Saturday, November 8, 2014

Three's A Crowd Chapter 22 Part 1

Randy and Shawn take Trish to the hospital for her hand injury. At the hospital Shawn and Trish are bonding some more, almost not able to contain their brewing emotions for each other anymore as their connection seems to finally deepen beyond friendship and beyond employee and employer.

While Trish took a shower, Shawn called his uncle and told him about the accident Trish had had. Uncle Randy knew that they temporarily didn’t have a car, he had already been updated by Ceci about the night before, “I can be there in about 45 minutes.”
“Make it an hour, Trish is in the shower right now.”

After the call Shawn took two Advil out and set them on the table with a glass of water. Trish came out to the kitchen and even though she had showered she still looked tired and hung over. She held the first aid kit in her good hand and had another towel wrapped around her injured hand. Shyly she looked at Shawn as she sat down on the same chair she had fallen off the night before.
Shawn wheeled up to the table and pushed the glass of water and tablets over to her, “Are you feeling a little better?”
“Not really I guess.”
Shawn nodded to the water, “Here, drink and take the tablets.”
Trish smiled weakly, “Thank you Shawn.”
He watched her drink, then added, “Let me look at your hand again and bandage it up somewhat.”

She stretched out her wrapped up hand to him without hesitation and Shawn got busy once again with cleaning the wound and applying a new bandage. They were silent and she watched him take care of her hand and she felt her heart beat as she scanned his face, over his body and to his wheelchair, his legs perfectly aligned parallel to each other, his feet angled under his knees, now in his sneakers side by side on the foot rest of the chair. He wore a grey T-Shirt with black sweat pants and she smelled his cologne. His hair was falling into his face as he was leaning over her hand.

Eventually he looked up and their eyes met. Trish didn’t look away and Shawn’s dark eyes stayed on her and for a moment they just looked at each other. They both could feel the longing but neither one of them wanted to act on it. Shawn realized she had watched him the whole time and he announced a bit insecure, “It’s done.”

He wanted to just pull her to him and kiss her so badly but he was scared and didn’t want to make a move. She had said things to him during the night which made him wonder if she possibly felt anything for him beyond just the implied friendship deal from the evening at the pub. He did feel so close to her though and felt good about being able to help her even if it was only holding her hair up while she vomited, getting her two Advil or bandaging her hand.
He smiled at her, “Are you hungry?”
“I don’t think I can keep anything down right now…better not.”
“Maybe you should lay on the couch?”
She nodded, “I think I will.”
Trish got up very slowly, holding her head with her hand and moaning in pain as she walked over to the couch where she laid down carefully.
Shawn assured her, “I am right here if you need me.”
“Thanks Shawn!”

Shawn turned to his computer finding a message from Jesse in his Facebook inbox: “Hey bro, I’m doing good. Glad you had a good time last night. I’m actually out for a late lunch with some of the guys from work. I’ll try to call you later on. Take care!”

When he heard Randy’s truck outside Shawn closed his Facebook and logged out of his computer. With the knock on the front door he wheeled over to the door and unlocked it.
Randy stood on the porch, “Hey Shawn!”

Randy stepped inside the rambler, Trish shifted on the couch, moaning but trying to sit up to greet Shawn’s uncle.
Randy looked over to her, “Don’t get up young lady.”
He walked over to Trish who tried to look at him as normal as possible.
Randy held his hand out to her, “I’m Shawn’s uncle, Randy. Nice to meet you Trish.”
Trish nodded, reached her hand out and said lowly, “Hi, nice to meet you…thanks for coming out.”
“No big deal...we need to get you to the ER I heard…Shawn sounded worried…Let me see your hand.”
She held out her bandaged hand, glancing over at Shawn, “Shawn did a great job with the bandage.”
Shawn wheeled closer and added, “It keeps bleeding though…I think she may need stitches.”
Randy nodded again, “Yeah, could be…are you guys ready to head to the hospital?”
“I’m ready…are you Trish?”
She nodded and attempted to get up but stopped and closed her eyes, moaning again. Shawn was worried about her and rolled a little closer but his uncle stepped up to Trish, “Here, let me help you get up Trish.”
Trish didn’t object and let Randy help her up slowly. She felt dizzy and held on to him, saying softly, “I need to get my purse.”
Shawn turned toward the kitchen and saw her purse, “I got it. Go ahead Uncle Randy. I’ll lock the place up.”

Randy was holding Trish up and they slowly walked toward the door, Trish slipped into her Flip Flops by the door and they walked out, followed by Shawn, who locked the front door and then rolled down the ramp with Trish’s purse on his lap. He glanced over to them walking down the steps, he could clearly see that Trish wasn’t feeling well. He watched Randy help Trish into the truck, then it was his turn. Shawn had to use his full upper body strength and Randy helped him with a push up into the truck and then folded Shawn’s wheelchair and stashed it into the back seat next to Trish.

Shawn glanced into the mirror on the sun visor, he saw Trish with her eyes closed again. He felt somewhat responsible for her condition and he sincerely worried about her, something he hadn’t felt for a long time. Usually he was the one people worried about lately. He really wanted to hold her but for now he just had to sit there glancing at her in the mirror.

It was almost five o’clock when they pulled into the parking lot of St. Peter Hospital in town. Trish answered the questions at the reception to her best ability and got checked into the ER. She felt dizzy and weak and Randy still supported her to get into a chair in the waiting room.
Her bandage was showing red streaks again and Shawn wheeled right up to her and leaned over somewhat, inquiring, “Trish, are you making it?”
She looked up at him, her eyes still blood shot and she nodded weakly, “Shawn, I’m so sorry about all of this.”
“Don’t worry about it…I’m just glad we are here now and I hope they can see you soon….I wish they could just take this thing off while I am in here.”
He glanced at his cast and Trish said lowly, “I know it makes things difficult for you.”
He nodded.

Uncle Randy was sitting with them and waiting until they would get seen. After about twenty minutes they were called by a nurse and just when Trish wanted to get up she felt very dizzy and almost fell over.
Randy caught her, Shawn had stretched out his hand toward her and said worriedly, “Trish, be careful, take it easy.”

The nurse witnessed the incident and rushed over with a generic hospital wheelchair and she helped Trish sit down in it. Shawn felt very strange seeing Trish in a wheelchair, it seemed surreal to him. He stared at her and the chair, swallowing and feeling a tremble go through his hands as he grabbed his rims. Even though the hospital wheelchair looked nothing like Shawn’s wheelchair and was bulky and not exactly a hot rod he could barely look at it. Trish looked over and saw Shawn’s confused expression, almost like he had a fear in his eyes and she assured him softly, “It’s O.K. Shawn.”

He nodded swallowing and followed them to one of the ER rooms. The nurse introduced herself while they walked into the Emergency Department. In the room Shawn watched her help Trish up on the bed and said that she would be right back.
Shawn wheeled up to the bed and Trish asked lowly, “Are you O.K. Shawn?”
“Yeah, I kind of freaked out a little when they put you in that thing. “
The nurse came back in and she took Trish’s vitals, and asked her some questions. Trish’s blood pressure was low and she had a slight temperature.
Eventually the nurse also had all the details on the alcohol intake, the way the injury to Trish’s hand had happened and announced, “I will let the doctor know and he should be right in. Are you O.K. for right now?”
Trish nodded with a Thank You and looked over to Shawn again, “You look tense Shawn?”
He swallowed, “I’m not very good with hospitals and all that…I just want the doc to hurry up and get in here…look at your hand, they need to do something for you.”
The blood was soaking through and Trish said softly, “Not good with hospitals?”
Shawn didn’t say anything else.

A doctor in a white lab coat came into the room, identification badges attached to his front chest pocket and he introduced himself, “Hi, I’m Dr. Barai!”
He was obviously of Indian descent, smiling friendly, and two rows of white teeth showing in his dark complexed face, “So, what’s going on?”
He glanced at the paper in his hand, “Trish?”
Trish replied lowly, “I am not sure…”
The Dr. unraveled the bandage, “That was a good job of bandaging.”
Trish said softly, “My friend Shawn here did it.”
Dr. Barai looked over to Shawn, “Shawn, Hi…very professional bandaging.”

With Latex gloves on his hands the doctor inspected the wound. He eventually decided to have some bloodwork done on Trish. Depending on the bloodwork he wanted her to be put on an IV for rehydration and replenishing minerals lacking caused by the alcohol in her system and making her feel dizzy and confused. He also decided that she needed stitches.
“So, after your blood work I will have a look at the results and when the IV line is set up we’ll take you to another room where we can suture your wound. We will give you a local anesthesia for your hand so you won’t feel any pain.”
He then added, “Trish, I also want to keep you here tonight for observation make sure your body will recover and that your temperature will go down…will that be O.K. for you?”
Trish shrugged her shoulders, “Do I really have a choice?”
Dr. Barai nodded, “You do have a choice in the matter but I hope you will make the right choice in staying here for tonight.”
He smiled at her. Trish glanced at Shawn and saw his eyes flicker as he turned to Dr. Barai, “Can I stay here with her?”
The doctor nodded, “It shouldn’t be a problem. You can make arrangements with the nurses on that. They will take care of it.”
Shawn nodded, “Thanks!”
Dr. Barai got up from the chair, “The nurse will be back in shortly to prep you.”
Trish nodded and looked over to Shawn, “Shawn, are you sure about all of this?”
“Yeah, I don’t have a way home, I don’t have to be anywhere, I want to stay here with you, I can call your work for you.”

He sounded determined and Trish said lowly, “You have no idea how bad I feel about all of this…how the heck did I get myself into this mess?”
She said it more sarcastically as a loud thought but Shawn replied with a shy smile, “I can tell you exactly how it happened but I think you know…sometimes stupid things just happen, alcohol can be a bitch in some cases…”
With that he gestured at himself and Trish stretched her hand out to him.
He was hesitant at first, then reached over with his hand and took hers, keeping his eyes down and holding her hand.
She implied softly, “Thanks for staying with me Shawn.”
He glanced up, “No problem…that is the least I can do. I will let my Uncle know in a moment. He can leave and go home.”

Shawn looked down at their hands for a moment, her hand felt cold in his and he wrapped his hand around hers just a bit more.

After a few minutes a phlebotomist came in with her cart of vials and items needed for the bloodwork. She introduced herself and carefully and professionally took two vials of blood from Trish’s arm.
Not long after the phlebotomist the nurse came back in and announced prepping the IV line, the prep for the surgery and asked Shawn to wait outside the Emergency room in an appointed area.
They let go off their hands and Trish smiled, “I will see you in a little bit.”
He felt very strange watching Trish get the IV line set on her hand, the nurse hovering over her and he almost didn’t want to leave, “Are you O.K. Trish?”
Trish sensed his tension and smiled, “Yes, I’m fine Shawn. It’s all good, I’ll see you in a few.”
He nodded uncertain, “O.K.” and hesitantly wheeled out of the room, turning to look at her again, Trish waving at him.

As he rolled away he tried to clear his throat from the knot that seemed to be cutting off his airway. In the ER waiting area he talked to his uncle, explaining the circumstances and even though his uncle was concerned he did respect Shawn’s decision to stay with Trish. He asked if he needed anything and told Shawn to call if anything would come up or whenever they had to get picked up the next day.

Shawn had brought his backpack on his wheelchair with a change of clothes, some catheter supplies, water and his medications. He assured his uncle that he would be O.K. and they said Good Bye.

He wheeled himself to the appointed waiting room in the day surgery area. He was to wait there until Trish was done. A TV mounted up on the wall was showing some sitcom on it and a vending machine buzzing its cooling system. He pulled out a Pepsi. Then he sat and waited.
It was almost seven o’clock when a nurse came out to him, “Shawn Callahan?”
“Ms. Brooks is done, everything went well; she is in room 1224 on the second floor. You may go and see her now.”
“O.K. thanks.”

The nurse smiled, told him where the elevator was and walked away. Shawn set his Pepsi in between his thighs and followed the directions to the elevator. Soon he was going up and on the second floor he easily wheeled himself down the smooth hallway, some nurses looking and smiling at him curiously. He found the room at the end of the hallway.

The door was partly closed and he knocked and following a low, “Yes!” he pushed the door open and wheeled into the room. Trish sat somewhat up in her bed, wearing a hospital gown and her left hand was professionally bandaged and braced. She had the IV line running into her arm and at the end of the tubing a large bag of yellowish fluid was draining slowly into her veins. She smiled at him weakly, then lowered her eyes.
Shawn said lowly, “Hey!” and wheeled up to her, “How are you?”
Trish looked up, “I’m O.K. I think…the pain meds work miracles.”
Shawn laughed lowly, “You’re right about that. Thank God for the pharmaceutical industry.”
Trish smiled, “Oh Shawn…look at us!”
She held her hand up and Shawn looked at his casted hand and smiled, “I know, right…look at us.”
She held her hand out to him for a knuckle bump and Shawn touched her bandaged hand softly with his casted hand.
He laughed, “We need to take care of our one extra hand now or we will be fucked…” The moment he had said the word he apologized, “Sorry…”
He looked down but Trish smiled, “No, you are absolutely right…we would be.”

They smiled at each other and at that moment Shawn’s cellphone played its ring tone and he saw Jesse’s image on his phone.
He showed the phone to Trish and she said softly, “We have to tell him Shawn.
Shawn was hesitant, then answered, “Hey Jesse.”
“Shawn, I was about to hang up again. What are you doing?”
Shawn sighed, then answered, “I am actually at the hospital with Trish.”
Jesse sounded very surprised and worried now, “What? Why? What is going on?”
“Trish cut her hand last night and it didn’t stop bleeding so we came to the ER today, they had to stitch it up and want to keep her here overnight for observation.”
“What the fuck? How did that happen?”
“Long story.”
“Long story my ass…you tell me right now what happened Shawn?”
“Jesse, it doesn’t really matter…she’s O.K. and we’ll just stay here tonight.”
“What do you mean “We”?”
“I will stay here with her…Uncle Randy brought us here, he knows.”
“When last night did this happen?”
Shawn was a bit nervous, “Does it matter?”
“Weren’t you at the casino last night celebrating Danny’s birthday?”
Shawn didn’t say anything else and Jesse sounded suspicious, “Where was Trish?”
“At the house.”
Jesse added, “So, what is the plan? Is she still able to do her job with you?”
Shawn replied, “Yes, she can still do her job.”
“How bad is it?”
“Not so bad!”
Jesse demanded, “Let me talk to Trish!” 

Shawn handed her the phone and she took it from his hand, “Hey Jesse.”
“Trish what the heck is going on?”
“Jesse, don’t worry, I’m O.K. I’m so sorry about this and I understand if you want to fire me from the job.”
Shawn looked over at her quickly and with surprise as Trish continued, “I mean I can still be Shawn’s assistant but I understand it you’re not comfortable with me being injured and all.”
Jesse said lowly, “Trish, no…what are you talking about? If you feel you can still be there for Shawn of course I want you to stay…I just hope you are O.K.”
“I am O.K. Jesse! I can go home again tomorrow…they just wanted to keep me here for observation tonight.”
“How’s Shawn?”
“He’s fine...he’s trying to stay here with me tonight.”
Jesse asked lowly, “Are you guys really O.K.?”
He sounded curious and suspicious and Trish tried to sound relaxed, “Yes, everything is well.”
“Let me talk to Shawn again. I hope your hand will heal quickly. You guys need to keep me updated on everything.”
“We will Jesse. Don’t worry, we will be fine. We will call you tomorrow when we are at home.”
“O.K. take care Trish.”

They said Good Bye and Trish handed the phone back to Shawn, “Jesse?”
“Well, I hope Trish is going to be all right.”
“Yeah, it’s all good Jesse.”
“You know hospitals usually only allow family members to stay with a patient.”
“I know…I will find out if they let me anyways, I don’t really have a ride back home unless Uncle Randy or someone else picks me up. Maybe they’ll make an exception.”
“Maybe…hey I want you to call me if anything changes or I will call you tomorrow.” “O.K. Jesse!”

They finished the conversation on a cool note. Jesse was disappointed that they had not told him about their night at the casino but instead tried to keep this information from him for some reason. Nonetheless he worried about them.
Shawn clicked his phone off and looked up at Trish, “He sounded weird or pissed off, I don’t know.”
Trish nodded, “I know, I think he is just worried about us.”
She felt tired and exhausted.

Shawn looked around the room, “Is there anything you need or anything I can get you?” “No, I’m fine…you know Shawn, you really don’t have to stay here.”
He replied, “I want to stay.”
She leaned her head back, “But you said you were not so good with hospitals.”
He smiled and looked down, “I’m not, but I want to stay here with you…I feel responsible for all of this.”
“Shawn, none of this is your fault…I was drunk and stupid…it has nothing to do with you.”
“Well, I asked you to come to the casino and all…”
“I wanted to come out, I’m a big girl, I make my own choices Shawn.”

It knocked on the door and the nightshift nurse came in, “Hi, how is everything in here?”
She looked from Trish to Shawn, “Hi, I’m Trish’s nurse for tonight, my name is Misty.”
Shawn smiled with a greeting.
Misty checked the IV bag and then asked, “Are you hungry Trish?”
Trish nodded, “Yeah, actually I am a little hungry.”
“Well, I will order you a dinner then.”
“That would be great.”

Then she turned to Shawn, “The cafeteria is on the 1st floor and is open until eight o’clock this evening if you are hungry. Visiting hours are until nine tonight and then again starting at nine in the morning. “
Shawn cleared his throat and asked, “Actually I wanted to see if I could stay here tonight with Trish?”
“Are you a family member?”
Shawn stuttered, “I am…I am not…I am a friend and Trish is my personal assistant…she lives in my home…I don’t really have a ride home and I would be by myself at home.”
Misty looked at him seriously and sighed, “I have to talk to our department manager. I will get back to you.”
Shawn smiled at her, “Thanks so much Misty.”
Misty turned to Trish, “I’ll get that dinner ordered for you Trish.”
Misty walked out. Shawn glanced at Trish and she smiled at him, “I swear you just sounded totally flirty when you talked to Misty.”
Shawn smiled, “Maybe I did. Maybe I didn’t.”
Trish laughed a little, “I’m so tired.”
Shawn looked at her, “You should sleep then.”
“I’ll wait for that dinner to get here and after that….”

Shawn looked at the TV mounted up on the wall, then wheeled over to the bedside table for the remote control, “Do you want the TV on?”
Trish nodded, “Yeah, why not?”

She felt tired and weak but didn’t feel any pain. Her hand was splinted and bandaged around the splint. She watched Shawn as he zapped through the TV channels and she felt content with him being there and somehow couldn’t really believe this turn of events, that she lay in a hospital bed and Shawn was there with her.

A couple of weeks ago she would have never imagined anything like it, he was exactly the kind of guy she had dreamed of so many times, paraplegic and all. She kept her eyes on him, lost in thoughts when Shawn turned around, realizing her gaze and a bit nervous he asked, “Which channel do you want it on?”
Trish shrugged her shoulders, “I really don’t care.”
“How about news?”
“Fine with me.”

Soon after Trish’s dinner was brought by a friendly lady from the dietary department. Trish let her bed up and pulled the table with the food tray over. When she lifted the plate cover she found a turkey sandwich with a side salad, some fresh fruit and chocolate pudding, apple juice and milk.
Shawn looked at the meal, “Fair enough I guess.”
Trish looked at him, “You should get something to eat from the cafeteria.”
“I think I will…are you O.K. for right now?”
“Yes, I’m fine Shawn. Go eat!”
“O.K. I will be right back.”

He wheeled out the door and on his way to the elevator nurse Misty stopped him, “Shawn?”
Shawn stopped and turned toward her, “Hhm?”
“I talked to the charge nurse and she O.K.’s for you to stay here tonight but you have to make do with the recliner in the room.”
“That’s fine, thank you so much for letting me stay.”
“You are welcome!”

He smiled and kept wheeling. In the cafeteria he ordered a small Pizza to go. He still had his Pepsi in the room. With the Pizza on his lap he rolled into the room again.
Trish was still eating and looked up, “You are back already?”
He nodded and closed the door behind himself, “I got a Pizza to go.”

They ate quietly with the TV on over their heads. It had been raining outside all day and it was getting dusk now.
Trish asked Shawn, “Where will you sleep?”
He looked at the recliner in the corner by the window, “Maybe in there, maybe not at all.”
“Aren’t you tired?”
“I am tired but it’s all good. I will manage.”
Trish finished her food and pushed the table over, “I’d like to use the bathroom and brush my teeth and all.”
“Do you need the nurse?”
“I can push the button Shawn.”

Nurse Misty appeared in the room a moment later and after Trish discussed her needs Misty decided it was O.K. for her to get up. She could hang the IV on the portable stand and could use the bathroom. The hospital provided her with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Shawn gave Trish some privacy and left out the room to find a bathroom he could use. He needed to cath. He had everything in his back pack. When he came back to the room, Trish was in the bed again.
He wheeled himself over to the recliner, “Let me see if I can get in that thing.”
He parked his chair right next to the recliner and with a glance to Trish he said lowly, “Here goes nothing.”

The recliner was somewhat awkward to transfer into, it had bulky armrests and Shawn somehow had to slide onto the chair in a weird way. His legs scrambled all over the place, he was breathing heavy, not trying to look at Trish but he felt her eyes on him the whole time. Eventually he was on the chair and adjusted his legs, then leaning back out of breath.
Trish smiled at him when he looked at her, “You made it.”
“Yeah, and I will stay here for the rest of the night.”
He glanced at her and Trish looked away shyly, “Are transfers difficult?”
Shawn shrugged his shoulders, “Sometimes! There are days when it seems harder than other days. Right now it just sucks with my broken hand.  It also depends what I am going to transfer in or on to.”

Trish felt very tired. Shawn finally felt fatigue come over him, he hadn’t slept for over twenty-four hours. When Shawn looked over to Trish again he saw she had closed her eyes. He kept his eyes on her for a moment, the dim light from over the bed shone softly on Trish’s face and he wanted so much to be more than friends. He thought about the night before in the club and at home and he felt like they had become close but now he didn’t know what to do to keep that same closeness to her.

He watched her until he dozed off in the recliner. Around midnight he was startled by some commotion in the room and he saw Trish slowly and apparently trying to quietly climb out of her bed, adjusting the IV on the portable frame so she could push it.
He shifted and asked in a whisper, “Trish, everything O.K.?”
She turned quickly looking at him, apparently startled as well, “Yeah, I just have to pee.”
“Take it easy O.K.”

He heard her in the bathroom and thought about his own bladder. It had been about five hours and he decided he would have to get to the bathroom as well to cath again. Just to make sure he felt his crotch with his hands for a moment but it was dry.  Trish came back out of the bathroom just when Shawn was transferring into his wheelchair.
“Are you all right Shawn?”
The lamp over Trish’s bed was still on, keeping the room in a dim, cozy light.
Shawn backed his chair up and nodded, “Yeah, I just have to go to the bathroom.”
Trish crawled back into the bed watching Shawn grab his back pack, placing it on his lap and with a quick glance toward her he wheeled out, “I will be right back.”

Trish adjusted her position in the bed, laying down and covering herself up again with the blanket, getting comfortable and thinking about Shawn.
After about twenty minutes, Shawn came wheeling back into the dimly lit room. He set his backpack on one of the chairs by the window and wheeled back over toward the recliner. He looked over at Trish, she was bundled up in the bed and facing the recliner and without a word Shawn transferred back into it, Trish keeping her eyes on him the whole time and feeling her hear beat fast in her chest.

Shawn slid his body all the way into the recliner and letting the foot rest up, his legs just rested on it, his feet in the sneakers, he adjusted his legs some, one was still hanging over to the side a bit.  Trish heard him breathe and eventually he met her gaze.

She kept her eyes on him and curled her hand under her face, getting a more comfortable position, “You said you were not good with hospitals.”
His eyes were dark, “Yeah, I have spent too much time in them I guess.”
“Which hospital was it? After the accident?”
Shawn sighed and answered, “Harborview in Seattle, first in ICU for six weeks, then in their SCI center for three months. They have one of the best SCI units there with rehab and everything else.”
He said it lowly and Trish asked, “Was Jesse there with you?”
“Yes, the whole time.”

They were quiet for a moment and Shawn just glanced at Trish. Her long blond hair was laying over the side of her face and she smiled from behind her hair and then asked softly, “How was everything?”
He wasn’t sure what she was referring to, “What do you mean?”
“At the hospital, the accident and all?”
Shawn looked down his legs but didn’t say anything. He seemed to be drifting off into his thoughts.  

It was difficult for him to remember everything, he hadn’t really talked about it to anyone, not even Jesse. Trish looked up from under her hair, her blue eyes looked dark in the dim light. She shifted a little, facing Shawn better, “It’s O.K. if you don’t want to talk about it.”
Shawn looked up, “Aren’t you tired?”
Trish smiled, “I can’t really sleep in here.”
He looked at her with a smile, “So you want a Good Night story from me?”

She reached her right hand over to him and softly touched his leg.
He saw her hand but didn’t feel it, and Trish whispered,  “Is it a Good Night story with a happy end?”
Shawn looked from her hand to her face, “I’m not sure.”
Shawn pushed himself up a bit, adjusted his legs sideways somewhat and held his right hand out nervously, “If you put your hand in here I can feel it a bit more…”

She smiled at him and Shawn was surprised when she actually put her hand in his. They looked at each other for a moment. He closed his warm hand around hers, it was still cool but soft and he felt a surge go through him at feeling her hand cradled in his. Trish felt Shawn’s strong and warm hand around hers and her heart was beating quicker now.

He asked lowly, “You really want to know?”
Trish nodded with her head on the pillow, “Yes please.”
Shawn’s voice was low and he was nervous, “I haven’t really talked about it in a long time.”
“Do you think you can talk about it?”
“Why do you want to know?”
“….because I want to know everything about you!” She paused, took a deep breath and then added almost in a whisper, “Shawn, I really like you a lot.”

Shawn wondered if the pain medication made Trish delirious and saying the things she said. He felt his heart beat fast when he asked with a tremble, “So last night when you came to the club…why did you come out?”
Her eyes were on him, “I wanted to see you and I wanted to spend time with you. I came out for you, Shawn.”
He nodded and swallowed, “I was really happy to see you and I was freaking worried when you almost left again.”
She laughed lowly, “I know, you scared me for a moment with that girl on your lap.”
Shawn looked down shyly, “Well, I am sure glad I caught up to you and that you changed your mind.”
“I am very glad too.”

He felt her eyes on him deeply and he thought about what to say or if he should make a move or something but he didn’t know what to do.

Trish shifted and squeezed his hand a little harder, “So what happened to you Shawn?”


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