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Three's A Crowd Chapter 37 Part 2

Jesse is nervous with the upcoming surgery and Shawn is worried when Jesse has some more moments of memory loss.

On Thursday Trish dropped Shawn off at the hospital on her way to work.  
Shawn wheeled into the elevator and made his way up to Jesse’s room. Jesse was sitting up in his bed and Shawn was surprised to see the bandage around his head was gone and he looked freshly washed and shaven and just all around like he was feeling good.
Jesse glanced over at his younger brother wheeling into the room, “Hey!”
“What’s up?”
Shawn wheeled up to the bed and fist bumped Jesse, “Not much.”
From the window in the room the view showed a beautiful day outside, the sun shining over the rolling hills covered in evergreen trees.
“I see they took the bandage off your head.”
Jesse nodded, “My head is all messed up on the side.”
“What do you mean?”
“Come around to this side.”
Shawn wheeled around the bed and saw the area on Jesse’s head where his hair was shaved and at least twenty visible stitches.
“Man, it does look fucked up.”
Quickly he added, “But your hair will grow again and the stitches will go away or they will take them out.”

Jesse nodded.

Shawn glanced at the blanket, “How is your leg?”
Without hesitation Jesse lifted the blanket and remarked dryly, “Fucked up too.”
Shawn glanced up and down the length of Jesse’s leg. His femur was still fixated externally with the steel contraption and his lower leg and knee covered with a thick dressing with some blood seeping through in a few spots. His leg looked swollen still.
Shawn said lowly, “They will fix it tomorrow.”
Jesse didn’t say anything and he eventually asked, “Where is the girl?”
Shawn looked up at him questioningly.
He had no idea who he was referring to and looked at Jesse somewhat confused, “Which girl? Are you talking about the nurse?”
Jesse looked out the window and seemed to be lost in thoughts for a moment.
Shawn repeated, “Jesse, which girl?”
Jesse looked over at him and seemed to be thinking about his answer.
“Jesse, who are you talking about?”
Jesse lowered his eyes, “The girl…your girl.”
He looked up quickly and almost like he was relieved that Shawn had figured out who he was talking about, “Yes, that one.”
“Trish…Jesse…her name is Trish.”
Shawn looked curiously at Jesse whose eyes seemed to look right through him, “Jesse, hey bud…you remember Trish, right?”
Jesse answered lowly and it didn’t sound confident at all when he answered, “Yes, of course.”

Shawn felt his heart beat into his neck at realizing Jesse’s problems remembering Trish and on impulse he told Jesse, “Hey man, I will be right back.”
Jesse didn’t have time to ask where Shawn was going as he watched his brother wheel out of the room.
Shawn swiftly wheeled toward the nurse’s station and as he got there the unit coordinator asked from behind her desk, “Yes, can I help you?”
“I am Jesse Callahan’s brother. Could I talk to his nurse please?”
“Of course, just a moment. Let me see who is assigned to Jesse today.”
She was about to get up when one of the nurses standing by said, “It’s Meghan. She is Jesse’s nurse for day shift today.”
The unit coordinator nodded and turned to Shawn, “Let me page Meghan for you.”
After a few moments, Meghan, who had also been Jesse’s nurse the day before when he arrived, came up to the nurse’s station and right away remembered Shawn, “Hello Shawn, how are you?”
“I am good…” Shawn was nervous as he went on, “Hey Meghan, can I talk to you for a moment?”

Meghan sensed Shawn’s tension but answered friendly, “Sure, let’s go to our family room.”
Meghan went ahead and Shawn followed her into a nicely furnished room with a refrigerator and TV.
Inside Meghan turned to face him, “How can I help you?”
Shawn closed the door some behind him and Meghan sat down on a chair.
“It’s about my brother. Did you get any reports on his head injury from Dr. Runkel down at Sacred Heart in Eugene?”
Meghan seemed a bit surprised, “I am sure they sent everything with Jesse yesterday.”
“Is there a doctor up here that keeps checking on his head and brain?”
Meghan tipped her head some, “Why? What are you concerned about?”
“He doesn’t remember some stuff that he should be remembering. It happened down there and it happened a while ago. He didn’t remember my girlfriends name and yesterday he knew her name. I am really worried about that.”
“I totally understand.” Meghan shifted and looked at Shawn seriously, “Why don’t you let me look through Jesse’s files and I can let you know if there is anything?”
“Yes please, I would really appreciate that. They need to keep checking his head. His memory is not right anymore.”
“I know they cleared Jesse for transport to up here.”
“Yeah, but I need to know if they are on this brain thing.”
Shawn sounded tense and desperate and Meghan tried to sound comforting, “Are you going to be here all day, Shawn?”
“Let me go check Jesse’s records and charts and I will talk to you in a bit.”

When Shawn came wheeling back into Jesse’s room, he had his eyes closed and Shawn decided to let him sleep and lowly watched some TV parked next to Jesse’s bed.
Shawn was surprised when after about an hour of watching TV on low all the sudden when he looked over, Jesse’s eyes were open and on him, just staring at him.
“Jesse, hey…you took a nap?”
Jesse only nodded but didn’t say anything.
Shawn turned the TV off and faced Jesse, “How are you feeling?”
Jesse’s left arm was still in a sling brace for his collar bone fracture and he made a pain stricken face when he shifted some in the bed.
Shawn asked again, “Are you all right, buddy?”
Jesse started lowly, “Am I? I don’t know Shawn.”
“What do you mean you don’t know?”
“I just don’t know how everything will be.”
Shawn tried force a smile, “I am here for you and everyone else is too. Don’t worry about anything. You are going to be fine.”
Jesse didn’t move his eyes from Shawn, “Thanks.”

It was around three when Meghan came into the room and after checking Jesse’s vitals and all was good she turned to Shawn, “Shawn, could you come with me for a moment?”
Shawn nodded and told Jesse he would be right back and followed Meghan to the family room again.
“So I checked Jesse’s charts and yes, there is a slight memory loss according to the Neurologist but it is considered a temporary issue and should not stay a problem for a long time.”
Shawn sighed, “What is temporary?”
“It said a couple of months and if no improvement then he needs to get rechecked. We have our Neurologist Dr. Masseh here in the hospital. You could arrange a consultation with him.”
“All right, I will probably do that then. I guess right now we have to focus on the surgery tomorrow.”
“Yes, that is the next important step so don’t worry too much Shawn. Jesse will be all right.”
“I will try not to. Thanks for checking that stuff Meghan.”
“You are very welcome.”

In the afternoon the Anesthesiologist Dr. Warren showed up and talked to Jesse and Shawn about the upcoming surgery and after explaining the risks of Anesthesia Jesse had to sign the liability waiver and the papers confirming he had received the information concerning everything.

Soon after Dr. Warren had left it knocked on the door again and Jesse said weakly, “Yes, come in.”
A young Dr. appeared in the room, wearing light blue hospital scrubs, a bandana type hair cover and light blue soft material booties over his shoes, “Hello Jesse, I am Dr. Strickland, I am the orthopedic surgeon here at the hospital and will be performing your surgery tomorrow.”
Jesse shifted slightly in his bed, obviously a little nervous at meeting the doctor that was in charge of fixing his leg, the most significant injury he had suffered.
Jesse just managed a low, “Hi.”
Dr. Strickland reached his hand out to Jesse, “I am sorry I wasn’t able to come meet you yesterday, I had some emergency surgeries that took longer than expected and when I came up last night you were asleep.”
Jesse reached his left hand out to Dr. Strickland and greeted him. The doctor then walked around to Shawn and introduced himself again with a hand shake.
The doctor took a chair and asked, “May I sit down for a little bit while we talk about your surgery tomorrow?”
Jesse nodded and Dr. Strickland pulled a chair over and next to Jesse’s bed and sat down on it, “Are you nervous Jesse?”
Jesse just nodded again and Dr. Strickland smiled reassuringly, “Well, we will get you back on your feet. It may take a little while for everything to be back to normal but you will be all right, Jesse.”
He paused, then continued, “I looked through all your reports and charts. I also talked to Dr. Peterson down in Eugene. You had a very nasty accident and I know it must have been tough for you so far. It is good that you were able to get transported to up here and have your brother and family here.”
Jesse nodded, “Yes, I am very glad about that.”

Dr. Strickland looked over at Shawn for a moment and smiled, then back at Jesse, “So Jesse, about tomorrow…I know you already talked to Dr. Warren about the anesthesia and I assure you Dr. Warren is highly professional and knows exactly what he is doing. As for my job, I will take care of that leg of yours. You sustained an open compound fracture of your femur, a closed tibia fracture and you also completely tore your ACL in your knee. So my focus tomorrow will be your femur and your tibia, I am going to work around the ACL tear. For your tibia and femur fractures I am going to use a procedure called Intramedullary nailing, meaning I will insert a metal rod into the inside of your tibia and femur bone and secure the rod with nails on both ends of your bones. This will stabilize your bones and keep them fixated in place on the inside and hopefully the fractures will start healing. Your femur fracture is complicated so I hope the procedure will work for it. We will deal with your ACL later on down the road. You can still walk with a torn ACL, but you can’t walk with a broken tibia and femur.”

Jesse seemed nervous and looked from Dr. Strickland to Shawn and back to the doctor, breathing somewhat quickly at hearing about the surgery.
Dr. Strickland realized Jesse’s tension and added in a comforting tone, “I know this all sounds not very fun but that is the only way we can start fixing your leg, Jesse. You are a young man and I know your job is physical. To best achieve your mobility again we have to do this though. There is really no way around it. This requires your patience and I can tell you it will be a process and it will take time for you to be back on your feet but because you are a strong young man you will recover. It just takes time. Once the surgery is over we will keep a close eye on your leg for any infections or swelling but if everything goes well you will start physical therapy soon and eventually probably be on crutches or maybe…” Dr. Strickland paused and somewhat nervously added, “…maybe in a wheelchair for a little while.” The doctor quickly glanced over to Shawn and Shawn just lowered his eyes and then glanced up at Jesse who looked very worried.
Shawn felt he needed to say something and leaned foward some, “Jesse…don’t’ worry about it. I know you won’t need a wheelchair. You are strong enough to use crutches, all right?”
Shawn glanced over at Dr. Strickland and the doctor quickly replied, “Your brother is right. You are strong and I am anticipating you on crutches soon.”
Jesse asked lowly, “How long will all this take?”
Dr. Strickland answered honestly, “About 6-8 months for full recovery. I will have to decide on what to do about your ACL during that time as well.”

At that, Shawn saw a tear drop from Jesse’s eye and he felt bad for his brother.
Shawn touched Jesse’s arm softly, “Jesse, don’t worry about how long it will take.”
Jesse started, “How are we going to live?”
Shawn really didn’t have a good answer but he didn’t want Jesse to worry more than he already did. It was bad enough to know about the outlook for his leg recovery and he knew Jesse was worried very much about the money and what they were going to do without his income. Really Shawn didn’t know either but he didn’t want to think about that yet and he wanted to make Jesse feel at ease about the situation but it was hard not to worry.
Dr. Strickland sat there with a thoughtful expression and after a moment said lowly, “Jesse, things will be all right. We will fix your leg and during your recovery time you can get assistance from the state. Our social workers can talk to you about all your financial options next week. There are ways to make it through this Jesse.”
It didn’t matter anymore what anyone said as tears were slowly running over Jesse’s cheeks.
Dr. Strickland knew there wasn’t much more he could say to Jesse at this point and he finished with, “Jesse, we will get you in the operating room at seven o’clock in the morning, O.K. and I want you not to worry about this. Things will work out.”
When Dr. Strickland was done he got up and touching Jesse’s arm he said, “I will see you tomorrow morning. Have a good night and rest for me, O.K.”

Jesse could only nod but wasn’t able to say anything else as Dr. Strickland walked out. Shawn put his hands to his rims and wheeled around the bed, following Dr. Strickland out the door and outside the doctor turned around to Shawn and said softly, “I am sorry Shawn.”
Shawn shook his head, “No, it’s fine. I am sorry he is….” He didn’t really know what to say, “I am sorry Jesse is so worried. I just wanted to thank you.”
Dr. Strickland smiled, “I will do everything in my power to make Jesse’s recovery as smooth and quick as possible. It is fully understandable that he is worried, he has every right to be. It is just difficult to make him feel all right at the moment. I am very glad he is here with his family and he really needs all the support he can get at the moment.”
Shawn looked down, “Yeah I know, been there, done that.”
Dr. Strickland looked at Shawn with compassion, “I am sorry you have to go through this with your brother. Apparently you already had your share of tragedy.”
Shawn shrugged his shoulders, “Yeah, it was one thing when I got messed up but now Jesse too….it is just not a good situation.”
“Jesse will be walking again after all this is over. I will do everything I can for him to be almost back to normal as soon as possible. Please talk to the Social Workers here and I am sure they can figure out a plan for you guys.”
Shawn nodded, “I will, thanks doc.”
With that Shawn held his hand out to the doctor and Dr. Strickland shook his hand, “It will all work out.”

When Shawn came back in the room, Jesse’s tears had stopped but he was staring out the window.
Shawn wheeled up to the bed, “Hey bud.”
Jesse turned his head slowly and looked at Shawn with shiny eyes, “We have to finish the project.”
Shawn was again uncertain what Jesse was talking about, “What project?”
“The project…the Interstate expansion.”
Shawn swallowed hard and pressed his lips together at Jesse’s apparent moment of confusion again.
He didn’t know what to say at first, then said lowly, “Jesse, you are not working right now. They are finishing up the project…your crew, the other guys from your company. Don’t worry about it, they got it. You have to get better first before you can work again.”
Jesse stared at Shawn, “I am going to be late.”
Shawn could barely hold his frustration and pain in and without thinking it just came out of him, “Jesse, yes, you are going to be fucking late….and you know…it doesn’t matter…you just need to get better again. You had an accident and you are not working any time soon. Your leg is fucked up and they are going to fix it…you are not working for a long, long time.”
His voice trembled and as he looked at Jesse’s shocked expression and the confusion and disappointment in his eyes he couldn’t stay in the room anymore. He put his hands to his rims and wheeled out, Jesse looking after him with tears streaming over his face. Shawn pushed his rims with full force toward the elevator and once inside and by himself he hit his legs in frustration and cursed to himself. Just when the elevator door opened on the Ground floor Shawn almost ran over Ceci and Randy coming to visit. Shawn looked up in surprise and when they saw the anger in his face they worried, “Shawn, where are you going?”
Shawn pushed his wheelchair by them and with a trembling voice he said, “I have to get out of here. You guys can deal with Jesse…I can’t right now. He is not supposed to be fucked up like this.”
He wheeled away and Ceci turned to her dad, “Dad, you go on up to see Jesse.”

She rushed after Shawn who was wheeling full speed through the foyer and toward the door.
Outside in the park Ceci finally caught up to him as he had stopped and said, “I am so tired…I am so fucking tired. I can’t anymore…”
Ceci approached him slowly, “Shawn, what is it?”
Ceci squatted next to his wheelchair and looked up at him, “Shawn, talk to me.”
He shook his head and Ceci just laid her hand on his, “We are here for you and Jesse.”
After a few moments Shawn was able to tell Ceci about Jesse’s memory loss and she was sad but all she could say, “It will hopefully get better and he will be all right. Shawn we are not going to leave you guys hanging. You know that, right? Dad and I, Colby and Danny, we are here for you no matter what it takes. Trish is here for you too. Please don’t give up. You are stronger than that and you have to hold it together for Jesse’s sake right now. I know it is hard but I also know you can do it. You have been through a lot worse and look at you, here you are.”
Shawn could barely talk, “I am so tired…I am so fucking tired.”
Ceci stood up and hugged Shawn tightly, “We love you and Jesse. We are here for you.”
That is really all she could say, trying to keep her own emotions in check.
Shawn stated angrily, “He didn’t know Trish’s name….”
Ceci held Shawn even tighter and mumbled, “He will be all right. He will come out of this and be his old self again.”

For a few more moments Ceci just held Shawn in her embrace as he collected himself again. They were finally able to go back inside and up to Jesse’s room where Randy was laughing with Jesse about a TV show. When Shawn wheeled back into the room, Jesse turned to face him and Shawn felt Jesse’s eyes drill into him and as he wheeled up to the bed he was surprised when Jesse said lowly, “I am sorry Shawn…I know I made you angry and I know you don’t feel good.”
Shawn forced a smile, “You don’t have to be sorry for anything.” He nodded at Jesse, “We are going to be all right.”
Jesse smiled, “We will be…we always have been…”
Shawn looked down, feeling the knot in his throat and feeling bad for having went off on Jesse who couldn’t help any of this.
He looked up again and Jesse grinned at him, “You are such an ass sometimes.”
Shawn laughed a little, “And you are an idiot sometimes.”
Jesse held out his fist and Shawn knuckle bumped him. Ceci joined her dad on the bench by the window and they started talking about the upcoming surgery, Jesse mostly listening.

Trish softly knocked on the door at seven thirty and walked into the room. Her first glance was toward Shawn who was relieved to see her and then she looked over to Jesse and approached him with a broad smile, “Jesse, it is so good to see you. I am so glad you are up here now.”
With that she hugged him tightly and Jesse greeted her, “Hey Trish, thanks for coming.”
As she stood up again from the hug she kept her smile on him and Jesse looked over to Shawn, “I know Shawn has been waiting for you. He has been mean to me.”
He laughed a little when he said it.
Trish smiled questioningly, “Been mean to you?”
She turned around and walked over to Shawn, bent down and hugged him with a kiss, “Hey baby!”
She then greeted Ceci and Randy and pulled a chair over to sit down next to Shawn.

Shawn informed her about the doctor’s visits and about the plan for Friday. Everyone hung out in Jesse’s room and after eight even Colby and Danny showed up and were happy to see Jesse again. Visiting hours were almost over then and since Jesse had to get some rest before the surgery the next day, at nine o’clock everyone was asked to leave. They all said their Good Bye’s and wished Jesse good luck for the surgery. Trish and Shawn were left in the room and Trish sat on the edge of the bed, Shawn was parked next to the bed.
Shawn started, “Well, we have to go too. For tomorrow, don’t worry about anything, o.k.”
Jesse nodded and looked from Trish to Shawn. Trish took his hand in hers and smiled.
Jesse then said lowly, “I am really glad you two are together and here with me.”
Shawn nodded, “We are here with you through all of it. Everything will be all right.”
Jesse laughed lowly, “Copycat. That’s my motto.”
Shawn had to laugh too but then added seriously, “I mean it Jesse, things will be all right. We will make it through this. You with me on that?”
He held his fist out to him and Jesse nodded, “Yeah...” They fist bumped and eventually they all hugged and promised Jesse they would see him the next day after the surgery and once he would be back in his room.

It was difficult for Shawn to leave Jesse that night. Trish took his mind of leaving when she showed Shawn a bag full of clothes and items in her trunk, “I brought some stuff.”
Shawn smiled, “Good, when are you moving your furniture over?”
“Not anytime soon.”
“Crap…” Shawn laughed as he opened the passenger door and transferred into the seat under Trish’s watchful eyes.
On the way out of the parking lot Shawn asked, “Are you hungry?”
“A little. I didn’t eat dinner.”
“Me neither, let’s stop at a place and get something. What do you feel like eating?”

They decided on a Taco Joint not far from the hospital. Trish pulled Shawn’s chair out again and he transferred back into it, then wheeling into the restaurant as Trish held the door open for him.
After they had eaten they made their way out to Shawn’s house, about a thirty minute drive. It was almost eleven when they got there.

They were exhausted and tired from the day. Trish had to work the next day at noon.
Trish was in bed already when Shawn wheeled into the room with just a towel over his lap again. He was surprised when next to his shorts he saw a pair of incontinence briefs laid out.
When Trish saw his curious look she said softly, “I pulled them out for you already.”
He nodded shyly, “Thanks.”

Trish watched him as he skillfully transferred onto the bed and adjusting his legs he laid down to pull on his shorts and briefs. This time she didn’t ask to do it but she watched his every move as his legs fell from side to side in the process until he was done. Shawn pushed himself into position after Trish moved to the front of the bed and Shawn could lay on the wall side.
She then nestled herself into his embrace and he kissed the top of her head, “I love you.”
She looked up at him, “I love you.”
“I am glad you are staying here again.”
“Me too.”
“How long is your lease?”
“Another four months. I can’t leave Katie on her own in there so I still have to help her pay the rent.”
“Yeah, I get it. But when your lease runs out, do you want to move in with me out here?”
Trish didn’t say anything for a moment until Shawn looked at her, “Yes? No?”
She smiled up at him, “I have to think about it.”
“Think about it. What is there to think about? This is your chance to move in with a paraplegic dude and you could watch all the transfers you want and have fun with spasms anytime. It shouldn’t be a hard decision on your part.”
She laughed, “Yeah, I guess I would be stupid not to lay claim on this hot para.”
Shawn stroked his fingers over her cheeks and Trish said with a smile, “I guess I could move in. We have to see how Jesse feels about it though before we decide.”
She was right about that, Jesse also should have a say in this big decision and they would have to talk to him before Trish could actually move in.
They fell into a long kiss and eventually fell asleep cuddled against each other.


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