Monday, November 10, 2014

Night of the Dragon

On a damp and dark evening Alan rolled his manual chair down the ramp towards his car as his friend James followed behind, badgering him about the night ahead.   As if it was not bad enough that James' team had just beaten him at the wheelchair basketball, he was now going to drag him out to the Temple Bar.

It just wasn't the same anymore and he didn't really want to go.  Nothing was really the same since his accident two years ago.  If only he hadn't offered to drive all of his friends home from the nightclub that night, he wouldn't have ended up in the ditch that night.  Instead he would have safely fallen asleep in his cosy bed.

Ever since then, he has had to live with the consequences; two useless legs.  Now in his late thirties nights out are an endurance test rather than enjoyment.  The stares and inconvenience of slowly trying to force his way through a crowd took its toll on what he used to find an enjoyable experience.  Then there was the fact that he just couldn't feel the same thrill as he just couldn't believe that any woman would now find him sexually attractive.

But he had promised James; so he would go.  It was the least he could do in truth; James had stayed a loyal and true friend throughout his stay in hospital and his subsequent rehabilitation.  Childhood friends, he had encouraged him to reintegrate into society.  Alan may not have even taken up the wheelchair basketball was it not for James' endless ramblings about how he needed to keep fit despite being stuck in a chair and perhaps even more importantly his enthusiasm to get involved too.

So Temple Bar in some crowded pub it would be... 

Laura anxiously fixed her lipstick while her friend Stephanie waited outside the bathroom.

"Come on Laura!  You've been like forever.  The pubs will be closed when we get there...” yelled Stephanie.

"Will you fuck off?  I'm nearly ready...” Laura roared back.

A second later the door flung open and they were ready for the night on the town.  Laura had never been out in Dublin before but Stephanie had told her it would be great "craic" as the Irish called it.  Life back in England had been tough recently for the two of them and this was an opportunity to let their hair down and relax a little.  They asked the receptionist who looked like she might know how to party at their hotel where they should go and she told them with no hesitation, The Temple Bar Area and also how to get there.  

The two women then gigglingly went on their way with the anticipation of liquor and hot, sexy Irish men...

A short taxi ride later, the two women had arrived in the Temple Bar Area and immediately set about looking through the cobbled streets in the rain for the nearest pub.  It didn't take long to find one - The Porterhouse.  It wasn't exactly the kind of Irish pub Laura had in mind.  She had this image in her mind of an Irish pub – remote, small and full of old men drinking Guinness, but this was the total opposite.  It was set over different levels, crowded and full of people in their twenties.

The two women slowly but eagerly pushed their way toward the bar.  Laura got Lager much to Stephanie's dismay who went for a martini and felt much more sophisticated for doing so.  

Then Laura saw something unusual out of the corner of her eye.  She blinked and then looked again, all the time pretending to listen to her friend.  It was a man in a wheelchair with a group of lads.  Laura always had a thing for men in wheelchairs although she never quite knew why but this guy was extra special.  He had strong, muscular arms, starkly in contrast with his beautifully thin legs.  Clean shaven with boyish good looks, he was perfected by his dashing red, sporty chair.

Laura could feel her heart starting to beat furiously, but tried to at least outwardly look calm.  But her mind was racing like it never had before; she just had to have him...  But how?  Then she heard Stephanie shout something at her, bringing her back to reality but also giving her an idea.  She grabbed Stephanie’s hand and headed straight to the man of her affections.


Alan found he was enjoying his night out more than he thought he would.  Sure he had got drenched and was now once again stuck in the corner of a crowded bar but at least he was with good company - James and some other old school friends.   Somehow James was always able to get him in a good mood, just by being himself.

He had never been to this pub before; James told him that it was a great place to meet gorgeous women.  Alan's view was more of the adjacent wall than anything else but at least that looked good.  Sport, in particular soccer was being discussed.  Arguments about tactics and formation went back and forth as if they would magically be responsible for future team selections.

Then there discussions were abruptly interrupted when two women joined the table with obviously English accents.  Here we go; Alan thought to himself, the lads are going to pull again.  But then one of the women turned towards him with a large smile.  He looked into her blue eyes and he knew that there was going to be something different about this night.  She was a few years older than him with brownish shoulder length hair, her arms covered in tattoos but it was her ample cleavage that caught his attention.

He could feel his heart beating with excitement as he at first struggled to find something to say.  But she laughed easily at his lame jokes and seemed interested in whatever topic he brought up.  The drink flowed and every now and again he could feel her hand brush against his.   In the first few minutes he felt nervous thinking about what this woman would think of his limp penis and adult diaper but his worries receded the more he knew this woman who was strangely knowledgeable about disability issues.  He found out that her name was Laura and that she was on a weekend break to Dublin.

After an hour of conversation and drinks had passed; James leaned over to say to Alan that the rest of the gang were heading to the nightclub shortly.  Alan's heart sank as it seemed his night was coming to an end.  It must have been written on his face because Laura immediately asked what was wrong.  Alan then told her the situation.  James who had stayed off the drink so far that night would be shortly be bringing Alan home. The nightclub the rest of the lads were going to was up two flights of stairs and Alan didn't like being lifted.

Laura blurted out that she would go to keep him company if there was drink back at his house.   She didn't want to come out and just say sex and Stephanie was busy kissing one of the other guys so she felt no shame in abandoning her.  With that it was agreed.  The three of them left without saying goodbye to the others.  Fortunately James' car was parked close by.  Laura was fixated as she watched Alan's strong arms push his chair over the cobblestones and then elegantly but forcefully lift his own legs in the back seat of the car before pulling his upper body into it.  James then folded the wheelchair into the boot while Laura sat down beside Alan in the back.  She was struggling to control herself now and put her arm around him.  He looked into her eyes and instinctively leaned in towards her.  Then their lips met for the first time and a surge of electricity flowed between them as their pumped up emotions were finally released.

The car started to move but nothing stopped their passionate embrace as Laura's tongue explored his mouth as he caressed her hair.  Laura could feel the moistness growing between her legs as if in anticipation of his touch and her heart was beating furiously with excitement.  It was a new experience for Alan.  Prior to his accident he would have felt a bulge in his pants but now nothing.  But this experience meant more to him that any other.  Finally he felt like a sexual being again with needs that could be fulfilled.

After what only seemed to be a few minutes, the car came to an abrupt halt and James told them that they had arrived.  Laura broke from the embrace and looked nervously but longingly into Alan's eyes.  He told her not to worry, that he had his own small flat to the side of the house so there would be no disturbance.  It was built with insurance money from his accident but he didn't feel the need to go into that at this point.

Laura felt nervous now once again but this time it was because of a fear of getting caught as if she was a naughty schoolgirl.  Alan expertly transferred himself back into his wheelchair and started making his way down a side path of a large bungalow.  James had gone ahead of them to open the side door to Alan's apartment.  Once they were inside James said a quick goodbye to Alan and left.

The apartment consisted of a single large room and a bathroom.  There was a double bed in one corner and a television in the other.  Alan instinctively knew what to do; quickly taking off his shirt to reveal a lean, muscular upper body.  Laura stared in excitement as he transferred onto his bed and gave Laura a cheeky grin.  Laura slowly took her off her top then her bra revealing perky breasts and a body covered in tattoos.  

She walked towards Alan turning off the light as she pushed his wheelchair away from the bed and lay down beside him.  Immediately Alan began to fondle her breasts as her hands wandered over his toned arms and chest.  They passionately kissed.  Laura had never felt like this before.  Her whole body was gently shaking as her heart beat ferociously.

Then Alan whispered in her ear asking what he would like to do for her.  She guided his hand between her legs gently brushing up against her pubic hair before a finger slowly entered her moist vagina.  She writhed in pleasure as his finger moved back and forth.  Then suddenly he stopped and moved his body with his arms down the bed.

Laura waited in anticipation as her felt her tongue slowly move up her leg.  Then it moved towards her vagina before skirting around it; driving her wild with anticipation.  Then finally her hands started to slap the bed as he began to lick her vagina.  His method was slow and methodical but very effective.  For five minutes, Laura was in ecstasy, and then her muscles grew tense as she felt an orgasm rocket through her body.  For a few minutes the activity paused and Alan shuffled himself back up to the top of the bed.

Laura then wondered if her lover was enjoying the experience as much as she was and decided to ask him was there anything she could do for him.  Alan was surprised by the query and was about to explain that he had no sensation in his penis when a strange thought entered his mind.  He remembered how an ex had once sucked on his nipple and he had quite enjoyed it.  So he whispered back his unusual request.  

Her interest was piqued and she began kissing his stomach and then his bare chest.  First she flicked one of his nipples with her tongue; then covering it with her mouth and began slowly sucking on it. Alan felt a tingling sensation run through his body as she moved from one nipple to the next.  It was very pleasurable and reminded him of receiving oral sex.  Then they fell asleep exhausted in each other’s arms.

Laura was wakened the next morning by Alan shuffling onto his wheelchair and murmuring that he had to catheterize.  Immediately she felt the effects of a severe hangover and panic set in about how she was going to get back to the hotel.  She immediately hopped out of the bed and began to get dressed.  Alan noticed a lovely tattoo of a dragon on her hip with green wings and a red head.  Laura noticed him staring at it and as she looked into his eyes, they both knew this was an encounter that neither of them would ever forget...


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