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Three's A Crowd Chapter 16

Shawn and Trish find themselves connecting personally some more during the night as Shawn is still plagued by spasms and laying awake and Trish joining him. Some more intimate moments bring them closer and more conversations helping them get to know each other.

It was around three in the morning when Trish awoke to a scratchy noise outside her window. Motionless she laid in her bed and listened for a few moments, then got up and tip toed over to the window, scared to look out, but she did peek through the mini blind and saw the shadows of an animal close to the house and then the outline of a raccoon scratching on the wall. She slowly pulled up her mini blind and opened the window. The raccoon stopped in its activity and looked up toward the window. Trish hushed at the animal and after a few moments of staring at her the raccoon trotted off into the darkness.

Since she was up she decided to check on Shawn and made her way soft footed toward Shawn’s room.
Quietly she pushed against the door some.
Unexpected Shawn’s low voice came out of the darkness, “Trish?”
She pushed the door all the way open and went in whispering, “Are you awake Shawn?”
Except for the faint light from the lantern outside at the end of the driveway, shining in through the mini blinds, it was dark in Shawn’s room.
Shawn asked in return, “Why are you awake? Is everything all right?””
“I heard a noise outside my window and when I looked I saw a raccoon.”
“Yeah, we have a lot of them around here.”
Trish whispered, “I see…”

She walked up closer to Shawn’s bed and she could make out that he was propped up on his elbows. Shawn’s wheelchair was still next to the bed where she had parked it. Rocky, the cat was curled up on the foot end of the bed.
Shawn moaned lowly and she asked him, “What’s going on?”
“I am still having light spasms. Woke me up again.”
“Can you take some more meds?”
“Not until in the morning.”

They were quiet for a moment. Shawn thought about the last time Trish had snuck into a bedroom it had been Jesse’s room and he remembered what had happened between them. Here she was in his bedroom in the middle of the night and even though it crossed his mind he knew his chances of getting lucky like his brother were very slim.

He didn’t feel too good anyways, the embarrassing situation from earlier was still weighing heavy on his mind. He had really enjoyed the movie with Trish, they had laughed together and it had made him feel good and he was happy to be with her. He had really wanted to go to dinner with her but his body had come between them and had shattered all his hopes of having a somewhat nice evening.

Spasms were still travelling through his legs all the way up into his spine. He felt the muscles in his thighs contract, a few times his right calf muscle was contracting so hard it moved itself over to the side of his leg. At times his toes were twisting oddly and the spasms contracted his testicles and lower belly.
He had tried to keep his breathing regular and he had felt his forehead for the possibility of maybe running a fever.
The last thing he needed was a bout of Autonomic Dysreflexia and being admitted to the hospital. He had had three bouts of Autonomic Dysreflexia since he had been released home after Rehab and each time it had weakened him and had affected his lungs and his heart. Every time a urinary tract infection had triggered the bouts. With the spasms and UTI’s usually came strong and painful headaches. He had stayed in the hospital for up to two weeks each time and then still recovered at home for days.
Since then he had been extra careful when using the catheters to empty his bladder, always making sure to wash his hands, using clean supplies and being extra hygienic. He had not had a bout of AD for over six months now and he really didn’t want to deal with it again, especially now with Jesse gone and only Trish there with him.

Trish asked softly, “Is there anything I can do for you?”
“Not really.”
Trish smiled in the dark, “How about I just hang out here a little bit?”
“Sounds like a plan…”
Trish looked around for a moment and asked, “May I sit in your chair?”
Shawn was somewhat surprised by her request but replied dryly, “Knock yourself out.”
She lowered herself into Shawn’s wheelchair and as soon as her skin touched the seat and her hands touched the rims she felt a shiver go through her whole body.
Her eyes had adapted to the dim light in Shawn’s room and she could see his silhouette leaning on the headboard of the bed, looking at her, “How do you like my chair?”
Trish set her feet on the footrest, “I like it a lot…” she looked down and thought for a moment, then added softly, “…especially when you are in it!”

Shawn was intrigued by her comment. He didn’t know what to reply and Trish felt her hands get sweaty. She was nervous at how Shawn would react to her comment and she was glad it was dark enough so he couldn’t see her blush. Shawn didn’t say anything but he also battled another oncoming spasm. As he was breathing quicker during the spasm he didn’t speak and Trish sat quietly for a moment. She wanted to help him feel better but there was nothing she could do.

After a little while Shawn said lowly, “You don’t have to stay in here if you are tired. You should probably try to go back to sleep. You have to work later, right?”
Trish replied, “Yes, but I’m o.k. unless you want to sleep”
“I probably won’t be able to but I don’t want you to be sleep deprived because of me.”
“No, I’m o.k. I want to stay here with you…I wish I could do more for you.”

Shawn was facing Trish and she could make out his eyes shimmering from the light that came in from outside. She had noticed that he hadn’t replied to her previous comment about him being in the wheelchair.
Shawn said lowly, “Well, I appreciate you hanging out in here.” He paused then added, “Spasms suck!”
Trish heard a smile in his voice and thought she made out the smile on his face as well. She laughed lowly, “That could be a good bumper sticker for a car or a wheelchair!”
Shawn joined her with a small laugh, then Trish announced, “I am going to make myself some tea…do you want anything from the kitchen?”
“I will take a beer…” He laughed again, “…I am just kidding.”
Trish laughed, “I was seriously going to bring you one.” After a small pause she asked, “So do you want anything?”
“Maybe some fresh water!”

She got up out of the wheelchair and Shawn saw her silhouette as she left the dim room. It all seemed so surreal to him that instead of his brother Jesse he had this woman sitting by his bedside at three in the morning and even though he tried to be relaxed about it, he still felt strange and insecure about just lying there and not being able to do much. It was difficult for him, especially after the ordeal earlier. With his hand he felt his stomach muscles flexing and retracting as he was focused on his breathing.
When he moved his hand down to the incontinence briefs, they felt swollen with moisture and he knew he’d probably have to change them soon. He really couldn’t bear the thought of Trish assisting him with that again. Trish came back after a little while with a mug in one hand and a glass of water in the other.
She set the drinks on the night table, “Here we go. Let‘s get this party started!”
“Thanks!” Shawn shifted and asked Trish, “Do you think you could prop these pillows behind my back when I hold myself up?”
She stood by waiting for Shawn to push himself up and then she stuffed two big pillows behind him. He sat back and was now more upright. Just when he wanted to reach for the water glass a spasm shot through him again and he just laid there waiting it out.

Trish still stood by the bed, “Is it O.K. if I turn on the light?”
Trish flipped the switch on Shawn’s bedside table lamp and pulled the wheelchair up again to sit down in it. Shawn watched her as she positioned the chair about to sit down.
When Trish looked at him he met her eyes and she said shyly, “I am sorry Shawn, I probably should get another chair.”
He kept his eyes on her curiously, “No, it’s cool, go for it.”

He watched her sit down in his wheelchair again and she looked so good. Her long blonde hair was unkempt and frizzy falling around her head, her light green sleep suit tank top and hot pants matching, her skin looking smooth and naturally tanned in the dimness of his bedside lamp. Her naked shoulders were partly covered by her hair but some skin showing and a thin silver necklace resting on her collar bones. She was beautiful and he couldn’t grasp the fact that she was there with him and he tried to push aside the memories of the previous evening and what had happened to him. How could a woman be attracted to him when she had witnessed the situation he had been in earlier, peeing on himself like a little child?

Trish smiled, “You should copy right that bumper sticker!”
He looked at her puzzled, “Bumper sticker?”
“Yeah, the “Spasms suck” sticker.”
He smiled, “You think I could get rich of it?”
“Maybe not, but it is so true…they suck!”
He nodded and they were quiet for a moment.
Trish glanced at Shawn, who was only covered up to his waist, then she asked him lowly, “So when did you get all those tattoos?”
Shawn thought for a moment, then looked at the tattoos on his left arm, “I got this one at about 19…”
He continued, “Soon after I did my right arm...the one on my back I was probably 22 or something like that. About three years ago I added the one on my chest…I was going to have some done on my legs, but that plan went out the door…”
Shawn’s right arm depicted a tribal sign tattoo covering his shoulder down to his wrist. The tribal tattoo on his left arm only went from the middle of his upper arm and extended over to his chest and it creatively depicted a boat on a lake with numbers and a name inside it and across his heart, fish jumping out of the water, a fishing pole resting on the boat, and the scene surrounded by evergreen trees. 
Trish asked carefully, “Is this your dad’s name on your heart?”
Shawn looked at the tattoo over his heart for a moment and then answered lowly, “Yes, his name was Steven Mark Callahan. The numbers represent his birthday and date of his death. He loved fishing.”
Wanting to change the subject, Shawn looked down for a moment, then said softly, “How about you? You got any?” He smiled, “…not that I am seeing any…”
Trish shook her head, “I am tattoo free.”  
“Lots of girls have them nowadays though.”
“Exactly, but I am not “lots of girls”.”
She looked up from under her bangs and met Shawn’s eyes, scanning her seriously, “I know, you don’t need any tats on a body like yours.”
She smiled and sipped from her tea, “Thanks!” Trish was surprised at Shawn’s comment about her body but she also changed the subject quickly, “You can still get tats on your legs.”
He shook his head, “Not going to happen…even though I wouldn’t feel the needles; that would be a good thing I guess.”

Trish smiled, “By the way, Jesse called last night.”
“How is he?”
Trish told him about how Jesse was doing. She didn’t tell him that they had talked about Shawn and how things have been a little rough for him.
Shawn listened to her and once she was finished and met Shawn’s eyes, he asked lowly, “Did you tell him about me?”
Trish thought for a moment and before she had a chance to answer Shawn asked tensely, “You did! What did he say?”
Trish sighed, “Of course he is worried but I told him not to worry because I’m here and you and I can do this…”
Shawn looked up at the ceiling, “We probably shouldn’t tell him these things because I know he worries and then he’ll think about quitting the job…we really need him to do this job and we need the money that comes with it.”  
“I know, I’m sorry I told him…I didn’t know if I should or not.”
“You don’t have to be sorry, Trish.”

Shawn looked down at his blanket watching the movement of his legs twitching underneath.
Trish glanced at the blanket too, “Would it help if I massage your legs?”
Shawn was terrified to even think about letting Trish touch his legs but sometimes Jesse did massage his legs during spasms and it did help a little. Unsure he looked over at Trish.
She sensed his insecurity and said softly, “It’s no big deal for me…it is helps you feel better, I want to do it.”
He took a deep breath, thinking about it. It would probably give him some relief but he was embarrassed about Trish seeing his legs and touching him in that way.
Trish almost whispered, “I just want to help you feel better.”
Trish got up out of the chair, “I will just move the sheet and blanket up a little to your thighs, o.k.?”

He nodded without a word, feeling his heart beat into his neck at the prospect of Trish seeing and touching his legs. She gently pulled the sheet up from his feet and crumbled it up over his thighs just covering the briefs he wore. His legs lay still and straight for the moment.
She asked softly, “Is there a certain area you would like me to massage or just massage your whole leg?”
Shawn was looking up at the ceiling, not wanting to meet her eyes, “Anywhere is good.”

He saw her lean over slightly as she started massaging his legs but he didn’t feel her hands on his legs. Here and there he felt a very distant pressure, almost too weak to notice. Trish was concentrated and focused leaning over Shawn’s legs.
She noticed scars on both legs, more prominent scars on his right leg and her hands were softly rubbing over them, “Are you o.k.?”
She stroked her hands up and down his legs, feeling the bones in his shins, his knees and thighs. His legs were thin and didn’t have lots of muscle tissue left and it made her sad to think about what these legs used to do, how they used to walk, stand and move and now there was either stillness or often uncontrolled tremors. His feet and toes looked bony but taken care of. As she was massaging his legs gently, Shawn tried to relax and not worry about what she maybe thought about his legs and how they looked. He didn’t feel her touch but he did feel some relief of the spastic tension.
He remarked lowly, “It feels like the spasticity is letting off some.”
Trish smiled, “Good!”
She kept massaging his legs silently for about twenty minutes when she did catch a glimpse of Shawn’s briefs and realized how wet they seemed. Without a word she pulled a new pair of incontinence briefs out from under Shawn’s bed and when she looked at Shawn realized he had his eyes closed, breathing softly like he was sleeping.
She whispered, “Shawn?”
He shifted and blinked sleepily at her, “Hhm?”
“Let’s change your briefs!”
Even though Shawn was embarrassed he was also too tired and he knew the briefs needed changing and so he didn’t fight it but nodded weakly. Trish quickly got busy without looking too hard pulling the swollen briefs off of Shawn and just as quickly pulled the new and dry ones on him.  
She covered Shawn’s legs and feet again and when she looked at him he said lowly, “I am sorry Trish, I am getting sleepy right now.”
Trish smiled, “So they are gone, the spasms?”
“I can’t feel any tension and contractions at the moment.”
“Well, I am happy to hear that…you should sleep then.”
“I am sorry I am so tired suddenly.”
“Don’t be sorry, Shawn. I am going to turn your light off and you can sleep.”

She pulled the one pillow from under him and his dark eyes met hers as he said softly, “Thank you Trish…for…everything tonight…and for hanging out here…with me…it really meant a lot.”
She kept her eyes on his and smiled, “You’re welcome! Let’s see if we can catch some shut eye now. Good Night Shawn.”
The longing to touch him somehow almost overcame her, maybe a hug or a gentle stroke over his arm but she controlled herself. She took the mug off the bedside table, and while looking at him with a smile she turned off the lamp.
Slowly she moved toward the door when Shawn spoke out of the darkness, “Trish?”
She stopped in the door and turned around, “Yes?”
His voice was low, “I’m very happy you are here…”
She knew this had cost him some courage but she replied, “Me too, I’m very happy to be here.”
He whispered, “Good Night!”
With a smile in her voice she whispered in return, “Good Night Shawn!” Then she walked out toward the dim light coming from the kitchen.

After Trish put her mug in the dishwasher, she turned off the light and went back to her room and crawled into her bed. She thought about Shawn and everything about him, the way they had come so close with everything that had happened during the day and night. She felt more and more for him and her mind was racing with his image in her head, Shawn was perfect to her in his blue framed TiLite wheelchair.

Eventually she fell asleep and was startled when her alarm went off at eight o’clock. She was very tired from having been up with Shawn during the night and leaning over to her alarm clock she changed the time on it to ten o’clock and turned over again, falling back into a slumber very quickly.

Even though she was still tired at ten o’clock when her alarm went off again, she needed to get up, check on Shawn and get ready for work. Slowly she peeled herself out of her blanket and when she came out to the kitchen and living room she didn’t see or hear Shawn anywhere. Soft footed she walked back to his room and when she peeked around the door she saw he was still asleep. Trish decided to get into the shower and get dressed for work.
After a light breakfast, she turned on her computer to check on some of her college stuff.

Just when she was about to wake up Shawn, her phone announced an incoming text message from Corey, “Hey Trish, how’s it going?”
She replied, “It’s going good. Sitting here doing some school work! What are you up to?” He didn’t answer that question but replied, “Hey, I’m sorry about Sunday! I really enjoyed seeing you, it had been so long…I miss you!”
Trish sighed because she didn’t know what to write in reply, “Corey…”
He replied quickly, “I think about you a lot, about us and what we had…I wish so much you would give me another chance. I would try my hardest to not ever disappoint you and be a good boyfriend to you. Trish, you are the only woman I ever loved…and I still do.”
Trish looked up to the ceiling, taking a deep breath and thinking about what to write, “Corey, don’t do this! I have given you so many chances already, your promises never lasted long until things got bad again.”
“It’ll be different this time! I don’t drink anymore…I really want to be with you!”
“Corey, I just can’t do this anymore…it’s better this way.”
There was a small pause, then he wrote, “It’s that guy, isn’t it…Shawn or whatever his name is…what is going on with him?”
“Shawn has nothing to do with this. I’m his personal assistant, I get paid for assisting him.”
“Personal assistant my ass…what do you assist him with? I didn’t know you were into cripples. Oh, wait a minute, maybe I do know because I remember how you wanted to fuck me all the time when I was all messed up from the accident. What do you want with a guy that is all fucked up like that? He probably can’t even get it up.”
“Corey, I am done with this conversation! Leave me alone and leave Shawn out of this.” Trish clicked her messaging off, put her phone down and sighed heavily.
A moment later the message beeped again, “Trish, I can make things better for us. You don’t have to wipe old people’s and that dude’s ass to make money. I have a job and make good money now! You can focus on your school, I can provide for us. Please let’s meet sometime for dinner or something, let me proof to you that I am the one you should be with!”

Trish turned her phone off all the way without a reply to Corey. She sighed again thinking for a moment about the good times with Corey. They did have good times when he was sober and when they were just the two of them together. Corey just wasn’t good with other people around, very possessive of Trish, very jealous and sometimes violent but he was fighting so many demons inside and sometimes she even felt sorry for him. The relationship wasn’t good for her though and it took her long enough to finally break free from him but seemingly he didn’t want to give up and kept coming into her life.


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