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Three's A Crowd Chapter 21

Trish and Shawn are at home after their night at the club where they have bonded some more and have drank quite a bit. The tables are turning when an intoxicated Trish needs Shawn to help her out. An injury brings Shawn's hopes of getting closer to Trish to an end.

It was almost three o’clock in the morning when Ceci dropped Shawn and Trish off at the house. When they left the casino Shawn had sat down in the front seat and Trish had climbed into the back seat where she had dozed off on the way back.
At the house Ceci parked right by the ramp and got out to get Shawn’s wheelchair out of her trunk.
Shawn turned around to Trish and said softly, “Trish, wake up!”
Trish was startled and moaned, “Oh, I am sorry I fell asleep.”

Ceci came around to the passenger side and Shawn opened his door so he could transfer into his chair. Trish scrambled her things together in the back seat and got out of the car. She stood by watching Shawn transfer and felt unsteady on her feet and a little dizzy. Shawn had become skilled with the transfers with his casted hand over the last couple of days. He was able to use his fingers just enough to make a decent transfer.
As Ceci and Trish watched he mumbled more to himself, “I got an audience.”
Ceci remarked quickly, “Sorry Shawn…I know you don’t like that.”
She turned to Trish, “Are you all right Trish?”
Trish smiled weakly and answered with a slur, “I think so…thanks so much for bringing us home. I will get my car tomorrow.”
“Just call one of us and we can take you over there to get your car again.”

Shawn had managed the transfer all right but he felt the alcohol in his system and it made him somewhat shaky.  Ceci was still worried about leaving the two at the house by themselves.
She turned to Shawn, “Are you sure you guys will be all right?”
He nodded and at the same time Trish repeated, “Thanks again for bringing us home. It was so fun meeting you and your brothers….”
Trish swayed a little as she let go of the door and Ceci could tell she wasn’t very sturdy on her feet and then Trish said the same sentence for the third time, “Thanks so much for bringing us home.”
She then fell on to Ceci for a hug and with a worried expression Ceci looked over Trish’s shoulder at Shawn. When she let go of Trish she turned to Shawn and remarked lowly, “I am really worried about you guys.”
Shawn tried to assure her, “Ceci, we will be fine.”
Trish held herself steady holding on to the car roof, “Bye Ceci, see you soon. Thanks again!”

She started her way toward the four steps up to the front door of the rambler and Ceci caller after her, “It was nice meeting you Trish. Bye!”
Ceci turned to Shawn once more, “Call one of us tomorrow to get her car from the casino and call if anything is up tonight. I am still very worried about you right now. You know the girl is done for tonight, right?”
Shawn nodded, “I know…nothing is going to happen here Ceci. I just wanted to be at home, that’s all. I will make sure she is O.K. Thanks for bringing us home, cuz. I owe you one.”

Shawn felt the alcohol in his system and his legs twitching slightly. Ceci hugged him Good Bye, then got into her car, waved at Shawn as he spun himself around and wheeled up the ramp. Trish was already leaning on the door, waiting for Shawn to wheel up the ramp. Ceci watched them unlock the door and go in before she drove off.

Inside the house Trish kicked off her heels, left them on the floor right by the door, and sat her purse on the kitchen table. Shawn closed and locked the door behind himself and took a deep breath.
He was exhausted now and watched as Trish plopped on one of the chairs at the kitchen table, “Wow, those Tequilas are something, aren’t they?”
Slowly he wheeled into the kitchen and replied, “Yeah, they’ll do it to you.”
Trish put her feet up on the other chair, “I think you tried to get me drunk Shawn Callahan, but guess what I am perfectly fine, and I don’t feel a thing.”
Just as she had finished the sentence her foot slipped off the chair and plopped onto the floor.
She laughed, “Oooooppppssseee.”
Shawn wasn’t all the way sure on how the rest of this night would go.

At the club Trish had laughed and joked with him, on a few occasions she had loosely touched his chair or knee. Now she was there with him and he didn’t really know how to act. Trish was drunk enough to be laughing and wobbling around and she should probably be going to bed. He didn’t feel all the way good himself, his legs were twitching and his balance was slightly off.
“I will be right back, I have to go to the bathroom.”
Trish nodded with a smile, slouched down on the chair, “O.K.”

Her face stayed in a smile as he put his hands on his rims and wheeled toward the bathroom. The carpet bothered him as always. In the bathroom he saw his legs shaking and felt with his hands how his muscles retracted hard in his thighs.
He mumbled to himself, “Not again…Fuck!”

He thoroughly washed his hands over the sink before he unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. He had been drinking a lot and probably would end up peeing some more. He couldn’t risk peeing himself while being with her. His legs were getting spastic and he pressed his hand down on his thighs. He was frustrated and hissed another curse word to himself. He pulled some Latex gloves out and slipped his hands into them, then taking a sterile package with a catheter in it and with shaky fingers inserted it into his urethra. Momentarily the yellow liquid ran through the tubing into the toilet as Shawn held the catheter with one hand and held on to the grab bar with the other.

After he was done he looked into the mirror and realized how he looked tired and exhausted. He threw the gloves away and managed to pull his boxers and jeans up again, then took off the button up shirt he had worn loosely over his white T-Shirt and laid it over the chair in the bathroom. His hands were shaking and he didn’t know why he was having problems. Eventually he decided to wheel back out to Trish. It seemed more difficult now to wheel over the carpet, he didn’t have a good grip on his rims.

Trish still sat on the chair at the table but to his surprise she had her arms on the table, her head resting on her arms and her eyes closed.
He wheeled up to her and touched her arm, “Trish, hey, are you all right?”
She shifted with a sigh and opened her eyes, “I am so sorry Shawn…”
“You should probably lie down.”
“I am not tired.”
Shawn smiled, “I think you are very tired. I am tired too. We should both go to sleep.”
Trish sighed and mumbled, “I am getting a headache…are you not going to take advantage of me Shawn?”
“What are you talking about Trish?”
“You got me drunk and usually guys get girls drunk to take advantage of them.”
Shawn smiled, “I am not that kind of guy….anymore!”

At that moment he felt a spasm in his leg and grabbed it with his hands, pressing his lips together as the spasm shot through his leg all the way up into his belly.
Trish realized and sat up quickly and alert, “Shawn, oh Gosh, what is it?”
“Just spasms.”
The idea of getting somehow closer to Trish was fading with every spasm in his leg and every yawn of Trish.
Trish stuttered with a slur, “I don’t…don’t want you to have spasms. I need to help…you get in bed.”
Shawn replied, “I can get myself into bed. I really think I need to make sure you get into your bed.”
She sighed, and yawned again, “O.K. I am sorry Shawn, I shouldn’t have drank that much. It was irresponsible of me. Jesse would be so angry if he would know…I am an irresponsible personal assistant.”
Shawn could tell she was trying very hard to not sound too drunk and he worried Trish would turn into a depressed drunk girl and he assured her, “No, you are not…I am an irresponsible para then…but we had good time, didn’t we?”
She managed a weak smile, leaned over a little, her blue eyes were blood shot and shiny, her mascara was smeared a little, “We did…we did have a good time.”

She smiled at Shawn oddly. Just as she leaned over some more and somewhat wobbly, she suddenly slipped off the chair, trying to get a grip on Shawn and his chair, at the same time letting out a low cry as if she was hurt.
She gasped, “I’m so sorry Shawn…”
Shawn tried to catch her but had to hold on himself to not fall out of his chair. Even though he felt somewhat buzzed he knew he could not afford to fall out of his chair, not with Trish being drunk. She wouldn’t be able to help him.
He looked down to her, “Trish, are you all right? Give me your hand or pull yourself up on my chair.”

In the fall Trish had scrambled over Shawn’s legs and feet and they had slipped off the foot rest, she had hit her head on the table leg. Shawn didn’t show it but he was worried now about getting Trish up and into her bed. Back in the days he would have thrown a drunk girl over his shoulder and put her preferably in a spot where he could lay with her. Now he felt helpless, especially since he felt somewhat vulnerable himself at the moment.

He put on the break of his chair, keeping from rolling backward as Trish sat up holding his wheel, “I am so sorry Shawn.”
“Don’t worry about it…we just need to get you in bed…come up here!”
Just when she tried to crawl up she slipped with her hand and let out a louder scream, “Ouch…SHIT!”
Shawn asked quickly, “What is it?”
She brought her hand up and he saw blood on it running down her wrist. Apparently she had cut herself on the spoke of his wheel. The blood was oozing from between her middle and pointing finger.
He really was nervous now with Trish whining, “It hurts…”
“What are you doing Trish? Come up here please.”
He grabbed her with his good hand and tried to help pull her up with all his strength, “Come on….”
Her hand was bleeding badly now and the blood dripped on his jeans and some spots on his white T-Shirt.
He was definitely worried now, “Trish, sit on the chair again…I have to get something for your hand; it’s bleeding too much.”
Trish eventually managed to sit back on the chair and held her bleeding hand over the table wailing lowly, “Oh my goodness, what did I do? I am so stupid.”

Shawn took his break off and wheeled quickly to the stove where he pulled a dish towel from the bar on the stove and wheeled back to Trish, “Here, let me wrap this around your hand until I can bandage it.”
He wheeled right up to her, his knees touching hers and while he was busy wrapping the towel around her hand, she looked at him dreamily. He felt her eyes on him and glanced up quickly meeting her gaze. Trish’s eyes looked droopy and tired and while Shawn finished wrapping the towel around her hand she said with a slur, “Shawn, you are the hottest guy I have ever met.”
He was caught off guard but smiled at her, “Really?”
Trish nodded and then said, “My hand really hurts.”
Shawn was focused again, “The cut is pretty bad…I need to clean your hand and bandage it…we really need to get you to your bed.”

He stopped, dealing with spasms in his legs and breathing quickly waiting for them to subside. Just as Trish was going to lay her head back on the table, Shawn stopped her, “Trish, come on, let’s go to your bedroom, don’t put your head back down, don’t pass out on me now.”
He sounded worried and Trish focused for a moment, “I should have not drank so much. I am so sorry!”
“Can you get up without falling?”

He backed away from her waiting for her to get up and keeping a close eye on her.
She slowly sat up and tried to stand but quickly plopped down again, “Gosh, I’m dizzy.”
Shawn thought for a moment, then said softly, “Trish, please stay with me, O.K. Don’t pass out on me.”
“Did I already tell you that you are the hottest guy I’ve ever met?” She burped after she had said it.
Shawn couldn’t help a smile, “You did.”
Then he touched her arm, “Trish, listen to me!”
She laughed lowly, “Yes sir!”
“Try to get over here on my lap and I can wheel you to your bedroom.”
She sat up quickly, “Oh yeah, that sounds fun….”
The dishtowel on her hand almost unraveled and blood was soaking through.
Shawn looked at the situation still worried, “Come on.”
He pulled her over and eventually she sat on his lap, legs dangling over the sides as he ordered her, “Wrap your arms around my neck and hold on.”

She did as told and he felt his heart beat faster, especially when she laid her head down on his shoulder. It took him quite some strength to wheel himself with Trish on his lap adding more weight, her legs somewhat in the way for his grip on the rims. The carpet was even more difficult to maneuver now and he was breathing in gasps but trying to get Trish into her bed and worrying about her gave him a boost of energy. A strong feeling of protecting her overcame him, letting him forget the spasms in his legs, the rigid cast on his left hand and seemingly giving him an adrenalin rush to make it to her bedroom.

Inside he wheeled right up to the bed and when Trish didn’t move he said softly leaning toward her ear, “Trish, let’s get you into your bed.”

She didn’t budge and for a moment he stopped and he realized he could smell her perfume next to his face, her hair was falling over her face which was buried between his neck and shoulder. He turned his face toward her, smelling her hair, her perfume, feeling her weight on his body, her hands around his neck, her naked legs over his lap and the side of his wheelchair and he moved his casted hand up hesitantly, then gave in to the urge of wanting to touch her skin. He let his fingertips glide over her naked legs and buried his face in her hair as he inhaled her scent. She felt so good on him.
Before his accident he would have possibly taken advantage of her being drunk but now he felt only a great desire to have Trish near him, feeling her body close to his, touching her and holding her, being held by her. Trish didn’t move, she was breathing softly and Shawn felt so much for her and he wished so much he would be able to be more than a friend to her.

He really should have woke her up but he didn’t want the moment to end. He closed his eyes, enjoying the moment of Trish being so close to him. When he opened his eyes he glanced at her hand which was still somewhat wrapped up with the towel but blood was oozing through and he nudged her softly, “Trish, are you awake?”
Trish shifted and Shawn pulled his face away from her hair, “Wake up, you need to lay down in your bed.”
Trish looked up and her face was right in front of his and she said lowly, “Shawn, my hand hurts a lot.”
Shawn focused, “Yes, I want to look at it…lay down in your bed.”
She let go off his neck and scrambled off of Shawn’s lap and plopped into her bed, “Shawn, I am scared.”
He was surprised at her comment, “Why are you scared?”
Her voice was still slurry, “My hand is bleeding so much, and I’m drunk and you….”
She stopped talking and Shawn asked, “What about me?”
She turned to look at him with glossy eyes, “…you are paraplegic.”
She didn’t make sense and Shawn assured her, “Don’t worry, I will be all right…I want to have a look at your hand. Just lay there and I will get some stuff.”
She still had her eyes on him and stretched her hand out toward him, “Shawn?”
He reached his good hand out to her and she grabbed it, “Don’t leave me!”
“I won’t but I’ll just have to get some first aid stuff…I’ll be right back.”
She didn’t loosen her grip on his hand and he looked up with a smile, “Trish, I’ll be right back.”

He pulled his hand away and quickly wheeled himself to the kitchen where he pulled out a First Aid kit from one of the drawers. With the kit on his lap he wheeled back to her bedroom. He wheeled up to the bed and found the dishtowel unraveled next to her hand and the hand still bleeding heavily. Her hand was hanging over the edge of the bed. He got busy opening the kit but then decided to just wrap the towel around her hand again and applying pressure. He had to stop the bleeding somehow.

Spasms were still shooting through his legs and he felt them reach up into his belly, contracting his stomach muscles hard. While holding the towel tightly on Trish’s hand, he tried to relax through the spasms, trying to breathe steady.
Trish had her eyes closed and he watched her, saying softly, “Trish, are you still with me?”
She moved her head but didn’t open her eyes, “Yes, but I feel really weird Shawn…my hand hurts so much…I can feel my heart beat in my hand.”
He pressed the towel on a bit harder, “I know, it’s bleeding a lot.”

Inside he felt anxious and he worried about her and felt helpless somewhat. He considered calling Ceci or his Uncle again but at the same time he wanted to prove to himself that he was capable of helping her. It was difficult with the spasms taking lots of strength from him, making things hard for him and draining his energy and battling an oncoming anxiety attack triggered by worries, spasms and alcohol in his blood.

He sat next to her bed and was holding the towel on her hand for almost half an hour watching Trish sleep, keeping an eye on her and her hand. Eventually the bleeding had slowed down and he took the towel off and pulled supplies from the first aid kit to bandage her hand. Despite his own exhaustion and intoxication he felt a surge go through him to take care of Trish and eventually looked at a very clean and professional dressing on her hand.
He closed the kit and set it on the night stand. He was overcome by sheer exhaustion but he knew he couldn’t just leave Trish like that.

He barely managed to get to his bathroom to take his jeans and boxers off, drain his bladder again and then into his bedroom to get into some incontinence briefs and sweat pants.

On his way back to Trish’s bedroom he filled a tumbler with water and then wheeled back to her room. He debated if he should lay down next to her because he didn’t want to risk falling asleep in his chair and possibly falling out of it. He knew the spasms wouldn’t let him rest but the needed to lay down. He checked Trish’s bandaged hand once more and then wheeled himself around to the other side of the bed.

The clock showed after four in the morning now. With his last bit of strength he transferred himself onto her bed and somewhat arranged his legs. He had his cell phone and the water next to him on the night stand.

On his back he laid in the darkness guarding Trish, listening to her breathing, fighting the spasms in his legs without medication since he had drank too much, and feeling very tired and utterly exhausted but not being able to sleep. He kept listening to Trish breathing to make sure she was all right. His eyes fell shut a few times just to be awakened minutes later again by spasms shooting all through his legs into his belly and he hated the paraplegia so much.

He thought about how strange it was that he was laying there in bed next to this beautiful girl and that nothing had happened between them and how he had never experienced a situation like that. Back in his healthy days he would have slept with the girl and they would be laying in an embrace, possibly naked and smelling like sex. Shawn didn’t get any sleep the rest of the night while Trish laid passed out next to him.

He fantasized about himself and her the whole time and he wanted so much to be with her. Around nine o’clock in the morning he decided to just get up because he wasn’t getting any sleep. He pulled himself up and transferred into his wheelchair. Trish moaned and shifted her position. Her skirt had rolled up her legs and Shawn caught glances of her panties. He watched her for a moment and then wheeled out of the room.

He decided to get into his bathroom and take care of all his things, trying to get a bowel movement, cath again and take a shower. Despite his fatigue he was able to get it all done but he wasn’t moving very fast and had to take several breaks in between. It took him almost an hour in the bathroom. The spams had stopped, he was able to get a bowel movement; he managed his catherization without too much difficulties and eventually sat in his chair, fresh and clean as he looked at himself in the mirror. His hair was still damp and he remembered how Trish had told him twice during the night that he was “the hottest guy she ever met”.

He wondered if she had only said these things under the influence of the alcohol or if she had really meant it. He didn’t look bad but he never had felt he was overly attractive and since the accident he had lost most of his self-confidence. He looked at his mirror image for a moment, then wheeled himself out to the kitchen and put some coffee on.

He then turned on the TV and watched until the coffee was done. Before he poured himself a mug of coffee he checked on Trish. She had rolled over and her butt was sticking out from under her skirt. He couldn’t help a grin brush over his face at the sight and then wheeled back to the kitchen.

He had been worried about Trish and was hoping she would be O.K. In the kitchen he drank coffee, ate some cereal, turned on his computer and watched TV on the side. It rained outside that Sunday. Shawn wrote Jesse a message on Facebook, telling him about the night out and that he was at home and O.K. and Trish too.
He didn’t want to tell Jesse about the alcohol consumption and Trish being drunk and cutting her hand.

Shawn checked on Trish two more times before at around three in the afternoon he heard some commotion in her bedroom, then her bathroom door and eventually Trish calling out to him, “Shawn?”
He called a reply back to her and got ready to roll into the back hallway, “Yes Trish, I am coming.”
She called again with a scratchy voice, “Don’t come back here, I look like crap and I feel totally sick….what is going on with my hand? It hurts like hell…”
Shawn put his hands to his rims, “I’m coming back there.”
“No, Shawn...please don’t!”

He didn’t care and wheeled toward her bathroom. He slowly wheeled up to the bathroom door, which was open a crack and he pushed it open all the way, “Trish?”
He found Trish sitting on the edge of the bathtub, her head down, her hair hanging somewhat stringy down on the sides. The bandage on her hand was blood drenched. She didn’t look up, “Oh Gosh Shawn…I feel like crap. I am so sorry! What happened?”

He wheeled slowly into the bathroom, Trish saw his feet in socks on the footrest, his legs in black sweat pants but she didn’t dare look up at him and kept her eyes down. Just as Shawn wanted to say something, she shook her head furiously and jumped up and to the toilet. The lid was open, she leaned over the toilet bowl and vomited, trying to hold her hair out of the path of destruction.

Shawn wheeled up to her quickly and without hesitation he took her hair from her in a tail and held it behind her while she vomited, breathing hard, moaning in exhaustion and gagging from the force in her body. He didn’t look at her vomiting so he wouldn’t get sick himself but he held her hair. Trish had kneeled down in front of the toilet, holding on to the sides of the toilet bowl and somehow trying to gain control over her body.
When she was finished she wailed, “Oh Gosh, Shawn…I am soooo sorry…this is so embarrassing.”

Without saying anything Shawn took some toilet paper and handed it to her. He saw her bandage red from blood and even the toilet had some red traces where she had held on.
When Trish saw the blood she asked lowly, “What is going on with my hand?”
She wiped her mouth with the toilet paper, flushed and sat up a bit. Shawn let go off her hair and answered lowly, “You cut it on the spokes of my wheelchair when you fell off the kitchen chair last night.”
She sat back on the bath tub edge and sighed, “Oh Gosh….what the hell?”
Shawn added softly, “Let me look at it again.”
She hesitated and Shawn reached his hand out to her and when she waited he repeated, “Let me see!”
She put her hand in his and Shawn laid it on his knees, starting to undo the bandage carefully, “Give me a washcloth.”
Trish handed him a washcloth, still avoiding to look up.
Shawn had unwrapped the bandage and saw the cut was bleeding still, “I’m beginning to think that you need stitches.”
She kept her eyes down and Shawn said, “Are you going to look at me or what?”

Slowly she looked up and met Shawn’s serious expression. She looked tired and her make-up was smeared, her face was shiny from sweat, her eyes still blood shot and her face showed red blotchy spots.
She said lowly, “I am so ashamed of myself.”
Shawn smiled, “Don’t worry about it…it happens or happened to all of us at some time or another”, he paused, then added lowly, “I’m worried about your hand though.” He looked at her hand and then at Trish again, “I think we should call my Uncle or someone to take us to the ER and we have to get your car somehow.”
Trish held her head and moaned, “I feel like…”
Shawn smiled and finished her sentence, “….like shit.”
Trish managed a smile, “Yeah! How are you Shawn?”
“I’m O.K. but didn’t really sleep…”
“Why not?”
“I had spasms.”
“I’m sorry!” She shifted, “Well, I guess I should try to take a shower…I probably look like a zombie.”
Shawn said, “When you get out of the shower we need to wrap up your hand again. I’ll call someone to pick us up.”
She nodded in defeat, “O.K.”
Shawn put his hand to his rims and wheeled backwards to turn around, “I’ll be in the kitchen.”
She watched him turn toward the door and wheeling out of the bathroom, closing the door behind him.


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    1. “lu5, I appreciate you reading my story and giving me feedback so much. Yep, definitely lots of is funny, because after I edited this chapter I was thinking to myself, "Oh no, I know people will probably expect something different in this chapter" and here we are again...I guess I have to keep reminding myself and the readers that so far the story is only playing in a time line of about three to four weeks that Trish and Shawn have known each other”
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