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Three's A Crowd Chapter 36

Trish and Shawn's cousin's have to leave again but Shawn and Jesse get some good news.

Sunday morning Trish and Shawn met up with Danny and Colby in the breakfast room of the Motel.
As everyone except Shawn had to work on Monday they would go back to Washington that afternoon. Over breakfast they decided that Trish would leave at the same time Shawn’s cousins would leave. That way she didn’t have to drive back by herself.

At the hospital Jesse was awaiting them and a smile brushed over his face as they all trickled into his room around eleven.
He looked like he felt good. He had been on strong pain medication the whole time. So far the temporary external fixator was holding his femur bone together and his tibia was braced but since the swelling was going down, the surgery would have to take place in the next few days.

The guys greeted Jesse with a hand shake and Trish leaned down and planted a kiss on Jesse’s cheek. He was obviously happy to see everyone.
Shawn wheeled up to the bed, “How are you today?”
“All right.”
They all pulled up chairs and sat around the bed. Colby and Danny talked about their night out and Trish and Shawn sat there holding hands and just listening.

It was around five that afternoon when Colby, Danny and Trish eventually said their Good Bye’s to Jesse and were ready to get on the road to go back home.
Shawn wheeled out to the parking lot with them and while Colby and Danny headed to Colby’s pick-up truck, Shawn and Trish walked to her car.
As Trish sat down in her driver’s seat, Shawn pushed his wheelchair right up to her. He placed his hand on the door holding on and leaning forward a bit.
Trish smiled at him, “I will come back down next Saturday.”
“Hopefully we will find out this week if or when Jesse can get transferred back home.”
Trish touched her hand to Shawn’s knee and he looked down for a moment, then up smiling weakly, “I hope we can be together all the time soon.”
“Me too.”
He touched Trish’s hand with the fingers of his casted hand, “Trish, last night…it was awesome.”
She laughed lowly, “It was very awesome. I love you Shawn.”
He looked at her from under his bangs, “I love you too. I am going to miss you.”

They said their Good Byes and Trish leaned over to Shawn and they kissed and it was hard to let go of each other. Trish took off and following Colby and Danny in their truck, in her mirror she saw Shawn wave and her heart was heavy at leaving him behind.
Shawn would have to take a taxi back and forth to the hospital now since no one was there with him anymore. Trish was a little worried about him, but there was nothing she could do. She had to go back to Olympia to be back at work on Monday.

Shawn wheeled back into the hospital and made his way to the ICU, where Jesse was lying awake in his bed.
He wheeled up to the bed and Jesse asked lowly, “Everyone gone?”
“Are you all right?”
Jesse was usually sensitive enough to know when Shawn didn’t feel good and he knew it was difficult for Shawn to be there with him and now be by himself.
He said lowly, “Shawn, if I don’t get transferred back to Washington….this week, I want you to go back…home next weekend.”
Shawn looked up in surprise and argued, “No way, I am staying here until you can come back with me.”
Jesse swallowed and sighed, “Shawn, don’t fight me on this…you need to be at home and you should be…with Trish.” As Jesse moved slightly his face changed into a pain stricken expression and he moaned, “Fuck!”
Shawn was alert, “What is going on?”
“Just my ribs…it hurts when I breathe.”
“Should I call the nurse?”
Jesse took a couple of breaths and said, “I mean it Shawn…I want you to go back home this week.”
Shawn knew Jesse had made up his mind and he didn’t want to argue with his injured brother but he stated carefully, “Jesse, maybe I can talk to the doctor tomorrow and maybe you can go back to a hospital in Washington this week. Maybe they can do the surgery on your leg there.”

They spent the rest of the evening watching some TV, Jesse was tired and his pain started to get worse again around eight and once he had more pain medication in his veins he got sleepy and it was time for Shawn to go back to the hotel.
He got a number for a local taxi service from the nurse and called for a taxi to the hospital.
It didn’t take long and he was picked up in front of the hospital and taken back to his hotel.
It felt lonely in his room that night and when he looked at the bed he pictured the scene from the evening before with Trish moaning of pleasure and arousal.

When he came to the hospital on Monday morning he found Dr. Peterson in Jesse’s room, sitting on a chair next to the bed and talking to Jesse about his leg.
When Shawn appeared in the doorway Dr. Peterson turned around and greeted him, “Oh Good Morning Shawn. Perfect timing. I am just discussing with Jesse what we are going to do.”
Shawn wheeled up and reached for the doctor’s stretched out hand, “Good Morning, Doc.”
Shawn nodded a greeting to Jesse, who to his surprise was without a neck brace this morning. Jesse was able to turn his head slowly, facing Shawn and smiling.
Dr. Peterson started, “So Jesse is trying to convince me to let him go back home to Washington.”
Shawn nodded and looked from Jesse to the doctor, “Oh yeah?”
“I wanted to do the surgery on his leg on Wednesday but I know it is difficult for you guys to be stuck down here in Oregon. I could have Jesse transferred back tomorrow but the surgery has to get done sometime this week. I will contact my colleagues in Olympia; that is where you would want to go, right?”
Shawn nodded, “Yes, St. Peter Hospital there would be ideal.”
“I will call up there when I leave here and let you know later on today. Dr. Runkel cleared Jesse for his head. The swelling in his brain is almost gone and he just has to take it easy right now, no sudden movement or anything of that kind. We took off the cervical collar this morning to give Jesse some freedom in his movements but he has to take it easy.”
“That is good news.”
Dr. Peterson looked over to Jesse, “So would that be a good thing for you Jesse?”
Jesse nodded slightly, “Yeah, it would be so much easier for my brother and the rest of the family.”
The doctor got up from the chair, “Well, I am going to make those phone calls and I will come back as soon as I know more.”
The guys thanked the doctor and Dr. Peterson walked out.

Shawn wheeled up to the bed and Jesse looked over at him.
Shawn smiled, “You look so much better without the neck brace.”
Jesse smiled, “Whatever!”
They were quiet for a moment until Jesse asked, “Did Trish make it home all right yesterday?”
“Yeah, Colby and Danny too. She followed them up there.”
“Good. I hope they can get me back to Washington tomorrow.”
“Me too!”
Shawn glanced down at the sheet, then back up at Jesse, “What are they going to do with your leg?”
Jesse sighed, “My thigh bone is fucked up. Doc said they have to use screws and rods to align it. The tibia fracture is closed so they are going to just try to use a splint or cast. The knee is an issue too, I completely tore my ACL and there is not much they can do for that before the bones are healed. I will probably always have issues with my leg from now on.”
Shawn looked down, “What about your job?”
“I am not sure what is going to happen.” Jesse took a deep breath, “I am trying not to worry about anything but I am really scared.”
Shawn looked up at Jesse’s declaration.
He thought for a moment then replied lowly, “I am worried too but I am just glad you are alive.”
Jesse looked over at him and Shawn added, “I don’t know what I would have done without you. Getting those phone calls about you having been in an accident, I really tried my hardest to not totally freak out. I was so scared Jesse.”
Jesse held his fist out to Shawn and he knuckle bumped him as Jesse said lowly, “I wasn’t going to just die on you.” They both laughed a little.

The rest of the morning went by uneventful and Shawn just hung out in Jesse’s room. When Jesse fell asleep Shawn made his way to the cafeteria to get some lunch. With a tray on his lap, the bottle of Pepsi laying down on it he found a table with easy access. He set his tray on the table and arranged his items, pulled out his phone and started checking some of his sites and eating his lunch.

He couldn’t help glance up when he felt someone’s eyes on him and was surprised to spot a nurse two tables down checking him out and when he looked up she quickly looked away. She was sitting over a sandwich and had her phone next to her on the table. She was in scrubs and had a badge dangling on a clip on button, underneath her name the letters “RN”. Shawn looked at her for a moment. She was nice looking with brunette hair, up in a ponytail. He still had his eyes on her when she actually looked up again and this time she didn’t move her eyes and threw him a gorgeous smile and her lips forming the word “Hi”.

Shawn grinned and felt a bit embarrassed. The woman waved a little and he nodded at her with a smile. To his surprise she got up and came straight toward his table and he felt his hands get sweaty.
She stood over him smiling, “Hi, I am Eileen.”
Shawn had to look up at her some and lowly introduced himself.
Eileen asked bluntly, “Can I sit down at your table for a moment? My lunch is almost over.”
Shawn nodded at an empty chair, “Sure.”
She sat down and they looked at each other when she remarked, “I haven’t seen you around here before.”
Shawn was still unsure about this situation but answered, “I am not from this area. I am just here because my brother is here in the hospital.”
“Oh, I am sorry. I hope it is nothing serious.”
“It is actually. He is in the ICU, he was in an accident.”
Eileen’s smile turned serious, “Is he going to be o.k.?”
Shawn nodded, “I think so.”
“Where are you from?”
Shawn answered her honestly and Eileen pouted her lips at his answer, “Oh man! That is in a whole other state.” She smiled and then added, “I don’t get to see a lot of hot guys in wheelchairs down here.”
Shawn was very surprised at her blunt comment and all he could say was, “You are a nurse though.”
“Yeah, but I work on the pediatric floor with the little guys.” She smiled at him warmly.

Shawn didn’t know what to say to her but his mind was racing at her comment about the wheelchair and he thought of everything he knew now because of Trish.
Eileen rested her chin on her fist, “You probably have a girlfriend, right?”
Shawn looked down, then up at her, “Yeah, actually I do.”
“Dang, I figured but I thought I would give it a shot anyways. I like your wheelchair, nice ride.” She laughed lowly and Shawn joined her.
She was definitely pretty and Eileen added, “So your girl…where is she?”
Shawn explained the situation quickly and ended with, “So, hopefully my brother can get transferred tomorrow and we get to go home.”
Eileen shifted and still smiled, “Dang again…”
She sighed, “Well, I guess I should get back to work.”

Shawn kept his eyes on her and shrugged his shoulders. He tried to think of something to say. Eileen seemed nice and she was very attractive but he knew where his heart belonged but she did stir his curiosity about her comment pertaining to his disability.
Just when Eileen shifted to get up, Shawn said quickly, “Eileen, wait up!”
She moved up to him and said with a seductive smile, “Yes….”
Shawn smiled at her and started lowly, “Hey thanks for hanging out with me for a little while. You are really attractive.” Eileen smiled and he continued lowly, “Can I ask you something?”
Eileen leaned over some more, “Shoot!”
Shawn took a breath and started with a stutter, “Are you…are you….I guess I wanted to know if you…know what a devotee is?”
Eileen leaned back some and she pressed her lips together but still smiling at him.
She nodded and just when Shawn was going to say something else she replied lowly, “Yes, you have one right in front of you.”
Shawn took another breath and nodded.
Eileen kept her eyes on him, “Why are you asking? Is your girlfriend a devotee?”
He nodded again and answered lowly, “Yes.”
Eileen turned serious, “Is it a problem for you?”
Shawn shook his head quickly and replied, “No, it is not a problem, but I….I basically just…found out about all of this stuff.”
She sat back and laughed, “O.K., Shawn…I am going over my lunch break now. So you are a newbie then?”

He nodded and to his surprise Eileen put her hand on his right hand on the table and leaned over some, looking him directly in his eyes, “Shawn, don’t let her get away, ever. She is a very lucky girl and you are in for the time of your life. Women like us and men like you are a match made in heaven. Don’t forget that and enjoy this ride with your girl. Is that what you needed to hear?”
Shawn nodded slowly and Eileen added with a warm smile, “I wish I would find someone like you. So if you have any wheeler friends please send them my way. I would love to meet them.”
With that she wrote down her number on a napkin and then got up, sliding the napkin toward Shawn, “It was nice meeting you Shawn. Best wishes for your brother and good luck for you and your girlfriend.”
Shawn couldn’t say anything else as Eileen just patted his hand once more and then walked away. He turned around and looked after her, still thinking about her words. Eileen was another living example of women Shawn never knew existed before he met Trish.

All the sudden he missed her more than ever and he wanted nothing else than to be with her. He pulled his phone over and texted Trish, “Hey Trish, I know you are probably at work but I just wanted to tell you I love you and miss you so much.”
Nothing came back from Trish but he knew she was at work and most likely didn’t have a chance to text him back.

Shawn eventually went back to Jesse’s room and Dr. Peterson came later on in the afternoon as they were watching TV.
“Hey guys!”
Jesse and Shawn turned toward the doctor and Shawn turned the TV down when Dr. Peterson announced, “So, good news Jesse. We have a transport arranged for you tomorrow. We will get you discharged in the morning, the ambulance will come and get you about noon and take you back home to Olympia. I talked to Dr. Strickland at St. Peter Hospital and he will take over when you get there. He will also schedule your surgery for Friday.”
Dr. Peterson smiled happily to bring the good news to Jesse and Shawn and the first question Jesse asked was, “Can my brother ride back with me?”
“I am sure he can ride in the ambulance with you.”
Jesse and Shawn looked at each other and Shawn was very relieved to hear the news.
They talked in detail for a few more moments with Dr. Peterson.
When Dr. Peterson was gone Jesse said lowly, “Thank God.”
Shawn nodded, “Right on.”

Shawn talked to Trish that evening at the hotel and she was more than happy to hear the news, “Oh Shawn, I am so happy they are sending Jesse up here. I hate being away from you.”
“I know, I hate it too but it is almost over now. Honey, I am coming home.” Shawn laughed a little at his little joke. 
They talked for a little while and Shawn was relieved that it was his last night in the motel.
He packed his things in the morning, checked out of the motel and took a taxi over to the hospital at ten o’clock.

Jesse was awake and his nurse was prepping him for the pick-up and the ride. Jesse felt anxious and nervous which had caused his vitals to act up some and he was having some difficulties breathing when Shawn got there. His nurse Samantha was just in the process of hooking Jesse up to Oxygen, the small tubing over his face, two cannulas delivering oxygen through his nostrils.
Shawn wheeled up to Jesse and asked a bit worried, “Hey bro, what is going on? What is with the breathing?”
He said it with a small attitude but really he was just worried about his brother.

Jesse was taking some quick breaths and slowly moved his head to look at Shawn. He wanted to try to be stable but anxiety about leaving and taking a four hour ride and also getting closer to the surgery somehow made him nervous.
Shawn then softly touched Jesse’s arm, “It’s all right Jesse. We are going home today.”
Jesse nodded but he didn’t say anything as he was focused on taking good breaths upon Samantha’s order, “Jesse, try to breathe steady, not too many gasps o.k. buddy?”
Shawn looked at Jesse somewhat worried and then at Samantha, who met Shawn’s eyes, “He is just anxious to go on the trip. We will get it right.”
Samantha leaned over Jesse, “O.K. Jesse, just breathe normal now. You are O.K. You want to go home right?”

Jesse nodded but his eyes were flickering nervously. Shawn realized the distress Jesse was in and after a slight hesitation he took Jesse’s hand and squeezed, “Hey Jesse, look at me!”
Jesse looked over and to Shawn’s surprise he saw Jesse’s eyes watery, “Jesse, what is going on? I am here, I am going to ride with you in the ambulance. You are going to be all right man. Don’t think about anything, just focus on being back home later on. Well, not home but at least our hospital and I will be close and Trish will be there and Uncle Randy, Ceci and the guys. We can visit you every day then. It will be all right, o.k. “
Jesse nodded again but didn’t say anything. He seemed off a little but Shawn kept holding his hand and just sat there with him while Samantha was observing Jesse’s vitals and adjusted accordingly.

When Dr. Peterson came in to finalize the discharge and transfer, Jesse had calmed down somewhat and laid very still. Shawn still held his hand and Dr. Peterson quickly glanced at their hands interlocked and said softly, “We will give you a little bit of medication to relax, Jesse. I know you have been anxious this morning so I think it will be a good idea to have you sleep through the trip. What do you think?”
Jesse actually nodded in reply and Shawn looked from Jesse to the doctor, who then addressed him, “It will make the trip easier for him.”
Shawn nodded, “Yeah.”

Jesse was hooked up to IV fluids still and right before the transfer Samantha injected the ordered sedative into the IV line. Jesse kept looking at Shawn for reassurance and Shawn tried to look at him with confidence, trying to make Jesse feel at ease. Jesse’s eyes stayed on Shawn until they slowly closed and he fell asleep.

The three paramedics from a local ambulance transport brought in the mobile stretcher and Samantha called for two more nurses who would help lift Jesse from his hospital bed onto the stretcher, three people on each side and grabbing the sheet to carefully lift Jesse over. Shawn sat close by watching as his brother got strapped down on the stretcher, his IV-fluids and pain medication on the metal posts on the stretcher, the urine bag moved over to the foot end of the stretcher and secured there. Samantha had emptied the bag right before the paramedics got there.
Jesse was on pain medication, IV fluids, still had a Foley catheter, his right arm was still braced in the sling for the collar bone fracture, and his head was still bandaged.

As Shawn watched them transfer Jesse over and secure him on the stretcher, he saw a little bit of yellow liquid run into the urine bag. At the moment Jesse was in the same situation he was in every day, not knowing when he had to pee. It reminded him of his own catherization. He wanted to get this done before they would get on the road. Just in case he had slipped into an incontinence brief in the morning at the hotel. When he now wheeled into the disabled stall and unzipped his jeans he was glad to see the briefs were still dry and clean. He performed his catherization and after washing his hands, adjusting his backpack on the wheelchair he wheeled out to the front of the hospital where the ambulance was waiting for him.

The paramedics had brought Shawn’s larger bag down with them and they just finished attaching the stretcher to the frame and pushing it into the back of the ambulance.
Shawn thanked Samantha for all she had done and she shook his hand warmly, “Hey, it was nice meeting you guys. I hope Jesse will be up and on his feet soon. Stay in touch, let us know how he is doing.”
“I will. Please tell Scott Hi as well and thanks for everything to everyone in your ICU.”

They said their Good Bye’s and Shawn then turned toward the back of the ambulance. He actually didn’t have a ramp to go up into it, so the two male paramedics lifted him up in his chair into the ambulance. Shawn was holding on a bit wobbly but once up in the ambulance, he parked in an assigned spot and put on his breaks.
Paramedic Kristy sat with him in the back, the two others, Steve and Clay climbed into the front of ambulance.
Kristy would keep an eye on Jesse the whole time, making sure he was doing o.k.
As Clay closed the door, Shawn waved once more quickly at Samantha outside and then the door was closed.

The trip was over four hours. They stopped twice for small breaks and Kristy kept an eye on Jesse for the first part of the trip, then she switched with Clay, who sat in the back with Shawn and Jesse then.
They all chatted with each other, Jesse stayed calm and sleeping, his vitals were strong, he was breathing normal with the Oxygen and Shawn was relieved his brother was making the trip all right.
He texted back and forth with Trish, who was very excited to have the guys back home soon.

It was around five in the afternoon when they pulled up in front of the Emergency Room entrance of St. Peter Hospital. Jesse already had a room assigned as his arrival had been planned and expected. He was waking up a little at that time and when they were in the elevator going up to the 6th floor for Jesse’s room, he moved his eyes around the elevator and Shawn pulled up closer to him and said lowly, “Jesse, we are at St. Peter hospital. You made it.” Jesse nodded weakly and looked up at the ceiling again.

Eventually in his room, the paramedics transferred all the IV’s over and Jesse was lifted into a hospital bed again. He made a pain stricken face as he was lifted and Clay informed the nurse that Jesse was due pain medication again.
As the paramedics were done with their job they said their Good Bye’s, wished Jesse and Shawn all the best and Shawn thanked them.


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