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Three's A Crowd Chapter 47

Kristy arrives and Jesse is very happy. Their feelings for each other are obvious. Shawn feels very content at seeing his brother so happy and at home Trish and Shawn are enjoying some very sexy moments together.

As on most days the Interstate was busy with cars but Trish made good in time and around three thirty pulled into the parking lot of a florist shop close to the airport.
Shawn stayed in the car and watched as Trish and Jesse walked into the store. Jesse had asked Trish to help him with the flowers for Kristy.
After looking around in the store and talking to the store clerk for a few minutes Jesse decided on some yellow lilies, complimented with various color coordinated less prominent flowers and some greenery to round up the floral creation.

While the clerk disappeared into the back of the store to put together the fresh bouquet Jesse looked at Trish and said lowly, “Trish, I never had a chance to thank you for everything you have done for me and Shawn in the last couple of months. I know he loves you very much and you are truly the best thing that could have happened to him. I am so happy how everything turned out. I really can’t believe I am on my way to pick up an amazing woman at the airport who will hopefully become the same thing to me like you are for my brother.”
Trish felt her vision get blurry as she smiled at Jesse and placed her hand onto his hand holding the crutch handle, then looking up at him, “Jesse, you deserve nothing but happiness and I can’t wait to see you and Kristy together and all four of us having the best times ahead. I need to thank you just the same for giving me the opportunity to come into yours and Shawn’s life.”
Jesse smiled and nodded, “It was definitely a good thing.”
Trish nodded and squeezed Jesse’s hand when the florist came back out with the bouquet looking beautiful with the clear foil around it.
The bouquet was so big that in the car it covered almost the whole seat next to Jesse.

At the airport as they made their way into the terminal Trish carried the flowers. Jesse walked over to the digital flight information display and in the arrivals column he searched for the San Diego flight. The flight was scheduled on time and glancing at his watch they still had about forty five minutes.
While they slowly strolled through the airport, Jesse felt his heart beat speed up and nervousness overcoming him. He tried to remember how it had been when Kristy and he had to say Good Bye a couple of weeks ago. He tried to recall their interaction and he had doubts if it was even right for him to be there. Then he thought about all the messages and the calls they had had over the last couple of weeks and he reminded himself that Kristy had mentioned many times how much she was looking forward to see him and how she couldn’t wait to be back home and spend time with him. She had expressed on more than one occasion that she cared for him a lot.

At the arrival gate of Kristy’s flight they positioned themselves over to the side some. Jesse was quiet and was trying to deal with his feelings, holding both his crutches with one hand for a moment and nervously running his free hand through his hair.
Shawn realized his brother’s nervousness, “Don’t worry about your hair! You look good.”
Jesse took a deep breath and Trish softly touched his back, “Are you nervous?”
He just nodded quietly and Trish tried to motivate him, “It’s going to be all right Jesse. You can do this!”

Shawn watched Jesse closely and he felt bad for him, witnessing his brother’s vulnerability. Jesse apparently was slightly overwhelmed with the situation.
Jesse sat down on a chair nearby and Shawn parked in his TiLite next to him, put on his break and asked Trish to sit on his lap. Trish gently placed the bouquet on a chair next to Jesse.

Eventually people started trickling out through the automatic doors, being greeted by their loved ones and friends waiting for them. Jesse pulled himself up on his crutches again and made his way closer to the door so he could get a better view of the travelers coming out.
Trish came up next to him and asked, “Do you want to hold the bouquet somehow?”
“I am not sure if I can.”
He tried to think of a way to hold the bouquet himself and upon recognizing his inability concerning the situation Trish assured him, “I will hold them until she comes out.”
Jesse nodded nervously and once again Trish softly patted his hand on his crutch handle, “You will be fine Jesse.”

He smiled at her weakly and when he looked over to the door again, Kristy appeared in it with a big smile. As she spotted Jesse she ran toward him, a large bag over her shoulder and a small purse in her hand. She wore skinny jeans, sneakers, and a sweater. Her long red hair looked somewhat frizzy hanging over her shoulders down to her chest. It was obvious that over the last couple of weeks the sun had graciously kissed her skin, giving it a natural light tan, her freckles showing a bit darker now. She approached Jesse with a glowing smile. He still felt somewhat awkward holding on to his crutches.
Kristy smiled over at Trish with a nod, let her bags drop to the ground and then threw herself around Jesse’s neck, “Jesse, I am so happy to see you.”

Holding on to his crutches Jesse really couldn’t hug her the way he really wanted to. He subtly managed to hand Trish his one crutch and then pulled Kristy to him with his hand on her waist. He balanced on his one crutch but tightly held on to Kristy as she took his face into her hands, and having to look up at him some she said, “I missed you so much Jesse.”
“I missed you too. I am so happy you are back.”
With that it was Kristy who moved in on him with her face and without hesitation kissed Jesse long and passionately.

Shawn came wheeling up next to Trish who had stepped away some from the love birds, holding Jesse’s second crutch in one hand and the flowers in the other. She felt Shawn’s hand softly rub over her lower back as they discreetly looked on waiting to also officially greet Kristy, which turned out quite a few minutes as Jesse and Kristy stood in an embrace, hugging and kissing and saying things to each other that no one could hear. Their happiness to see each other was evident and watching them, there was no doubt that those two were going to make a perfect match.

Eventually Kristy let go off Jesse, stepped back, and looked him up and down, “Look at you…on both legs and looking so good.”
Trish rushed over to Jesse’s aid and handed him his crutch so he could get a better stance again.
Kristy smiled and Trish then handed her the flowers, “Kristy, Hi…these are from Jesse of course….”
Kristy quickly hugged Trish, “Trish, it is good so see you. How are you?”
She then turned to Shawn and leaned down to hug him as well, “Hi Shawn, good to see you.”
With a glance at the bouquet she turned to Jesse again and planted another kiss on his cheek, “Thanks so much Jesse. They are so beautiful. I love Lilies.”
They all exchanged more greeting words, Kristy lingering close to Jesse the whole time.
Trish asked, “How was your flight?”
Kristy briefly told them about her flight, first from Guatemala to San Diego, then to Seattle.
Shawn held Trish’s hand and eventually Jesse asked, “Where are your suitcases coming in?”
Kristy smiled at him, “I don’t have any suitcases, just one big back pack. Baggage Claim D.”
Her eyes stayed on him and she touched her hand to his arm and it was obvious she was very happy about seeing Jesse.

At the car Trish barely fit Kristy’s back pack and purses in the trunk along with Shawn’s TiLite. Kristy and Jesse climbed into the back seat, sitting close and holding hands. As they drove out of the parking garage Kristy called her parents in Idaho, letting them know she had made it back safely.
The plan was to go to dinner before taking Kristy to her apartment.
Kristy got to choose which restaurant she wanted to eat at since she had been without American food for a while.
During the drive to the restaurant they were all chatting in the car. Kristy talked about her flight coming back and a little bit about her trip. Her eyes were constantly on Jesse next to her. He told her about his recovery and the upcoming knee surgery in December.
Eventually Trish pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant Kristy had picked out. When Trish looked into her mirror she saw Kristy’s head resting on Jesse’s arm and she had to smile to herself. They looked very content and happy with each other.

In the restaurant they were led to a larger table easily seating four to six people. The host moved one chair away for Shawn to pull up to the table. Shawn thanked him with a nod and pushed his TiLite next to Trish.
Sitting across from Kristy and Jesse, Shawn could just see his brother’s eyes glowing at having Kristy next to him, and he felt tremendously content at seeing Jesse so happy. For a moment he just watched until Jesse actually met Shawn’s eyes and the two brothers exchanged a quick smile with one another. Jesse and Kristy couldn’t leave their hands off each other.

Shawn and Trish had never really had a chance to meet Kristy more than on just the few occasions back at the hospital until she suddenly disappeared from Jesse’s life. Her personality struck them as warm and friendly. She seemed very educated and passionate about her job and helping people in any way possible. Since she had completed a six month internship at a Spinal Cord Injury Center in California she was very interested in Shawn’s injury but asked her questions without pity or ignorance but factual and interested.

After dinner Kristy thought it would be best to go to her apartment. Jesse didn’t want to ask about her coming with him to the house and was surprised when she softly whispered in his ear, “Jesse, do you think you can stay at my place tonight?”
He looked at her in the dimness of the car and nodded, “I guess. Are you sure?”
“Very sure. I want you to be with me. I have been waiting for this moment for the longest time now.”
Jesse smiled and she stroked her hand over his cheek, “So, yes or no?”
He nodded again, smiling, “How can I resist? Of course.”

When they pulled up into the parking lot of Kristy’s apartment complex she saw her car and remarked, “Good, my car is still here.”
Trish asked, “Has someone been checking on your apartment and car?”
“Yes, my neighbor has been keeping an eye on everything, watering my plants and also starting my car a few times so the battery wouldn’t die.”
As everyone except for Shawn was out of the car Kristy asked, “Trish and Shawn, would you like to come in for a drink?”
Trish was surprised she hadn’t mentioned Jesse’s name but her curiosity was satisfied right away when Jesse explained, “I am going to stay here with Kristy for tonight.”
Shawn had the passenger door open and just listened to the conversation.
Trish answered Kristy’s question, “Thanks Kristy, but I think Shawn and I will just drive home.”
Kristy smiled, “O.k. no problem. We will have many more chances to have a drink.”
Trish replied, “For sure we will.”
Kristy then turned to Jesse, “I am going to take my stuff into the apartment.”

Trish helped Kristy take her bags and the flowers upstairs and they disappeared for a few moments. Kristy lived on a second floor apartment too, Jesse was slightly worried about the upcoming stair climb.
Jesse came over to the passenger side where Shawn was waiting in the car, “Are you cool with me staying?”
Shawn laughed lowly, “What the hell man? You don’t have to ask me for permission to stay with your girlfriend.”
Jesse smiled, “Well, I guess I don’t but I just thought…”
He didn’t finish the sentence because he didn’t really know why he had asked Shawn about staying at Kristy’s.
Shawn looked up at him, “I am very happy for you Jesse. Kristy seems perfect for you. Are you happy that she is back?”
Jesse nodded, “Hell yeah I am happy. Couldn’t be any happier.”

The two women came downstairs again chatting cheerfully and Shawn held his fist out to Jesse. Jesse let go off his one crutch and replied with a knuckle bump.
Shawn smiled, “Go for it man but don’t do anything stupid.”
Jesse laughed and Kristy appeared behind him and wrapped her arms around him from behind, “Well, my stuff is up there. Now I have to get you up there.”
Jesse told Shawn, “I will call you or see you guys later.”
With a quick nod toward his brother Jesse stepped away from the car and Shawn said, “Bye Kristy. It is good to have you back here. Make him behave.”
Kristy laughed, “I will make sure he behaves. Bye you guys.”
Shawn laughed and closed the door.
Trish hugged Jesse first, “See you later sweetie. Be good.”
Jesse smiled, “You know me!”
Then she hugged Kristy, “It is definitely great to have you back and I can’t wait to spend some more time with you.”
“Same here Trish. We will have lots of fun together. I think we are kind of alike.”
The women laughed and then Trish hurried around to the driver’s side and as she got in she saw Jesse and Kristy slowly make their way up the stairs.

Shawn watched Jesse slowly climb the stairs on his crutches and he envied him some. Trish looked from Kristy and Jesse over to her boyfriend and pulled him out of his thoughts.
She put her hand on his hand and Shawn looked over at her, “I will never be able to go up to your apartment.”
Trish replied softly, “It doesn’t matter because soon I am moving out anyways.”
Shawn smiled, “Where are you moving to?”
“You tell me!”
Shawn leaned over and pulled Trish over the gear shift some and kissed her long and hard.

At the house Trish watched Shawn make his way up the ramp and held the door open for him as he reached the top. With a smile at her he popped a wheelie over the threshold. It was cold now, the moisture and rain had turned into frost and very cold nights. Rocky, waiting for his dinner, greeted them with loud Meowing in the living room.
Shawn tried to pet the cat as it ran off, “Yeah, yeah…your food is coming right up.”
Trish unloaded her things and Shawn was already at the cabinet getting a can of cat food.
Trish stood at the counter, “Well, that went well. I am so happy for Jesse. I really hope Kristy is the right one for him.”
As Shawn was opening the can he replied, “I think so. He deserves a break too.”

Trish disappeared into the bedroom to change into some comfortable clothes and going back out to the living room she met Shawn in the hallway, “I will be right out.”
He disappeared into the bathroom and Trish jumped on the couch and cuddled up in a blanket.
Shawn came back out and wheeled up to the couch just looking at his girlfriend all wrapped up.
Trish smiled at him, “Hey!”

Just then they both were distracted by Shawn’s legs twitching and his left foot actually jumping off the foot rest. Trish was almost startled a bit as she watched Shawn’s legs. She knew the spasms were sometimes annoying to him but she couldn’t get enough of watching his legs develop this life of their own quite often.
She sat up some and Shawn pulled his foot back up on the foot rest just to lose it a moment later again.
Trish moved her legs down and said to Shawn, “Let me take your shoes off.”
He knew she loved doing this and he knew she enjoyed the spasms which literally got on his nerves sometimes but he let her enjoy the moment as she leaned down to his feet and untied his sneakers and pulled his shoes off his feet, all the while closely watching the spasticity of his legs. He just watched her and after she had placed his socked feet back on the foot rest she sat back up and looked at him with glossy eyes.
Shawn asked softly, “You okay?”
She nodded and he added, “Is there room under that blanket for me?”
Trish nodded again, moved over some and moved the blanket out of the way so Shawn could transfer. She watched his every move as he threw his body over onto to the couch and falling back on it with a sigh.

She didn’t have time to think when he quickly pulled her over him and with the blanket over her she was on top of Shawn and he pulled her head down and kissed her. During the kissing he grabbed her behind and pulled it to him. Her legs lay scrambled between his legs and with that she felt the spasticity of his legs go over into her own legs and she felt very excited. As Shawn’s whole lower half was twitching and shuddering with spasms she pressed herself onto him and felt every movement on her own body firing up her arousal very quickly.

As Shawn unlocked his lips from hers he let his mouth lick and kiss her neck and over to her ear. He felt Trish’s breathing a little quicker as he purposely pulled her lower body even tighter to his.
Trish buried her face next to his and he felt her hot breath on his neck when he whispered into her ear, “Do you like that?”
She could only nod and he asked again more demanding, “Do you like that?”
Trish felt his spasms on her legs and hips and it almost felt like a static going into her as she answered lowly between breaths, “Yes, I like it a lot.”
Shawn whispered and she could hear the smile in his voice, “I guess I am going to wait on the Baclofen and let my natural vibrator work on you.”
She had to laugh a little at the comment but Shawn just went back to kissing her wildly. In a way his comment wasn’t all the way off, the reaction her body had to Shawn’s spasticity was definitely a turn on.

Shawn kneaded her ass as he pulled her body to his. Trish wasn’t able to escape as another strong twitch of his thighs and hips shot over to her and made her gasp involuntary. Shawn laughed lowly at Trish’s obvious excitement.
She balled her fist and playfully pounded his chest, “You think this is funny?”
Shawn pulled his hands up from her ass and ran them through her hair.
He smiled at her, stroking his fingers softly over her cheek, “Not funny, but I guess it makes me happy that my spasms are doing this to you. In rehab they did tell me that spasms could be used to my advantage…I just never thought it would be the kind of advantage I would be taking of a hot girl.”
He laughed again and Trish couldn’t help smile at Shawn’s words.
She replied, “Yes, who would have thought, right?”
Shawn softly ran his finger over her cheek again, “I love you so much Trish.”
Trish smiled at him, “I love you too baby. You can take advantage of me anytime with your spasms, transfers, getting dressed, and whatever else you do, because you are the hottest paraplegic around.”

Shawn smiled and pulled her in for another long and passionate kiss, all the while letting Trish feel all of his spastic legs and just knowing what it did to her, made him want her so much more.
The realization that everything he had hated about himself for the longest time had now become a source of excitement and arousal for an amazing woman by his side still made him question sometimes if he was maybe dreaming.
Trish’s soft nibble on his earlobe pulled him out of his momentary thoughts and he pulled her to him and kissed her neck again.

Trish felt Shawn’s hand on the waistband of her Yoga pants. She let her tongue flick over his neck as Shawn ran his hand along her waistband and eventually pushed his hand inside her pants and was surprised to find Trish without panties as he felt the firm roundness of her ass cheeks. Her skin was warm and he let his hand rub over her ass. Trish hushed, “Let me take your shirt off!”
Shawn didn’t protest and Trish pulled his T-Shirt up and over his head. Even though he had had a haircut the other day, his hair was still ruffled somewhat. Trish let her mouth come down on his chest and licked and kissed over his pectorals, the faint scent of his cologne travelling to her nose. She felt Shawn’s chest move up and down under her kisses as he was still kneading her ass cheeks and spasms were still shooting through his legs.

Shawn put his hands to Trish’s tank top and pulled it over her head and without waiting he went right for her bra hooks and undid them, freeing her breasts of their confinement. He softly let his lips touch her breasts and his tongue tickled her nipples as they stood erect and chills ran over Trish’s arms. She enjoyed the attention to her breasts and she could hear Shawn breathe quickly as he kissed her skin and held on to her ass with one hand.
For a moment he let off and looked from her breasts to her and whispered, “They are beautiful!”
Trish smiled at the compliment and let her hand run through his hair as he latched on to her tits again.
She felt his spasms on her lower body and a familiar tingle shooting through her girl parts as her arousal got triggered with every spasm travelling through Shawn’s lower body. His hand moved from her ass cheek to her front and his fingers greeted her pussy with soft tips and pats, then slowly rubbing along her swollen lips.
She whispered in a gasp, “Shawn, let me take my pants off!”
He nodded and smiled, “Hell yeah, take them off.”

They separated for a moment and Trish quickly pulled her Yoga pants off and was naked. Shawn just looked at her body while for a few moments she just watched his legs twitch. He was surprised when she moved her hand to her pussy and rubbed over it while watching his legs do their thing.

He unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, and even with some trouble caused by the spastic activity he was able to push his jeans over his butt and then pulling himself up some. With one hand he held himself up and with the other he wriggled his jeans down. Trish stood next to the couch and watched the whole endeavor and was very turned on. Shawn was gasping with pulling his jeans down his legs, first one side, then the other side and taking turns until he finally had them all the way down almost to his ankles. Trish finished it for him and pulled his pants all the way over his feet and let them drop to the floor. He was still in his boxers and Trish didn’t want him to go through the whole deal again and put her hands to his boxers and pulled them off for him.  Even though she had seen him naked plenty of times already for a moment Shawn felt odd laying there fully exposed for Trish to see his whole body. She didn’t lay down yet but instead sat down by his legs, which were still spastic and she rubbed over them with one hand and kept her other hand on her pussy, softly rubbing over it.
Shawn watched her and she met his eyes, “I love when your legs are just doing their thing. It turns me on so much.”
Shawn didn’t say anything but just let her words settle with him and making him feel so good.
She closed her eyes for few seconds, her lips parted as she took some quick breaths, simultaneously caressing Shawn’s spastic legs and rubbing her pussy just enough to bring her very close to arousal.
Shawn wanted a piece of it and he ordered softly, “Trish, let me sit up some more.”
She stopped and watched as Shawn pulled himself up on the pillow positioned in a semi sitting position.
He touched her arm, “Let me have some of this.” 

She paused in her touches to Shawn’s legs and herself and climbed up on the couch again and sat on Shawn’s lap, his soft and warm cock under her ass, his pubic hair tickling her pussy and the spasms still strong enough to flop Shawn’s bony thighs against her ass cheeks every so often. It was almost like Shawn kept lifting her slightly but it was just his legs moving under her.
She brought her hand down to her pussy again and while rubbing she looked at Shawn, “Your legs are such a turn on for me. I am so close to coming on you.”

Shawn repositioned himself some to get a better view and grip and then let his hands run over her breasts and just watched his girlfriend in her excitement and arousal. When she was breathing quicker he took her hand away from her pussy and said lowly, “It is my turn now.”

Trish opened her eyes and watched as he brought his hand down to her pussy and rubbed around her clit. His hands felt a lot different than her own hands. From the regular pushing of the wheelchair rims his hands were a lot stronger and rougher than her own soft hands and his fingers applied just enough pressure around the right areas and she held on to the couch with her one hand and her breathing sped up and Shawn was focused on her arousal. He himself felt his vision get blurry as he just watched her pussy and his hand working and wanting to do just the right thing for her. His fingers felt warm moisture as Trish was getting more and more excited and with his thumb on her clit he then pushed three fingers inside her pussy making Trish moan with surprise, “Oh Gosh Shawn.”

With just the right movement inside of her and enough pressure on her clit, Trish was over him breathing in gasps and he felt her arousal with her.  
Skillfully he worked her pussy with his hands and fingers and he was taking quick breaths as he brought her closer and closer to climax. Trish slowly moved her body on his lap and with that his fingers inside of her. His legs were twitching under her ass and just the thought of it made her crazy, “Shawn, gosh, you are so hot and you turn me on so much.”
He didn’t say a word but focused on his task and his head spinning with the thoughts of Trish’s pussy and his fingers inside of it, looking at her naked body in front of him, her breast softly moving up and down, the curve of her hips and her long hair falling down. She arched her back some, bucked against his hand and he couldn’t help the words coming over his lips, “Gosh, I wish so much I could actually fuck you with my dick inside of you.”

With those words Trish moaned louder and right away Shawn felt more moisture running down his fingers, even making a light noise of a very liquid environment in her lower regions. He felt quick flexes of her muscles around his fingers inside of her pussy as she came with thousands of shockwaves racing to every corner of her body. Shawn kept working her pussy, taking gasping breaths of his own, and feeling so much energy and so much longing to actually be inside of her that his head even hurt a little.

When Trish’s climax ebbed some he slowly pulled out his fingers and when Trish looked at him he took his fingers in his mouth and grinned at her as he sucked and licked her juices off.
As he had licked off his fingers he smiled, “You taste so freaking good.”
Trish smiled at him and with Shawn’s gentle pull on her to come closer to him she collapsed on him and they fell into a loving kiss, Trish still tasting a little of herself in Shawn’s mouth.
After they unlocked their lips she laid her head on him, “I love you so much Shawn.”
Shawn softly ran his fingers over her back, “I love you too.”

His legs were still twitching under her and they laid in a loving embrace. As their bodies cooled off Shawn eventually pulled the blanket over Trish and himself and he just held her to him and felt her breaths on his skin.


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