Monday, October 20, 2014

Three's A Crowd Chapter 38

Jesse's surgery is finally happening, Shawn is there with him all the way and things are moving on. At home Trish and Shawn explore each other in some very sensual and intimate ways.

Trish’s cell phone alarm went off at eight o’clock on Friday morning.
She left Shawn sleeping and quietly made her way into the bathroom to get ready.
When she was finished she sat down on the edge of Shawn’s bed and leaned over to kiss him Good Morning. Laying on his back, his position was unchanged from how he had fallen asleep and with the kiss on his lips he moaned softly.

Trish whispered, “Hey baby, time to wake up. It is almost nine.”
Before Trish could get away Shawn unexpectedly pulled her over himself, held her to him and kissed her. His grip was strong and Trish couldn’t wriggle out of it easy and he tickled her while she rolled away and as she got to the edge of the bed he pushed himself over quickly to catch her but didn’t succeed and fell back onto the bed.
Trish laughed, and he smiled, then looked at the clock, “Jesse should be in surgery right now.”
“Yes, I am sure everything is all right, baby. I will be in the kitchen.”
Shawn nodded and looked after Trish walking out. He did think about Jesse for another moment and hoped Trish was right and that everything was going good for Jesse.

During his time in the bathroom Shawn felt slight spasms in his legs again, making things a bit complicated as he tried to sit on the toilet and also get into the shower. Constant slight spasticity kept him annoyed but not incapable of going about his business every day.
As he finally laid on his bed again getting dressed Trish walked in on him and he stopped in the process of pulling his jeans over his legs.
He looked over at her and Trish stood in the door frame smiling, “Don’t mind me. Just pretend I am not even here.”
Shawn pushed himself up on his elbows, “So you are going to watch me put my clothes on?”
“If you don’t keep going I am going to pull your jeans and your boxers off again and watch you put them on again.”
A smirk brushed over Shawn’s face, “That would be considered abuse of a person with a disability.”
Trish smiled at him seductively, “No it is not, it is foreplay and getting totally turned on by a paraplegic guy putting his clothes on.”
Shawn now grinned, “You put that one on yourself, I dare you…”
“Don’t try me Shawn.”
With that comment he started wriggling his jeans back down and mumbled in the process, “Well, if you don’t do it, I will…”
Trish hadn’t expected that and she laughed, “Shawn, it is almost ten and I have to work today and you have to go see Jesse and there is coffee in the kitchen and food...”
Shawn didn’t care and pulled his jeans all the way over his legs and with gasping breaths said, “We can make it a quickie.”

Just at that moment Shawn’s phone on the bedside table played its ring tone and stopping to pull his pants down he scooted to the edge of the bed, “Hello!”
“Can I talk to Shawn Callahan?”
“This is him.”
“Hi Shawn, I am Debbie from St. Peter Hospital, I am calling for Dr. Thompson.”
Shawn was somewhat relieved that it was not Dr. Strickland or anyone connected to Jesse’s surgery.
“So, I am showing in our calendar that you should have come in for cast removal on Monday. It looks like you missed this appointment.”
“Oh, yeah…I was actually out of state for a few days for a family emergency.”
“I am sorry to hear that. Well, I am calling to see if you want to come in this afternoon?”
“Yeah sure, where do I have to go?”
“Actually you can come to our Outpatient clinic. Dr. Thompson is here today and it shouldn’t take very long. You won’t have to wait for your appointment.”
“What time should I be there?”
“How about three o’clock?”
 “O.K. great, I will be there.”
“Do you know where the Outpatient clinic is at the hospital?”
Shawn knew where he had to go and eventually hung up with the nurse.

He hit the pillow with his casted hand, “Hell yes!”
“Who was that?”
“I am getting my freaking cast off today.”
He told Trish quickly about the phone conversation and Trish walked over and planted a kiss on his cheek, “I am so happy for you. Now get dressed again.”
She slipped away before Shawn could pull her down, laughing, “Noooo, I really wanted to take my pants off again.”
Trish smiled, “And I want you to put them back on, we don’t have time baby.”
“Are you going to watch me again?”
As much as Trish would have loved to actually watch Shawn getting dressed she knew they didn’t have time and with a smile she answered, “I am out.”
While walking away she called, “Coffee is waiting for you.”

She couldn’t ignore feeling excited seeing Shawn on the bed putting on his jeans and when he eventually came wheeling out into the kitchen he didn’t have his shirt on but had it draped over his lap and was only in his jeans and socks. He wheeled closer and right up to Trish who looked down shyly.
Shawn smiled, “Hey, you thought you got away from me?”
She glanced up at him and scanning over his naked arms and chest, she felt her heart beat quickly, “What are you trying to do Shawn?”
“Just showing you what you missed out on for this morning.” He grinned and winked at her when he said it.
Trish smiled, “I think you need a cold shower or something.”
He laughed and reached his hand out to her, “Come on….get on my lap and give me some love. I know you want to.”
She laughed and moved over to him.
They kissed and holding Trish to him Shawn said, “I am so glad to get my cast off.”
“Me too. You will have both your hands again.”
“It will make things so much easier again and I have full use of my hand again when it comes to you and certain body parts.”
Trish laughed a little embarrassed, “Shawn what is going on with you today?”
“I don’t know, I guess I am horny or something.”
Trish felt Shawn’s legs twitch under her butt and looked at him curiously, “Are your legs O.K.?”
“Just a little twitching.”

They had breakfast together and were on their way to town around eleven. Trish dropped Shawn off at the hospital again and went to work. They agreed to stay in touch about Jesse during the day and Trish would come to the hospital after work.
Shawn wheeled into the hospital and made his way on the elevator to get up to Jesse’s room. When he got there, there was no one in the room and he wheeled over to the nurse’s station asking for Jesse.
The Hospital Unit coordinator informed Shawn that Jesse was still in the recovery room waking up from the surgery. Shawn wasn’t allowed in the recovery room and had to wait until Jesse would come up to his room again. Since she wasn’t sure when that would be Shawn left his cell phone number and asked to be called when Jesse would be in his room again.
He had some time to beat and made his way to the cafeteria where he got a Pepsi and a small bag of Chips. He texted Trish and his family about Jesse and then just hung out scrolling through his phone and answering the messages he got from his uncle and cousins.

It was around two thirty when he made his way to the Outpatient Clinic in the hope that they could maybe see him early for his cast removal.
He checked in at the reception and it didn’t take long when an Orthopedic Technician called him to the back and Shawn wheeled after the technician to a room in the clinic.
After a brief introduction and procedure explanation the technician pulled out the cast saw and with Shawn sitting in his wheelchair and his arm resting on a steel table the technician carefully opened the cast and eventually was able to remove it from Shawn’s arm.
Just as the cast was off Dr. Thompson came in, “Hello Shawn, how are you?”
Shawn greeted the doctor and while the technician cleaned up Shawn’s arm Dr. Thompson pulled a chair over and talked to Shawn about the past couple of weeks and how he managed with the cast.
Eventually the topic of Jesse came up and Dr. Thompson was very surprised to hear about Jesse’s accident, “Well, I really hope he will be O.K. and have a quick recovery. We have great people here at St. Peter and I am sure he will be all right. Dr. Strickland is a top orthopedic surgeon. Jesse is in good hands with him.”
Dr. Thompson then checked Shawn’s wrist and ordered four sessions of Physical Therapy. The fracture in his wrist had healed well and even though it still felt stiff Shawn was able to move it some. When he was done he had a soft brace on his wrist up to his elbow and it felt strange to be able to move his wrist again. Pushing his left rim took a little getting used to.
His cell phone announced a call and he saw it was from Jesse’s unit and when he answered he was told Jesse was on his way back to the room and he could go see him now.

Shawn nervously wheeled into the room. A nurse was in the room making sure Jesse was stable and comfortable and looked over at Shawn, “Hi.”
He was slightly hesitant to wheel all the way in and the nurse assured him, “You can come on in. Jesse is doing great.”
With that Shawn wheeled all the way into the room and right away Jesse turned his head toward him, “Hey.”
“Hey bro.”
Sarah, the nurse, informed Shawn, “Jesse did great. The surgery went well, no complications. Jesse is on pain medication which may keep him a bit drowsy but as long as his vitals are stable you are welcome to stay in here with him.”
Sarah finished checking everything and before she walked out she said, “Jesse, if you need anything you can push your call button, O.K.”
Jesse nodded a Thank you and Sarah left.

Jesse’s leg was not covered up anymore. Instead it was elevated on a thick foam pad. His thigh was wrapped up with thick clean bandages from his crotch all the way down to his knee. The external fixator was gone. His lower leg though was in a cast from his foot up to his knee, his toes sticking out and still somewhat discolored from the brown Iodine solution that had been used. There was tubing coming out from under the bandages with pink colored liquid flowing into a container on the side of the bed. His left leg was under the cover.
Jesse wore a fresh hospital gown covering his privates, still connected to the Foley catheter as well but he seemed like he was doing good, smiling at Shawn, “It’s done.”
“Yes, it is all uphill from here on. How are you feeling?”
Jesse shrugged his shoulders, “O.K. Still a little drowsy.”
Shawn added, “Well, I am glad it is over. You will be back on your feet soon.”
They were quiet for a moment until Jesse said lowly, “I can’t stand not being able to get up.”
Shawn grinned and replied, “Tell me about it.”
Jesse laughed lowly, “Fuck…sorry man.”
Shawn looked down and shook his head, “It’s all right.”
“Really Shawn…how do you do it?”

Shawn put his hands to his rims and wheeled himself back and forth on the spot, shrugging his shoulders. He really didn’t know what to say to that and looking down at his hands he quickly changed the subject and lifted his left hand, “Look at this!”
Jesse sat up some and looked at Shawn’s hand, “Your cast is off.”
“Yep, just came from there. They did it today…you don’t know how good it feels to finally be rid of that freaking cast.”
Now Jesse looked away for a moment, “I am sorry again.”
“It’s over…just don’t ever beat the crap out of me again.”
“Well, I am paying for it now triple times.”
Shawn laughed, “That’s right.”
They knew it was all said in fun and Shawn wished nothing else than having Jesse be all right again and back on his feet as soon as possible.

Jesse asked, “Where is Trish?”
Shawn was relieved that Jesse remembered her name and told him that Trish was at work and would stop by afterwards.
They were quiet for a moment until Jesse said lowly, “Shawn, I want you to know that there are no hard feelings on my part about you and Trish, O.K.?”
Shawn nodded. He pressed his lips together, lifted himself up in his chair for a second and replied, “It means everything to me and Trish that you are O.K. with us.”
Jesse watched Shawn for a moment, still wheeling back and forth on the spot, then said unexpected, “You said some stuff on the phone that one time. It was after the fight you had with Trish.”
Shawn looked up suspiciously from under his bangs, wondering what Jesse was talking about.
Jesse took a breath and asked lowly, “What did you mean when you said Trish is only into…you said she was…I don’t know...something about only wanting to…do it with…?”
He didn't finish the question as Shawn gazed at him with dark eyes. He now knew what Jesse was getting at but he really didn’t want to talk about it. Without saying anything he wheeled over toward the window and with his back turned to Jesse he looked out the window and thought about if he should tell Jesse about Trish’s secret or not.
Jesse added, “Shawn, I am sorry…I mean, you guys seem happy and all…I guess it doesn’t matter what you said.”
Shawn didn’t turn around but replied, “It really doesn’t matter. I love her and she loves me. That is all.”
Jesse knew his brother wasn’t going to say anything else about this but he did remember very well what Shawn had said about Trish in his outburst of anger. He wasn’t going to push it any further and would leave it alone.
Lowly he confirmed “It is all that matters; that you love each other.”
Shawn then turned around slowly and looked at Jesse with serious eyes, “She is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I am sorry she didn’t choose you, Jesse. I didn’t take her from you.”
Jesse felt tense at the words and taking a long inhale he said, “Shawn, I know that…I am sorry I brought it up. Let’s forget about it and move on. I love you guys and I want nothing but happiness for you.”
Shawn nodded and with a softer tone he said, “Thank you Jesse.”

Jesse was tired and when they didn’t say anything for a little while and Shawn just zapped through the channels on the TV, Jesse closed his eyes and fell asleep.
Shawn stayed in the room and watched TV. He only left the room to go catheterize and when he came back shortly afterwards Dr. Strickland came into the room, “Hi Shawn.”
Jesse was startled at the doctor’s voice and opened his eyes slowly.
Dr. Strickland greeted him, “Hi Jesse, how are you feeling?”
“I feel O.K. Just tired still.”
“That’s normal and you need your rest. I know especially in a hospital they never leave you alone, they always want something, right?”
The doctor laughed and then continued, “So the surgery went really well. I was able to align the femur by inserting a rod into it and using screws to keep everything in place. Aside from the fracture your bones are very strong Jesse and that made the alignment and fixations easier for me. It is a lot different to work on the bones of a strong young man like yourself than an elderly person with brittle bones. So you definitely have an advantage there. As for you tibia I actually opted for the cast as the fracture was clean and not as complicated as I initially thought. I was able to align your tibia and the cast is stabilizing your bone. I wanted to avoid a more intrusive surgery for now, your femur is dealing with a lot already and so the tibia we will try with the cast first. If the healing will not actively take place with the cast, I may go back in and do surgery on your tibia but I have hope that we won’t need it.  We will keep a close eye on your leg for any complications or infections that could arise but hopefully not. The wound catheter will stay in over the weekend to let the light flow of blood drain and hopefully on Monday we can take that out. Once you will be off the wound catheter and also your Foley catheter we will get you up and out of that bed in no time. Physical Therapy will move in and harass you from then on. I anticipate you in our rehabilitation unit in a week or so.”
Jesse was relieved to hear about the prospect of moving on with the recovery even though he knew that it would still take some time and patience on his part. At least he was home, the surgery was done and now he was able to focus on his recovery.
Dr. Strickland sounded confident and made Jesse feel somewhat better about his current situation.

After the doctor had left, Shawn remarked, “Well, that all sounded great. I guess drinking a lot of milk helped you get those strong bones.”
He laughed and Jesse joined him. Jesse was known for his dislike of milk and even in his cereal he only used skim milk because regular milk made him sick and he never liked it.
Jesse grinned, “Maybe beer makes bones strong.”
Shawn shrugged his shoulders and laughed, “Maybe. I guess I should have drank more milk or beer. Liquor didn’t help my bones get strong I guess.”

Randy, Ceci, Colby and Danny showed up around dinner time. They actually had brought food for themselves from a sandwich place and Shawn and everyone sat around in Jesse’s room eating, talking and feeling very glad about Jesse doing well.
Trish had texted Shawn about her water aerobics class. In the morning she had forgotten to tell him about it. She finally showed up after eight o’clock that evening.
Everyone else was gone already. Jesse and Shawn had the TV on low and Trish gently pushed open the door and peeked around making sure it was all right for her to come in.
Walking in she smiled at the the guys and hugged Jesse first, “Hey Jesse. So happy to see you.”
A quick kiss on the cheek and then she turned to Shawn, hugging him and kissing him on the mouth. Trish’s hair was still moist and Shawn smelled the chlorine from the pool on her. She pulled a chair over and sat down next to Jesse’s bed and Shawn parked closely to her and took her hand in his.
Trish realized, “Wow, your cast is off.”
He nodded and lifted his hand up and wriggled his fingers.
“I am so happy for you Shawn. I know it will be easier for you now.”
Shawn grinned, “Lots of things will be easier now.”

Trish looked down shyly and then quickly looked up to Jesse who smiled quietly. She asked him about his day and the surgery and they started talking about everything.
Trish was happy to see Jesse doing better and just looking at him she remembered how she had felt about him in the beginning when they had first met and how things had been complicated with Shawn back then.
Jesse was definitely handsome and attractive just like Shawn but in a different way. Jesse had more warmth about him than Shawn did, but she loved Shawn and he was the one in the wheelchair and the one she wanted and thought of all the time. Shawn was the one she had wanted the moment she had laid eyes on him even though he had been mean to her and had told her he didn’t want anyone to live in his house.
She still felt bad about having slept with Jesse and possibly making him feel more for her at that time and now she was with Shawn. She really would have loved to be face to face with Jesse sometime, alone and talk about things but it would be difficult with Shawn there all the time.
As she was lost in thoughts for a moment and having scanned Jesse from his face down his body and leg, she snapped out of it and found Shawn’s dark eyes on her intensely. He squeezed her hand in his almost as to show her who she belonged to and she smiled shyly at Shawn, shaking the thoughts of Jesse in her head.
Trish and Shawn spent some time with Jesse and eventually left promising him to be back the next day.

When they got home Shawn locked the door behind him as Trish set her things down in the kitchen. 
He pulled his backpack from the backrest and dropped it on the floor, then turned to Trish and they looked at each other for a moment. She sat down on one of the kitchen chairs and Shawn wheeled over to her slowly and looked into her blue eyes, “Are you all right?”
“Yes, just a little tired I guess.”
Shawn took the wrist brace off his hand and with both his hands he reached over to her and took her hands in his, smiling, “Feels good to use my whole hand.”
“I bet it does.”
“I can’t wait to let my hand run over your body. I was looking forward to that all day.”
Trish smiled and looked down at their hands when Shawn added, “I still feel like I did this morning.”
They both laughed and Shawn said softly, “Come to the bedroom with me!”

Trish was surprised at Shawn’s assertiveness but it excited her to hear him say the words. Shawn nodded into the direction of his bedroom and with Trish behind him he wheeled on toward his room.
In the bedroom he ordered her, “Just sit on the bed.”
She did as told and he skillfully positioned himself in front of her. Trish had to take a deep breath at just watching Shawn maneuver his wheelchair into the right angle, giving it little controlled pushes so he would be parked right in front of her.
“Take off my shirt!”
Trish bit her lips, “What are you doing?”
Shawn smiled, “Nothing, just enjoying the moment with you.”

She leaned forward and pulled Shawn’s T-Shirt over his head, ruffling his hair. Shawn ran his hand through his hair and she could barely look at him as she saw his pectorals and arm muscles working when he moved.
 “Could you take my sneakers off?”
Trish laughed lowly, “Shawn…”
He asked softly, “What?”
She leaned down and untied the laces of his Nikes and first pulled one shoe of his still foot and then the other, making sure to gently place both his feet back on the foot rest of his TiLite.

When she sat up Shawn said, “Now let me take your top off!”
Trish didn’t protest and Shawn moved his chair closer to be able to reach for her top without having to lean forward too much. He pulled her shirt over her head and she sat there in her bra and looked down shyly.
“Take your shoes off!”
Trish bent down and took off her shoes, from the corner of her eyes glancing at Shawn’s legs, his socked feet sitting still right next to each other on the footrest where she had placed them and then up his shins and legs, his knees almost touching and just as still leading up to his upper body, his jeans a bit baggy on his skinny legs. She couldn’t help touching his legs as she came up and let her hands run up his legs over his knee and stopping at his thighs, then looking at him.

Shawn’s eyes were seriously on her. Now he bit his lip and nodded slightly looking down at Trish’s hand on his thigh. He had his own hands on his rims now, just keeping them there and keeping his eyes on Trish. When he lifted his body for a moment, letting his arms do their job, Trish couldn’t help her breathing get quicker.
He then moved his hands to his jeans fly and with Trish right there he unbuttoned and unzipped his fly.
Trish spotted his black boxers under there and Shawn said lowly, “Pull them over my butt when I lift myself up.”
She put her hands on the waist band of his jeans and as Shawn momentarily lifted his body off the seat Trish wriggled his jeans over his butt quickly and down his legs, and made sure to hold Shawn’s legs in place and gently let his feet back on the foot rest.
She heard Shawn over her, “Get my socks too.”
She pulled Shawn’s socks over his feet and Shawn said, “Now stand up for me!”

She stood up in front of Shawn and he gently pulled her leggings down, Trish helped him some to get them all the way off because Shawn couldn’t lean down too far. She took off her own socks and stood there in her black bra and panties. Shawn didn’t miss her chest moving up and down quickly and when he put his hands on her waist and softly stroked over her belly and her hips, she just stood there and let him caress her body with both his hands. His eyes travelled over her along with his hands and he eventually pulled her back down into a sitting position again, his hands on her thighs and then taking her hands in his, “I love you so much Trish.”
Trish smiled at him, “I love you too.”
For a moment they just looked at each other until Shawn said lowly, “I will be in the bathroom for a moment. I will be right back.”
Trish nodded and she watched Shawn wheel out of his room and she felt her heart beat into her neck.

When Shawn came wheeling back Trish was already on the bed. He parked his chair and she watched as he transferred onto the bed. With her head on her hand, elbow resting on the bed she said, “I can never get enough of seeing you transfer.”
Shawn smiled and pulled his body into position to be face to face with Trish.
He laid his head on the pillow and stroked his fingers over Trish’s cheek, “You will see me do transfers at least a thousand more times.”
They fell into a long kiss, their bodies entwined as Trish wrapped her legs around Shawn’s lifeless legs, pushed herself close to him and their hands travelled over each other’s bodies.

Shawn let his lips skim over Trish’s neck, and nibbled on her ear lobes as she let her hands run through his dark hair and her finger tips down his spine and getting very aroused by the thoughts of what was going on with his spine.
He unhooked her bra and exposed her breasts, letting his tongue flick over them and sucking on her erect nipples.
Shawn hushed through the kisses, “Do you think you can turn your body around for me?”
He guided Trish as to how he wanted her positioned and eventually Trish’s thighs were up by Shawn’s head and face and he had a perfect angle to reach her legs and girl parts with his mouth and tongue. Trish on the other side of his body let her hands travel up and down his legs which were laying still in their eternal slumber, just like his cock stayed limp inside his boxers and even with Trish’s occasional touch was not awakened.

Shawn pulled Trish’s panties off and let his hands and fingers travel over her feet and legs, feeling her smooth and warm skin with both of his hands. His left wrist was still a bit stiff but it felt so much better to be able to touch Trish all the way.
His tongue flicked up and down inside her thighs and Trish enjoyed the gentle touches. He took in her scent with a distant smell of chlorine from the pool water and his hands gently stroked over the softness of her swollen labia, the little strip of pubic hair guiding him up and down her pussy until his other senses wanted to taste her and he moved his face down close to her pussy. His face was surrounded by her smells and his breathing sped up and he longed for her flavor in his mouth. Trish angled her legs and Shawn’s head was encased in between her thighs, his face right on her pussy when he let his tongue join his fingers in greeting her pussy once again.

Trish on the opposite side let Shawn explore in whichever way he wanted and she kept scanning over his still, and skinny legs next to her and when she realized light twitching in his muscles her hands just stroked over his legs, feeling the spasms, the soft fluff of hair and the bones that were barely covered with some flesh and only skin and her breaths came quicker and her heart beat was racing.

Shawn took in all of her. He licked her labia up and down and with his finger tapped around her clit, and letting his tongue quickly flick over it, making Trish jerk slightly. He felt the spasms in his legs and when he looked up for a moment he saw Trish focused with her eyes on his legs and her hands touching and feeling the spasticity, even holding his legs down some when it got too much. He saw her kiss his legs and watched her for a moment until she realized he was watching and she looked up, saying in a hushed voice, “Oh my Gosh Shawn. Your legs are making me crazy down here.”
He smiled, “In a good or a bad way?”
“In an awesome way.”

He focused back on his task and his head was spinning with the thoughts of what Trish did down there with his legs and how much she caressed them even though he didn’t feel a thing. Just the thoughts though of knowing how much she wanted him like this made his heart almost burst. He let his tongue come back down on Trish’s pussy and sucked on her clit, Trish slightly jerking as he kept his mouth on and around her clit. His tongue travelled down to her moist opening and he pushed it in, finally tasting her sweetness. Pushing his tongue in and out of her his own breaths came in gasps and with his hands he felt her legs next to his head. Trish closed her legs some and held his head there in place right on her pussy and he kept his tongue inside her, wanting all of her.

His legs were twitching under Trish’s kissing and touching and with his head held in between Trish’s thighs he almost felt like he was suffocating but at the same time was tremendously turned on by the lock down she had on him. Trish bucked up against his mouth some as his tongue worked skillfully and all the sudden he felt chills on the parts of his body with sensation and Trish moaning loudly but not letting him get away. The nerves that still had sensations were on high voltage and his body felt like it wanted to escape its paralysis but at the same time longing for the emotional and physical hold Trish had on him and his head and his fingers dug into the skin of her thighs as he held on and his breathing barely happening with all the moisture and scents surrounding his face as he pressed his eyes shut and his tongue held inside of Trish’s pussy. He felt like his whole body wanted to go into spasticity and the longing to somehow be freed was overbearing. Trish moaned loudly and her whole body was covered with chills. Exhausted Shawn eventually let his tongue come out of her, still held on to her thighs and let his head rest on her belly as he was trying to catch his breath again. He watched Trish with her eyes closed feel the aftershocks of her orgasm with a grip on his legs and her face right next to them.

He realized his boxers were off and he wondered when that happened but he couldn’t help a smile brush over his face as he watched his girlfriend recover from the orgasmic waves he had sent through her. He just let his head rest on her belly and he felt the soft up and down movements of her breathing. His own breathing normalized and eventually Trish opened her eyes and lifted her head to look down to Shawn. He met her eyes and they both started laughing. Shawn reached his hand down and Trish took it in hers. They just held each other’s hands, Shawn with his head on her belly, Trish resting her head on her hand and elbow and just looking at each other.
Eventually he said lowly with a smirk, “I told you this morning I was horny.”
Trish smiled, “Can I move up to be next to you?”

Shawn moved off her and nodded, then watching as Trish turned her body around again and eventually her head was next to his on the pillow. Shawn leaned over and kissed her. His legs were still twitching and when he looked down he said, “I guess they are having a party of their own down there.”
Trish smiled, “I was there at the party for a little while. It was super fun.”
They both laughed and kissed again, then laying in a loving embrace. 


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