Sunday, October 12, 2014

Three's A Crowd Chapter 46

Jesse and Shawn talk about some future plans and are soon facing some decisions. Kristy's arrival is near and Jesse is nervous to see her again.

Jesse was awake and watching TV again when Trish and Shawn came into the living room. He looked over at them and just smiled. Shawn was without his shirt and Trish shyly just headed straight for the kitchen. Shawn wheeled over to his spot next to Jesse’s recliner.
He assumed Jesse knew what had happened but Jesse didn’t say anything and Shawn merely asked, “Are you all right?”
Jesse grinned, “I am perfectly fine. I guess you are too?”
Shawn nodded slightly embarrassed.
Jesse turned his head toward the kitchen where Trish was busily preparing herself some tea and he looked back at Shawn and said in a whisper, “It’s all right little bro. You don’t have to feel weird. I am happy for you.” 
Trish called over, “Anyone want anything from the kitchen?”
Shawn wanted some water and Jesse replied that he was fine.

It was already ten o’clock and the movie they had started to watch together was now coming to an end. Trish came into the living room with a cup of tea and Shawn’s glass of water. He stayed in his wheelchair and Trish sat down on the couch next to him.
As the ending credits of the movie streamed over the screen Jesse remarked with a smile, “Well, looks like we all missed most of the movie.”
Trish and Shawn didn’t say anything about that, it was obvious why they had missed the movie and Jesse had slept through most of it.
He was petting Rocky on his lap, “I will probably hit the sack here in a moment.”
Shawn nodded, “Yeah, us too.”
Jesse couldn’t help grin at the comment and he was tempted to say something about Trish and Shawn having already hit the sack but he refrained from it, keeping his thoughts to himself. He didn’t want to make the moment more awkward than it was already. They now all three occupied the house and they had to make it work. He hoped that sooner or later on some days Kristy would join him at the house as well.

The next few days went by without any issues. Jesse had settled in again, he even went out to his truck and started it to make sure it was still running. Monday Trish went to work as usual. She still worked her Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule with her water aerobics classes on Wednesday and Friday now. As soon as she and Shawn had become a unit she had clarified that she didn’t want to get money any longer from Jesse and Shawn since she didn’t feel she worked for them anymore. Shawn was her boyfriend now and not an employer. Things had changed so she had picked up some more hours at the Senior Citizen Center again, not only working half days but actually working full days on Wednesdays and Fridays. She had finished her online classes with good grades and for three weeks had been attending college classes in Tacoma on Tuesdays for half a day.
Life had been busy and sometimes stressful with work and school and there were times when Trish had felt bad of leaving Shawn on his own at the house. Now that Jesse was back she felt better having to go to work or school.  

On Wednesday Jesse sat at the kitchen table scanning over his computer when Shawn came wheeling in and grabbed a mug from the counter, then wheeled up to the table.
The coffee pot was on the table and he poured himself a cup while greeting Jesse, “Morning!”
Without looking up Jesse replied, “Good Morning.”
He had his eyes on the computer monitor and was reading some of the files about his accident and the whole process.
Shawn started glancing at his phone when Jesse asked, “So Trish is gone all day today?”
“Yeah, she will be home tonight about eight. It sucks.”
“That is a long day for her.”
“And for me. Wednesdays and Fridays suck.”

Jesse let his fingers run over the keyboard and silently kept looking at his computer until he turned it over toward Shawn.
Shawn looked up and at the screen, “What?”
He realized it was their online checking account statement and his eyes searched over the numbers and he stopped on the ending balance and just stared at it for a moment. Including the money that had been in the account already it now read: $ 668,241.
Jesse declared lowly, “The money is in!”
Shawn just stared at the numbers for a few more seconds and then sighed, leaning back in his wheelchair, “Wow!”
Jesse smiled, “Okay, I guess we will hit the store and pick out the type of flooring you want in this joint.”
Shawn laughed lowly.
He really didn’t know what to think and asked, “What are we going to do with that much money Jesse?”
Jesse shrugged his shoulders, it was still unbelievable to him too.
He said lowly, “I think we owe around $ 85,000 on this house.”
Shawn added, “This house which is like a hundred years old.”
“Not all the way, but yes, it is old.”
“Well, it is your money Jesse and you decide.”
“Don’t be an idiot, it is our money and I told you that before and don’t argue with me about it. We will decide together what we want to do. You still want to get a car sometime, right?”
Shawn couldn’t even imagine himself in a car anymore but it was a wonderful thought. He smiled just thinking about it.
Jesse asked dryly, “What kind of car do you want?”
Shawn looked up at him surprised and shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t know…you should get a new truck for yourself first.”
“I am okay with my old truck.”
“I am not getting a new car if you are not getting a new truck.”
“Well, we will see. What are we going to do about the house?”
“I don’t know Jesse…I mean it was always our house. In a way I can’t imagine not having it.”
“Maybe we can remodel some of it for you and just make it nicer? Maybe we can actually get a concrete driveway with a carport or something? Maybe we can just sell it and move closer to the city into an accessible house? Maybe we can move to a freaking island and not work anymore and live of the interest we make?”
Shawn smiled, “It is difficult to wheel in sand.”
Jesse laughed, “We will have a deck and a path to the water so you can wheel around. You can get one of those beach wheelchairs. I have seen them somewhere.”
Shawn laughed, “Yeah, not going to happen and I really can’t leave here. I need to stay here with Trish.”
Jesse smiled, “Okay, okay…we stay here but we will move to a lakefront property.”
“We have a creek front property already and sometimes lakefront when it rains.”
“Dude, you really don’t want to live in a better place?”
Shawn shrugged his shoulders again, “I don’t know. This is home.”
Jesse leaned back and got serious, looking at Shawn, “I know, this is home. And we won’t move to an island but we will make it better for us. We will figure out what to do with the money. I should make an appointment with a financial advisor at the bank.”
Shawn remarked, “Yeah, that is probably a good idea.”
For a little while longer they pondered with all kinds of dreams and wishes and ended up laughing over their imaginary trip into space. It was still hard to believe that there was all this money but Jesse and Shawn knew they had to think seriously about their plans for it. It was money they had to spend wisely and to their full advantage.

When Trish got home that night she was excited to hear about the bank deposit and joyfully she hugged the guys, “What are you going to do with it?”
Shawn answered, “Don’t know yet, we will figure it out.”
Trish laughed and kissed Shawn on the cheek, “I am exhausted.”
Her hair was still damp from the shower after water aerobics class and she fell onto the couch.
It was after nine o’clock at night, “I am so glad I am off tomorrow.”

Thursday they usually had to themselves spending time together and Shawn being happy that Trish was there with him. He missed her on the days she was at work or in class. It also made him realize that he needed to figure out what he wanted to do with his life, career wise or school wise. The last couple of weeks and months had really revolved around Jesse going out of state to work and eventually the accident. Shawn had put his life on hold to be there for his brother. They were definitely even now. Jesse who had been there around the clock for Shawn after his fateful accident two years earlier and had put his life on hold during that time and now Shawn who had been there for Jesse in the same way but at the same time not having been able to make any plans on what he wanted to do with his life. It was time for him to start thinking again about some serious plans.

Jesse heard from Kristy on Thursday for just a short phone call. She confirmed with him her arrival for Saturday and told Jesse how much she was looking forward to seeing him again. Jesse was relieved that her return was happening as planned but he felt somewhat nervous at seeing her again.

At the table over breakfast he remarked, “I need to get my hair cut before Saturday.”
Shawn laughed, “Yeah, you kind of look like a hippie, hair all long and stuff.”
Trish smiled over at Jesse, “I actually think it looks good on you.”
Shawn finished his bite, “Hey, hey!”
He grinned at Trish who glanced over at him and she added, “You look good too baby.”
They laughed a little and Trish suggested, “We could go today if you guys are up for it.”
It was decided to use Trish’s off day to run some errands and among them getting the guys to the barber shop.

Shawn was parked in front of the sink in his bathroom when Trish came in and their eyes met in the mirror.
Trish asked, “Whatcha doing?”
“Nothing, just thinking…should I cut my hair or should I let it grow?”
“You could use a haircut, at least a little but whatever you decide I will like it.”
She walked over to him and leaning down, she wrapped her arms around him from behind and with her face next to his they both quietly smiled at each other’s mirror images for a moment.
Shawn had his hand on Trish’s hands on his chest and said lowly, “I love you so much.”
“I love you too baby.”
She kissed his cheek, “Well, I am getting ready to go. I think Jesse is already done and waiting for us in the living room.”

They spent the rest of the day in town, getting the guys their haircuts, going to the grocery store, and the bank where Jesse talked briefly to a financial advisor and set up an appointment for the following week. They finished their day at a coffee shop, warming up over their Lattes. 

Friday Shawn and Jesse just hung out at home. Jesse called Cascadia Construction and had a conversation with his boss Ray Covington. Ray had been in touch with Jesse for the past couple of weeks and he had basically already promised Jesse a position in the administration side of the company, helping with dispatching and organizing projects. Despite Jesse’s accident the project in Oregon had been completed successfully but all the guys missed him and constantly had sent greetings or some had even visited him in the hospital after his surgery.

Ray told Jesse he could work administration on a half day schedule until he felt strong enough and as long as he wanted until maybe one day he could go back out on the projects if that is what he wanted to do. Jesse really didn’t know if he would ever go back out on projects because it all depended on how his leg was going to work. He still faced the knee surgery in December and another couple of weeks recovery time so he was almost certain he wouldn’t be able to go back out for at least another six months if not longer. There was a bid going on for a contract to work up in Seattle starting in about eight months but Jesse didn’t really want to plan to be there or not. He was relieved Ray had offered him the job in the administration of Cascadia Construction and he was going to start in January.

Jesse and Shawn looked over some programs of the technical colleges around the area trying to figure out what was out there and maybe a possibility for Shawn. Shawn really didn’t know what he wanted to do and he was limited somewhat with his disability so hands on physical kind of work was really out of the question. Careers where he would have to walk and stand were out of the question and after they looked through some of the information online he was somewhat discouraged at what was out there because he couldn’t really find anything suitable for him. He never did like school very much and barely made it through High School. Going to college had never been on his mind and because of their dad the guys had ended up in construction and basically had learned their trades on the job over the years working for various companies with Jesse eventually taking on a job with Cascadia Construction and Shawn having worked for a smaller local company specializing in building construction and remodeling before he had his accident. He always enjoyed the hands on and practical work, starting a project and then seeing a finished product. Now he was clueless at what to do. He couldn’t see himself in an office environment or working administrative duties.

He leaned back in his TiLite somewhat frustrated and remarked, “Well, looks like there is crap out there for me to do.”
Jesse had been trying to find any information valuable to Shawn and he knew it looked rather bleak for him but he had been trying to encourage his brother to not give up looking and thinking about what he could do.
Jesse tried to sound reassuring, “Maybe we need to look at all the career websites and set up your profile which could hopefully match you with jobs. You should also try the State and Federal job websites.”
Shawn lifted himself up from his wheelchair for a split second and nodded, “Yeah, I guess. I really don’t think I want to go to school again.”
“We will figure something out. We always do!”

It was Saturday afternoon when Jesse, Shawn and Trish were getting ready to head to the airport to pick up Kristy. She had informed Jesse that her flight from San Diego would arrive at four thirty.
Jesse was in his bathroom buttoning up his shirt and tugging it into his jeans balancing most of his weight on his left leg. He left the top button undone, sprinkled some drops of cologne on and combed through his hair one more time. His face was clean shaven. He had been nervous all day and really wanted to look his best. Kristy only knew him in a hospital gown or in raggedy T-Shirts and shorts. He wanted to show her what he really looked like and hoped she would be pleased to see him outside of the hospital environment. He let himself down on the edge of the bathtub and adjusted his knee brace and made sure it was buckled right, pulling his jeans tight under the brace so they weren’t too wrinkled. His boots were still untied and he leaned down to fasten the laces, adjusted his jeans over his boots and put on his watch, securing the metal pins in the holes of the leather wrist band. It was almost two o’clock. He grabbed the handles of his crutches and pushed himself up, then making his way into the living room.

 Trish was sitting on Shawn’s lap as she often did and they were holding each other in an embrace, waiting for Jesse.
They both turned toward Jesse and Trish said, “You look really nice, Jesse.”
Jesse smiled, “You think so?”
“Yes, I do. Kristy will be so happy to see you. You look great.”
“I hope so.”
Shawn laughed, “His head is going to explode if you keep telling him how good he looks.”
Trish smiled and while making his way into the room Jesse just glanced over at Shawn with a grin.
Shawn added, “No, you do look good, bro. My girl is right and Kristy will feel the same way.”
Jesse laughed insecurely and positioned himself next to the kitchen counter, “Well, I guess I am ready then.”
Trish asked, “You still want to get some flowers, right?”
“Yeah, if there is a place somewhere on the way?”
Trish answered, “I know where we can get them.”

About twenty minutes later the guys were situated in Trish’s car and she pulled out onto the gravel road leading away from the house. Shawn sat in the front seat again. Jesse was now able to sit in the back seat and could bend his leg enough to sit comfortably in the back. Shawn had his hand resting on Trish’s thigh and they headed toward the Interstate.


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