Monday, October 13, 2014

Three's A Crowd Chapter 45

Trish and Shawn are able to enjoy being at home again without having to worry about visiting Jesse in the hospital anymore. Jesse is happy to be home but still anxiously awaiting Kristy's return while Trish and Shawn are enjoying some very close and intimate moments once again.

Through Saturday the snow had turned into rain, and temperatures went up some.
When Shawn came wheeling into the kitchen on Saturday morning Trish was busy cleaning up from the night before. She turned around and there was Shawn right there just looking at her with a sexy smile and she was leaning on the counter looking at him.
He shook his head, “Damn…I guess I had a little too much last night.”
Trish tipped her head questioningly, grinning, “Well, you must have not been that hungry after all?”
He slowly wheeled closer and held his hand out to her.
Trish took it and he pulled her down onto his lap, “I was very hungry but I guess I missed out.”
“You did miss out.”
Trish wrapped her arms around his neck and Shawn held her to him, stroking her hair out of her face and tugging it behind her ear, “I did miss out and I am angry at myself.”
Trish smiled, “Well, I am still here so it is not a total loss.”

Shawn let his fingers run softy over Trish’s cheek and his dark eyes scanned her face framed by the strands of her long blonde hair. She was still in her sleep clothes.
Trish played with Shawn’s hair in the back of his neck and lowered her eyes with his wheelchair in her view, her legs hanging over the side of the chair. Shawn moved his hand down to her naked legs and ran his fingers up and down her thigh stopping just short at her crotch. It tickled, Trish giggled lowly and Shawn smiled at her reaction but continued caressing her legs.
She watched his fingers and felt her breathing quicken.
Shawn watched her closely, “I am still very hungry for you.”
“We are going to have breakfast now.”
He laughed lowly, “So I am still not getting a piece of you?”
Trish touched her finger to his lips, “Not yet. Maybe later.”

With that Shawn pulled her closer and pressed his lips to hers, kissing her hard. He held Trish’s head in place and she wrapped her arms around his neck.
They stayed like that for a while, kissing wildly in the middle of the kitchen and Shawn felt so much longing for her and he would have loved to just wheel into his room with Trish on his lap and throw her on the bed and fulfill that hunger he had. When his hand ran over the inside of Trish’s thigh all the way up she stopped his hand from going any further.
Shawn unlocked his lips from hers and with his face buried into her skin he mumbled, “I know, I know…”
“Control yourself baby.”
“I want you so bad Trish.”
Trish took his face in between her hands and smiled at him, “Later…”

Just at that moment they were interrupted by some rustling noise and when Trish glanced up she saw Jesse slowly making his way into the living room.
Recognizing the closeness between Shawn and Trish he cleared his throat and apologized lowly, “Sorry guys…Good Morning.”
Shawn looked over at his brother, smiling, “You better be sorry.”
On his forearm crutches Jesse made his way into the kitchen and slowly lowered himself onto his chair at the table.
Trish smiled, “Good Morning Jesse, coffee is almost done.”

Jesse leaned his crutches on the table next to him and shyly glanced up at them both, feeling like he had interrupted something. Trish was about to scramble off Shawn’s lap but before she could make it all the way Shawn planted one more quick kiss on her lips and only then let her get up.
With a quick pat on Trish’s butt he spun his wheelchair around and faced Jesse, “Did you sleep all right?”
“Yeah, it was nice to be back in my own bed.”
Shawn gently pushed his rims and his wheelchair slowly rolled over toward the table.

Trish got busy at the counter again and Jesse glanced at her for a moment and then back at Shawn, who met his eyes with a serious expression.
Shawn broke the awkward moment, “Have you heard from Kristy?”
Jesse shook his head, “I haven’t heard from her in a few days. She doesn’t have a signal where she is at right now. The last thing I heard was that she is coming back on Saturday and she sent me all her flight information and stuff. I don’t know if she will have a chance to call or text again.”
“So we are going up there to pick her up next Saturday then?”
Jesse replied unsure, “I hope so.”
With that Trish turned around, smiling at Jesse, “Of course we are going to the airport next Saturday.”
Shawn nodded in agreement and asked, “Are you ready for her to get back?”
Jesse nodded and answered lowly, “Yes.”
“Do you think you guys will work out?”
“I hope so.”
Trish walked over with two mugs of coffee, “I am a hundred percent certain it will work out between Kristy and Jesse.”

Saturday stayed wet and rainy and Trish and the guys just stayed at home. Jesse was doing okay and was even able to sit on the edge of the bathtub and somewhat clean himself up under Shawn’s watchful eyes.
As for Trish and Shawn, he couldn’t keep his hands off her and Trish knew he wanted more than just a little pat here and there. Jesse found his spot on his recliner and Rocky, the cat was curled up on his lap. Slightly he did feel like an intruder as Shawn and Trish had been occupying the house by themselves over the last couple of weeks. They didn’t make him feel unwelcome but seeing them together he missed Kristy even more.

Trish cooked a light dinner that night and afterwards they watched a movie.
Shawn had transferred onto the couch and Trish was seated crisscross with Shawn’s legs over her lap. She let her hand travel over his shins, feeling the bones and the soft hair on his skin but knowing he didn’t feel any of it. She looked over at him as he was focused on the movie and for a moment he didn’t seem to realize. He was wearing shorts and socks and his legs felt warm. He had not had any spasticity during the day and he seemed calm and relaxed watching the movie.

Trish scanned his face and down his arms to his feet and her hands softly travelled up and down his legs. When she looked up again she was surprised to find Shawn gazing at her. As their eyes met he smiled and she was a bit embarrassed at having been caught.
Shawn’s eyes moved down to her hands running over his legs.
He didn’t feel a single touch of her finger and when Trish stopped he said softly, “It’s o.k. Keep doing what you are doing!”
With a quick glance over to a sleeping Jesse in his recliner he turned his eyes back to her and said lowly, “I am still hungry.”
Trish smiled and when she confirmed with a glance a sleeping Jesse she replied lowly, “Let’s go to the bedroom.”
“All right. That’s what I am talking about.”

Trish moved his legs off her lap and Shawn pulled his wheelchair closer. His legs dropped off the couch and he sat up, getting ready for the transfer. Trish stayed where she was and just watched him, shamelessly and longingly.
By now Shawn knew exactly how much she enjoyed watching his transfers every time and sometimes he took his time on purpose getting into or out of his TiLite. He even glanced over at her during the process just to shoot her a look and checking her serious face but obvious interest in his transfer. He smiled to himself knowing what his situation did to Trish and how it was almost like foreplay for her to watch him doing his thing. Still there were moments when Shawn just couldn’t believe how Trish felt about his paraplegia and how he lived with his disability and because of her feelings having given him back his confidence and passion for life again.

He finished his transfer and threw Trish another look as he wheeled by her toward the bedroom. Trish felt her heart beat fast at watching him wheel ahead and she followed him excitedly. They left the TV on and left Jesse on his recliner snoring lowly. Shawn turned into the bathroom and Trish just kept going. She knew the drill. To avoid any mishaps Shawn always catheterized before they got intimate and close. Trish went into the bedroom and shortly after Shawn wheeled on in.

Trish closed the bedroom door behind him. Shawn spun around in the room and now he was sitting in the middle of the room looking at her.
She loved just looking at him in his wheelchair. She couldn’t get enough of it and of everything about him. Now she leaned on the door and nervously looked down in front of herself.
Shawn didn’t say anything but just sat there and watched her. Trish slowly lifted her eyes and looked at him. He was leaning over slightly with his hands interlocked in his lap and he was waiting.
After a few seconds he remarked, “You are so beautiful!”
Trish smiled and was thrilled when Shawn pulled his T-Shirt over his head, exposing his well-defined chest and arms, the depictive tattoos decorating his skin. He ran his fingers through his hair and leaned back in his wheelchair. His dark wavy hair was still ruffled some and a thin shadow of a beard was showing on his face.
Lowly he ordered her, “Take off your clothes for me!”

Trish loved his assertiveness in the bedroom and how things had changed so much over the last couple of months. She felt her hands tremble as she first pulled her hoodie over her head and let it drop to the floor. She stood there in a bra and her yoga pants and socks. Shawn scanned her body with his eyes and slowly she then pulled down her pants, exposing a matching pair of panties. Quickly she pulled off her socks.
Shawn’s dark eyes were on her, watching her every move. He smiled and she walked over to him and got down on her knees next to his legs.

Gently she took his right foot and pulled off his sock, she did the same with his left foot and then she just let her hands run over the bridge of his feet, up his shins, over his knees all the way to his crotch. Shawn silently just watched her hand travel over his legs. He didn’t feel her touch and the warmth of her hands but he saw it and he watched her fingers closely as they softly ran over his skin. He wanted to feel her and he imagined how it would be but just as much he enjoyed watching Trish adore his still legs.
Trish leaned down and Shawn was surprised when she softly let her lips touch the top of his foot and she kissed it and then let more kisses touch over the rest of his leg all the way up again.

His breathing quickened as he watched Trish give his legs her full attention. She was fully focused and as her hands were occupied stroking and touching his legs, her lips showered his two lifeless limbs with a different kind of touch.
Shawn’s breathing came even quicker now as he watched Trish’s tongue travel over his legs. She licked and she sucked on his skin and even though he didn’t feel a single thing he felt very excited now just watching his girlfriend’s full devotion to him and his whole body.
He didn’t miss the occasional touch of her hands to his wheelchair frame and he saw her chest rise up and down quickly.
His hand softly touched her head and she looked up at him for a moment when he whispered, “May I transfer onto the bed?”
Trish nodded and hushed, “Of course.”

She sat up some and watched as he rolled over to the bed and with his hands placed in the right angles and spots he pushed himself out of his wheelchair onto the bed. With both hands placed next to him on the bed, his legs twisted in front of him with feet on the carpet he got a sturdy position and watched as Trish got up and came over to the bed, watching him as he positioned his legs.

Trish climbed onto the bed and got behind Shawn. For a moment he didn’t know if he should get all the way on the bed at this time but Trish hushed, “Stay like this baby.”

He stayed and after a few seconds, Trish’s naked legs were on either side of him and he was able to touch her legs. She had sat down on the bed behind him and he felt her breath on his skin and soon after her lips touch the back of his neck and he felt chills on his arms at her soft touches, quick licks of her tongue on his skin and moving over to his ears. At that time his breathing came in gasps and he couldn’t focus anymore on petting Trish’s legs. Now she let her lips, and her tongue explore behind his ear and she nibbled on his ear lobes. He felt her hot breath on his neck and ears and it made him crazy. His arms were covered in chills and even though he tried to move his head away from her hot kisses at the same time he craved to feel them. She kissed his upper back and he felt it and he loved it. Her hands and arms came around the front of his chest and she let her hands stroke over his pectorals, her fingernails slightly digging into his skin and it felt so good.

Shawn was surprised when Trish locked her feet in front of him right above is crotch, she had a grip on him and all he could do was breathe quickly and try to touch her legs some but with her hot kisses he barely was able to focus, almost not able to keep his balance anymore sitting up.
Trish felt Shawn’s chest rise up and down quickly as his pectorals flexed. This went on for a few more moments until Shawn just couldn’t bear it anymore and in between gasping breaths he mumbled, “Trish, please let me lay down or come around to my front. I want to kiss you and taste you.”

Trish let her lips detach from his back and she climbed around to the front and sat on Shawn’s lap, locking her feet behind his back but even though Shawn tried to hold on to her waist and Trish had her hands also locked behind his back he actually fell back, not able to hold his balance without the support of his hands and arms on his sides.
A curse word came over his lips as he and Trish tumbled over onto the bed, turning the embarrassment into laughter. They held each other and were kissing until Trish dislodged her body from Shawn.

Shawn scrambled for a better position and pulled himself up onto the bed all the way, dragging his legs but able to pull himself up to the head board and leaning on it he then pulled Trish over to him again. She sat back down on his lap and right away he let his passionate kissing start all over again. For about twenty minutes she had tortured him with her kisses on his back and ears and he couldn’t wait anymore. Now he wanted to taste her and get his share of Trish’s body.

In the process he unhooked her bra and his hands travelled to every corner of her body, cupping her breasts and kneading them gently. He kissed her breasts, sucked on her nipples and licked around them. Forcefully he then grabbed her ass with his hands and pulled her closer to him, letting his lips latch onto her neck. Trish stretched her neck, and arched her back, her hair was hanging down behind her as Shawn worked his mouth on every part of her skin he could reach.  They were both breathing quickly now as the tension increased. Shawn gestured for her to pull her panties off and he admiringly scanned her female parts as she stood naked in front of him.

With his hands on her ass cheeks he pulled her lower body to his face and right away her familiar scent encircled him and with his nose he neared her pussy, then taking her in with the senses he still had, his eyes and his nose and eventually letting his lips join in as he kissed her on the inside of her thighs and letting his tongue travel all the way to her labia. It made him crazy, smelling and tasting Trish. She had her hands resting on the wall above the headboard as she let Shawn get the taste he wanted. Trish felt her arousal come on full strength as Shawn worked his magic on her pussy.
She felt his fingers inside of her and he was touching her just right on the inside and moving her to push her pussy closer to him. He was now fully focused on bringing Trish to orgasm and at the same time his own heart was beating like a drum inside his chest cavity.
Trish hushed above him, “Oh Gosh Shawn…keep going. You got it.”

And he kept going, exactly the way she needed and wanted it and with a trembling and her legs almost giving out she came intense with his fingers inside of her pussy and his lips on her clit.
Shawn’s left hand grabbed her ass so hard that he left marks on her as he felt his own arousal shooting from his taste buds right to his head. Instead of going downwards into his groins, nowadays the arousal was all in his head and he felt like he had come with Trish but he couldn’t help thinking for just a split second how it would have been with his hard cock inside of her and he planned to make a visit to his doctor and maybe the pharmacy soon.

Exhausted but happy Trish laid down next to Shawn, her head resting on his chest. She felt his heart beat on the side of her face and Shawn let his fingers run through her hair.
Carefully he started to put his thoughts into words, “Maybe I should get a prescription from my doctor?”
Trish looked up at him, “What kind of prescription?”
Shawn felt slightly strange mentioning it, “Viagra.”
He looked down at his legs, “To see how it works…I know some para guys use it. Maybe it would be better for you.”

Trish sat up and looked at him, “Shawn, baby…better for me? I am happy with what we have and what you do…I don’t need anything else. You…” Trish smiled and took a deep breath, “What you did a while ago was amazing….and every time we did something it was great for me. I love how you use your mouth and your fingers and you know what it does to me every time.”
She smiled and stroked over his cheek, “You drive me crazy every time.”
Shawn looked over at her, “I am really glad you like it but I guess sometimes I wonder how it would be…me inside you. Maybe even with me not feeling it…” He sighed and lowly continued, “I guess I like to imagine being all the way with you, like all the way united.”
Trish watched him and let her fingers softly run over his face and his lips, then confirming to him, “Shawn, I love you so much and everything about you and I love everything you do for me and to me.”
He played with a strand of her hair, “I love you too Trish but I think I would still like to try it sometime.”
“If you want to try it, then I support you all the way. I just don’t want it to be painful for you, not physically but psychologically painful. I don’t want you to be sad.”
“I know and I realize it is not going to change what I can and cannot feel but just being all the way inside of you and having your body right next to mine is just a nice thought.”

Trish climbed over him again, sitting in his lap and pulling the blanket over herself she laid down on Shawn, her head next to his and feeling his chest on hers and she whispered, “Like this?”
Shawn smiled, “Yeah, just like this and even some more.”
They fell into a long and loving kiss once more while the rain was coming down harder outside.


  1. Thanks for the amazing writing as usual, Dani. I've been a ghostie reading this ever since you started TAC. Hope you had a good trip but glad you're back; we missed you! x - Nessa

    1. Thank you "ghostie" Nessa, I appreciate your comment so much. x Dani

  2. What a nice chapter!
    Love it!
    Thank you Dani.
    xx Alexandra

    1. I am glad you like it Alexandra, I thought I lost you...:-),, thanks for commenting, it means a lot, x Dani

  3. Just wonderful!
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  4. Superb writing; always enjoyable.