Monday, November 10, 2014

Three's A Crowd Chapter 20

The night at the Casino turns out exciting as Shawn is caught by surprise when Trish shows up late. As Trish sees another girl on Shawn's lap she is determined to leave again and Shawn has to do everything he can to keep her there.

Kate seemed confused at Shawn’s sudden urgency to go to the bathroom but climbed off of his lap.
“I am sorry Kate.”
He left Kate standing there looking after him stunned.

Quickly Shawn grabbed his rims and pushed his chair toward the ramp. The place was crowded, he saw Trish hop down the few steps of the club’s main entrance. His hands trembled as he maneuvered his way through the people, not even apologizing but just pushing his way toward the ramp.
He let his chair roll down as fast as he could, only lightly breaking his speed and turned around the corner, frantically looking for Trish.
He couldn’t let her get away, he was breathing quickly and demanding people to get out of his way. Swiftly he wheeled himself through the casino and he spotted Trish walk in the aisles between the various slot machines. She was too far ahead to call out to her, he didn‘t want to make a scene. Her strides were quick and he pushed his rims hard to get some speed going, people getting in the way and one lady pushing her chair backward from a slot machine, making Shawn almost crash his wheelchair against her chair.
He felt his heart beat into his neck, trying to keep his eyes on Trish as she kept walking away. The lady scrambled out of Shawn’s way and he had a clear path again.
He saw Trish turn away from the slot machines and disappear from his view.

How much would he have loved to be able to run after her but if he wouldn’t be in the wheelchair he wouldn’t be after this woman in the first place. He took quick breaths and spun his rims hard.  Where Trish had turned away from the slot machines he saw her walking toward an exit door out of the casino.
He sharply turned the corner, almost took his caster wheel off the ground and cursed to himself but he had her in clear view in front of him now when he called her name loudly, “Trish! Please wait!”

Anxiety shook his hands and arms and he swallowed when she actually stopped in her path and turned around looking at him sadly.
Pulling himself together, Shawn wheeled over to her quickly, out of breath, and came to an abrupt stop in front of her, “Trish…”
She explained lowly, “I saw you were busy. I didn’t want to interrupt.”
Shawn was trying to catch his breath, his chest was rising up and down quickly, “It is nothing…she is…nobody…just a friend. It is not what it looked like.”
He felt silly saying the things he said because he knew very well that it did look like they were close, he with Kate on his lap, her head resting on his shoulder.

His voice trembled, “Trish, I…I didn’t expect you to actually come out here anymore…” 
“Well, it doesn’t matter…I can see you are having fun and I don’t want to interfere.”
“No Trish…I am not really having fun.”
Trish shook her head slightly, “It’s O.K. Shawn. I can go home again.”
Shawn took another breath, “Trish, listen to me….please don’t leave!”

He lowered his eyes, took another deep breath and swallowed, then looked up at her with dark eyes and the words tumbled out of him like a waterfall, “I am sorry about everything… everything that has happened….about the way I acted….all the shit that was going on with me last week….you know I hated it…I hated having you deal with all of it, having you witness all my fucking issues….I wanted to be O.K. while you were staying with me but it all changed last week….it is like as soon as Jesse left my health was just turning to crap and you were there with me….you….”

He swallowed again, “I don’t want to be like this in front of you….and even though I am happy to have you there with me…I mean any guy would be happy, I am also so freaking embarrassed about all this shit going on with me….I didn’t know what to do when it all just came down on me last week…you got so close to me and it wasn’t easy for me Trish….so I tried….”

He shook his head, “I somehow tried to find a way to cope with you having come so close and seeing me almost at my worst and I thought by somehow avoiding you I could deal with all of this better….like it never happened or something….of course I am cheating myself….I am trying so hard and it is not working…I don’t want to be here, I wanted to be at home and just lay on the couch and watch TV with you or something. This here is not easy for me either. I am just not good at being like this and I don’t know how some people do it and can be all content with fucking paraplegia, like it is no big deal….it is a big deal for me…and it is even bigger now with you being part of it…”

He shook his head slightly, lost for words, struggling with his emotions not to break down. His hands were sweaty, fingers locked in his lap.
Looking up at her, he said once more, “I am really sorry Trish about everything. Please don’t leave or if you really want to go home, take me with you.”

To his surprise Trish squatted down in front of him and held herself steady by placing her hands on his knees. He glanced quickly from her hands to her face.

Trish started softly, “You don’t have to be sorry for anything Shawn. I know last week was hard for you and it was a little bit for me too. I wanted to help you better but I couldn’t do much and I felt helpless and had my doubts if I could do this with you for the next couple of weeks. I got scared when you acted so distant toward me because I thought that this was going to be over for me and you would send me away or something. I was ready to call Jesse and pack my stuff again but I want to stay and be there for you. I know you guys need this job for Jesse and I want to do this for you and for myself but please don’t push me away anymore Shawn. I know it is difficult for you to let me come so close but maybe we can just be friends above all and it would be easier for you to accept my presence in your life for right now. It is only a couple of weeks and then things will go back to normal for you and all. I think we can do this.”

When he heard her put a timeline on their living arrangement he almost felt his airway cut off. It felt like a stab into his heart to hear her still referring to what they had as friendship and for a limited time only. He wanted to tell her so much more but she didn’t give him the chance. He wanted to tell her why he really felt so bad about letting her see him at his worst and not doing well. He wanted to be someone else for her, not just a paraplegic she was taking care of and not only a friend either. He wanted to be so much more than that to her but apparently he was not going to be more than a friend to her.

He locked his fingers even tighter as his hands trembled.
He swallowed again as she said softly, “Shawn, let’s be friends please!”
He lowered his eyes, still feeling like he didn’t get enough air and his vision getting blurry. He fought with himself if he should attempt to explain what he really felt for her but he was scared and didn’t have the courage.
Trish repeated, “Shawn…friends?”
He looked up and took a deep breath, “Yeah, friends.”

Trish moved up to him and put her arms around his neck and the pain he felt was almost unbearable to keep inside when she hugged him tightly and reluctantly he put his arms around her back and pulled her in for the hug. He wanted so much more than just a hug between friends.

Trish held on to Shawn for a moment and she smelled his hair and she wanted to hold him longer but she let go so he would not get suspicious of her real feelings. She was so happy to be with him at the moment. She wanted to climb on his lap and sit like the girl was sitting earlier with her arms wrapped around his neck and her head on his shoulders as he wheeled his chair around. For a moment her thoughts had drifted off and then she let go of him and stood back up and smiled at him.

His eyes were shiny and dark and he wasn’t smiling but he looked at her with a certain sadness in them but at the same time like he was somehow so far away still.
Trish leaned her head sideways and smiled unsure, “Are you O.K. Shawn?”
He snapped out of his thoughts and nodded with a weak smile, “Yeah, I am O.K.”
He added, “Trish?”
He continued with a trembling voice, “After the movie on Tuesday when I wanted to invite you for dinner….maybe we can pick up where we left off….”
Trish could tell he was nervous and she smiled, “I would love that.”
He was relieved, “Are you hungry now? I want to buy you a drink.”
“I am a little hungry and a drink would be great.”
“They have a nice pub in here. Do you want to check it out?”

Shawn brought a smile over his face and tried to tell himself that it was O.K. that Trish only proposed friendship for the moment. Friendship was better than no relationship at all. He told himself that people sometimes start out as friends until they move on to more and it would hopefully just be a matter of time. He looked at her and they smiled at each other shyly.
Shawn tried to get his composure and said, “Let’s get you that drink.”

Trish stood up and she let Shawn lead the way and walked somewhat beside him. She glanced at him a couple of times, his hands on his rims, his legs still next to each other with his feet almost touching on the foot plate, his biceps flexing with every push of his chair under the rolled up sleeves of his shirt. Her heart beat fast from watching him and the hug they had shared just a moment ago. It had felt so good to be so close to him. Shawn had no clue how turned on she was from just seeing him in the wheelchair and she wished she would have had the courage to take their connection further but she didn’t think he felt the same way.

There she was, next to this paraplegic man who was one with his wheelchair and would never be without it, never be any different but be everything she had always wanted. She watched him move himself through the place swiftly in motion but his legs still and quiet, never able to help him stand or walk anymore, because of a spine that was broken. Just thinking about it gave her a tingle down her own spine.

For a moment Shawn glanced up and their eyes met. He realized she had watched him and he just smiled. His head was spinning with thoughts still as to how he and Trish would keep going and how things would be for them.

He also thought about Jesse and he remembered how close Jesse had gotten to Trish and it hurt him that he maybe would never have that chance. He shook his head slightly to focus back on the moment and they reached the pub. Shawn stopped his chair and gestured Trish in through the open door before him. He saw people looking at them and he also saw men checking out Trish and probably wondering what she did with him in tow. She was a natural beauty and she could have any other guy in the place. No guy would turn her down.

Shawn sat up a bit taller to just somehow gain some control over his being with Trish. He wanted to enjoy the moment and not let his insecurity get the better of him again. If he wanted Trish more than a friend, he at least had to show her that he could be a guy who had it together when his disability didn’t have him down.
He sat up, looked around and found a small table in a corner and gestured Trish to it, “Over there.”
Trish walked right in front of him and he enjoyed the view from his position very much at the moment, being on eye level with her nicely shaped butt, the tight skirt over it; her long smooth legs ending in the sandals on her feet. She was definitely a looker in any way.

Shawn managed to pull out a chair for Trish and then moved a second chair out of the way so he could roll up to the table and be close to her. She smiled as he positioned himself next to her.
He put on his break, “Here we go.”
He felt nervous still but wanted to act right and make her feel good.
Trish must have sensed it because to his surprise she then took his hand and smiled at him shyly from under her bangs, “Are you O.K. Shawn?”
Glancing at her hand holding his he nodded, “Yeah, I am good.”
“So we are cool then?”
“Yes, we are totally cool.”

She squeezed his hand for a moment in assurance and he felt his heart beat quickly. At that moment a waitress approached with a small note pad in her hand, wearing skinny jeans and a T-Shirt with the Casino logo, and a small apron covering her upper thighs, “Hi guys! How is it going?”
They both replied with a nod and a smile and the waitress asked, “What can I get you to drink?”
Trish answered, “I’d like a Vodka Cranberry and can I get a menu please?”
The waitress turned to Shawn, “And for you?”
“Can I get an Alaskan Amber?”
“Sure thing, I will have that right out to you.”
She disappeared and Shawn glanced at Trish. She leaned in a little bit smiling.
“So were you able to finish your school paper?”

Trish nodded and told him about her school stuff. He kept his eyes on her and she felt a little nervous. The waitress saved her when she set down the drinks in front of them and handed Trish the menu. Before Trish could look into the menu Shawn raised his bottle and held it out to her.
She picked up her glass and they cheered each other and Trish said with a smile, “Friendship!”
Shawn smiled and repeated, “Friendship!”
They drank and after scanning the menu Trish decided on some chicken strips for a snack.
She looked over at Shawn, “Do you want anything to eat?”
Shawn shook his head and Trish added, “You can help me eat mine.”

Just then Shawn felt his phone vibrate and play its ring tone in his shirt pocket. He saw Danny’s number on the display and his image appear.
He answered, “Hey!”
“Shawn, where the hell are you?”
“I’m in the pub.”
“Maybe next time you can let one of us know.”
“Sorry man, it all happened kind of fast.”
“Who’s there with you?”
“Trish, your nurse?”
“My personal assistant.”
“Whatever! When did she show up?”
“A little while ago.”
“Yeah, apparently you pissed off Kate.”
“Yeah well, that happens when someone jumps on my lap uninvited.”
Trish listened to Shawn and smirked at him.
Danny added, “Well, maybe Kate kind of likes you…but whatever. Are you coming back over here to the club?”
“In a little while, we are having a drink.”
“Well, we will be here, I’m buying a round at midnight for my birthday. I want you to be here! You need to introduce Trish to us. We want to meet her.”
“O.K., we will be over there in a little while.”
“All right, see you soon.”

They hung up and Shawn dropped his phone in his shirt pocket again and looked at Trish who smiled at him, “They miss you?”
“I guess so or they are trying to be my babysitter.”
“I’m sure they only mean well.”
He nodded and looked down, “Yeah, they are all right.”
Trish asked, “Are you really close with your cousins?”
“Yeah, we are really like brothers and my cousin Ceci is like a sister. My Uncle helped us a lot when my dad passed away and after the accident.”

Trish nodded and kept her eyes on Shawn waiting for more but he didn’t say anything else. She wanted to know more about the accident and how things had been for him but she didn’t feel it was the right moment.
Shawn then asked her, “Have you heard from Jesse today?”
Trish shook her head, “No, just last night.”
“Yeah, he called me too.”
“He seems to be doing O.K.”
Shawn looked at his bottle, then up at Trish, “Did you tell him about these last couple of days?”
Trish shook her head and said lowly, “No, I didn’t want to worry him.”
“Thanks…I know he would maybe think about quitting the job and we really need that money. We need to fix some stuff on the rambler and maybe get it modified some more for me. It is not really that practical. A car for me would be nice too I guess.”
Trish nodded, “Yeah, I don’t want Jesse to quit his job either.”

Shawn drank a sip from his beer and then took a breath looking up at Trish with dark and serious eyes, “Do you like Jesse?”
Trish was caught off guard with his question and was nervous at the same time, “What do mean?”
Shawn focused on her, “Do you want to be with him?”
She felt her hands get sweaty and didn’t know how to answer right away, “Jesse is a great guy, he’s….he’s such a good guy…but I am not interested in him beyond friendship if that is what you are implying.”
Shawn stayed focused on her and even though he felt his heart beat into his neck he had to tell her what he knew because he needed to know what Trish felt for Jesse, “It seemed like you were more than friends before he left.”
Trish had a suspicion and Shawn confirmed it, “I know you slept with him, Trish.”
She looked down, nervous and embarrassed, “I was drunk…it was a mistake…I shouldn’t have let it come to that.”
They were briefly interrupted when the waitress brought the food Trish had ordered. Shawn picked up the conversation again, “Does Jesse think it was a mistake?”
Trish looked up again, “We had agreed that it was only a one night deal, no strings attached.”
Shawn looked down, then back up at Trish with a stern expression, “Jesse is very important to me, Trish…I don’t want to see him hurt. He is the closest and most important person in my life and I won’t let anything happen to him.”
It sounded very serious and Trish asked lowly, “What are you trying to say?”
“I guess I don’t want you to give him false hopes.”

Trish was now agitated about Shawn taking on such a serious tone with her, “Well, thanks Shawn, you really know how to turn a date into a weird thing. Maybe I should go home after all?”
Shawn realized that he shouldn’t have brought up Jesse while he apparently was on something like a date with Trish and he wanted to smooth out the situation before Trish would make any irrational decision about leaving. He couldn’t let that happen, “I am sorry Trish…I didn’t mean it like that. I just…I just…”
He didn’t know what else to say and he had really no excuse to his starting the topic about Trish and Jesse but he couldn’t tell her why he needed to know.
Trish took a breath and then said stern, “Shawn, you don’t have to worry about Jesse. I have it under control.”

She finished her drink, her eyes seriously scanning Shawn. She wasn’t too happy about him bringing up Jesse.
Shawn asked, “You want another one?”
She nodded and he could tell she was still tense about the topic. He called to the waitress to bring another drink and Trish started eating from her snack.
She glanced at him, “You want some?”
Shawn shook his head, “No thanks!”

He drank from his beer. The situation was overshadowed now that Shawn had brought up Jesse and Trish’s one night stand. He wanted to slap himself for starting this because he really had not meant to mess up the “date” with Trish. She didn’t know that he had to ask out of his own insecurities and because he wanted to know if he even stood a chance in his brother’s shadow. He wanted to know how Trish felt for Jesse.

Trish’s phone was laying on the table when it buzzed announcing a text message. They both glanced at the phone at the same time and before she could grab the phone out of view, Shawn saw Corey’s image appear for the message. He felt another slight sting but tried to not worry about it.
Trish held the phone and read Corey’s text silently, “I really miss you right now…Where are you?”
Trish felt nervous about the text right in front of Shawn. She thought about saying something to him but then decided not to mention anything but a, “I am sorry! Let me reply quickly. Excuse me Shawn.”
He nodded and drank from his beer.
Trish texted back, “I am out with a friend.”
Corey replied quickly, “Where at? Maybe I can come out.”
“Maybe not a good idea! I am out with a male friend.”
“Is it the crippled guy?”
“Yes! I will talk to you later. Bye Corey.”
“He must have…”
Before she could read the rest of the message she turned off her phone and looked over to Shawn.
He asked lowly, “Corey?”
He must have seen the picture of Corey on her phone when the message came up, “Yeah.”
“He must still care for you?”
Trish shrugged her shoulders and shook her head, “It’s over between us.”

Shawn didn’t want to stir up anything again and kept quiet. They drank and Trish felt awkward now about the text from Corey. He kept coming into her life and kept telling her how he still cared for her and every time she tried to tell herself how bad their relationship had been for her and that she couldn’t let Corey get back into her heart again.

Trish finished her food. Shawn and her made small talk about the casino and gambling, nothing too deep anymore. It is like they both felt the date should have been a little more fun but it had turned into something more serious.
Shawn asked her, “Do you want to meet my cousins?”
Trish smiled, “Yeah, I guess.”

Shawn paid for the food and got himself and Trish another drink to go. They headed out of the pub, Trish in front of Shawn with her drink in her hand. Shawn had his beer bottle in between his thighs and wheeled himself out the door behind Trish and then came up rolling next to her. She glanced over at him and they smiled at each other. She couldn’t get enough of seeing him wheeling along. She wanted to just watch him for hours.
At the club Shawn told her, “I will go around to the ramp.”

Trish nodded and took the few steps up into the club and waited for Shawn at the top of the ramp. She watched him wheel himself up, the incline wasn’t very steep but it was still a bit difficult for him with his casted hand. Trish stood at the top and he realized she was watching him closely, making him nervous. He glanced up from the task for a moment and their eyes met, Trish quickly looked away.

In the club Shawn found his cousins and friends still at the same two tables, some people sitting, some standing and some were out on the dance floor. Everyone seemed to be having a good time. Kate was still there too and when Shawn wheeled up with Trish next to him Kate eyed her somewhat hostile. Shawn’s cousin Ceci had also showed up with her fiancé and as she spotted Shawn she leaned down and greeted him with a hug. 
When she stood up, she looked over at Trish and Shawn introduced them, “Ceci, this is Trish, she is my personal assistant while Jesse is gone.”
Ceci reached her hand out with a smile, “Hi Trish, nice to meet you!”
Trish replied the greeting, Ceci also introduced her fiancé Paul to Trish.

Shawn then introduced Trish to some of the friends standing around and was then spotted by Danny and Colby. Trish could feel everyone’s eyes on her and saw Colby give Shawn a funny grin after he had introduced them. Danny and Colby’s girlfriends greeted Trish with smiles and only Kate and one other girl in the group ignored her somewhat, apparently seeing her as an intruder who took Shawn away from Kate earlier. Trish didn’t care and pulled a chair out next to Shawn, then smiling at him as he parked next to her.

Danny laughed, “Dude, you almost missed out on the round I am about to buy…I’m almost a quarter century old…”
Everyone laughed and joked about Danny’s age. It was somewhat loud to actually have a conversation in the club with the band playing. Danny bought two rounds of Tequila for everyone but a few designated drivers passed on them. Shawn still had his beer and Trish also still worked on her Vodka Cranberry when the Tequilas came to the table.

Eventually it was midnight, everyone had two Tequilas in front of them and Danny was in the middle lifting his first Tequila as everyone followed, cheered, sang Happy Birthday for him, then shooting the Tequila, followed by sucking the lime quarters on a plate on the table. Shawn glanced at Trish as she was laughing and making a disgusted face after the shot of Tequila. Soon thereafter everyone went for the second Tequila. Shawn didn’t drink the second Tequila, he didn’t want to push it.

He watched Trish and she looked over at him, “You are not drinking your second one?”
He shook his head with a smile, “Better not. You can have it.”
She grinned, “I don’t know…are you trying to get me drunk?”
He smiled and Danny laughed, “He probably is Trish…”

Then he encouraged her to drink a third Tequila and Trish laughed but picked up the shot and downed it, shaking her head afterwards, “Oh Gosh, that is it for me!”
At that moment Danny called out to Shawn, “Your bro just sent me a text with Happy Birthday!”
Shawn nodded, “Cool!”
He pulled out his phone, leaning over to Trish and saying, “I will send him a text.”

Trish nodded with a smile, she felt the alcohol running through her veins and knew she was getting drunk. Her vision was a bit off and she was laughing about jokes and giggled along.

Shawn texted Jesse, “What are you still doing up?”
Soon after the reply came, “Just watching TV…are you guys having a good time?”
“Yes, I am actually having a good time.”
Shawn didn’t know if he should text Jesse that Trish was there with him, but decided not to mention it. It was an odd situation.

He had no idea that Danny had already texted Jesse about Trish being there, “Shawn’s caretaker is here too…she is really hot…they seem like they are hitting it off pretty good. I think Shawn has a crush on her…he threw Kate Gardener to the curb when Trish came in here a while ago…LOL.”

When Jesse had read the text from Danny he was somewhat surprised and didn’t know what to make of the situation. He had assumed that Trish and Shawn had went separate ways over the weekend and the last thing he had heard from Trish was that Shawn had been acting weird toward her. He now was confused at Danny’s text message about Shawn having a crush on Trish.

He texted Shawn back, “Well, little brother, I am glad you are having a good time. Don’t overdo it and stay away from the booze. Is everything O.K. with you and Trish?”
Shawn texted back, “Yeah, everything is good.”

At the same time Jesse texted Danny back, “Yeah, Trish is really good looking…I am happy you guys got to meet her and like her.”
Danny replied, “Well, Shawn definitely seems to enjoy her company, they are all smiley with each other.”
Jesse replied, “Good for them! Well, I have to go to sleep. You guys have fun! Happy Birthday again!”
Danny replied, “Thanks dude. Laters!”

Then Jesse texted Shawn back, “Tell Trish Hi when you see her.”
He wanted to see if Shawn would mention anything about Trish being there but he didn’t, “I will tell her when I see her!”
“Good Night Shawn! Be good!”

Shawn clicked his text message off, feeling guilty of not letting Jesse know that Trish was there with him.
When Trish looked over at him he told her, “That was Jesse.”
Trish’s expression was serious and Shawn added, “I didn’t tell him that you were here with me.”
“Why not?”
“I thought it would maybe be weird.”
“Why is it weird? You should have told him!”
Shawn shrugged his shoulders, “Too late.”

At that moment another Vodka Cranberry was placed in front of Trish and she looked at it in surprise.
Shawn said, “It’s from me, I ordered you another one.”
She laughed, “Shawn, I had three Tequilas and three Vodka Cranberry, I am feeling pretty good already.”
He had another beer in front of him too and lifted his bottle toward Trish for a cheer. She laughed, “You are trying to get me drunk!”

He drank and smiled, then shook his head. They laughed and chatted and eventually Trish went out to the dance floor with Danny and Colby’s girlfriends and Shawn couldn’t take his eyes of her. She laughed and danced and she looked so good and so happy. He wheeled over a little to have a good view of the dance floor, holding his beer in his hand and he saw her through the crowd and he wanted so much to be with her more than just friends.

He knew Trish was drunk at that point and after she had danced to three songs she came back to him and he kept his eyes on her as she walked toward him, a bit wobbly on her feet, apparently the alcohol taking its effect. She laughed and he was surprised when she actually plopped on his lap and he almost spilled his beer. He was definitely caught off guard but felt very different about her being on his lap than with Kate earlier.
Trish laughed, “Oh Gosh, I am sorry Shawn!”
She was about to get up again when he stopped her, “No, it is O.K.”
He pulled her back and she looked surprised but said with a laugh, “How will we get home?”
Shawn felt the alcohol as well, his own vision was somewhat blurry but he still knew what was going on, “I will ask Ceci to take us home.”
Shawn called out to his cousin, “Ceci, do you think you can take Trish and me home?”
Ceci replied, “Yeah, but we are leaving in like ten minutes. I should probably take you to my dad’s house, not to your place….you seem a bit….a bit drunk and I think you would be better off at dad’s house.”
“We will be O.K. at the house. I am O.K.”
“I don’t think so Shawnee.”
“Please Ceci, just take us to my house… we will be fine.”
He looked over at Trish on his lap, “Right? We will be O.K.”

Trish definitely felt the drinks in her system and she wasn’t sure what to answer. She couldn’t drive anymore for sure.
Shawn begged again, “Please Ceci, to my house.”
Ceci looked serious, “I don’t know…I think you should stay at my dad’s or at least at my house.”
Shawn nudged Trish, “Trish, I am sorry…do you think you can get off my lap for a moment…I want to talk to Ceci.”
Trish climbed off his lap and almost fell, he held her steady, “You O.K.?”
She smiled oddly, “Yeah!”

She sat down on a chair close by and Shawn wheeled himself over and away from Trish and gestured Ceci to come over to him. Ceci shrugged her shoulders in question and walked over to Shawn.
He pulled her down close to him and said in a low tone, “Ceci, please take us to my place…I beg you! It would mean so much to me if you would do that. I promise, we will be O.K. I am not wasted Ceci…I still know what’s going on.”
Ceci looked at him sternly, “Your assistant there seems to be drunk Shawn and I am not sure if I can leave you on your own with her. What if something happens?”
Shawn begged, “Ceci, we will be O.K. Please?”
Ceci looked at him curiously, realizing the pleading in his voice, “What is going on between you two?”
He sighed and looked shyly at Ceci, “Ceci, I like Trish….a lot…I think she may like me too….I really just want to be alone with her at the house.”
Ceci looked surprised, “Shawn, she is your personal assistant…I don’t think you should make a move or whatever it is you’re trying to do. I don’t think it is appropriate.”
“Ceci, don’t worry about it. I haven’t been with a girl in over two years….”
He looked at Ceci, pleading, his head leaning sideways a bit, trying to convince her with his charms, “Ceci, what else do I need to tell you?”
Ceci stood up, “Shawn…you better don’t do anything stupid…your brother will be mad if you do.”
Shawn nodded, “I know what I am doing…just please help me out here.”
Ceci looked over to Trish on the chair for a moment, then back to Shawn, “The girl is drunk and you better not take advantage of her.”
“I won’t Ceci….look at me…what the fuck am I going to do…..I just want to be at my house, in my bathroom, my bed and Trish will be there with me….that’s all…nothing else.”
Ceci sighed, “O.K….I will take you home, get ready!”
Shawn smiled, “Thanks Ceci, I appreciate it a lot.”
She smiled, “You better behave and keep it together Shawnee!”


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