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Three's A Crowd Chapter 39

Shawn gets a call from the Oregon State Patrol with some interesting news. For the first time Jesse and Shawn meet the lawyer who will be taking on Jesse's case. At the end of the day it is only Trish and Shawn and their intimate passion for each other.

Over the weekend Jesse was doing well and Trish and Shawn spent all afternoon on Saturday and Sunday with him. Uncle Randy and the cousins also showed up and there was hardly any time when Jesse was by himself. It helped him feel good and on a few occasions he actually joked and laughed again. He didn’t have any more incidents with memory loss and Shawn was very relieved about that.

Monday afternoon at the hospital just as Shawn was finishing up in the bathroom and was heading back to Jesse’s room his cell phone played its ringtone and when he looked at his phone he saw the number belonged to Lieutenant Mossner.
“Is this Shawn Callahan?”
After a moment of greeting each other and Lt. Mossner asking about Jesse’s recovery Shawn gave him a quick update.
Lt. Mossner then started, “Well, we got the autopsy report in.”
Shawn got somewhat nervous.
He wheeled his chair over to the side out of the way of the main path of people, “Yes.”
“So, Mr. Hovanek, the driver of the SUV that hit Jesse actually died of a heart attack after he hit Jesse. Apparently he was still alive as he ran over the barriers, hit Jesse and then suffered the heart attack at impact of his vehicle on the side of the Interstate. Another very big thing the autopsy revealed is that Mr. Hovanek was under the influence and had an alcohol level of 0.15 in his blood.”
Shawn’s voice trembled, “What does that mean for us?”
“That means that Mr. Hovanek made a very bad mistake running through the barriers and hitting Jesse. Do you have a lawyer yet?”
“Yes, my uncle is talking…we have someone.”
Shawn felt his hands get sweaty at the news and he was trying to figure out what this would mean for Jesse and how it would play out.
“So Shawn, I will send you the report with insured Fed Ex today and we will keep a copy for us. You need to take this to your lawyer as soon as possible and he can hopefully start the process.”
Shawn was somewhat overwhelmed with the information and was lost for words, “O.K.”
“Mr. Hovanek was in the wrong Shawn. You guys need to fight for Jesse’s rights now.”
Shawn eventually finished up with Lt. Mossner and as soon as he hung up with him he called his uncle.
When he told his uncle about the news Randy was happy, “That is great news Shawn. He had the heart attack after running through the barriers, which means Jesse has a very good chance in court.”

After Shawn was finished with his uncle on the phone he wheeled back to Jesse’s room. Jesse had been in a good mood and feeling well all day. The wound catheter had been pulled in the morning, his leg was still propped up on the foam pillow but he was sitting up now in his bed during the day and was stable, only a little drowsy from the pain medication.
Shawn wheeled into the room and started, “I just had a call from the Police.”
Jesse had not really asked a lot about the accident and he didn’t really know what had happened, he didn’t have any memories from when he got hit.
He did know from Shawn though that the person who had hit him was dead. He had never asked anything about him though.
Shawn wheeled right up next to the bed, “The State Patrol officer called me. It was about the autopsy report of the guy who hit you.”
Jesse moved his eyes and looked down to his hand playing with the sheet, asking lowly, “What about it?”
“Well, the man, his name was Mr. Hovanek had the heart attack after he had went through the barriers and hit you. He also had a blood alcohol level of 0.15, which is over the legal limit in Oregon. As bad as it is, it is good for you Jesse. We can take this whole deal to court and fight for a settlement. That could mean a lot of money.”
Jesse looked up and over to Shawn with serious eyes, “A lot of money?”
“I don’t know but we have a lawyer who is going to take over your case. Uncle Randy found him and he is going to come by Wednesday and talk to you. His name is Chris Curtis.”
Jesse didn’t say anything else. Shawn was a little confused, he thought the news would make Jesse somehow feel good but it seemed to be doing the opposite.
When he didn’t say anything else Shawn asked carefully, “Are you all right?”
Jesse shrugged his shoulders but didn’t answer.

The rest of the day was a bit overshadowed then for some reason Shawn couldn’t pinpoint. He stayed with his brother though and hung out until Trish got there after seven, stayed for a little while and eventually they drove home.
Shawn told Trish about the news and about Jesse’s reaction and ended with, “I don’t know why he wasn’t happy about that.”
“Well, maybe he is just confused or doesn’t really want to deal with these things.”
“Maybe! The lawyer is coming by on Wednesday to talk to Jesse and get his statements and all that. As soon as I get the autopsy report I will give it to him so he can do whatever he has to do.”
“Hopefully it will work out somehow.”

At night Shawn was just very happy to have Trish there with him. She kept his mind off Jesse and made him feel good.
Rocky the cat was back too and Trish kept the house in order and made sure there was food. They had to clean out some things from the fridge, food that had spoiled since Shawn had to leave to go to Oregon and was gone for two weeks.
It became so normal for Trish to be there at night when Shawn climbed into bed with her. Sometimes she helped him and sometimes she just watched him in amazement with everything he did.
They spent Tuesday with Jesse for most of the day and had their dinner in Jesse’s hospital room.

Wednesday afternoon Randy came to the hospital at four o’clock with Chris Curtis. Shawn was watching TV with Jesse when they walked into the room.
Uncle Randy greeted the guys and then introduced Chris Curtis to them. Chris Curtis looked like a seasoned lawyer who seemed confident and professional.
Shawn listened carefully at everything he explained and eventually he wanted Jesse to make his statements and even though Jesse didn’t remember anything really he still needed his account of the situation and while Jesse was talking nervously Chris Curtis recorded everything he said. He told them that his secretary would put Jesse’s statements on paper at their firm.
He also requested access to Jesse’s medical records and Jesse had to give him permission for that with his signature on various forms. With a shaky hand Jesse signed the papers. His right arm was still in a sling which made the signing a bit difficult.

Shawn had not gotten the autopsy report yet and as soon as he would have it he would have to give it to Chris Curtis. Chris would then put together the case with all the information and in addition with anticipated recovery and rehabilitation time for Jesse, anticipated loss of income due to Jesse not being able to work, anticipated disability due to his severe leg injuries, anticipated loss of income with possibility of not being able to do his former job anymore, and personal suffering on Jesse’s part.
When Chris Curtis finished explaining everything he stated confidently, “Jesse, I really believe we will be able to establish a clean and obvious case against the insurance of Mr. Hovanek. When I pull this off you will get what you deserve and it won’t be just a little.”

Jesse didn’t say anything but Shawn couldn’t stop himself from asking, “What kind of settlement are we possibly talking about?”
Chris Curtis looked at Shawn with a serious but determined expression, “The last case I won similar to Jesse’s settled for $ 625,000. Driver was 100 % at fault and I am anticipating that for Mr. Hovanek as well. Injuries of my client were similar to what Jesse is dealing with.”
Shawn swallowed and looked over to Jesse who just stared at Chris Curtis.
Shawn repeated lowly, “$ 625,000?”
Chris Curtis added, “Yes, I can’t guarantee the same for Jesse but I will try everything I can and to my best abilities defend him for his right and for what he deserves.”
With that he smiled at Jesse, slapped his hands on his thighs for a moment and got up, “Well, I have to get back to my office. I want to start on your case and I hope you can get that report to me tomorrow Shawn.”
Chris Curtis stretched his hand out to Jesse, “Jesse I will see you soon and I wish you well with your recovery. I will stay in touch and if I need anything else from you I will come in. If you have any concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to call me, 24/7. You got my numbers.”
Jesse nodded and shook the lawyer’s hand, “Thanks Chris. I feel very good having you on my case. Thanks for everything.”
“No problem, it is my job and I am looking forward to working with you.”
Shawn wheeled closer to Chris to be able to shake his hand as well, “Thanks so much for everything. I will come by your office as soon as I have that report.”
They finished up and Chris Curtis left.

Randy, Shawn and Jesse just looked at each other until Randy broke the silence, “He specializes in these kind of cases. I think he knows what he is doing.”
Shawn wheeled up to the bed and said lowly, “Jesse, did you hear the amount he mentioned?”
Jesse nodded and with a small grin he stated, “You can get your own place then.”
Shawn hadn’t expected him to say something like that and what was excitement turned into a slight confusion, “What do you mean?”
Jesse added, “You and Trish can get your own place then.”
Shawn looked down, “What if I don’t want my own place?”
Jesse punched him lightly on his arm, “I am just kidding. I won’t kick you out if you don’t want to leave.”
“Could Trish move in with us?”
Now Jesse looked a bit confused and Shawn got worried he didn’t like the idea at all but Jesse said, “I think that would be good.”
“You really think so?”
“Yes, I think so. The house is big enough.”
Shawn laughed, “Shit…maybe with that much money we can buy another place and sell that old house.”
“…or remodel it. We did want to take the carpet out for you.” Jesse smiled.
Shawn shook his head and looking at Jesse with a serious expression he said lowly, “Jesse, if this lawyer can really get a settlement like that for you…I don’t even know. It is crazy to even think about that much money.”
“Let’s just wait and see. Don’t get your hopes up.

Jesse saw Shawn’s eyes were shiny and because Shawn didn’t want Jesse to see his emotions he wheeled away and looked out the window, trying to hold in the tears which were trying to escape.
Jesse moved his head over to look at Shawn and said lowly, “Hey…”
Shawn didn’t move and Jesse repeated, “Shawn…I know how you feel.”
With a trembling voice, still not looking at Jesse, Shawn then said, “I just think we deserve a break…and I…just hope so much that time is now. I am just tired of worrying and tired of being angry and frustrated, tired of living a shitty life with all this crap coming our way all the time. You worked so much over the last couple of years, you did so much for me, held it all together, kept me somewhat sane and out of trouble…I just want us to have a break. I want us to just have a fucking beer on a beach in California or wherever without having to worry about paying the fucking bills and making ends meet. My situation of being in this chair is not going to change but you shouldn’t have to deal with the same shit I have been dealing with. Your body shouldn’t be broke and that guy, he fucked up by hitting do deserve a shit load of money for what you are going through now and I really hope the time for things to change has come and if anything good comes out of this fucking situation it should be a shit load of money at least….”
Shawn’s voice was tear filled but also angry and Jesse swallowed at his words, “Some good things have already come out of this.”
Shawn spun his chair around some but didn’t really look at Jesse.
Instead he wiped over his face and Jesse explained, “You met Trish and that is a very good thing.”
Shawn said lowly, “But now it is your turn…I want you to be happy too.”
“Shawn, I am more than happy…I am alive man, that is all I care about.”
Shawn laughed under tears, “Why you gotta be so freaking content always?”
Jesse smiled, “One of us has to keep a clear head and not get so emotional all the time.”

Shawn looked up at Jesse and they just grinned at each other and just then Trish walked in. Randy had quietly listened to the conversation between the two brothers and now got up to hug Trish. Trish looked happy but didn’t miss the signs of some previous emotional conversation and looked from Jesse to Shawn.
Shawn wiped over his face again and Trish walked over to him and kissed him on his mouth and then leaned down to hug Jesse, “Hey!”
She stood next to the bed and asked bluntly, “What is going on in here?”
They explained to her about Chris Curtis having come by and what he had said about a possible settlement amount.
Trish’s jaw dropped at the number and she said in amazement, “Oh my Gosh, that would be  so awesome. Jesse deserves nothing less. I hope that lawyer can help you guys.”
Trish sat down on a chair next to Shawn and she took his hand and looked at his face closely, seeing the traces of moisture in his eyes.
She asked softly, “Are you all right?”
He nodded and answered lowly, “Yes, I just want things to get better now.”
“I am sure they will Shawn.” With that she squeezed his hand.

Trish was off on Thursday and they sat on the couch that night watching TV. Shawn had transferred onto the couch and Trish sat cuddled up next to him, her head leaning on his arm. He had pulled his legs up into a criss cross position and played with Trish’s long blonde hair.
When the show was over Shawn turned the TV down and asked carefully, “Trish, have you ever been with a disabled guy before me?”
Trish sat up some and looked at Shawn, “No, you are my first.”
She smiled warmly and Shawn asked, “What about Corey?”
“What about him?”
“I don’t know. I know with all this stuff we had going on lately, I guess I am wondering if you still talk to him.”
Trish looked down shyly, then up at Shawn again, “It really doesn’t matter, does it?”
Shawn could hear a slight tension in her voice and he didn’t want to stir up things and answered lowly, “No, I guess not.”
She moved her fingers up to his face and stroked softly over his cheek, “Good. You have nothing to worry about.”
He looked at her with his dark eyes, “I just wonder sometimes. I mean…I want to work again or go to school and get my life right again but I just hope you can be patient with me. I want to be better with everything because I know right now, there is nothing I have to bring to the table. I just hope…I don’t know sometimes I worry about stuff and worry about if just being me will be enough for you. I just don’t…”
He took a deep breath and lowly he added, “I just still worry sometimes if you may change your mind again. My being paraplegic can’t be everything you want and besides that I really don’t have much else going on….right now.”
Trish still stroked her fingers over his cheek and down to his chest.

Slowly she scrambled her body over Shawn’s lap and sat on his criss crossed legs, Shawn leaning back on the couch, and Trish’s body weight keeping him in place.
He placed his hands on her waist and they looked at each other until Trish said, “Shawn, you just said the two words “Right now” and that is the way it is. Right now there are lots of things going on and you shouldn’t worry too much about what you have and what you don’t have. I am here with you right now and I want to be here with you tomorrow and the next day and the next and the next. I don’t just get off on your being a paraplegic. I get off on you as a person and even though I love you being in a wheelchair and being paraplegic it is not the only thing that keeps me here. I thought I made that clear before. I love you as the person you are and I want to be by your side when you do all those things you want to do. I want to be there when you go back to school or get a job. I want to be there when Jesse comes home again, I want to be there when you drive again and I want to be with you long after. I am really in for the long haul and I hope you are in for the long haul as well. We are meant to be together Shawn and I don’t want it any other way right now. Whatever the future will hold for us, we will deal with it as it comes. I have no worries though, I think it will be so good. I love you so much Shawn, never forget that.”

Shawn had kept his eyes on her the whole time, listening to her words and now he pulled her face down to his and said lowly, “Trish, I love you so much too. I just can’t imagine my life without you in it anymore and I know you said these things before but I can’t help that sometimes I just get a little scared. I want to be everything for you and I want to show you that I am more than just this paralyzed guy.”
Trish let her fingers run through his hair, “You are more to me than just a paralyzed guy. You are the love of my life.”
With that Shawn pulled her down and pressed his lips on hers. Trish was leaning over him, pressing his body to the couch and Shawn rested his head on the back of the couch while kissing her wildly and Trish pushing herself onto him.

His hands travelled over her back and his fingers ran through her hair as they kissed wildly, Trish feeling the excitement build in her as she sat on Shawn. Their kissing turned into passion and in between Shawn quickly pulled her shirt over her head, exposing Trish’s bra. He unhooked her bra, cupped her perfect sized breasts with his warm hands. Trish stretched her neck and let Shawn kiss and lick her skin and then she felt his warm hands on her back, moving up and down her spine, stopping at her ass and grabbing it forcefully, almost lifting her up some.
She returned his passionate kissing with her own, letting her tongue play with his ear lobes as Shawn had his head leaned back on the couch with his eyes closed and enjoying the excited touches of Trish’s tongue on his ears and down his neck. His breathing came quicker and with his hands on Trish’s waistband he signed to her that he wanted her to take her pants off. Trish lifted her butt up some and Shawn pulled her pants down over her butt, Trish finishing pulling them all the way and eventually sitting on Shawn in only her underwear.
She pulled Shawn’s T-Shirt over his head and let her mouth come down on his chest and tasting his skin and glancing at his chest rising with every breath he took.

Shawn felt her kisses on his pectorals and when the sensation stopped he opened his eyes and glanced down at her as she let her tongue travel over his belly and along the waistband of his shorts.
She moved off of him but he demanded, “Trish, please stay on me. It felt so good.”
She replied softly, “I will in just a moment. I want to take your shorts off.”
With that she kneeled down on the floor in front of Shawn. His legs were still positioned criss cross and before he could move his hands down to move his legs she took his wrists and held them, “I will do it.”
Shawn pulled his hands back and watched her take his legs in her hands and moving first one leg down, placing his foot on the floor, then the other. He didn’t feel her hands on his legs but he didn’t want to focus on the lack of sensation and instead watched Trish’s hands touch him and move his legs gently and her face flushing pink in the midst of the process.
With her hands on his waistband he lifted himself up slightly, somewhat awkwardly on the soft couch without a sturdy grip but she managed to quickly slide his shorts down along with his boxers. He hadn’t expected to sit in front of her naked but there he was and as she finished his undressing, she let Shawn slide down her panties. To his surprise she kneeled down again and started kissing his thin legs and thighs, letting her tongue travel along his skin.
She looked up at him for a moment and met his eyes on her, “Shawn…baby, I hope it is O.K. I just want to taste your skin.”

He nodded and even though he would have loved to feel her mouth on his skin he could only watch as she gently caressed his legs and moved her mouth up to his cock. Momentarily he felt nervous at the full exposure of his manhood which didn’t really have a purpose anymore. Trish’s hands softly stroked over his cock and around it, her hands feeling the soft fluff of pubic hair as Shawn just watched her. When she let her mouth kiss his cock he felt the distant pain of not being able to really show his manhood in its full erection. For a moment he wanted to close his eyes and lay his head back on the couch, not having to watch Trish show him all this attention to an area of his body that still caused him feelings of being inadequate and incomplete. He then kept his eyes on her though, forcing himself to watch this woman who loved him the way he was still caress the parts of his body that had become like very distant relatives to him, related but not connected. Her hands travelled over his belly and she softly kissed his sleeping cock and when she looked up and Shawn’s eyes were still on her she confirmed, “I love your body so much Shawn.”
He wanted to feel at ease and he fought the frustration inside of him and her words helped some but he was ready for her to come back up.
He took her wrists and softly pulling he said, “Sit back up here on my lap. I want to be close to you.”

Trish climbed back up onto Shawn’s lap and their bodies attached like puzzle pieces. Shawn pulled her face to him again and kissed her for a long time. He started feeling Trish’s body move slowly on his, her pussy rubbing against his belly and soft cock. He moved his hands to her ass and grabbed it and squeezed it and it felt good.

Then he let his hands come around to her front again and feeling for her pubic area he let his hands softly explore her intimate parts. Trish had her eyes closed and she sat up some on her knees so Shawn could reach her better. He touched and stroked over her labia and then letting his fingers explore he pushed his fingers into her. Trish was holding on to the back of the couch and in between let her hands run through Shawn’s hair as he was bringing her once again to ecstatic excitement, pushing first one finger in and out, then two, then actually three and letting his hand fill her opening, his thumb at the same time flicking her clitoris. He was fully focused now and seeing Trish’s belly move up and down faster and her breathing over him audible in gasping moans made him work her even more. He loved feeling her from the inside, the warmth, the moisture, and the softness of an area only open for his entering her in the way he wanted and the way he could, his fingers creating almost a life of their own as he pushed them in and out of her, stretching her pussy enough to easily insert his three fingers and probably would have been able to push in even more fingers but saving that for another time. Her obvious arousal made him crazy, he wanted to give it to her his way and the way he could and knew how and he would perfect it with doing these things to her many more times and over and over again. His goal was the perfection of his abilities in bringing this girl to heights of arousal she hadn’t known before and he would do it without even inserting his cock into her. His mouth and tongue and his fingers would be his partners in crime from now on and he would show Trish that he could give her anything she needed. She could kiss his cock any time she wanted but he knew in the end it wouldn’t be his cock who would give to her what she wanted but only he himself with his skills of using the parts of his body he really hadn’t thought about too much before the accident paralyzed him from the chest down.

Trish moaned louder over him as he was working her pussy and clit and eventually having her push against his hand and arching her back some, her head hanging back with her hair almost touching her ass as she came once again, warm moisture filling up inside her pussy and running over his hands as he watched her body tremble and chill bumps covering her skin and he smiled to himself with utter satisfaction, a satisfaction that filled him with so much pride and joy and at the same time an exhaustion that came very close to the feelings of his own orgasms from a time long ago.


  1. It looks like things are taking a turn for the better for Jesse and Shawn. I'm so glad. Great scene with Trish, too.

    1. Thanks Pepper for being such a loyal reader, I can always rely on you

  2. Seriously great chapter!
    Shawn is such a wonderful character.
    You make him seem so real.
    Thank you.

    1. One of the best compliments to get is when characters feel real to the reader, thank you so, so much for that

  3. Thanks Dani! Another great chapter! So many details, how do you come up with them all and write them into a story every week?! Trish and Shawn are really sweet together, I love how he's realizing that she loves him as he is and not just for being a para.

    1. You are so welcome! I am glad you like Trish and Shawn. I try to make the story detailed so it is as real as possible. Thanks so much for reading.

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  5. I love that your characters are everyday people. Not rich or famous. It makes their struggles more real and touching.

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback. I appreciate it a lot. I like my stories to be about everyday people who could possibly live around the corner from me

  6. Interesting how uneasy Jesse is about taking the money, it shows a lot about who he is as a character. I really enjoy the amount of thought you put into your work

    1. Thanks so much, I appreciate it. Yeah, I guess Jesse is a good hearted guy, that is why I can't decide which character I like more, Jesse or Shawn...:-)