Friday, October 10, 2014

Three's A Crowd Chapter 48

Thanksgiving at Uncle Randy's house brings together the family and some wonderful news.

On Sunday Uncle Randy called Shawn and invited him and Trish, and Jesse and Kristy to come over to his house for Thanksgiving. Shawn had expected the invitation because that is where Jesse and he had spent the last few years every Thanksgiving. Marcy was known for her delicious Thanksgiving dinner and everyone was usually there.
Jesse stayed with Kristy until Sunday evening when she brought him home around eight that night.
Trish and Shawn were cuddled up on the couch when they heard the key in the door and Jesse came in on his crutches followed by Kristy.

After they had all greeted each other Jesse made his way over to the two-seater couch which never got used since Shawn usually claimed the longer couch to stretch out and Jesse had made the recliner his own.
As he lowered himself carefully not to move his leg wrong he gestured Kristy to come over to him. She sat down next to him and right away Jesse laid his arm around her and pulled her close to him.
Looking over at his brother and Trish he asked, “How are you guys?”
Shawn shifted on the couch some and answered with a smile, “Good, we had the house to ourselves.”
Jesse replied, “Yeah, I bet you enjoyed that.”
Trish turned to them, “Can I get you guys something to drink?”
Both declined and Shawn asked, “How are YOU guys?”
With that Jesse and Kristy looked at each other with happy smiles and then Jesse looked back at Shawn, grinning, “Very good, we had Kristy’s apartment to ourselves.”
Shawn could just imagine why they looked so happy. He had enjoyed the weekend with Trish in the same way.
Kristy acknowledged, “This is a cozy little house.”
Jesse replied, “It’s little all right….and old, over 80 years old. I am trying to talk Shawn into moving to a bigger house.”
Kristy nodded, “I can see it may be a bit difficult with the wheelchair in here.”
Shawn cut in, “It is, but the first thing after the holidays we will do is take the carpet out and then we will see.”
Jesse smiled, “I am still working on Shawn to maybe decide to move.”  
Shawn changed the subject, “So Randy called and invited us over for Thanksgiving.”
“Oh, o.k. cool.”
Jesse turned to Kristy, “I hope you can come with me.”
“I didn’t plan anything because I knew I wanted to spend it with you. I am going home to Idaho for Christmas though.”
Jesse smiled, “Good, then you are coming with me to my uncle’s house for Thanksgiving.”
Kristy nodded, “Sounds like a plan. And maybe you can come with me to Idaho for Christmas.”

As they sat around the living room for a while talking and laughing and it got later it was decided that Kristy shouldn’t be driving home anymore that late and she ended up staying overnight at the house. She was still off the whole week and had really only brought Jesse back so he could get some change of clothes and items he would need to spend the next few days with her. They decided to go back to her apartment the next day.

The week started with Trish going to work and Kristy and Jesse leaving in the afternoon to go back to her place. Shawn stayed behind and after they had left it was quiet in the house. Only Rocky gave him some company sneaking around Shawn’s wheels but soon wanted to venture out to go hunt.
Shawn straightened up around the house, just as much as he could manage. It wasn’t that the house was messy but there was always something to do. He also checked out some of his groups online and looked around the Internet for jobs.
He didn’t like very much for Trish to be gone all day but there was nothing he could do about it. She texted little messages during the day and he would reply and be happy to hear from her, knowing that she thought about him even while she was gone.
At night though he was happy to hold her in is arms again.

Because of Thanksgiving that week Trish didn’t have school on Tuesday and Shawn and her spent the whole day together, first sleeping in, then having sex and taking a shower together and then sitting over breakfast talking and laughing.

When Trish was chattering about some of her friends while scrolling through her Facebook pages Shawn just watched her and felt so much love for her. She laughed and gossiped and when she finally looked up she met Shawn’s dark eyes on her and she stopped laughing and just smiled at him, “Hey!”
Shawn smiled, “Hey!”
“Are you all right?”
He nodded and pushed his wheelchair away from the table and spun it around to face Trish, took her hands in his and lowly said, “I love you so much Trish.”
Trish shifted on her chair some and turned toward Shawn, “I love you too.”
He rubbed his thumb over the back of her hand and looked down for a moment, then back up at her, “You are the best thing that ever happened to me and I can’t imagine being without you ever.”
Trish took a soft breath, still smiling warmly at Shawn, “You won’t be without me, Shawn. I want us to be together for a very long time.”
Shawn nodded and added lowly, “You know, I am still doing o.k. now but the older I get the harder things will get and I may have more health issues in the future. Do you think you will be o.k. with that when that happens?”
Trish nodded and she stroked with her hand over Shawn’s cheek, “Yes, I will be o.k. with that because I love you. I love all of you and I will be by your side no matter what happens.”
He smiled and nodded again, “Good!”

Trish was somewhat surprised at Shawn’s serious question and she asked slightly concerned, “Are you all right Shawn?”
He looked up with a smile, “Yeah, I am fine. I was just thinking. Sometimes I get worried about how things will be for me down the road. I have dodged serious stuff so far or at least got out of it again but I do get scared sometimes. And I wonder if you should be putting up with me and all my stuff when that time comes.”
“Shawn, baby, how many times have we went over that? I love you and I will be there for you in the good and the bad times.”
He nodded and she leaned over and they kissed.

Jesse stayed at Kristy’s place the next few days. He texted Shawn a few times that things were going good and everything was perfect. From reading Jesse’s text messages it seemed that he and Kristy were very much enjoying each other’s company to the fullest.

Thursday Jesse and Kristy came to the house after one. When they walked in, they found Trish in the kitchen preparing a pumpkin pie for the Thanksgiving feast at Uncle Randy’s house and Shawn had actually fallen asleep on the couch.
The noises and commotion roused him from his nap and Jesse laughed, “You are sleeping in the middle of the day?”
Shawn yawned and shifted, “Yeah, whatever!”
Jesse walked over to him and with his hand he ruffled Shawn’s hair.
Shawn protested, “Stop it!”
With a quick nod to Kristy who started greeting and talking to Trish in the kitchen, Jesse let himself down onto the recliner, “You’re not watching the game?”
The TV was off and Shawn glanced at it for a moment, “It was a blow out and I was tired.”
“Are you guys ready to head on over to Randy’s place?”

Shawn glanced over at Trish and Kristy in the kitchen, “Yeah, I think Trish is almost done with the food. I just have to get changed. What time is it?”
“It is one thirty. We have to be over there at three o’clock. I am going to change into some other clothes too.”

On their way to Uncle Randy’s house it started snowing again. This time Kristy was driving with Jesse next to her and Trish and Shawn in the back seat.
Trish and Shawn had not been sitting together in a backseat before and now enjoyed not having to watch the road and just being able to cuddle close. Trish had her head nestled next to Shawn and he was running his fingers through her hair and every once in a while they would gently kiss each other. Trish rubbed her hands over Shawn’s thigh and she felt slight spasms under his jeans and he just smiled at her when she met his eyes. Kristy and Jesse were happily chatting in the front seat with Kristy concentrating on the road ahead.

A couple of vehicles in the driveway of Uncle Randy’s house were proof that all the guests had already arrived. Snow had already covered them and was still falling. The smoke coming out of the brick chimney revealed a fire in the fireplace. Kristy parked close to the house in the driveway and everyone started to scramble out of the car. Jesse was getting a good grip on his crutches making his way to the front door while Shawn set up his TiLite next to the car and then transferred over into it. Trish was holding bags in each hand and her purse over her shoulder and Kristy got her own bag out of the trunk and then locked the car following Trish and Shawn.

Jesse was already greeting his Uncle at the door as they approached and Uncle Randy boomed, “Hey kids!”
Kristy came up next to Jesse and he introduced her, “Uncle Randy, this is Kristy, my girlfriend.”
“Hello Kristy, nice to meet you. I have heard a lot about you.”
Kristy laughed and replied the greeting, “Hopefully only good things. It is nice to meet you. Thanks for inviting me.”

“Oh, you are very welcome. Go on in and meet everyone.”
As Jesse and Kristy made their way into the warm house, Randy greeted Shawn and Trish with hugs, “Hi guys, it is good to see you. Come on in!”

Everyone sat around in the kitchen and living room, the football game was on the TV in the background. Marcy was busy in the kitchen still with Ceci and Colby and Danny’s girlfriends helping.
The women greeted each other warmly and Marcy welcomed Kristy, “It is nice to meet you Kristy, Welcome!”
Kristy and Trish then dropped their bags and got out the dishes they had brought.

While the guys and grandkids hung out in the living room watching the game, talking and laughing, the women put the finishing touches to the dinner preparations. Two tables had been put together and were set for all the guests. It smelled like food and it was warm and cozy with the fire in the fireplace and the snow falling outside. Marcy had decorated the house in a Thanksgiving themed style and the table was set with Thanksgiving specific dishes and silver ware, matching napkins and two flower arrangements in the center of the tables.

The house was filled with laughter and cheerfulness and Trish kept glancing over into the living room toward Shawn and was surprised when he seemed to sense her glances and smiled back at her.
The chatter and talking was interrupted by an occasional loud cheer at the Football game scores and plays and eventually Marcy called out, “O.k. everyone, dinner is ready. Find your seats at the table please.”
Commotion brought everyone over into the dining area.
With her hand on his shoulder Marcy asked Shawn discreetly, “You want to sit on a regular chair or do you want to stay in your chair?”
Shawn thought for a moment and then decided, “I will sit on a regular chair.”

At the end of the table Shawn pulled his TiLite up and while Trish sat down he transferred onto the chair next to her. She watched him adjust his legs under the table and push his wheelchair away from the table some, then positioned himself sturdy on the chair. Once Shawn was done he glanced at Trish next to him for a moment and she smiled at him and took his hand into hers momentarily.
He grinned at her, leaned over to her ear, and whispered into it, “I hope this is all right for you and that you didn’t want me to stay on my wheels?” 
Trish giggled lowly, “No, it is ok.”
They squeezed each other’s hands and then turned back to the table.
Everyone had found their seats.

All the food was on the table and Uncle Randy stood up and took his glass of champagne into his hand and started, “I want to say a toast.” Everyone turned their eyes to him.
He lifted his glass higher and said, “Well, first off Marcy and I are very happy to have all of you here, all my kids, grandkids and all my other kids.”
He laughed with everyone and continued, “Thank you for bringing side dishes and thank you to my Marcy who prepared this delicious dinner for us to enjoy together. I would like to go around the table after we have eaten and maybe say a few words what we are thankful for. For now you all have a Happy Thanksgiving, I love you all. Now dig in. Cheers!”
Everyone lifted their glasses, said their Cheers and replied with a Happy Thanksgiving.

The food was delicious and traditional and everyone enjoyed their meals talking and laughing. Outside the snow kept falling and turned everything white.
Once everyone was finishing up their meals Randy announced once more, “So, since we are all finishing up right now I think it is a good time to start going around the table and say what we are thankful for. I can start.”

The room became quiet as Randy began the round, “First of all I am thankful for this delicious dinner Marcy prepared and all the things everyone brought. I am thankful to have all my amazing grandkids and kids here with their significant others. I am thankful to have my nephew Shawn here with his wonderful girlfriend Trish, and I am especially thankful to have Jesse here, who really had me worried this year. Also I want to welcome Kristy once again.”
He looked over to Jesse and Jesse lowered his eyes with a small nod.
Randy continued, “I am thankful for all the good things we have and having each other and always being there for each other. Family and friends are all that matters and I can’t be more thankful to have all of you here. I love each and every one of you.”
Everyone nodded and cheered with their glasses in hand.
They went around the table and everyone had their turn.

It was Jesse’s turn and he took his glass with a shaky hand, “I don’t even know how to say this. I am most grateful for being here today because I know everything could have been a lot different for me this year. No matter what happened though I am here and I am all right. Out of all of this mess some really amazing things happened. Firstly it has brought me and Shawn even closer than ever before. I know I can always rely on my brother.”
Jesse glanced over at Shawn who met his eyes with a smile and then Jesse continued, “And secondly if it wouldn’t have been for this accident I would have never met the amazing woman who is sitting next to me right now.”
With that he took Kristy’s hand in his and added, “I am so thankful for having met Kristy and I feel really good about us and everything ahead. I am thankful for everything that happened this year because even though sometimes things look bleak and really not good at all there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and things will somehow work out the way they are supposed to.”
He lifted his glass, everyone cheered and he ended with a kiss for Kristy.

Kristy was thankful for the experiences she had on her mission trip and having met Jesse and his family. She ended with her head leaning on Jesse’s shoulder as it was Trish’s turn to speak.

Trish was somewhat nervous and after a quick glance at Shawn she started, “O.K., I don’t like speaking in front of people so forgive me if I sound a little off…”
Shawn took her hand under the table and she continued nervously, “Well, I don’t even know…this year has brought so many things to be thankful for. My year started kind of rough but everything changed when I applied for the job Jesse had posted in the paper. Meeting Jesse and Shawn and all of you has been such a rewarding experience for me.
I am ever so thankful for what happened between me and Shawn. He is exactly the kind of man I have been looking for and I am thankful for him in my life, for everything he does to me and means to me.”
Trish looked over the table at everyone listening to her and then met Jesse’s and Shawn’s smiles.
She took a breath and finished, “I am thankful that Jesse is here with us today and I am thankful for Kristy in his life. I am thankful for everyone at this table and that this year has been such a blessing to me.”
She seemed relieved when she finished her words and felt Shawn squeezing her hand. When she looked at him he leaned over some and kissed her quickly on the cheek.

Uncle Randy smiled at them, “Your turn Shawn.”
Shawn nodded and smiled, looked down for a moment, then up and sighed before he started, “My turn…all right. I can’t even think straight right now. But here goes: So I am thankful for each and everyone here with me, you all mean so much to me and Jesse and without you guys being there for us all the time I don’t know where we would be. This year has been another rollercoaster of emotions and I was very scared for my brother and what happened. I can’t be thankful enough that Jesse is all right and here today.”
Shawn’s voice trembled with the words he spoke and he met Jesse’s eyes.
Jesse nodded in confirmation and Shawn continued, “So I am thankful for Jesse in my life. I am thankful for Kristy in his life and I hope this is the beginning of an awesome time.”
For a moment he paused and with a quick glance at Trish he kept going, “Then I am thankful so much more than I can even express for Trish in my life. She is by far the most awesome thing that ever happened in my life. I am thankful for her amazing love for me, for setting me straight in my ways and for being the most important person in my life. I would have never dreamed of a woman like Trish coming into my life and I am so tremendously thankful for that.”
He looked over at Trish and ended, “I love you so much Trish.”
Trish smiled, leaned over toward Shawn and said, “I love you too.” They fell into a gentle kiss with everyone clapping and cheering.

The rest of the meal consisted of desserts and pies everyone enjoyed scattered on chairs and couches throughout the living room and dining room. It was still snowing and day had turned into night outside.
While Trish was busy helping in the kitchen to clean up at least a little, Shawn wheeled out onto the closed in porch that looked into the large yard and the woods behind Uncle Randy’s house.
The heated closed in porch was furnished with cozy wicker chairs and tables. Large plants gave it a summer feel and a Jacuzzi was off in a corner and the distant scent of chlorine lingered in the room surrounded by windows.
For a moment Shawn looked out into the dimly lit yard, the snow still falling and turning everything white.
He was nervous and his hands trembled when he pulled out the small box from in between his thighs.

He took his cell phone and dialed Trish’s number. Trish was just putting some food in the refrigerator when her phone buzzed and for a moment she wondered who may be calling. When she saw Shawn’s picture on the display she glanced out into the living room where everyone was sitting and laughing but she didn’t see him there.
She answered, “Yes, Shawn?”
“Baby, whenever you are done in there could you come out to the back porch?”
Trish smiled to herself, “Ok, I will be right out.”

Trish washed her hands and finished up, wondering why Shawn summoned her but at the same time she was happy. She hurried to the bathroom quickly and before she went back out she looked in the mirror and made sure she looked all right. For some reason she felt her heart beat fast and she didn’t know why. Shawn still caused butterflies in her belly sometimes and this was one of those moments.

She found Shawn in his wheelchair looking out into the yard, only the small lamp lit up the room and he turned to look at her when she walked in. Trish closed the door behind her, muffling the voices of everyone inside the house.
A chair was next to Shawn and she quietly pulled it closer and sat down next to him.
They looked at each other and Trish smiled, “Hey baby! I am sorry I neglected you.”
Shawn laughed lowly, “You didn’t neglect me.”
He looked out again, “It is still snowing.”
“Yes, it looks so pretty but I am so glad we are inside. It was a beautiful and delicious dinner. Your family is great.”
“They are great, sometimes a little annoying but mostly all right.”
He laughed again.
Trish looked around, “I love this closed in porch; it is so cozy and homely.”
“Yeah, it is pretty cool. Maybe we should get something like this at our house.”
“That would be a great addition to the house.”
“Well, I guess, first we will remodel and stuff…I don’t know. Probably take the carpet out.”
Trish laughed lowly, “Yes, the carpet should come out so you can wheel around better.”

Shawn felt his hands tremble as he reached over to Trish and took her hands in his. She moved her chair to face him and they were just looking at each other for a moment.
Trish’s long blonde hair fell down in front over her chest. She wore a blue and black knitted dress and her knees were showing from under the dress, covered though in grey nylons ending with her feet in black flats. The light in the room cast shadows on her face and flickered in her blue eyes.
Shawn was wearing a dark T-Shirt and his black jeans with black sneakers. His hair was held in place loosely with some gel and his face was clean shaven. His brown eyes showed tiny light dots of the lamp in the room reflecting off his pupils. His hands were warm as he held Trish’s hands in his.
He cleared his throat lowly and stated, “Trish, I am so happy we are here together.”

His voice trembled as he continued, “This year turned out so much better for me than it started. I know the year before was super tough for me and Jesse because I had just gotten home and Thanksgiving last year I spent pretty much wasted on the couch here ending with a major break down which continued all the way through Christmas and New Year’s. Me drinking, feeling sorry for myself and just being a total ass to everyone. I kind of thought all my holidays would suck from then on and I planned to be wasted every time to make it through all of them. I never would have thought that I would be spending this year’s Thanksgiving with a beautiful woman by my side. Trish, you really turned my life upside down and in ways I never would have expected or even imagined. Finding a woman who was into me and all of my baggage never ever crossed my mind. Really I thought I would never have sex anymore in my life either but you opened a whole other world to me in that sense. I still can’t grasp it sometimes. How can I be such a lucky guy? I look at you and I feel so much joy in my heart because I can’t believe you are really mine and then you love me the way you do and the way you feel about me and I am just overwhelmed with it all. I really felt like giving up after everything happened but then you came into my life on that rainy day, barefooted with muddy feet coming into our house and I was an idiot but of course I couldn’t show what I really thought when you walked in. I was blown away by your beauty and I couldn’t imagine having you come into my life as a personal assistant. So much has happened since then and I wouldn’t be here if you wouldn’t have been in my life. I couldn’t have made it through all of the stuff that happened with Jesse. l just know I have never loved anyone as much as I love you Trish. I don’t ever want this to end, you and me. You make me a better man and I need and love you so much.”

Trish felt her vision get blurry at Shawn’s emotional words and when he pulled the little golden box out she felt her heart race inside her chest. Shawn’s hands visibly trembled as he opened the box and a beautiful ring appeared in its soft bedding inside of it. His hands were shaking and as he fiddled with the box he laughed and when he looked up at Trish she saw his eyes were shiny with moisture.
His voice almost breaking he continued lowly, “Trish, you are the best thing in my life and I want to make my love for you official and I hope you will say “Yes”. I want to make you the fiancé of this paraplegic guy if you are o.k. with it.”
He laughed lowly, “I am so nervous right now.”
Trish saw a tear run down his cheek and she felt her own eyes fill with tears as she answered lowly but determined, “Yes, Shawn, yes…I want to be your fiancé.”
She held his shaky hands in hers and for a moment they were quiet. She saw Shawn’s chest move up and down quickly.

He eventually pulled the ring out of its home and took Trish’s left hand in his, found her ring finger and slipped the ring onto it with trembling fingers. It fit perfectly, a silver engagement ring with a blue diamond set in it, surrounded by smaller silver diamonds. Trish laughed lowly but tears rolled over her cheeks as she watched Shawn slipping the ring on her finger.
He looked up at her and a lonely tear rolled over his cheek as Trish told him, “I love you so much Shawn. It is a beautiful ring.”

“I love you so much Trish and I am so glad you are cool with this.”
Trish admired the ring, “When did you get this?”
Shawn smiled mischievously, “I won’t reveal that to you.”
“Oh God, it is so beautiful. I love it so much.”

Trish was going to push her chair closer to Shawn but instead he pulled her over and once she was in her familiar spot on his lap they fell into an embrace and kissed for a very long time, behind them the snow outside falling softly onto the ground and the lonely lamp casting shadows onto their faces and keeping the room softly lit.
They held each other for a long time, Trish was resting her head on Shawn’s shoulder and they looked out into the snowy back yard.
Eventually Shawn asked lowly, “Do you think we should tell the others?”
“Yeah, I guess. Why not?”
“Let’s do it.”

Trish would have liked to stay on Shawn’s lap but the threshold from the closed in porch into the house was somewhat rough and she got off and Shawn wheeled in ahead of her into the living room where everyone was talking, drinking, laughing and the kids playing board games.
Shawn wheeled up next to Jesse who was sitting on the couch with Kristy on the floor in front of him between his legs.
Jesse looked over at Shawn, “I was wondering where you disappeared to?”
“Just outside on the closed in porch. We should build something like that onto our house. It is actually really cool.”
Trish pulled a chair next to Shawn and sat down, smiling big at Jesse.

Shawn noticeably cleared his throat and everyone looked up at him from what they were doing.
He took Trish’s hand and started, “Trish and I have something to tell you guys…”
Randy turned the TV all the way down, it became even more quiet in the room and Shawn continued, “I thought today would be the perfect day to make something official and Trish confirms to me over and over again that it is the only right thing for me to do.”
He squeezed her hand tighter in his and then held up her hand showing the ring on her finger, “Trish is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I love her so much that I wanted to make her my fiancé. We are engaged!”
Trish was slightly embarrassed at all the stares but within a second everyone broke out in applause and wishing them all kinds of good things.
Jesse moved over toward Shawn and before he could get up with his crutches Shawn leaned over and the brothers hugged, while Trish starting getting hugs from the women and eventually she leaned down to Jesse and hugged him as well.
Everyone was happy. The women wanted to see the ring. Ceci really knew the ring already because she was the one who had taken Shawn to the mall to pick it out on a day when Trish was working.
The evening was spent in harmony and especially the news of Trish’s and Shawn’s engagement was a hot topic.

The drive home was slow as the roads were snowy and Kristy had to be really careful. Jesse sat next to her motivating her and also keeping his eyes on the road and making sure Kristy was o.k. driving. If he could have, he would have driven in a heartbeat. He couldn’t wait to get back behind the wheel of his pick-up truck and have Kristy be his passenger. It would still be a while though. His knee surgery was coming up in December and he would spent his next couple of weeks still on crutches and attending Physical Therapy on a regular basis.

Trish and Shawn sat cuddled together in the backseat. Trish kept glancing at the shimmering ring on her finger and felt so much joy in her heart.
They were relieved when Kristy pulled into the driveway of the house and they were home. The ramp had snow on it and Trish had to actually help Shawn some to get up because his wheels kept spinning out on him. He was slightly annoyed with the situation but there was nothing he could do.
Jesse stood at the top of the ramp on the porch, “You need a Four-Wheel Drive.”
He laughed lowly as Shawn strongly pushed his wheelchair one more time to get up onto the porch.

The women hurried into the house and Jesse stopped Shawn at the door, “Shawn wait a moment!”
He closed the door not to let the cold air get inside.
Shawn spun his chair around looking out into the front yard, “What is it?”
Jesse sat down on one of the chairs on the porch, leaning his crutches next to him, “I just wanted to congratulate you again for making it official with Trish. I am really happy for you guys. It all seems so surreal how things happened that sometimes I can’t really believe it all but I am just…” Jesse stopped and took a deep breath with Shawn watching him expectantly he finished, “I am just the luckiest guy to have you as my brother and I know even though things were not always easy for us in the past and I know I was an ass sometimes it was never because I didn’t want you around. No matter what happens I will always have your back Shawn.”
Shawn nodded and grinned, “You will have my back even though it is fucked up…”
Jesse grinned, “Idiot!”
They were serious and Shawn replied, “Thank you Jesse for everything. I guess it all was somehow meant to be this way. I was the bigger ass most of the time over the past two years but it was the same way for me. If anyone, you were the one I wanted around and I know you never meant anything bad. You did boss me around a lot but I know you only meant well. We are o.k. now. We made it through a lot of shit and I think it will only get better from now on. You are the best brother anyone can ask for.”

Jesse smiled and they fist bumped each other. They sat quietly for a moment until Shawn rubbed his hands together and blew onto them because it was getting cold.
He mumbled, “We should probably go in, man. I am getting cold and we have two hot women in there waiting for us.”
Jesse grabbed his crutches and laughed, “You are right. Let’s get inside to crank up the heat and show those two ladies what’s up!”

He pulled himself up on his crutches, managed to push the door open, and Shawn wheeled by him into the house. Jesse followed him in and the door fell shut.



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