Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Three's A Crowd Chapter 43

Jesse hears from Chris Curtis. Shawn and Jesse have some words which also reveal a surprise Shawn didn't know about.

It was on a Tuesday morning when Jesse’s phone rang and he saw Chris Curtis’s number on the display.
He answered and was greeted by Chris on the other end, “Good Morning Jesse, how are you?”
“I am doing all right I guess.”

Chris Curtis had been checking in on the guys randomly and kept them informed about the progress of the law suit. It had moved slowly as to be expected but Mr. Hovanek’s insurance had not really been able to establish any steadfast ground to fight the case against them. The defense on Mr. Hovanek’s behalf had tried to come up with an argument on times of night time construction allowed on the Interstate but this argument was quickly thrown out when Cascadia Construction provided Jesse’s time cards and evidence of all hours worked within the legal time frames.

This morning was going to change everything when Chris Curtis announced, “I have some good news Jesse.”
Jesse sat in his bed and he felt his hands tremble as he held the phone, “Really?”
“The case was presented in court last week and the judge approved the amount of the settlement.”
“Yes, you should be getting $ 665,000 in your bank account in the next few weeks.”
Jesse didn’t know what to say and it didn’t feel real when he heard Chris on the other end mentioning the money.
Chris then added, “Congratulations on winning the case.”
Jesse’s voice trembled, “Shouldn’t I say that to you?”
“You can but it is o.k. Jesse. You deserve every penny of it and I am glad I could help.”
After Jesse had ended the call with Chris Curtis he just sat there for a moment, letting the news sink in and Chris’s voice kept ringing in his ears.

When Trish and Shawn came to see Jesse later that day they found him sleeping.
Trish walked up to the bed and softly touched Jesse’s arm, “Jesse, hey!” 
He moved a little, moaning, then slowly opened his eyes and saw Shawn and Trish next to his bed.
Shawn greeted his brother, “Wake up sleepyhead.”
Jesse sat up slowly in his bed, “Hey guys…I guess I fell asleep. Jeremy kicked my ass this morning. I was exhausted.”
Trish hugged Jesse for a greeting and then sat down on the edge of his bed.
Shawn parked his TiLite right next to the bed, “How are you today?”
“I am doing all right.”
Jesse pushed himself up further and let the head end of the bed up with the remote control.
He sat upright and looking from Shawn to Trish he started, “I got some news today.”
Shawn shifted and looked at Jesse questioningly, “What news?”
“Chris Curtis called me this morning.”
Jesse started lowly, “Well, you are already sitting down so here goes - we won the case against Mr. Hovanek’s insurance. We are awarded the full settlement that Chris Curtis fought for, $ 665,000 coming our way.”
Shawn looked at Jesse in disbelief, “You are shitting me, aren’t you?”
“No Shawn, it is true. We won.”
Shawn just stared at Jesse, then said lowly, “Wow, I don’t know what to say.”
Trish now jumped in, “Those are great news Jesse. You are getting the money you deserve.”
Shawn still couldn’t really believe it and sat there shaking his head slightly.
Tears sprung up in Jesse’s eyes, “It is unbelievable I know. I can’t even imagine it but it is true. Didn’t I say from the start that everything is going to be all right?”
Shawn smiled, “Whatever!”
He saw a tear roll down over Jesse’s cheek and Jesse tried to get control of his emotions but didn’t succeed and more tears came flowing from his eyes.
He mumbled, “Shit…”

Trish couldn’t help her own eyes get watery and she leaned over to Jesse and pulled him close for a tight hug, mumbling in his hair, “I am so happy for you Jesse.”
Shawn watched them and felt his heart beat in his neck, still trying to grasp the truth of so much money coming Jesse’s way.
He really couldn’t believe it and a very small part of him felt a kind of envy. Envy that Jesse got money for the suffering he had been through whereas he had had to go through all his suffering without any compensation because he had put his fate on himself.
Watching Trish hold Jesse and both of them shedding tears together he put his hands to his rims, barely able to control the emotions overcoming him and he wheeled out of the room.

Jesse caught a glimpse of Shawn wheeling away and quickly let go of Trish, calling after his brother, “Shawn, where are you going?”
Shawn disappeared into the hallway and just as Trish wanted to jump up and follow him, Jesse stopped her, “Wait, I will go after him.”
Trish wanted to say something but Jesse was already pulling himself over to the edge of his bed and grabbed his crutches, pushed himself up from his bed and catching his balance and getting a tight grip on his crutch handles, he basically hopped on one leg after Shawn, his injured leg barely touching the ground.
Trish could only say, “Be careful Jesse…”
He didn’t turn around but limping away he said, “Stay here!”

Jesse tried to move as fast as possible in his condition, which was not very fast at all. When he came out of his room he had to pass the nurse’s station and the charge nurse Wendy asked, “Jesse, can I help you somehow?”
“No, I just have to go after my brother.”
Wendy got up behind the counter, “Jesse, you need to take it easy buddy…what is going on?”
Jesse didn’t stop but kept going, “Nothing, I am all right. I just need to get my brother. He is upset. I will be right back.”
Wendy didn’t have a chance, “Jesse, you can’t just run out like this.”
“Please, I need to get to my brother, I will be right back.”

He crutched along carelessly, using his good leg and barely touching his injured leg to the floor.
He felt his muscles in his arm work and tense up at the sudden strain and quick movements of his body, his breaths came quick and gasping.
Jesse saw Shawn disappear around the corner and called after him, “Shawn, wait up!”
Shawn seemed surprised for a split second at hearing Jesse’s voice behind him but quickly kept moving, tears running over his face and his hands trembling as he pushed his rims.
When Shawn wheeled through the automatic doors and Jesse saw him he mumbled to himself, “What the hell, man?”

Jesse kept going and when he finally made it through the doors he spotted Shawn over to the side under some trees. It was raining that day and Jesse cursed at getting outside and the rain running over his naked upper body and he was a bit worried about getting his leg wet. He didn’t wear any socks or shoes on his good foot.
He made his way toward Shawn and he was angry, “What the fuck Shawn?”
When he got to where Shawn was at, he was breathing quickly still, his chest moving up and down fast with the energy he had used to go after Shawn. He felt his arms weak and didn’t know how long he could stand there holding himself up on his crutches.
He huffed, “Shawn, what is the problem?”
Shawn’s head was hanging and Jesse saw his body shake, tears dripping down on his thighs and hands. Shawn shook his head, he didn’t know what to tell Jesse.
Jesse wanted to yell at him but he stayed calm, still breathing quickly, “Shawn, is it because of Trish and I hugging or what?”
Jesse had a hard time holding himself up, standing in front of Shawn. He was getting wet and it cost him lots of strength, not only physical strength.
Trying to catch his breath he said, “Shawn, talk to me. What is going on? I just told you those awesome news and now….hey, we can finally rip out the carpet….”

Shawn looked up with teary eyes and looking at Jesse hovering over him, standing tall and strong he attempted an explanation in a shaky voice, “It is not because you and Trish…were hugging. I…”
He swallowed and Jesse was impatient, “Shawn, I am getting wet out here…what is going on with you?”
“I am sorry…I don’t know…”
Jesse would have loved to squat down in front of Shawn but instead he stood there holding on to the crutches with trembling arms, “Shawn…why…what is it? Come on, pull yourself together…everything is good. We are getting money for this shit I am in and things will be good. Trish is in there waiting for you, Kristy is coming back in three weeks. Shawn, our life is good right now.”
“YOU are getting money…”
Jesse shook his head, shifting some on the spot to get a better stance, “What are you talking about? It is our money…”
He was getting angry at Shawn’s breakdown, “OUR money…Shawn, quit doing this shit!”
Shawn said lowly, “You always were the better one of us…”

Jesse’s voice trembled with anger and he replied tensely, “Fuck….is that what it is? Is it jealousy? What the hell, Shawn? I can’t go through this and I won’t do this. I thought you were done with your self-pity parties. I thought you had it together now. I am about to fall on my fucking ass because you made me run after you, because I was worried about you. I can’t do this anymore Shawn. We are in this together, all of it, from the moment you went off the fucking road to my standing here on crutches, trying to not look like too much of an idiot. I need you to keep it together because I am definitely not ready yet…but I am happy I am where I am at now and I am happy for you and Trish and I see us all in a good place, in a fucking awesome place Shawn. So, stop feeling guilty or jealous or whatever it is you are feeling and help me make it through this crap and figure out what we are going to do with the shitload of money we are getting.”
Jesse had figured him out. It was a jealousy Shawn felt for Jesse, always had felt and it was envy on how Jesse came out of this situation a winner in the end whereas he hadn’t come out a winner at first.

Shawn looked up at Jesse with shiny eyes and Jesse’s voice was low when he said, “I haven’t forgotten what you said about Trish on the phone back then…and I can see now that you are perfect for each other. I am not all the way stupid Shawn, I know stuff too and I know you don’t want to talk about this anymore but I guess I knew things about some women before you even had a clue. I always hoped you would maybe find an awesome woman like Trish and when you said what you said on the phone I was like “Shit, she is into him for that stuff” and I was hoping you wouldn’t act totally stupid and kick her out of your life again. I am glad she stuck around and just know that I can’t be any happier for you. You landed the jackpot Shawn and I think I landed one too with Kristy.”
Shawn’s eyes had turned dark and alert at Jesse’s words and he didn’t really know what to think about it at first but Jesse didn’t give him a chance to say anything, “Shawn, I know what Trish likes and I think it is the most awesome thing. You are probably wondering how I know?”
Jesse paused and at Shawn’s questioning look he added, “Let’s just say…I had some eye opening insight when I became really close with Shannon back when you were in rehab. She told me some stuff…”

Shawn thought back to his rehab and he remembered very well a receptionist named Shannon, who Jesse seemed to be into for the time being there. He had no idea how close Shannon and Jesse really had become and that Shannon knew a lot of things about certain women and the disabled men they adored.
He was speechless at Jesse’s confession and without letting him say another word Jesse shifted on his crutches and said, “So, now pull it together. Get in there with your girl and do not make me come after you again while I am crippling around like this. If you act like an idiot I will break your arm again when I am back on my feet.”

With that Jesse spun around and headed for the building. Shawn thought for a split moment and then put his hands to his rims again and quickly pushed off his spot and wheeled after Jesse, “Jesse wait!”
Jesse stopped under the entrance cover but didn’t turn around and waited.
Shawn came up behind Jesse and started lowly scrambling for words, “So you knew… about…devotees since I was in rehab?”
Jesse only nodded and Shawn asked, “Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I didn’t think you were ready to hear something like that. You were barely able to accept your situation, I knew you weren’t ready to let a woman into your life anytime soon and I really didn’t know where I could find one that felt a certain way about guys in wheelchairs. I was hoping with all my heart that Trish would be that way but then I didn’t know when she…when she came on to me. I didn’t want this whole deal to backfire but it all turned around….and, now she is with you and that is all I wanted Shawn…”
Jesse’s head hung and Shawn felt his heart beat fast and his hands get sweaty.
Jesse added lowly, “I never wanted anything else than for you to be happy again Shawn, because it hurt so much to see you falling apart. I wanted to do anything to get you to be happy again.”

With that Jesse kept moving slowly on his crutches and the automatic door opened for him and Shawn wheeled in behind him. He was still processing the things Jesse had said but he didn’t know what to say about any of it. He was still somewhat in shock at the revelation. He watched Jesse make his way carefully and straining through the hallway of the rehab unit towards his room again. Just then Trish turned around the corner and was surprised to see Jesse and Shawn.

Jesse looked up and smiled at Trish. She didn’t know what had happened and with questioning eyes and looking over Jesse’s shoulder to Shawn, Jesse said to her, “Everything is all right. I set him straight. I am going back to my room.”
Trish touched Jesse’s hand on his crutch handle, “Jesse, are you sure?”
He nodded and grinned, “I have to plan how to spend $ 665,000.”

Trish was somewhat confused at Jesse’s comment and she let him pass and there was Shawn parked in the middle of the hallway. She stood there, just looking at him and she wasn’t sure if he was all right.
His hair was slightly moist from the rain, he sat there in his blue framed TiLite, his legs perfectly aligned in an angle, his feet in the sneakers on the footrest, his hands still on his rims but not moving and he just looked at Trish with dark and shiny eyes.
Trish slowly walked toward to him, “Shawn, baby?”
She stopped in front of him and he moved his eyes up to her but Trish quickly squatted down in front of him and placed her hands on his knees, “Hey, what is going on?”
Shawn shook his head, “Nothing…I am sorry I took off a moment ago.”
Trish smiled, “Never a dull moment with you. You two are more drama than any girl can ever put together.”
She laughed and patted Shawn’s knees, then meeting his eyes as he looked at her.
“Shawn, I love you. You know we are in this together, right?”
He nodded with a smile, “I swear, you are Jesse in female form.”

He was referring to what Jesse had just said a few moments ago about being in this together from start to finish and there was Trish saying the same thing. She didn’t know what he was talking about and tipped her head to the side slightly.
Shawn added, “Nothing…I love you so much.”
With that he pulled her up and onto his lap. Trish wrapped her arms around his neck and they kissed for a long time in the middle of the hallway, a few people having to go around them. Trish and Shawn didn’t care and had only eyes for each other.


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