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Three's A Crowd Chapter 14

Trish and Shawn face yet another unexpected situation that seems to widen the gap between them. Their hearts tell a different story but overcoming the insecurities and anxieties is still a complicated task for both.

Trish didn’t sleep very deep that night. She was still trying to get used to the house and all the sounds around it outside and inside. Scurrying noises right under her window startled her a few times during the night, probably a raccoon or possum.

Morning came and Trish woke up around eight fifteen. She listened for any noises in the house but it was quiet.
In the kitchen, Rocky, the cat meowed and moved around Trish’s naked legs, pushing up against her.
“Are you hungry buddy?”
She opened a can of cat food and poured it into Rocky’s bowl, he dug into and smacked away.

No noises came from the back hallway or Shawn‘s bedroom. Trish put on the coffee pot and decided to get in the shower and get ready.
Shawn sometimes took medication to help him sleep at night and he rarely woke up before nine in the morning.
Most nights were O.K. for him but there were phases when spasms would torture him during the nights and days and he had to take medication to keep the spasms somehow under control. He was hoping he wouldn’t have any serious spastic episodes while Jesse was gone. 

It was around ten when Shawn was startled by a knock on his bedroom door and Trish’s voice asking, “Shawn, do you want to wake up?”
He rubbed over his eyes and blinked toward the door.
Trish peeked around the door into the room and added, “Are you all right Shawn?”
He answered with a scratchy voice, “Yeah, I am waking up.”
“I am just checking because I have to leave at twelve thirty to go to work.”
“I will be out there in a bit.”
Trish smiled, “I’ll make fresh coffee.”

Shawn heard the creaking of the hallway floor. He had been worried that she would come into his room and was relieved when she walked away. He wanted to make his way into his bathroom without Trish seeing him. He would make it his mission not to need assistance from her, at least not in the bathroom. Shawn couldn’t let Trish see his mangled body, his scarred legs, lifeless and thin, the scars on his back and especially not his useless private parts or even get the slightest glimpse into his bowel issues. He would die of embarrassment, he couldn’t let her be part of it.
While he thought about all of these things he became somewhat angry at Jesse again for taking on the job and for hiring Trish to be his personal assistant. It was such a strange endeavor.

Shawn was able to sneak into his bathroom without Trish knowing and inside he adhered to his morning routine, which usually took about an hour. When Jesse was there he sometimes helped him to get done quicker. With patience Shawn managed to get out of his lounge pants and his incontinence briefs.
The laxative he had taken in the evening worked its magic and it was an immediate relief for him to be able to use the toilet in the morning and he didn’t have to stimulate his bowels with his gloved fingers.
He was ready to get in the shower, had parked his chair right next to the tub and pushed the shower curtain out of the way.
It generally took some coordination and strength to get onto the shower chair.

First Shawn would transfer from his wheel chair onto the edge of the tub and then lift his legs with his hands over into the tub. For a moment he usually just sat on the edge of the tub getting his balance under control and then with one hand placed on the shower chair he would push himself off the bath tub edge and over onto the shower chair.
The cast on his left hand made things difficult still and he needed to focus extra cautiously on the task of transferring onto the shower chair.

Everything would have been fine until he lost his grip with his casted hand on the shower chair and with full force he slid from the bath tub edge instead of onto the chair into the bath tub pushing the shower chair away with his body during his fall and roughly hitting his head on the bath tub edge.
He trembled and a curse came over his lips, “Fuck!”

His body was shaking and he was hoping Trish wouldn’t come to his rescue, but he already heard her voice outside getting closer, “Shawn, are you all right? I heard a loud thump!” Before he could say anything the door creaked open and in the mirror he saw Trish appear in the door, “Shawn, Oh my God!”
She glanced over at him and he wanted to die. Awkwardly he lay naked in the tub, his legs twisted oddly. He was trying to push himself up on his hands but still felt dizzy from hitting his head and felt his body shiver.
With the force of tumbling into the bath tub, his wheelchair had rolled away from the tub some.

Trish hurried over very concerned, “Shawn, are you all right?”
His voice trembled, “Yeah, I am o.k.” It was a lie and he added in a hiss, “Fucking cast!”
Trish didn’t look at him and with her eyes down she said, “Shawn, let me help you!”
His voice was scratchy, “Please leave, I got it!”
Trish didn’t leave though, she actually came closer but still didn’t meet Shawn’s eyes. She saw his lounge pants and the incontinence briefs on the floor.
Shawn sounded nervous and angry, repeating louder “Leave me alone please!”
Trish didn’t react, but grabbed a towel from the holder and threw it over to him, “Here is a towel, cover yourself up!”
She looked over at Shawn who was still trying to get upright somewhat, the towel covered his lower body now.
Angrily he demanded, “Trish, get the fuck out of here…I asked you to leave.”
Trish’s voice changed and she sounded stern now, looking straight at him, “Shut up Shawn!"

Shawn didn’t know what else to do and say; she seemed determined to stay in the bathroom. He didn’t look at Trish when she stood next to the tub and he was embarrassed and ashamed at his situation.
Trish tried not to meet his eyes and said, “Let me help you onto the shower chair!”
He tried one more time but his voice had lost its force, “Trish, no...I got it.”

Trish positioned herself in an angle with one foot in the bath tub to grab Shawn under his arms from behind and he didn’t protest anymore and let it happen. He wasn’t light, his upper body was strong; she could make out all the muscle groups on his upper back, shoulders and arms. Scanning his tattoo on his back she could see all the way down to his butt and she could hardly ignore her quickening heart beat at the sight of his naked body. Her eyes caught glimpses of a large scar on his spine, smaller scars on his legs and her heart was racing.

As she was lifting Shawn onto the shower chair the towel slid down and Shawn quickly pulled the towel up on himself again, keeping his eyes down. Trish felt his body tremble in her hands and heard Shawn breathing in gasps. She knew he was having a difficult time with the situation and when he eventually sat on the shower chair, balancing himself and with the towel over his lap he said angrily as she stood there, “I could have done it myself …don’t ever come in here without my permission…don’t ever do this again! Get the fuck out of here now and leave me alone!” He was very mad.
In her defense Trish remarked lowly, “Shawn, you could have gotten seriously hurt, falling into the tub like this…”
She was unsure, he still didn’t look at her and his chest was moving quickly up and down when he suddenly yelled at her, “Get out of here….NOW!”
He was hunched over and had his eyes down. Trish walked out, feeling hurt.  

Shawn was devastated about the encounter and once Trish had closed the door behind herself he felt his body give in from exhaustion, anger and shame. He was embarrassed of Trish having seen him like this, from his useless legs to his scarred back. She had seen him weak and laying helpless like a bug on its back in the bath tub. Anxiety crept up in him about the whole situation, his head hurt from the blow and with a shaky hand he turned the knob on the faucet.

He tried to breathe steady, he felt his body react and the last thing he wanted to happen now in the tub was an anxiety attack or spasms. He felt his eyes get blurry and forced himself to pull it together. He was mad at Trish for just walking into the bathroom, even though he had told her not to. She had totally disrespected his privacy. With shaky hands he took a shower, but he couldn’t really focus on the task and it was difficult with one hand.

Once done with the shower he realized his chair was not next to the tub. It had been pushed over even further by Trish when she had helped him up. 
He hung his head in defeat, water dripping from his hair. As he checked the distance again he knew the chair was too far for him to reach unless he could get himself onto the floor risking another slippery fall and then scoot across the floor.
He shook his head to himself, he didn’t want to do that. He had scooted himself over the floor before on a couple of occasions, usually when Jesse wasn’t around or when he had fought with Jesse because of false pride, trying to show Jesse how he didn’t need him, which was a big fat lie. Usually alcohol was running through his veins to let it come to those kind of situations.
He felt angry still, not wanting to ask Trish, but lowering himself to the floor and scooting himself around on the floor would have not only been a physical struggle but also a psychological one, putting him at his worst and most lowest point.
He sat there thinking about what to do when all the sudden Trish knocked again, “Do you need your chair next to the tub? I think we pushed it over too far a while ago…Shawn?”
He sat up startled, holding on to the handle in the tub, because he felt unsteady. Trish called his name again.
Quickly he adjusted the towel on his lap and answered with a trembling voice, “Yes?”
She repeated, “Do you want me to set your chair next to the tub?”
He cleared his throat and in defeat answered, “Yes.”
“Are you covered?”
The clearing of the throat hadn’t helped, his voice still sounded scratchy, “Yes.”

She came in and he watched her from under his wet bangs in the large slanted mirror on the wall. She pulled the chair next to the tub and her eyes met his in the mirror and he looked away quickly. He thanked her lowly and she walked out without another word. He pulled his strength together and after drying his body he slid himself over into his wheelchair, surprised that Trish had thought about putting on the breaks.

He wheeled over to the sink, brushed his teeth, combed through his hair and then he sat in his wheelchair for a moment, towel over his lap and looking into the mirror, feeling bad. The incident had been exhausting and he kept thinking about what Trish thought of him and his body. He never wanted her to see him naked and especially not under those circumstances.

After he had his clothes laid out on his bed, he transferred onto it and mostly lying down or sitting against the headboard he dressed himself, breathing heavy and cursing a little bit in between when his sock didn’t want to cooperate and when he couldn’t get the button of his jeans too good with his casted hand.

It was shortly before noon when he finally came wheeling into the kitchen. He had been successful in warding off the anxiety attack but he still felt very bad about the whole situation.
Trish wasn’t in the kitchen when he got there, he heard her in her room and moments later she came out wearing scrubs, he hair up in a ponytail, tennis shoes on and still looking stunning, “I have to go to work now…are you all done and stuff?”
He looked at her nervously. The whole time getting dressed and ready in his room he had planned on going off on her some way or another about the situation earlier but now he felt speechless and awkward.
He answered in a cool tone, ‘Yeah, I’m done.”
“Good! There’s fresh coffee and lunch stuff on the table…do you need anything before I go?”
He glanced at the table, then at her, “No, I’m good.”
“Well, I have my cell phone on me if you need to call. After work I have my water aerobics class, so it’ll be around eight thirty or nine when I get home tonight. There is still Lasagna in the fridge, you just have to heat it up in the Microwave.”
She walked to the door, turned around once more and said, “Are you O.K.?”
“Yeah, I’ll be o.k.”
“I will see you tonight then. Bye and have a good day!”

Trish didn’t hear Shawn’s very low Good Bye as she left out the door. He didn’t know what to think about the situation and for some reason he also felt somewhat disappointed that she hadn’t said anything else to him. She had just left him sitting there, clueless and alone with is anger.
Lowly he said to himself, “What the fuck?”

The anger stayed and it bred inside him as he put his hands to his rims and rammed himself into the kitchen cabinet hitting his knees full force but not feeling a thing and hitting the counter top with his good hand, cursing. He hung his head. Trish had totally blown him off. He still wanted to talk to her about the situation in the bathroom but he didn’t know when.

He spent the rest of the day feeling bad and just hanging around the house, eating, playing Video games, watching TV and brooding over everything that had happened in the morning.

At almost nine o’clock that night Trish walked in, Shawn was lounging on the couch watching TV. He sat up slightly looking over to her. She wore a purple suede sweat suit, her hair looked damp and she carried a sports bag and her purse, “Hi Shawn!”
He managed a low “Hey!”
She stood in the kitchen and looked over at him, “How are you?”
He was puzzled at her indifferent approach, when he had been thinking about the incident from the morning all day, “I’m O.K.”

She walked to the back into her room, he heard her in the bathroom and eventually she came back out into the living room and fell into the recliner which was usually Jesse’s seat, “I am beat.”
Shawn didn’t know how to act, he was nervous. She acted like the morning hadn’t even happened, “What all did you do today?”
He was confused, “Not much.”
Just when he had said it, the phone rang and when he grabbed it he saw Jesse on the display.
Trish smiled and whispered, “Tell him “Hi” from me!”

Shawn nodded, answered the phone and started talking to Jesse. Jesse told him about his first real work day and how tired and exhausted he was. Shawn didn’t say anything about the incident with Trish in the morning. He merely told him how he hung around the house while Trish was at work. Jesse didn’t seem too keen about a lengthy conversation either, he sounded tired and they only talked for about twenty minutes.
After he had hung up with Jesse Trish asked from the kitchen, “How is he?”
Shawn told her what Jesse had said about starting the project that day and how it had been a long day for him. Trish fixed herself a glass of water and asked Shawn if he wanted anything from the kitchen. Shawn declined and she came back into the living room and sat in the recliner again.

As mad and embarrassed as Shawn had been in the morning and as much as he had promised himself he would have a talk with Trish again, now he couldn’t bring it over himself. He was nervous and it was difficult for him to be so close to her. He tried to act normal but there was this unspoken tension between them. He just didn’t know how she felt about him but he couldn’t ignore the fact that his hands got sweaty and his heart beat faster when he was around her.

At the same time he was embarrassed about everything he dealt with, the issues pertaining to his disability, and the morning in the bathroom had pretty much wiped out the little bit of dignity he had been trying to preserve.

In his opinion there was nothing about him that would make Trish even think twice about being with him in any other way than an assistant or friend. He was locked in his own prison of fear of rejection and thinking himself as worthless and it made him cold and insecure. He really didn’t want to move around with her watching how he had to lift his messed up legs around like dead meat, how he had to transfer into or out of his chair, he didn’t want her to witness his vulnerability and weakness.

The last time he had been with a girl had been about two years ago. She was hot, he was rebellious and they were all over each other and partied their heart out every chance they got. Shawn had his pickup truck back then, he was wild and adventurous; she was a free spirited girl. They had many friends to hang out with. Since it had been summer then, they had spent their days and nights swimming and partying at the lake, had went camping with friends in the mountains. There was always alcohol, sometimes drugs and lots of sex. Work was just a way to finance the fun they had.

They had split up consensual and about two months after the split Shawn had the accident and his life came to an abrupt halt. He never saw the girl again, she went off to an out of state college after the summer. Ever since then he had not really been around women and he was really not the same guy he used to be. He still missed his life from before the accident all the time and with Trish coming into his life his old self tried to surface but just couldn’t the way he would have liked to. Trish was like a link to the outside world for him but he was afraid to get on with it.

As they sat there Shawn tried to think of something to say, Trish looked over at him and he asked lowly, “So how was your work and all?”
Trish smiled and told him about her afternoon, finishing with telling him about her water aerobics class.
Shawn listened and she added softly, “You know, water is an excellent medium for paraplegics too…”
Shawn was surprised, “Water? What do you mean?”
She looked at him with shiny eyes, “Yes, like just getting into the water, feeling the weightlessness of your body in the water…I know it makes me feel skinny!”
She laughed and Shawn replied seriously with his eyes on her, “You are skinny.”
She smiled, “Thanks, but I did gain a few pounds over the last couple of months.”
He looked down and replied lowly, “You are perfect.”
Trish was very surprised about his comment and after a moment she told him softly, “You are perfect too, Shawn.”

Shawn didn’t know what to say about that comment. How could she say he was perfect? When he looked up glancing at her, her eyes were on him, “Maybe we can go to the pool sometime.”
All he could think of, was that there was no way he would go to the pool with her, making a total fool of himself. He used to know how to swim and he did always love the water but now everything was different. He couldn’t even imagine going to a pool.
He nodded nonetheless, “Maybe one day.” He held his casted hand up, “It may be a while.”

He turned toward the TV again. Trish had realized how he had become nervous at her mentioning the pool. She knew it would be a big deal for him and she decided to let the topic rest for now. She turned her focus back to the movie.

The movie was over around eleven o’clock and when Trish glanced at Shawn, she saw he had fallen asleep on the couch. She got up from the recliner and just when she was about to wake him softly she hesitated and just let her eyes travel over him.

His T-Shirt had ran up a bit on his belly exposing the waistline of his jeans, showing some skin and his hip bone protruding just a bit. She let her eyes scan over him and up to his face. His dark hair a little ruffled on the pillow, his eye lashes dark and long, his lips parted slightly as he was breathing softly. His right hand rested on his belly and the left hand in the cast hung from the couch.

His legs laid parallel to each other perfectly still, his jeans looking somewhat loose around them. Next to the couch was his wheelchair and Trish let her eyes rest on it, then touching the handle slightly and sliding her fingers over it.
Looking at Shawn and at his wheel chair she couldn’t help her heart beat faster and feeling how he was so perfect for this chair and just a little how she was thankful that he would always be in it.

She didn't think it was right for her to feel that way, Shawn didn’t want to be like this but she knew better, he would not walk again and just thinking about it made her breathe faster and it reminded her of her desires and how she really wanted Shawn the way he was, wheelchair and all.
She struggled with her feelings but when she had described him as a “dream come true” on her devotee discussion board, the women envied her and told her to be strong and all hoped she would be able to connect with Shawn on another level. 

She took her hand off his chair and touching his arm softly she said lowly, “Shawn…the movie is over.”
He moved slightly, taking one deep breath and then blinking at her, “What?”
“The movie is over Shawn, you fell asleep.”
When he moved his T-Shirt rolled up even more showing part of the tattoo on his chest.  She looked away quickly and asked, “Do you want to go to bed?”
He nodded and answered with a scratchy voice, “Yeah, I guess so.”
She moved out of his way and left him on the couch.
She knew he was getting ready to transfer, “You got it?”
He nodded, “Yeah!”

Even though she didn’t want to stare she couldn’t help to glance over at him getting a glimpse of him transferring from the couch into his chair. Just when he had positioned himself in the chair he glanced over to her and their eyes met for a moment.
Shawn said lowly, “I’ll be in the bathroom then.”
“O.K. me too!”

Trish was done before Shawn and she sat at the kitchen table looking at her computer when Shawn appeared in the hallway and announced, “Well…I am going to bed.”
She looked up from her computer and saw Shawn only in his lounge pants, no shirt on and she felt her hands get sweaty. He was so hot in his wheelchair like that.
He smiled a little, “Well, Good Night then.”
She stammered, “Shawn?”
Shawn looked at her expectantly and nervous, seeing Trish only in her tank top and shorts for the night.
She stood by the kitchen counter and he nodded, “Yes?”
Her voice sounded shaky, “Do you want to do something fun tomorrow? I am off you know and we could…I don’t know, go to the mall or a movie or something…unless you would rather stay here of course…”
Her voice faded out.
Shawn thought for a moment and replied, “Yeah, we can get out of here tomorrow.” “Do you want to decide over breakfast?”
“Yeah sure.”
He looked down and then up again, “Well then…are you o.k. with your room and stuff? If you need anything let me know…I hope the raccoons won’t bother you tonight.”
“I hope so too…I do have everything I need…I am fine, thanks Shawn.”
“Great, well, Good Night then.”
“Good Night Shawn.”

Their eyes met for another moment. Trish watched as he spun himself around. She had felt her heartbeat racing in her chest at his enquiring if she was O.K. It had made her feel good. Did she have everything she needed? Not really! She wanted Shawn, very much!

Her heart was beating fast and her legs were warm, especially inside her thighs. She went back to turn her computer off, took a deep breath, turned all the lights off and with a glass of water she headed to her room.

Shawn still had her image in his head, her sexy legs, the long blond hair falling over her breasts and when he finally lay in his bed he listened for any noises coming from outside and he imagined Trish sneaking into his room like she did with Jesse. She made him so very nervous and insecure, he could barely look at her and as he lay there the longing for some physical closeness to her was strong. He wished so much to feel her body against his.

Before the accident he knew he would have most likely disappeared in the bathroom and gotten his release that way. Then again he really would have had her in his bed in no time and he would have had raw and hot sex with her. Even though his thoughts were racing around her and he longed for her so much his cock stayed limp and lifeless in the confinement of his incontinence briefs and he hated everything about it, staring into the darkness and feeling very alone.

Trish on the other hand laid in her bed thinking about Shawn and her hands were slowly gliding over her hard nipples under the tank top, over her flat belly and down to her hips and thighs. Her thighs were burning up on the inside as she caressed herself in slow circular motions all the way to her warm and moist pussy. She rolled over onto her belly and with her legs spread slightly, arms next to her head, she gently pushed her loins against the firm mattress, moaning softly at the oncoming arousal and thinking about Shawn. She moved in a steady rhythm and it didn’t take five minutes when she was breathing quickly and coming close to her orgasm.
She stopped her movement momentarily dragging out the intensity of the arousal and eventually giving in to the need and longing for release. With a silent cry into her pillow she came trembling and with waves whipping through her body as she let the orgasm happen thinking about Shawn. Joyful exhaustion overcame her but deep inside guilt tried to surface but she ignored it savoring the aftermath of her climax and falling asleep on her belly.


  1. Great chapter! I liked how you told how both Trish and Shawn felt at the end as they lay in their beds.

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  6. Wow! more drama with the fall in the tub and sexual thoughts on both sides without any outcome. Maybe for the next chapter?