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Three's A Crowd Chapter 41

Trish and Shawn find Jesse in Rehab. Jesse can't ignore that he feels more for Kristy and he is trying to adjust to the new situation and is somewhat worried about getting on with the intensive part of Physical Therapy.

When Trish and Shawn came that afternoon they were surprised that Jesse was gone and the room was empty.
Right outside in the hallway nurse Meghan intercepted them, “He is gone…”
Looking into two surprised faces she explained further, “Jesse was transferred to Inpatient Rehab today.”
Meghan told them where they could find Jesse now and how to get there.

Ten minutes later Trish and Shawn came up to the nurse’s station at Inpatient Rehab.
“I am looking for my brother Jesse Callahan.”
The nurse behind the desk answered, “Oh yes, Jesse is our new arrival today. He is down the hall in F-6a.”
She pointed them in the right direction and Shawn thanked her and they headed toward Jesse’s new room.
Inside it they found Jesse sitting up in his bed. He was by himself in the room but there was space for another patient with an empty and fresh bed, separated by just a curtain.
He was happy to see Trish and Shawn, “Hey guys! I moved.”
Shawn wheeled up to his bed and fist bumped him, “I see that. You just snuck away from us.”
Trish kissed Jesse on the cheek and looked around in the room, “Well, hopefully you won’t really have to share your room with anyone anytime soon.”
“I hope so too but oh well. I am here now.”
They got comfortable next to Jesse’s bed and started talking about the new situation.

About four thirty Kristy showed up in the room. Jesse had not seen her since the morning visit in his former room.
Over the past couple of days they had bonded and Jesse couldn’t ignore anymore that he felt a lot more for Kristy than just her being his Physical Therapist. He had not confessed to Kristy about his feelings out of fear it would change their friendship and also put Kristy’s job at risk. Jesse also had not opened up to Shawn about the feelings he harbored for Kristy other than being friends and so far he had kept their relationship on a professional level.

She was always in a good mood, she made him feel better and motivated him to keep going. She had been pushing for Jesse to get transferred into Rehab but it had been a wait because the Rehab unit had been full up until that day. There had even been talks about transferring Jesse to another local hospital and its Rehab unit. Kristy had not allowed that and had been working with him on his upper body strength and getting some movement back in his leg.
He had been fitted for a knee brace to help him with his torn ACL. He was still on oral pain medication but the IV’s had been taken off. The only thing was still the Foley catheter and now being in Rehab that would hopefully come out soon.

Kristy had brought with her a walker and a pair of underarm crutches, “Hello everyone.”
She smiled at Jesse, “Hey my friend…I have some presents for you.”
She cheerfully greeted Shawn and Trish and then sat on the edge of Jesse’s bed, “I am glad you are finally over here now. This is my kingdom, the hallowed halls of Rehab.”
Jesse’s face just lit up in Kristy’s presence as he kept his eyes on her closely.

He glanced at the devices next to his bed and Kristy explained, “Doctor Strickland is getting tough on you. No more lazy days. He ordered progressive PT starting tomorrow. I will be in here around nine and we will try to get you standing up.”
Jesse didn’t say anything and Kristy turned serious, “Don’t worry o.k. We will take it easy. You don’t have to run around in this room tomorrow. I just want to get you up for a few minutes.”
Jesse nodded but Shawn could see his nervousness at the outlook for the next day.
He tried to sound encouraging, “This is a good thing Jesse. It is good that they get you moving now.”
Trish chimed in, “Shawn is right Jesse. I am so excited for you as well.”
Jesse managed a weak smile but Kristy was sensitive enough to recognize his insecurity,  “Don’t worry about tomorrow Jesse, but I kind of need you to jump on that band wagon with me though. I need your enthusiasm and energy to help us get started. I am sure you can do it. We have been working hard already and you are moving your leg. It is time we get more serious now.”
Pointing to the bathroom she then asked with a grin, “Do you see this bathroom?”
Jesse nodded and Kristy then asked another question, “Do you want to pee into a toilet again instead of through the Foley?”
Jesse looked down embarrassed but smiling, managing a small nod and Kristy continued, “I thought so. Think about that when we get started tomorrow. The toilet is your goal. I will get you into that bathroom and you will pee into the toilet by next week the same time.”
Shawn had to laugh about Kristy’s approach but he liked her sense of humor and he jumped on her so called band wagon right then, “Hell yeah, to pee into a toilet is your goal Jesse.”
Jesse then couldn’t help to laugh a little and Trish joined in.
Kristy stood up and smiled at Shawn, “Thanks Shawn for helping me out here.”
She then turned to Jesse, “Well Jesse, welcome again to Rehab. I assure you it will be a very good thing. I am very excited to see you and work with you. I have to get going now though, I am off for today and I will see you tomorrow bright and early.”
Jesse kept his eyes on her, “Thanks Kristy, I will see you tomorrow.”
Another quick smile to Jesse and she told them Good Bye and left the room.

Jesse let his head fall back on the pillow and sighed.
Shawn wheeled up the bed, “You know what my goal was in rehab?”
Jesse turned his head toward him, “What?”
“My goal was to get rid of the fucking Foley too and get myself into the bathroom to get my routine down for straight cathing. To be able to decide when I want to pee through this tube into the toilet and not have pee just flow into a fucking leg bag. I hated it. I didn’t want that. I wanted to be in charge of my peeing. Even though I didn’t know when I had to, I wanted to get my bladder under my control.”

Jesse was almost ashamed of himself of being worried about starting the more intensive part of physical therapy because at the end of his therapy he would be walking again, and he would be able to use the bathroom unlike Shawn who had started rehab in the knowledge of not walking again and never knew when he had to use the bathroom.
He recalled how depressed Shawn was on some days during his rehab. Shawn hated being there, he wanted to get home and he didn’t want to learn how to transfer in and out of his wheelchair, transfer from the floor into his wheelchair or move his legs with his hands for range of motion exercises. There were days when he didn’t want to talk about managing his bowels and his urination procedures. Sometimes he was too tired and exhausted to put on his clothes the best way or deal with spasms to his advantage. Shawn hated the whole rehab time and Jesse was angry with him a lot for seemingly being ungrateful to all the therapists trying to teach and help him live with his disability.

Now he looked at Shawn who still had his eyes on him, dark and knowingly, almost as he was reading Jesse’s mind.
Shawn said lowly, “Then when I finally knew the time line of when and how often to cath and not pee myself anymore I felt like a king Jesse.” 
Jesse heard the tension in Shawn’s voice and he knew it was a kind of reprimanding him and reminding him of where he was standing with his rehab process.
Shawn forcefully pushed his rims back and wheeled away from the bed and next to Trish again. Trish had only listened but she had also heard the tension in Shawn’s words.

For a moment they didn’t say anything as the unspoken tension hung over them.
Jesse tried to apologize with a trembling voice, “I am sorry Shawn…I know I am acting like an idiot. I will be all right and I will do everything they ask me to do and I will work hard to stand and walk and whatever else and yes, I want to pee into a toilet again. My situation is a joke and I am sorry I am making a big deal out of it.”
Shawn looked up at him and said lowly, “Your situation is not a joke but it is different and you will be all right coming out of this. I know you can do all this stuff. You are not like me. I know you will follow orders and do whatever Kristy tells you to do and I know you will try your hardest and at the end of it all you will walk out of here and that is all I want, that is what we all want. You will be all right, Jesse.”
Trish nodded in agreement and she stood up and walked over to Jesse and took his hand in hers.
Shawn watched with dark eyes from under his bangs as she said to Jesse, “You will do great Jesse and you will be on your feet sooner than you know it. Kristy seems nice and upbeat, she is perfect for this.”
“Thank you Trish.”

Shawn couldn’t help that the small interactions Trish and Jesse had on a daily basis always gnawed on him deep inside but he really didn’t want them to know that it sometimes worried him.
He watched them smile at each other when Jesse said lowly, “I really like Kristy and in a way I guess I am just embarrassed at her going to see my clumsy attempts to do all this stuff.”
Shawn shifted and sat up straighter at hearing his brother’s confession.
Trish turned around to Shawn and met his eyes as he wheeled closer again, asking,  “What do you mean you like Kristy? Like more than just friends?”
Jesse nodded and explained lowly, “I guess, I do like her more than a friend. I think she is hot and she…I don’t know, I just kind of wish we wouldn’t have met in this situation. I don’t want to be like this in front of her.  I am glad she is my therapist but somehow I wish it wouldn’t be her.”
Trish asked, “Do you think she likes you too, like not only as her patient?”
“I don’t know.”
Shawn remarked, “Welcome to my world.”

He really didn’t know what advice to give Jesse but he knew very well how Jesse felt and when he didn’t say anything Trish took the word, “Jesse, don’t be embarrassed. Just be yourself and try not to be something you are not. You are recovering from a severe injury and it will take some time for you to be well and Kristy knows that. Don’t try to prove to her that you are stronger than what you are right now. She seems super nice and maybe down the road you can get closer to her, just right now keep it to yourself.”
“I know I have to keep it professional and I will. We will see how it all goes and just go with the flow.”

That night Trish was already in bed when Shawn came wheeling into the room and she watched him as he pulled up to the bed, lifted himself off his seat, and pushed over onto the bed, his legs following as he pulled his body up on the bed, then adjusted his legs on the bed and laid down next to Trish on the pillow.
They snuggled up close and Trish rested her head on his chest and hearing his heart beat and feeling his heat radiate into her they laid there for a few moments, quiet and close.
Trish then asked lowly, “Are you jealous at Jesse?”
Shawn had not expected a question like that but Trish was sensitive enough to his moods now that she had witnessed quite a few of them already.
At first he didn’t say anything and Trish added, “You seemed a bit off today with Jesse in rehab now.”
He took a deep breath, “You know me so well.”
Trish sat up and looked at Shawn with her head on her hand, elbow on the bed.
His eyes were dark and lovingly she stroked a few strands of hair from his forehead, “You are jealous!”
Shawn pressed his lips together and thought for a moment, then answered lowly, “I hate myself for it. I should be happy for him.”
“You don’t have to hate yourself but yes, you should be happy for him and I know it is super difficult for you.”
Shawn played with Trish’s hair falling down on his chest and replied lowly, “He will go through rehab and be o.k. He will walk out of there and everything will be all right.”
“And you are thinking about your time in rehab and that you didn’t walk out of there?”
“Exactly! I didn’t. Jesse doesn’t have a reason to be all complicated because of Kristy or having her as a therapist. He will recover and be good to go and probably end up getting the girl anyways.”
“Shawn, you are not making sense. I want you to remember what you want for Jesse and how much you care for him. Every situation for every person is different and people feel different in different situations. Jesse is worried and he has been through a lot lately just like you have been through a lot after your accident. Your situation may have been worse but in the end the situation Jesse is in right now is hard for him too and you need to respect that. And if he really likes Kristy I for one can see how he is worried about that and how it makes things harder for him. We need to be there for him no matter what and we need to support him and take his worries seriously.”
Shawn nodded, “I know. You are right.”
Trish smiled, “And guess what: you ended up getting the girl too. This girl.”
He pulled her down to his face and said lowly, “I sure did. I love you so much.”
“I love you Shawn and it doesn’t matter that you didn’t walk out of rehab on your legs because that is one of the many things I adore you for.”

Shawn pulled her closer and kissed her hard and demanding, somehow feeling the frustrations that had bothered him during the day and now letting them out in kissing Trish forcefully.
They kissed and held each other and when they let go Shawn said softly, “Thanks for setting me straight and getting on to me for being jealous at my brother.”
He smiled at her and Trish laughed, “Anytime…”
Then she added warmly, “I like Kristy and it would be so cool if she and Jesse could become friends beyond the hospital.”
“It would be very cool.”


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