Friday, November 7, 2014

Three's A Crowd Chapter 22 Part 2

Trish and Shawn are spending one night in the hospital but there is not much sleep as Trish wants to know Shawn's story and what happened to him on a fateful night almost two years ago. At the same time feelings are bubbling up and they finally are able to let go of their insecurities with each other.

The question sounded like they had just met for the first time. Shawn took a deep breath, realizing Trish had focused back to the original question about his accident and he started lowly, “Well….it was a Friday night, we were at a bar…my friend Chad and I. It was a place we hung out at almost every weekend. Everyone was drinking, shooting pool, flirting and having a good time. Chad was texting all night with a girl he liked. Eventually she asked him to come out to this party at someone’s house, address and all. He really wanted to see her but we had been drinking and I really didn’t want to drive. I had already thought about calling Jesse to get us but Chad kept on nagging about going to that party and felt that we were still sober enough. He kept talking about getting lucky with the girl and all that stuff.

Well, I finally gave in to his nagging and we got into my truck around midnight heading for that party on the other side of town. I thought I could do it, it would probably be O.K. but it was raining hard, roads were wet, view was bad and I remember thinking I needed to slow down because I was going kind of fast on this country road. There was no other car but I really didn’t know the road well and there was this curve all the sudden and I went into it at almost 60 mph, hydroplaning right away, lost control of the truck, tried to rip my steering wheel against it but I couldn’t get control and we came off the road and flew over an embankment, screaming as the truck’s front end hit the ground, flipped over a few times until it hit a tree and stalled out…”

Shawn stopped, he felt his heart beat in his neck and Trish felt his hand was sweaty. He shook his head slightly, then continued with a tremble, “I remember smoke, and looking over to Chad…the idiot hadn’t buckled up and his body hung half way out the windshield. It had shattered and he was stuck in it, blood was everywhere, he didn’t move.
Once the truck had stopped I realized the roof of it touched my head and I felt and tasted blood on my face and I was trapped. The pressure on my head was unbearable. I couldn’t move an inch, the front end was totally smashed in and my legs were somehow stuck.”

Shawn paused, took a deep breath and moved his hand from Trish’s hand.  He clenched his hand into a fist and pressed it to his mouth, looking at Trish with shiny eyes. A low curse came over his lips as he took another deep breath.
Trish lifted her head and said softly, “Shawn, you don’t have to tell me anymore if it’s too difficult.”
He shook his head and took his hand off his mouth, “No, I want to…”
Trish felt tears built up in her eyes and she couldn’t even imagine how it felt for Shawn to relive the accident.

He continued lowly, “Chad was dead, and I was still conscious but couldn’t move, one headlight lit up the scene in front of me, I saw trees and brush and I did realize we were kind of facing downward, my body was pushing down with gravity and it hurt like hell. I wanted to reach my phone but I couldn’t move. I remember panicking then…we had tumbled like 100 feet down that embankment, no one would find us. I was freaking out and started hyperventilating and seeing weird shit like Chad turn his bloody face toward me and stuff….”

Shawn felt his vision get blurry. When he looked over at Trish he saw tears streaming over her face and he remarked, “Trish, are you O.K.? I shouldn’t tell you all this stuff; you should really sleep.”
She replied with a low voice, “No, I want to hear it.”
“I don’t know Trish, maybe better not.”
He wiped over his own face quickly.
Trish asked in a whisper, “What happened then?”

Shawn glanced at her and picked up the story again, “I passed out, woke up, passed out and woke up again. It was daylight when I heard voices, but my eyes were so swollen, I could barely open them. The guys who found us were on a boat in the river down below fishing when they had spotted the truck from the river. They went on land, climbed up and called 911. I couldn’t speak but they kept talking to me, trying to keep me calm and telling me that help was on the way. We had been hanging on that embankment for almost 12 hours. They had to cut me out of the truck and I was picked up with a helicopter, they couldn’t really bring stretchers and stuff down that hill, it was too steep. They flew me to Harborview and I know I passed out in the helicopter and then I just remember waking up and seeing lights, medical personnel hovering over me and that was it. They put me in a coma at the hospital.”

Trish wiped her face. Shawn looked at her again and he knew she was crying now.
He shifted, “I need to get in my chair.”
He sat up somewhat wobbly, but wasn’t able to push the footrest of the recliner down and clumsily scooted his butt over to the edge, reaching with his hand for his wheelchair. The transfer back into the chair was rough, he didn’t have good control over his body at that point and he knew it had been more stressful than he thought, retelling the story of his accident. He felt his body weak and trembling with slight spasms. He was relieved though to sit in his wheelchair again, it was almost like a safe haven for him now; as much as he hated it he also needed it.

Trish watched him silently as he pulled his legs up, adjusted them with shaky hands and placed his feet on the foot rest.
He looked at Trish with shiny eyes and slowly moving his rims he pushed his chair up to her bed, “Trish, I won’t tell you anymore! I don’t think it is a good idea…I shouldn’t have told you anything. I don’t want to make you cry.”
She shook her head, reached her hand over and took his hand in hers again. Shawn looked at Trish’s slender cool hand around his.  
 “How long were you in a coma?”

Shawn looked up at her and realized she wasn’t done, she wanted to know more and he sighed and answered reluctantly, “For three weeks.”
“Then what?”
“They let me wake up…I was in bad shape. Aside from the spinal cord injury, both my legs were broken and some vertebrae in my neck were compressed from when the truck had flipped a few times and I hit my head on the roof of the truck. Of course I also had suffered a severe concussion, fortunately no bleeding in the brain…I was lucky with that. I was a mess though. Jesse was there with me. I stayed in the ICU for three more weeks I think. I couldn’t move, just laid there, one leg in a cast, the other held together with pins and screws, neck brace, immobilized…it sucked. When they felt I was stable enough I was moved to the progressive care unit but I still just had to lay there. I wasn’t allowed to move or get up because of my neck and the SCI. I never asked them about walking or my spinal cord injury. They told me the technicalities of my injuries and I thought for the longest time I’d still be able to walk.

Eventually the cast came off my one leg and I thought now I’d be able to do a little bit of physical therapy and then go home. Even after a week though I didn’t feel my legs and I got suspicious. I wanted to get up but they didn’t let me. I remember asking Jesse one evening about going home and back to work and he just looked at me very confused and said, “Shawn, you won’t be walking anymore.”

I remember I freaked out, screamed at him, tried to punch him and he just held me down. They put me on meds to keep me calm. Apparently they had already told me in the ICU about my injuries and the severity of it all but I somehow managed to totally block that out and didn’t even register when they had told me.
From then on I fell into a hole of depression, angry outbursts, crying all the time and no one could really come near me anymore except for Jesse.”

Shawn looked over at Trish and rubbed over her hand with his thumb, “My life just kind of came tumbling down on me then…I wasn’t exactly good with coping. I stayed like that through rehab. There were times when I threw stuff, screamed around or didn’t do anything they told me to do. I just couldn’t handle it. It was so messed up. I didn’t want to go to the support group or hang out with other SCI patients. I was in denial during the whole rehab. Jesse was there with me every day and a few nights and some weekends he would drive to the house and help Uncle Randy build the ramp and make a few little adjustments to the house. He was basically on unpaid leave from his work for like four months. Randy helped us out financially to pay our bills.
I know I was not their favorite patient at the SCI center and they were probably happy to see me leave.
At home it wasn’t much different, Jesse was very patient with me, but I know I didn’t make things easy for him all this time. He never lost his cool though, always trying to make me feel better, cheer me up, motivate me to keep going and being there for me when I felt like shit. He has been doing that for almost two years now…”

His words faded out and Trish whispered, “Are you still angry?”
He shrugged his shoulders, glancing up from under his bangs, “Well, I am not in denial anymore…angry…yeah sometimes.”
“I want to help you to not be angry anymore.”

Trish still had her head on the pillow holding his hand, resting on the bed, the IV was slowly dripping into her right arm, the light over the bed was buzzing softly and Shawn asked lowly with a serious expression, “How do you intend to do that?”
His dark eyes stayed on her as she replied, “I’ll show you that life is still good when you have people who care for you very much. “
She pulled him closer with her hand and he rolled right up to the bed and they looked at each other silently until Shawn said lowly, “If anyone can do that, I want it to be you Trish.”
Trish smiled at him, “Shawn, it means a lot to me that you told me all these things. I know it wasn’t easy for you to talk about this.”
He hung his head, “I never told anyone. Jesse and I never really talked about it anymore. Chad was my best friend, his family has never forgiven me, they wanted to press charges and get me for vehicular homicide, DUI and all that shit. Jesse talked to them and pleaded with them not to go through with it. I guess in the end they changed their minds but sent me a letter telling me how I am punished enough and all that….”
He stopped and looked up and he saw tears on Trish’s face, “I am so sorry Shawn.”
Gently he reached over to her face and wiped a few tears away, “I don’t like seeing you cry.”
Trish tried to smile, “I am sorry, I can’t help it.”

When Shawn touched her he felt a surge go through him and he wanted to touch her so much more. He pushed his chair closer to the bed and they looked at each other. Trish sniffled her nose and then to Shawn’s surprise she moved her hand from his and she put it on his face and said softly, “Shawn, I really like you a lot. You are the hottest guy I have ever met.”
Shawn managed lowly with a small laugh, “I think I remember you saying something like that last night as well.”
Trish replied lowly, “I mean it now and I meant it last night!”
He leaned over some moving his face closer to hers and they looked at each other until Shawn said, “Well, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever met.”
Trish smiled and shifted in the bed somewhat. Shawn was nervous when she came very close to where he felt her breath on his face.
He looked down shyly and whispered, “Trish, what are you doing?”
“I want to kiss you, Shawn.”
Shawn looked up at her and his eyes rested on her face.  

She pushed herself up on her elbow and eventually she sat all the way up. Shawn watched her as she let her legs fall over the side of the bed and then sat in front of him on her bed ordering him lowly, “Come closer Shawn!”
He felt his heart beat in his neck as he wheeled himself closer. The bed was low enough to where he was right in front of Trish. She spread her legs slightly so Shawn could wheel right in between them and up to her. He scanned her legs sticking out from under the hospital gown, her naked feet hanging over on the side and she pulled him closer in his chair. Usually Shawn would never let anyone but himself handle his wheelchair but the way Trish just pulled him over so demanding kept him from doing anything about it.
She took his hands in hers and placed them on her thighs, then she pulled him closer with her hands around his neck and asked softly, “Shawn, can I kiss you?”

Shawn didn’t know what to do but at the same time he knew he could not let this moment pass him by and he nodded slowly. Trish leaned forward and came up to his face. He leaned toward her slightly. He used his hands on her thighs to brace his body and keep from falling forward.
Trish’s face came right up to his and he moved his hands to her waist. She leaned over further and her arms slung around his neck and he finally let his lips touch hers, closed his eyes and let the kiss happen. They held each other and kissed for a long moment.

Shawn felt his whole body tremble as he held on to her and felt her lips on his, her tongue softly pushing into his mouth and encircling his tongue quickly. It felt like all the blood was rushing to his head and he didn’t want the moment to end.
Trish stayed close to him, making sure he didn’t have to lean forward too much. She couldn’t believe she had found the courage to actually make a move like this.
For a moment she opened her eyes and her heart beat sped up as she caught a glimpse of Shawn’s wheelchair in the corner of her eyes and it excited her a lot to kiss him right there in his wheelchair, feeling the strong grip of his hands on her waist holding on.

When they finally unlocked their lips Shawn just left his hands on her waist and they looked at each other. He didn’t know what to say to her, he was lost for words. The emotions of feeling Trish in that way were running in overdrive through his body.  
Trish broke the silence softly, “Shawn, I wanted to see you so badly yesterday when I came to the club.”
She spoke his mind as it had been exactly his feeling and he nodded, “Trish, I was so glad when you came out. For a moment I was very worried when you almost got away from me.”
Trish looked down, “I was really worried when I saw the girl on your lap.”
Shawn didn’t know what to say about Kate on his lap. He only knew that he was glad that he had been able to catch up with Trish before she could get away.
He touched Trish’s hands and met her eyes when he said softly, “You are beautiful!”
Trish smiled and they were quiet for a moment just looking at each other.
Eventually he asked lowly, “Did this just really happen?”
Trish stroked softly over his cheek, “It did happen.”
Shawn shook his head, “I just...” he paused, then continued lowly, “ just, I guess I wasn’t expecting this night to turn out like this.”
Trish nodded quietly.

The moment was a bit awkward for them. Especially for Shawn the kiss had happened unexpected.
Trish moved her hand from his face and said softly, “I think I need to lay down again. I feel a bit dizzy.”
Shawn shifted nervously and realized Trish’s face was slightly moist, “Yeah, you should get some rest Trish. Do you need me to call the nurse?”
He was worried about her and tensely he watched her move her legs back up onto the bed and get situated again on her side. Once she was down again, he helped her pull the blanket up and then wheeled up to the head end of the bed toward her face.
He took her hand in his and they looked at each other until Trish said, “Shawn, are you O.K.?”
Trish let her eyes rest on his face, scanning it and feeling so content with the situation.
His eyes were dark and shiny on her, and he smiled, “I am…” he paused, then added, “Trish, I am so happy you came into my life.”

She smiled and he felt so much for her at the moment. What had just happened between them was still like a dream to him, he couldn’t believe they had just kissed. Trish did feel very tired and Shawn watched her for a little while. It didn’t take too long when her eyes closed and her breathing came soft and regular.

It was almost six o’clock in the morning when Trish heard Nurse Misty in the room. When Trish opened her eyes a little she saw that Shawn was hunched over forward, asleep with his head resting on his arms on the edge of the bed.
Misty greeted her with a low voice, “Good Morning Trish, how are you?”
“I am good”
“I’m going to check your vitals.”

She checked Trish’s blood pressure, temperature and listened to her heart, then announced, “Everything seems good. How is your hand and the pain?”
“I think it is O.K. It doesn’t hurt too much.”
“Well, if you need more pain meds, I can take care of that. Dr. Barai will come on his rounds around 8:30. He will decide if you can go home today. You should be able to, we went through two bags of fluids which replenished your body so that’s a good thing. This bag should last another two hours, then we’ll see…you boyfriend must have been tired?”
Misty glanced at Shawn and Trish nodded, “Yeah, definitely. We both had a rough night yesterday.”
“You should take it easy with the partying next time.”
Trish smiled, “Yes ma’am!”

Soon thereafter breakfast came and Shawn was startled by the noises and opened his eyes a little bit, surprised at himself for having fallen asleep in the odd position.
He blinked and saw Trish sitting up somewhat smiling down at him, “Hey sleepy head.”
He shifted and slowly tried to push himself up, realizing a resistance from his waist. He knew his lower back had locked up on him. The problem with that was that he didn’t feel any pain or any kind of warning sign if he would be hurting himself by moving wrongly. He only knew his back had locked up and with a low curse he attempted to push himself up again.
Trish looked at him with alert eyes, “What is it Shawn?”
 “My back locked up from the way I fell asleep.”
“We can get the nurse.”
“No, I just have to try to sit up slowly.”

With his hands on the edge of the bed, he slowly pushed himself up, Trish watching him closely and hoping he was O.K. Eventually Shawn managed to sit upright in his chair and focused on steadying himself, lifting himself up from his seat for just a moment to relieve some pressure.
Trish asked softly, “You think you are O.K. with your back?”
“Yeah, I think so. I am going to the bathroom for a moment.”

He put his hands to his rims and wheeled out into the hallway. Trish started on her breakfast. She didn’t feel any pain in her hand, the pain meds were working. She really hoped to get discharged before noon, she didn’t want to stay in the hospital any longer than needed. She wanted to get her car and go home with Shawn. She had called her work the day before and told them she would be out at least for one week, she had to send the doctors note first thing in the morning or take it by her work.

Shawn came wheeling back into the room. He had drained his bladder, had made sure everything was in order but he did want to get home to take care of his bowel program. It was something he had not talked about with Trish. He was embarrassed about it and didn’t really plan to address the issue anytime soon.
Trish asked with a smile, “Everything all right?”

Trish kept her eyes on him and with her right pointing finger she gestured him to come closer to her. Shawn wheeled up to the bed as close as possible. Trish leaned over to him and looked him into the eyes, “Look at me Shawn!”
He looked up at her and she put her hands around his neck pulling him to her and she said in a whisper, “You are so hot, wheelchair and all.”

Then she moved in to kiss him. Shawn was still nervous and couldn’t really grasp the fact that he was kissing Trish. He was insecure about his kissing abilities. It had been over two years since he kissed a woman the last time. He never doubted his kissing abilities or sexual performances before the accident, he was always confident about pleasing the girls he was with, never thought twice about making a move if they let him, which was usually always the case.

Now everything was different, he felt unsure about himself, didn’t even want to think about anything in the sexual aspect and dreaded how things would get with Trish. He really enjoyed the kiss, but he could not fully relax. He wanted to perform and not disappoint Trish, but he was worried. Even though she had told him that she found him hot, even in his wheelchair, it almost threw him off a bit, because he didn’t know what Trish expected.
Why did she even include the wheelchair when referring to him as hot? The wheelchair was anything but hot to him, he tried his best every single day to forget about and ignore the fact that he depended on the thing for most likely the rest of his life. Not one day went by when he didn’t wish he could turn back time and tell his friend Chad that he was not going to drive to the party anymore.

He realized how his thoughts had drifted off while kissing Trish and as she unlocked her lips from his she asked softly, “Are you O.K. Shawn?”
He nodded quickly, “Yeah...yeah, I’m good.”
Trish felt that he hadn’t been in the moment all the way when they kissed and he apologized, “I’m sorry Trish.”
He thought about an excuse, but there was nothing he could say.
Trish smiled, “It’s O.K. We need to just get out of here.”
He nodded in agreement.

Then again he was worried now what would happen if they would be at home together, now that they had kissed and Trish had showed interest in him beyond her personal assistant duties, way beyond.

“Are you hungry for breakfast, Shawn?”
Shawn looked over at Trish’s breakfast, “Maybe a little.”
Trish took the lid off her plate, “I have a pancake left and one sausage link. You can have it.”
She pushed the table over toward him and Shawn ate her left overs. They shared the fresh fruits and the orange juice still on the tray.

During the morning the nurse took Trish off the IV fluids and at almost ten o’clock Dr. Barai came into the room, smiling with his perfect white teeth, “Hi Trish!”
He held her file in his hands, looked over the papers and then stood next to the bed, “I’m going to look at your hand and if everything looks good we’ll put a new bandage on and you can go home.”
He looked over at Shawn, who sat quietly, “How are you?”
Shawn nodded, “O.K. thanks!”
Dr. Barai asked Shawn while undoing Trish’s bandage, “What happened to your hand?”
Shawn looked down at his hand for a moment, “I broke my wrist about two weeks ago.”
“How did it happen?”
Shawn glanced at Trish meeting his eyes, “I fell out of my wheelchair.”

He hated to even say the word and especially in this context, because it was a lie. He remembered the bad fight he had had with Jesse and how Jesse had thrown him down on his bedroom floor. He knew he had broken his wrist when he tried to brace himself from the hard fall after Jesse had basically shoved him over the bed. Jesse had been so angry at him and had kept his frustrations bottled up inside for too long. Shawn couldn’t blame Jesse, he had made things difficult for Jesse for too long and that day it just boiled over.

Shawn looked at Trish, whose eyes were still on him and now he was glad she had given him another chance.
Dr. Barai mumbled, “I hope it is healing quickly, it must be somewhat difficult with a cast and the wheelchair.”
“I can manage.”
The doctor asked without looking up from Trish’s hand, “What is your injury level?”
For a moment Shawn thought he was still referring to his hand until he realized the doctor was talking about his spine.
He swallowed and answered, “T-6 complete.”
Dr. Barai looked up at Shawn for a moment, “Was it an accident?”
Shawn didn’t really feel like talking about his disability but maybe Dr. Barai just showed professional interest.
Shawn debated for a moment on how far he wanted to go into detail with his answer, “Yes, a car accident about two years ago.” 
Dr. Barai didn’t ask anything else but only nodded focusing back on Trish’s hand, “So, it looks very good Trish. These stitches will dissolve on its own in about two weeks. Then you can come to my office for a follow up. Should there be any pain, swelling, discharge or hardening of the area around the wound before, you need to come see me sooner. I will give you a prescription for pain medication; you can take them as directed. You can also take this bandage off in about three days, until then try not to get it wet. After that, it’s O.K. if you get it wet when you shower.”
Trish nodded, “O.K.”
Dr. Barai finished dressing the wound, “Do you have any other questions for me, Trish?”
“No, thank you.”
Dr. Barai smiled at her, “Also take it easy on the partying!”

Trish nodded shyly.
“The nurse will get your discharge papers ready and I will see you in about two weeks for follow up.”
“Thanks a lot, Dr. Barai!”
“You’re welcome. It was nice meeting you.”
He shook hands with Trish, then turned to Shawn, “Good Luck with your hand as well. It was nice meeting you.”
Shawn replied with a Thank You and Good Bye and Dr. Barai walked out.

Trish shifted, “Well, that was that then.”
Shawn nodded, “Yeah, I will call someone to get us.”
“Just to take us to my car. I have my keys with me and we can get my car.”
Shawn put his hands to his rims, “I will have to call from outside, there is no signal in here right now.”
Trish nodded.
He wheeled out the door, “I will be right back.”

While Shawn was out the nurse came back into the room again and told Trish she could put her clothes on and get ready. Trish didn’t have to be told twice, she was ready to get out of the hospital. In the bathroom she got dressed and freshened up. Shawn came back into the room, Trish was sitting on the edge of the bed, her feet dangling over the floor.
He wheeled up to her, “My uncle will come and get us in about thirty minutes or so.”
As Shawn came up to the bed, Trish held her bandaged hand out to Shawn and smiled, “Look at us!”
Shawn held out his casted hand smiling, “Yeah, really! We are such losers.”

The nurse came in with the discharge papers and after signing the papers she said, “O.K. Trish, I will go get you a wheelchair and we will get you out of here.”
Trish was surprised, “I don’t need a wheelchair.”
“It’s actually hospital policy.”
“I’m really O.K. I can walk.”
She glanced quickly at Shawn and saw his serious and tense expression.
Trish added, “I’m fine, I really appreciate it but I don’t need a wheelchair.”
This time the nurse sounded stern, “I’m sorry but I have to push you off the unit and out the door in a wheelchair Trish, it’s because of liability reasons. It is policy and I get in trouble if I don’t follow protocol.”
Now Shawn shifted and said tensely, “She doesn’t need a fucking wheelchair…she can walk out of here.”
Trish looked over at him as the nurse was obviously surprised at Shawn’s rude comment.
Trish said lowly to Shawn, “I got this Shawn.”
The nurse turned toward the door, “I’ll be right back with the chair.”
Shawn was breathing faster and put his hands to his rims, “Let’s go before she gets back.”
Trish put her hand on his hand on his rims, “Shawn, no, I will wait for her. It’s not such a big deal.”
He stopped himself and looked at her, “You can walk!”
His eyes were dark and Trish replied, “Shawn, it’s not a big deal. It’s hospital policy.”
He ignored her and was just about to wheel off when the nurse came in with a bulky hospital wheelchair, pushing it toward Trish, “Here you go Trish.”
Trish took her purse, slipped into her Flip Flops and got in the chair. She could tell Shawn had a real problem with the situation and she touched his knee, “It’s all right Shawn. Come on, let’s get out of here.”

The nurse pushed her out of the room and Shawn wheeled out behind them.
He felt his hands sweaty and was trying to breathe normal but seeing Trish in the chair did something to him he couldn’t explain, his own vulnerability and a very deeply ingrained fear but not being able to rationalize that this girl he liked so much was not really paralyzed. The wheelchair to him represented a life of misery, guilt and anger and Trish had given him back a reason to enjoy life again.

He needed her to bring him back into life, aside from Jesse who had been his life line for the last two years. Now he had Trish and he couldn’t bear the thought of anything happen to her. Even just the injury to her hand, which was caused by his wheelchair was a problem for him. He had hidden his emotions since Trish had cut herself. He wanted to stay focused but inside it had caused him emotional tumult seeing Trish hurt. He felt responsible and almost like his wheelchair was a weapon of some kind. He looked down in front of him wheeling behind the nurse pushing Trish. He didn’t want to see her in the chair, so he focused on his path and saw glimpses of the nurse’s legs walking in front of him.

Outside the hospital the nurse let Trish get up out of the chair, “Here you go.”
Trish thanked her and they said Good Bye and the nurse wished her a speedy recovery, glanced at Shawn and said Good Bye to him as well, then went back inside.
It was raining but was not really cold.
Trish looked at Shawn, “Are you all right?”
He nodded silently and Trish walked up to him, squatted in front of him, and placed her hands on his knees for support, “Hey, it’s all good. What’s going on with all the wheelchair drama?”
Shawn met her eyes, “Honestly…I don’t know…I just can’t handle it, seeing you in it here in the hospital…it messed with my head or something…I’m sorry.”
Trish took his hand and while glancing up at him, she kissed his fingers one by one and Shawn shyly watched her.
“You want to wait inside for our ride?”
He nodded and Trish got up.
As they headed inside she remarked, “It’s a weird policy with the wheelchair.”
Inside they found a seat in the foyer close to some large plants. Trish plopped into a lounge chair, Shawn wheeled up next to her, “You want some coffee or something?”
Trish replied, “Coffee would be nice.”
 “Let’s go to the cafeteria.”

At the cafeteria Trish ordered a Latte for herself and a coffee for Shawn. The girl at the register was cheery and smiling big at Shawn as he was paying for the beverages. Trish watched her throw her hair back flirtatiously and Shawn smiled at the girl, but didn’t seem to realize that she was actually flirting with him or at least trying to. Trish walked up next to Shawn and smiled at the girl. The girl held back her flirtatious smile when Trish appeared next to Shawn.
Following Shawn to a small corner table Trish set the coffee down and grinned at Shawn, “That chick at the register totally tried to flirt with you.”
Shawn glanced at Trish surprised, “What? No way!”
“Yes, she did Shawn.”
He smiled, “I didn’t realize.”
Trish sipped from her Latte licking the foam of her lip, “Yeah, I was a little annoyed by it.” Shawn glanced at her from under his bangs and Trish added, “I told you that you are hot and girls check you out…you don’t even realize?”
“No, I really don’t …but it doesn’t matter anyways…not anymore.”
“Why is that?”
His eyes were serious, “I met you.”
He looked away and Trish replied softly, “...and I am glad about that.”
She swallowed, then added, “Shawn, I’m very glad you stayed here with me.”
He nodded, “Me too…and I actually survived being in this place for one night.”
Trish smiled, “Thank you Shawn.”
“You are welcome.”

Uncle Randy arrived at the hospital about thirty minutes later. It was around noon and still raining outside as they got in the car, Trish into the backseat and Shawn transferring into the front. Randy was relieved to see Trish better.
Shawn requested his uncle drive them to the casino to pick up Trish’s car.
Turning around to Trish in the backseat Randy asked, “Do you think you will be able to drive with your hand Trish?”
“I think it will be all right.”
Randy offered them to come to his house for dinner but Shawn declined, “That’s all right Uncle Randy…I think we just need to get home, we are still tired, not that there was a whole lot of sleeping in the hospital.” 

At the casino they found Trish’s car still in the same spot and Uncle Randy helped Shawn down from the truck and assisted him to get into his wheelchair. Trish unlocked her car, and threw her purse into the backseat. Randy held the passenger door open for Shawn as he transferred into the car. Shawn folded up his wheelchair now and handed it to Randy who stored the wheelchair in the trunk.
Uncle Randy leaned into the car once more, “Well, you two, call me when you are at the house. I want to be sure you made it.”
Shawn promised his uncle to call later on and they said their Good Bye’s.

Trish started her car and they pulled out of the parking lot, heading for the main road, following Uncle Randy for a little while until he turned into the other direction. Shawn did feel tired and he wanted to get home. He knew not getting enough sleep the last two nights, not being able to lay down and the stress of the whole weekend was getting to him and he was glad he was still holding up at this point and not battling spasms or another ailment. He didn’t say much as they were driving home when he felt his eyes getting heavy. Trish was tired too, she thought about if they needed to stop at the store but she didn’t feel like getting out of the car. They drove home, rain pounding at the windshield now which didn’t help with their fatigue. As they got onto the dirt road to the rambler Shawn actually felt his eyes close and he was startled when Trish turned off her car at the house.
He said lowly, “Shit, I’m so tired!”
“Me too, we are home now.”

Around the house water had collected again from the heavy rain and Trish had pulled as close as possible to the ramp. She got out of her car quickly, ran around to the trunk, got the wheelchair out and unfolded it next to the open passenger door. She had some difficulties with her hand. Shawn still had a hard time with his own hand in the cast and even though he tried to transfer as smooth and quickly as possible he fell into his chair rather ungraceful.

Trish stood in the rain watching him. Shawn slammed the door shut, put his hands to his rims and spun around quickly to get up the ramp. Trish locked her car and followed him up the ramp. The ramp was a little slick and it made it difficult to get up on it, Shawn had to use his full upper body strength. They were slightly wet when they got to the door, Shawn pulled out his keys, he was exhausted now and his hands were shaky as he tried to unlock the door. Trish realized his hand shaking and took the key from him unlocking the door quickly. She went in, followed by Shawn. He could feel his body reacting to the exhaustion and was hoping he wouldn’t get spastic.

Trish dropped her purse and keys on the table and when she looked at Shawn he didn't seem well. He had only wheeled himself through the door, had shut it behind himself and was breathing quickly.
Trish squatted in front of him, asking softly, “Shawn, are you all right?”
He swallowed, “Just exhausted.”
“Are you having spasms?”
“Not yet.”
“This was a rough weekend for us, wasn’t it?”
He nodded and their eyes met.

For a moment they looked at each other. Shawn reached his hand out to her and she stood up and put her hand in his. He looked up at her and tugged on her hand some, “Come sit down on my lap.”
Trish was very nervous but excited as she lowered herself onto Shawn’s lap, sitting down sideways, her legs over the side of his wheelchair. Shawn put his break on quickly.
Trish kept her eyes down on her legs as she got situated on his lap, she felt shy and nervous.
Shawn put his finger under her chin, lifting her face, “Look at me!”

He put his right arm around her waist and with his casted hand he used his fingers to stroke some strands of long blonde hair from her face and tugged it behind her ear, then saying lowly, “It was an exhausting weekend but it ended really good I think.”
Trish looked at him shyly and nodded, “It did.”
She felt his bony still legs under her butt, Shawn could only make out a very distant pressure of her weight on him, barely noticeable.
He pulled her closer and ordered her, “Put your arms around my neck!”

Trish felt the moisture from the rain on Shawn’s neck and hair as she put her arms around him. A warmth radiated from him though and she looked at him as he stroked her cheek with the fingers of his left hand asking lowly, “Is this all right for you?”
She could only nod humbly at realizing that one of the many fantasies of sitting on the lap of a paraplegic man was coming true for her at that very moment.

Shawn put her hand up to her head and pulled her closer and a moment later their lips touched and they fell into a passionate kiss, Shawn was letting his right hand travel over her back and around her waist and his casted hand holding her head to him, not letting her get away. Trish felt her heart race inside her chest, she could barely control the emotions she felt at the moment. It surprised her when she felt a tear escape from her eye and the moment slowly came to an end as their lips unlocked and Shawn kept his eyes on her, scanning her face and not missing the tear rolling over her cheek.
He asked softly, “Trish, are you crying?”
She looked down embarrassed and wiped the tear away quickly, shaking her head.
“What is it then?”
She shook her head again and smiled at him, “Nothing, I am just happy to be here with you.”
He smiled back at her, “Good, you don’t have a reason to cry.”
“Tears of joy.”
He stroked through her hair again and smiled, “I am very happy you are here with me. I am glad we are at home again.”
Trish nodded and planted another small kiss on Shawn’s cheek.

Then for a moment they just sat there, Trish leaning her head on his shoulder and Shawn letting his fingers run through her hair.
It was still hard to grasp for him how everything had changed between Trish and him now but his heart was full of joy and he didn’t want to think about how everything had been and he didn’t want to worry about how everything would be.


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