more.” They were quiet again and after a moment Shawn said, “I really hope I can go home soon and be with you again. I know Jesse needs me here and I will stay as long as it takes but I do miss you so much Trish.”
Trish nodded, still stroking over his cheek, “I miss you too but we will be O.K. We will make it.”
Shawn nodded and then shifted a little, “I have to make my way to the bathroom.”
“Do you have to cath?”
He nodded again, a little embarrassed at her direct question.
Trish said softly but demanding, “I want to see it. I want you to show me.”
This threw Shawn off somewhat and his smile faded, “Trish, I don’t know…”
“Please Shawn, I want to see how you do it or do it to you.”
Shawn held his head up on his hand and sighed, “Trish…but…”
Trish said again, “I know how to cath men Shawn…but I want to see it on you. Just thinking about it gets all me tingly.”
Shawn sighed. He felt nervous and embarrassed about letting Trish in on his catherization. She looked at him with pleading eyes, “Please!”
Shawn smiled and looked away, “I really don’t know Trish.”
She sat up, “Come on, let’s go to the bathroom.”
He realized she wasn’t going to let it go and Shawn sat up, pushed himself over to the edge of the bed and transferred back into his chair.

Trish followed him into the bathroom and they both came up to the sink and washed their hands, Trish trying to meet Shawn’s eyes in the mirror but he avoided her.
He sighed again as he pulled his wheelchair right next to the toilet and was nervous when Trish sat on the edge of the bathtub having Shawn in full view and being able to witness the whole process of catherization.
Trish could see his breathing somewhat fast and his hands shaky.
She said softly, “Shawn?”
He looked up and she took his hand, “I am so excited to see you do this.”
He shook his head slowly and then asked lowly, “Do you want me to explain everything?”
Trish shook her head.
Shawn still didn’t look as he moved his hands down to unbutton and unzip his jeans. Trish felt her heart beat fast and she asked lowly, “Can I do it?”
Shawn looked up at her surprised and questioning and Trish explained, “Can I unzip and unbutton your jeans.”
Without a word Shawn moved his hands out of the way and Trish moved over some to reach the fly of his jeans as she unzipped and unbuttoned it, exposing a dark red pair of boxers.
She saw Shawn’s chest rise up and down quickly and as she removed her hands he pulled out his penis with shaky hands.
Trish whispered, “Shawn, you turn me on so much.”

He glanced up at her quickly then focused back on the task and tore open a tiny package. He pulled out the little piece of alcohol drenched material and quickly swabbed the tip of his penis, the whole time feeling very nervous at Trish watching the whole process.
He grabbed a new package with a sterile catheter and tearing open the package he pulled out the catheter tubing. A tiny tube of lube came with it and once he let a few drops lubricate the tubing he then carefully inserted the tubing into his urethra, letting one end hang into the toilet. When he looked up at Trish for a moment, he saw her eyes scanning him, her breathing coming quickly and as much as he was confused he did try to see it with her eyes and from her point of view. If this was something she enjoyed and liked about him then he had to just try to go with it.
Trish smiled at him, “You are soooo hot right now.”
She had seen and performed catherization on men at her job hundreds of times, most of the older men at her facility using indwelling Foley catheters that had to get changed out every couple of weeks unless there were problems.
Seeing Shawn perform his intermittent catherization was so different for her. Seeing him there in his wheelchair and performing this very intimate act was a huge turn on for her, seeing that part of his body being used in this way excited her and watching Shawn focused on the task made her so happy.
The light yellow liquid flowed through the tubing and into the toilet. Shawn looked up at her and when she met his eyes he shook his head at her last comment, “Really?”
He still couldn’t really understand it but if that is what this did to her then he really needed to relax about it.
As their eyes met, Trish softly touched her hand to his arm in assurance that it was all good and Shawn joked lowly, “So this counts as foreplay then?”
She actually nodded and answered softly with a smirk, “Totally.”
Shawn couldn’t help a smile brush over his face then but he shook his head again in disbelief, saying lowly, “I must be in para heaven or something.”
Trish smiled at his joke.

Shawn finished the task, cleaned the catheter and put it back into the package. He tried to use one catheter at least two to three times but after each use a thorough cleaning was needed.
Just when he was about to zip up his fly again Trish stopped him, “You don’t have to zip up your jeans again because I want to take them off in a moment.” He looked at her and she smiled at him seductively, adding, “Why don’t you meet me by the bed in a moment? Stay in your wheelchair!”
“I will be there shortly.”
Shawn wheeled out of the bathroom and Trish quickly freshened up some. When she came out he was sitting in his chair next to the bed, his shirt and shoes off, just in his jeans.
He looked at her with a smile, “I figured I let you do the rest of the undressing.”
“I would love to.”
She walked over to him and climbed on his lap, letting her hands run through his hair and moving in for a kiss. Shawn wrapped his arms around her and they kissed wildly.
Trish let her hands travel over his chest as she was breathing quickly.
When they let their lips unlock she stood up and in front of Shawn she turned her back to him. She wore a summer dress and posing in front of him she moved her ass slowly and eventually bent down, giving Shawn a glimpse of her behind.
When she looked at him she said, “First you have to undress me.”

He nodded with a smile and moved his hands over to her panties, pulling them over her nice round ass and she let them fall down her legs, stepped out of them and pushed them over. Shawn let his hands caress the soft skin of her behind and he was getting very excited. His hands felt shaky as he let them travel over her bare ass and up to the zipper of her dress. With one move the zipper was undone and since he couldn’t reach too far up Trish let her dress fall down over her shoulders, now standing there with only a strapless bra on. She turned around and Shawn had the full frontal of her slender body, her pussy with just a little strip of pubic hair, her skin fair but slightly tanned from the rays of sunshine over the past couple of weeks. She still had her hair in a braid over her shoulder. Slowly she unhooked the bra herself and threw it out of sight as she stood there bare naked in front of him. She let her hands run over her own skin as Shawn just sat there and admired her body.

He wanted her so much and as she brought her hand down to her pussy she whispered, “She is wet from watching you a while ago.”
He smiled and replied lowly, “Good.”
Trish leaned over some and added, “Let’s get your jeans off.”
When Shawn wanted to start with that she said, “I will do it.”
He let his hands rest on his rims for a moment until Trish had a grip on the waist of his jeans and he lifted himself up with his hands on his seat for a moment, holding himself up for as long as it took her to wriggle the jeans and his boxers down.
Trish glanced at his muscles in his arms as he held his body up, slightly off the seat as she pulled his jeans over his butt and once over his thighs he let himself down again on his seat.
Slowly she pulled his jeans over his legs and he watched her content expression and how she softly touched her hand to his legs. 

Without words Shawn reached his hands out to touch her waist and for a moment he looked at her and she looked at him and Shawn said lowly, “I love you so much Trish. You are beautiful.”
When only a couple of weeks ago he wouldn’t have even imagined being naked like this in front of a beautiful woman now his heart overflowed with so much joy it almost hurt.
He knew he didn’t have to be anyone else for her. He was able to just be the man he was now without having to worry about his skinny legs or his flaccid penis.
Trish took his hands and they stayed like this for a moment and she smiled at him, “I love you Shawn. You are everything I ever wanted in a man.”
With that Shawn pulled her over on his lap and in their nakedness they enjoyed each other’s caresses of their bodies and let their lips touch in a loving kiss.
Trish sat on Shawn’s lap with her legs spread on either side of him and he held her to him, she had her arms wrapped around his neck and they were locked in a kiss, turning from gentle to passionately.

Shawn’s hands were all over Trish and he kissed her neck and her breasts. Trish felt his sleeping cock on her ass and even though it didn’t get hard she was very turned on by just feeling him on her.
The kissing and licking intensified and Shawn whispered in between, “I want to taste you again Trish. Lay on the bed for me.”
Trish was breathing quickly already but Shawn’s words turned her on even more.
Shawn felt detached from the world, his focus was only on Trish and her body and what it did to him. Feeling her skin on his skin and exploring her softness with his hands and tongue made his head spin. He couldn’t wait for the taste of her sweetness in his mouth.
She climbed off and sat on the edge of the bed.

Shawn ordered her softly, “Get some pillows behind your head and spread your legs out to the side of my chair, you can rest your feet on my rims. I will have my break on.”
Trish did as he ordered and eventually laid on the bed, a pillow under her ass and her pussy right on the edge of the bed lifting it up toward Shawn. Her legs were angled and her feet rested on Shawn’s wheelchair rims as he pulled all the way up to the bed.

Using her legs as leverage he leaned over slowly, his body wanting to just fall forward, but he braced himself holding on to her thighs. It cost him some strength for sure but the effort was worth it. He had her pussy in front of his face and was able to come down with his mouth as she let him explore her every corner with his tongue.

Trish let her mind drift off to Shawn and letting the feelings he stirred in her take over her body as she bucked up some meeting his mouth and his skilled tongue. She took gasping breaths as he worked his magic and at the same time watching Trish in ecstasy Shawn felt the nerves in his upper body vibrate with every gasp of Trish. His lower body was still and silent but the parts of his body that still had sensation felt like on high voltage. He felt chills even on his head, feeling almost like his hair was static as he tasted Trish’s sweetness, the juices of her excitement running into his mouth and the scent off her arousal surrounding his head and face. His fingers dug into her thighs as he steadied himself for once but at the same time wanting to hold her and feel her with every nerve of his hands.

Trish laid spread out in front of him, moaning and moving her head from side to side, saying his name softly and driving Shawn crazy with it.
Softly letting his fingers flick her clitoris and his tongue pushing into her opening over and over again Trish bucked up against his mouth. He could barely breathe and whatever was going on he didn’t want it to stop.
He muffled into her skin, “Trish…you make me crazy. I want to eat you out. You taste so freaking good to me.”
Trish took some gasping breaths and couldn’t stop her arousal intensifying with every push of Shawn’s tongue into her pussy as she said again, “Shawn, I am going to come on you right now. Don’t stop.”

He didn’t have to be told not to stop, he wanted to go into her, taste her delicious arousal as he took gasping breaths and Trish coming hard, the insides of her pussy pulsating around his tongue, almost like holding it inside of her and Shawn’s whole body tensing up, his fingers digging into her skin, his hair stringy and moist like a curtain shielding him from her glossy eyes as he pushed into her a few more times, feeling like a shock wave somehow ran up and down the parts of his spine that could still intercept the signals of his brain, stopping short at T-6 from going all the way down but making him feel like he was exploding. He couldn’t help a breathless moan into her skin, his chest rising up and down fast as never before and his body almost fully collapsing forward onto to her if he wouldn’t have used the last little bit of strength of his biceps and triceps.

He pulled his tongue out of her, his breaths were coming quickly and his body was trembling as he couldn’t hold himself up anymore and he said with a low shaky voice, “I have to sit up Trish.”
Trish had come out of her orgasm with an utter release and came to Shawn’s rescue as she took his hands into hers, helping him loosen the grip on her thighs and letting her feet come off the wheelchair rims. She held Shawn’s hands and softly guided his body to an upright position again. He was quiet, letting her help him sit up and then basically holding him there with her hands on his chest. His hair was moist, his face shiny and his eyes were glowing as he focused on her and let his head fall back some. His chest was slowing down in its movement and Trish moved over onto the edge of the bed. Shawn had placed his hands on his rims, holding on.

Trish looked at him and he met her eyes and they smiled at each other. Their loving smiles then turned into low laughter.
Trish still had her hands on his chest and Shawn laughed, “Don’t move your hands, I will fall over. I am so exhausted right now.”
Trish climbed off the bed and skillfully onto Shawn’s lap, with her weight holding him in his upright position. She stroked strands of hair out of his eyes and he just looked at her.
As she softly stroked over his cheek she said, “Shawn, I love you so much…this was…I don’t know…it was amazing. I thought you were about to crawl into me.”
He looked up at her, his arms felt like pudding on his rims, he couldn’t really move but he replied with a smile, “I think I did.”
Slowly he moved his good hand up, his casted hand felt like a concrete block at the moment.
He stroked over her cheek, “Trish, I think you made me come again. It felt so intense, even more intense than in the shower last week. It was like…” He thought for a moment, “…I don’t know….like my upper body was electrically charged. I love you so much.”

He let his head rest on her chest, the soft hills of her breasts beside his face and he just wanted to breathe. Trish let her hands softly caress his back and she held him to her and he held on to her. They sat like that for a few moments, focusing back into the presence and just enjoying the closeness of their bodies entwined on Shawn’s blue framed TiLite.

In the bathroom Trish actually had to assist Shawn some to get into the shower. He was exhausted and even though the sex had been overwhelmingly amazing he did feel his body give out some. It was difficult for him to transfer onto the shower chair and he really didn’t have enough strength to wash himself. Without words Trish took over these duties and while Shawn let his head rest on the bath tub wall, his casted hand over his head, watching Trish in utter content, she gently washed his body and his face.  He wasn’t capable of doing much anymore but all he knew in those moments were the happiness to have Trish in his life and his heart wanting to burst.

Trish felt the same way about him. Watching Shawn with an expression of complete joy in his eyes made her heart skip beats and she wanted nothing more than to be in his life for a very long time.


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