Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Three's A Crowd Chapter 37 Part 1

Jesse is back in Washington in the hospital and his family is glad to have him back.  Shawn is excited to see Trish again.

Nurse Meghan introduced herself to Shawn and Jesse. She was going to take care of Jesse until seven that night. She also informed them that the orthopedic surgeon would come by in the morning to talk to Jesse and plan for the surgery on Friday.
Shawn had texted Trish and his uncle about Jesse’s arrival and where they would find him now. Everyone texted back that they would be there that evening.

Meghan adjusted all the medications according to Dr. Peterson’s orders from Sacred Heart Medical Center in Eugene. Nothing would be changed at this time. Meghan filled the room with her chatter and liveliness making things look not so bad anymore.
Jesse didn’t say much, he merely nodded or shook his head at her comments or questions, he still felt drowsy from the sedative. Shawn had found his parking spot between the bed and the window, out of Meghan’s way so she could do her job.
Jesse agreed on a light dinner when Meghan asked him what he wanted to eat.
“I will be back in a little while. Don’t hesitate to push the call button if there are any issues.”
Shawn nodded a Thank You and Meghan smiled at the guys and left out of the room.

The room had a large window and gave view to the rolling hills of the Olympic National Forest and Shawn silently looked out for a moment with relieve to be back home, “Jesse, look outside!”
Jesse slowly moved his head toward the window and when he saw the view he managed a smile and said lowly, “Heck yeah.”

Wearing her dress clothes Ceci came from her job in a bank in town and she joyfully hugged Jesse and Shawn and couldn’t restrain her happiness and a few tears rolling out of her eyes, “I am so glad you guys are up here now.”
Uncle Randy came after seven and was just as glad to see Jesse and Shawn. Trish had texted she would be there around eight and Shawn couldn’t wait to see her again.
At eight o’clock he kept looking at his phone and the clock on the wall, restlessly waiting for Trish.

Ceci and Randy sat on the low window sill and talked with each other and with Jesse. Jesse had stayed somewhat quiet during the afternoon, he felt weak and was still kept on Oxygen.
His blood pressure fluctuated a little and at eight fifteen the night nurse Brenda announced friendly, “So, we think Jesse needs some rest. His blood pressure is a bit unstable and so I unfortunately have to ask you to cut your visit short for tonight. Hopefully tomorrow he will be all right again. He just had a busy day.”

Trish wasn’t here yet but texted Shawn she was on her way. Nurse Brenda basically kicked everyone out and they all hugged Jesse and told him they loved him and Good Bye. Shawn was last and as Jesse looked at him, he said, “I will be back here tomorrow bro. I want you to get some rest o.k. You are home now so try not to worry about anything.”
Jesse nodded, “I won’t. I will see you tomorrow then.”
“Yeah, I will be here as soon as I can get here.”
They knuckle bumped and Jesse said, “Tell Trish Hi when you see her. Sorry I missed her and Danny and Colby.”

Randy had texted his sons not to come to the hospital because Jesse had to rest now. Colby and Danny had worked up in Seattle that day and were late coming back home.
Trish was sad to get the text from Shawn but said she would be in front of the hospital shortly to meet him.
Shawn wheeled alongside Ceci and Randy as they got on the elevator and went down. Randy carried Shawn’s bag and when they got to the front entrance they saw Trish’s car already.
The automatic doors opened and Trish got out of her car and came around with quick steps.
Shawn was happy to see her smiling face, “Hey baby…”
She leaned down to him and they hugged each other and kissed for a moment.
“Hey Trish.”
Trish then turned to Ceci and Randy and greeted them with a hug as well.
“I am kind of sad I can’t see Jesse yet.”

Shawn explained the situation with Jesse and since there was nothing they could do and everyone was tired, they all said their Good Byes until the next day. Randy stashed Shawn’s large bag into the back seat of Trish’s car and Ceci and Randy left.
Trish stood by as Shawn transferred and she felt her knees weak at watching him and he glanced up at her from inside the car as he adjusted his legs, “I got an audience.”
Trish smiled shyly and took his wheelchair to store it in the trunk.
When she was in the driver’s side Shawn leaned over and pulled her close for a long kiss, afterwards mumbling, “I am so glad to be back here now.”
Trish stroked over his cheek, “Me too. “

During the drive to the house Shawn told Trish about the day and the ambulance trip up to Olympia.
Trish asked about Jesse and how he was doing and Shawn explained about Jesse being nervous with the upcoming surgery and everything going on.
Trish replied, “We have to be there with him through this.”
“I know. He needs us right now and I plan on still going to be at the hospital as much as I can. His recovery can take a long time. He is really worried about everything.”
“He will make it, we just have to stand by him.”
Shawn nodded and moved his casted hand over to Trish’s thigh. She took his fingers in her hand and looked over at him with a smile.

Shawn was glad to be back in his own home.
Trish really didn’t have anything at Shawn’s house anymore since they had their fight when she had packed up her things and left.
Rocky, the cat was still at Danny’s house. The house was cool and had an aura of loneliness to it, obvious no one had been living in it for two weeks.
Trish sat Shawn’s bag on the floor in the living room just as Shawn came wheeling into the house.
He stopped, twisted his body around and took his backpack off his wheelchair handles and set it on a chair in the kitchen, sighing and looking around the house.

Trish stood in the living room and was a bit unsure as how to act. The last time they had both been in the house was when she had told Shawn about Jesse having been in an accident and it was after the bad fight they had had. Now they were in the house again as a couple and emotions of the way she felt for Shawn came bubbling up. Shawn spun his chair around and turned toward Trish. He put his hands to his rims and wheeled over to her. She watched him with a quick heart beat as he wheeled closer to her.

In front of her he ordered, “Sit on my lap.”
He put his break on and Trish sat down on his lap. She shyly put her arms around his neck and they looked at each other for a moment. Shawn took his casted hand to the strands of hair in her face and softly tugged them behind her ear, then saying lowly, “I love you.”
Trish smiled at him, “I love you Shawn.”
He pulled her to him and kissed her hard and full of passion. Trish felt his bony legs under her butt and the wheels and rims of his TiLite on her calves with her legs dangling over the side of it. She held on to him and let his kiss go into her.
Shawn was breathing quickly and said, “I don’t ever want us to be apart.”
“Me neither.”
“I want you to move in with me and Jesse.”
Trish was surprised at his comment, “Shawn, it is not that easy. I have a room-mate and I have a lease I am in.”
“I know but maybe we can plan all that soon. I want you to be with me.”
“Jesse is our first priority right now. After his surgery we will see.”
Shawn nodded, he knew she was right.
He just really wanted Trish with him, “You can bring stuff over here again.”
“I can do that and we will see how everything goes. I am working more hours again at the center.”
Shawn looked down, “I know…but can you stay here tonight?”
“If you let me. I have to be at work at noon tomorrow. I am picking up some hours for one of my coworkers. I should be done around five o’clock and I could come over to the hospital
Shawn smiled, “What do you mean “if I let you”? This is the deal…I won’t let you leave anymore ever.”
Trish laughed and kissed him.

That night as they laid in bed, Trish cuddled into Shawn’s arms and she felt so content.
She asked lowly, “Are you o.k. with everything?”
“I guess, I hope everything will fall in place. Jesse won’t be able to work for a long time and I don’t know how things will be with the money.”
“Everything will work out sometime. Have you heard anything from the police about the autopsy of the man who ran over Jesse?”
“No, the last thing I heard was that they were putting together their final report. That was on Monday. Today is Wednesday so I hope they will have that soon.”
“I also have to meet with the lawyer that Uncle Randy knows. I will do that next week. There so much stuff going on right now but first is Jesse’s surgery on Friday I guess.”

Trish leaned over Shawn and as they looked at each other her fingers gently stroked over his chest.
With his eyes on her Shawn let his fingers run through her hair.
Softly he said, “I have a question.”
Trish nodded, “Yes?”
Shawn looked down, then back up at Trish, “Since when did you know about your…,” He paused a moment, then finished, “…your interest in guys like me?”
Surprised at Shawn’s question Trish stopped tracing his chest tattoo with her fingers and moved her eyes from his. She was still shy to talk about her being a devotee but she also knew she had to be open with Shawn and if he had questions she had to answer.
She shrugged her shoulders as she tried to find the right way to answer.
Shawn stroked his fingers over her cheek and added, “If you don’t want to talk about it, it’s O.K.”
She shook her head, “No, it’s fine…I remember it somehow happening when I was a teenager. There was a boy in school…he had been in a car accident. He came out of it paraplegic and while everyone else didn’t really know how to deal with him coming back to school in a wheelchair, I was so drawn to him and his existence really occupied me for three years in High School. It was a nightmare, I couldn’t get him out of my head and seeing him in school almost every day made me crazy. I wanted to be his girlfriend. I thought of him when I wasn’t in school and in my dreams we were a couple. He was a year older than me and also graduated a year earlier. I was too shy to ever actually talk to him and somehow he being in a wheelchair somehow paralyzed me in all other ways of acting normal around him. I remember having to run into the bathroom and just breathe sometimes when I saw him interact with other girls in school. My heart kind of broke when I saw him at the senior prom with a girl on his lap for most of the night. She was his girlfriend and after graduation I never saw him again but I never forgot about him….Well, that somehow was the beginning and ever since then I was so drawn to it all and sometimes it was so very hard to deal with.”

She stopped and Shawn stroked some strands of hair from her face, “Well, guess what…you got that para boyfriend now…and your High School dream boy can screw himself that he didn’t see you back then…he missed out on the chance of a lifetime.”
Trish laughed lowly and Shawn smiled at her still stroking his fingers through her hair and his eyes scanning her face, “I love you Trish and we are going to fulfill every dream you ever had.”
She smiled at him and he pulled her in for a demanding kiss that lasted a while.


  1. I'm glad things are finally seeming to work out better for Shawn and Trish.

  2. Beautiful.
    Thank you Dani for all the work you put into it!
    Hugs Alexandra