Monday, November 3, 2014

Three's A Crowd Chapter 26 Part 1

As a few days have passed since the fateful phone call from Jesse, this time Trish gets a call from Jesse. Shawn suggests the idea of getting into his braces some and Trish gets very nervous at the prospect of seeing her boyfriend standing up in the devices she can barely look at without getting an irregular heart beat.  

As the new week started Trish went back to work. Her coworkers and the residents were glad to see her again on Monday. She still had to take it easy with her hand and wasn’t going to instruct the water aerobics class for at least another week. The cut was healing well and the stitches seemed to fade.
Shawn was at home, spending his time as he always did and he couldn’t wait until Trish got home that night.
When Trish walked into the door around six thirty Shawn was sitting in his wheelchair playing Video Games. She dropped her purse on the table by the door, slipped out of her shoes and walked over to him smiling.
He held out is hand to her, “Hey!”
She took his hand and he pulled her down onto his lap for a kiss.
Trish wrapped her arms around him, “Hey, how was your day?”
“Not very exciting.”
“I am sorry.”

With Trish in his life now Shawn was bothered more by the fact of his being unemployed and just hanging out at the house all day with nothing productive to do. He really wanted to get mobile again in the form of a car. The money from Jesse’s job was going to be used to get Shawn a car with hand controls. Until he didn’t have a car he really couldn’t start looking for a job or go back to school. There was no way for him to get to town.
He stroked a strand of hair out of Trish’s face, “You don’t have to be sorry for anything.”
“Well, I am sorry you were bored and alone I guess.”
“I really need to get a car so I can find a job or whatever.”
Trish nodded, “I know. You are so far out here and it is hard to get away for you without transportation.”
She kissed him and he wrapped his arms around her, happy that she was home now and distracting him from negative thoughts.

They had dinner and afterwards watched some TV, cuddled together on the couch. Trish had basically moved into Shawn’s bed at night. She mostly left him alone with his bathroom routine and he had been feeling healthy and strong enough to get his showers done, his toilet routine and everything else in the bathroom. Even with the cast on his hand he had his routine down now but he still couldn’t wait to get the full use of his hand back. Another two weeks until the cast would come off.

That night Shawn was already in bed when Trish crawled into the bed with him. They kissed and held each other and she wanted him so bad but Shawn didn’t let her get below the waist band of his lounge pants. There was sadness in his eyes when she kissed him wildly and let her hands travel over his chest, rubbing her hands over his skin, and down his strong arms. Oh, how much did she want to let her hands go further down but he actually took her hand in his and moved it back up to his chest, shaking his head at her when she looked at him and she apologized softly, “I am sorry Shawn.”
Trish felt her loins ache for him and just as much she wanted to feel his hands on certain parts of her body. Shawn though didn’t let his hands move too far down even though he wanted to.

She wanted to give him the time he needed but she had to find more ways to let him know that the way he was, was exactly how she wanted him. She didn’t need for him to have an erection, she wanted to touch this part of his body, even if it stayed soft and limp. She wanted to feel him with her hands and she wanted to see him naked all the way, not as a patient but as a man. Her hands wanted to travel along his thin legs, feel the scars and the damaged bones and she longed to feel him on her all the way, and entwine their bodies into one.

The room was illuminated by the dim light from the bedside table and Shawn pulled Trish to him, saying lowly, “Trish, I am sorry but I can’t do this yet. I don’t know if I can ever take this further and I feel bad about keeping you away from me like this. I just hope that you can be patient with me and hopefully soon we can…” He didn’t know how to really finish the sentence, but then added, “…we can be closer soon. You have to believe me when I tell you how much I would want to but you know it won’t work like that.” It was difficult for him to say these things, “Not being able to get hard I also can’t come like…I used to.”

They were laying close facing each other. Trish had her blue eyes fixed on his dark eyes and she stroked her hand over his face, “I love you Shawn. Having conventional sex with you is not my priority. Yes, you turn me on so much, and it is hard to resist and I am sorry if I make you feel uncomfortable like that. I know I need to be patient and I will be but please know you don’t have to be anything or anyone else for me but who you are. I don’t care about an erection or ejaculation, I care about you so much more than that. I love you as a person, not as a guy I just want to have sex with. Of course I am attracted to you and I want to be close to you, as close as possible but also as close as you let me until you feel more secure and maybe can let your guard down with me. Your body just the way it is, is a huge turn on for me, I see nothing wrong with your body and to me you are perfect. I will wait however long it takes you. I love you so much Shawn.”
Shawn held his gaze on her face and his hand now stroked her face as he whispered, “Thank you Trish. I want to make you happy and I will work on my insecurity issues. I know I can make it with your help. I love you so much too.”

He kissed her softly on her lips and after he unlocked his lips from hers they laid there until he announced lowly, “Hey, I was thinking back to the conversation we had about my leg braces. How about I give it a shot tomorrow? You said you would help me, Ms. Physical Therapist. I think I can do it even with the cast.”
He smiled at her and Trish almost felt a static wave go through her when he said the words. Just when she was holding herself in check to not overwhelm Shawn with her wanting him he brought up the braces, something she could barely look at beside the wheelchair because it left her panties moist just thinking about Shawn in these devices. He was waiting for her reply and she pulled herself away from the images in her head trying to find her words again, “Oh, your braces…yeah…that would be great…I guess.”

Shawn shifted and propped his head up on his hand, his elbow holding the weight. He had expected a lot more enthusiasm from Trish but her words had come out in a stutter.
He tried to read her, “I don’t have to though if you don’t feel like it. It is a hassle with the crutches and to strap the braces on and all…we can do it another day. I should get into them more often but I haven’t felt like it by myself and only with Jesse there, who was always too positive when I did try to stand up and walk a few steps…he got on my nerves with his encouragement.”
Trish was looking at Shawn and kept seeing images in her head of him in leg braces.
Shawn pulled her out of her thoughts, “Trish, we don’t have to if it is weird for you.”
She attempted with a stutter, “No, I would… I would love to help you get into them and yes, it would be good for you to get into them more. We can totally do that tomorrow if you think you can still do it with your wrist in the cast.”
She sounded tense and nervous still.
“Are you sure? You sound…I don’t know…not so excited.”
She lowered her eyes, looking away from Shawn. He lifted her face by her chin and made her look at him again, “Hey, we don’t have to do it. It was just an idea but if you are not comfortable with it, I won’t put you through that.”
She took a breath, “I am sorry Shawn. I want you to try it tomorrow and I would love to help you, I just…I guess it is a strange thought to imagine you standing up.”
“I know! Hell, it feels weird for me too but at the same time when I did it in the past it was somewhat of a rush to be upright again, even if just for fifteen minutes.”
Trish tried to loosen up and smiled at him reassuringly, “I really want to see it. Let’s do it tomorrow.”
Shawn smiled back at her, “O.K. tomorrow then. Physical Therapy appointment with Trish Brooks.” They laughed and fell into a kiss again.


Trish got up before Shawn the next day and as she sat over a mug of coffee in the kitchen her cell phone announced a call from Jesse. She was hesitant to answer and with a shaky hand she picked up the phone and touched the “Answer” button, “Hello?”
“Trish, it’s Jesse.”
She was very nervous. Jesse hadn’t called anymore after the incident on Friday with Shawn and even though she had been worried about Jesse being O.K. she had not wanted to call him, out of fear what he would say to her.
“Jesse, hey, how are you?”
Jesse sounded tense, “I am all right. I just got off and I figured I need to call and check in with you guys.”
Trish tried to sound warm and friendly, “I am glad. So you are still working nights then?”
“Yes, we will be working nights the whole time, it is better with less traffic at night. We are getting paid more for nights too.”
“That is good.”
Trish felt very nervous to have Jesse on the phone and she didn’t know how to respond to him.
With a tremble she asked, “Did you want to talk to Shawn? I think he is still asleep.”
“No, I don’t want to talk to Shawn. That is why I called your phone.”

Trish took a deep breath, debating if she should address the argument between the brothers on the phone and how Shawn had broken down after the fateful call.
There was an uncomfortable pause until Jesse asked, “How are you Trish? How is your hand?”
Trish was unsure how to react, “I am good and my hand is healing very quickly and good. I went back to work yesterday and it went well. I just can’t do my water aerobics class for at least another week but then I am back to my old self. They were happy to have me back.” She tried to sound cheerful and carefree.
Jesse sounded anything but cheerful, “I am sure they’ll be glad to get you back full time once your job for my brother is done.”
She was thrown off by Jesse’s comment and for a moment dumb founded as what to reply. The way he referred to Shawn as his “brother” was strange and she couldn’t bear talking to Jesse in that way, like they didn’t really know each other and like they were strangers. It hurt her to hear Jesse so distant and reserved.

She had to say something to him, “Jesse, I…I don’t know…but I need to talk to you. I know you had a fight with Shawn on the phone…on Friday. Shawn was very upset.”
She stopped, feeling her hands shake and her heart beat fast anticipating Jesse’s response.
Jesse’s voice stayed eerily calm, “Upset? Shawn was upset? Oh, I guess I am sorry to hurt my little brother’s feelings…how the fuck am I supposed to feel? Happy for him and his sorry ass?”
Trish could barely contain her emotions, “Jesse, stop talking like this…” She felt her eyes fill with tears when she said, “If it is really such a problem for you then I get out of yours and Shawn’s life as soon as you get back. I know it all somehow went into a different direction but it wasn’t my intention or done on purpose. I care for Shawn, a lot and I care for you, Jesse but I don’t think one can actually love two people at the same time and I do love Shawn…”
Jesse cut in, “Love, why the hell is everyone talking about love? You barely know each other and whatever he is telling you or doing to you I don’t know but Shawn has not really loved too many people in his life so I am really surprised that you are talking about love…”
“Jesse, why can’t you be happy for him?”

Jesse’s voice got loud in the phone, “Happy for him…I have fucking sacrificed the last two years for him. I was there for him day in and day out, making ends meet, trying to keep his ass out of the fucking hole he was digging for himself and throwing the dirt in my face while he was digging. You don’t know how many times he just wanted to antagonize me, his drunk ass freaking out on me, yelling at me that I was bossing him around, telling him what to do when all I was doing was trying to keep him alive and keep him going despite all of the shit that happened. He fucked up and yeah, it is pissing him off every day that he is in this fucking wheelchair. I have tried so many times Trish, so many times to get him back, talked to him about finding work, going back to school, tried to cheer him up when he was feeling low and like shit but it was always me trying, nothing came from him. I put my own life on hold, I let a good woman get away because of him, I didn’t go out when my buddies asked me to. I didn’t do anything but go to work 10 fucking hours a day, six days a week to pay for hospital bills and then sit at home with my brother, who didn’t want to stop feeling sorry for himself and in the process made my life hell at the same time….”

Trish felt her eyes get blurry as she attempted, “Jesse, Shawn is depressed…he is taking medication for depression...but he loves you so much and he appreciates everything you have done for him. It is the hardest thing for him to have made it so difficult for you over the last two years. Jesse…please try to understand. Shawn is trying so hard to get back on his feet and maybe now with me in his life he can succeed. I want to be there for Shawn and for you, help you help him! Please Jesse, we want your blessing …Shawn wants you to be O.K. with us being together…”
Jesse’s voice became lower, “Trish, when I saw you on that rainy day come up to the house and you got out it totally threw me off. I didn’t expect someone like you and right away I couldn’t stop looking at you and…I was mad at Shawn because he almost screwed things up for us and I wanted to see you again. I thought to myself if you won’t come take on the job I will have to call you because I wanted to see you again. When you came into my room…I didn’t know what to do because it felt wrong. Then I just told myself to not worry about it and it felt so good, you felt so good for me and I couldn’t stop thinking about you ever since…now….”
He stopped and she could tell he was having a hard time to continue talking about this.

Tears were streaming down her face now, “Jesse, I like you so much and you are a great guy but I have fallen for Shawn, I don’t know why and I didn’t plan this, believe me please…it all came at me totally unexpected but I feel so drawn to Shawn and I think he feels the same way. Jesse you are a wonderful man and women will fight over you, there is someone else out there for you…”
Jesse on the other end almost sounded defeated, “You know, I gave everything for Shawn since the accident and then the first time that I have a shot at maybe being happy with someone again he takes that away from me.”
“Jesse, but the same is true for him…” Trish couldn’t help crying now, “Jesse, please don’t be angry at him…he has been lonely and the accident changed his life forever, it took everything from him and the life as he knew it and lived was over. I don’t know how he was before but Shawn is a good guy and he deserves a break now too. He has to find his new identity and I want to be there with him and I wish from the bottom of my heart that you could be part of this with your love and support for him. We need you to be there with us and give us your blessing. Please Jesse!”
Jesse didn’t say anything and Trish inquired after a few moments, “Jesse, are you still there?” She wiped over her eyes, tears streaming down her cheeks.
“Yes, I am still here. Tell Shawn I called and I will try to call again toward the weekend.”
“Jesse, please think about what I said…we love you and we want you to be there with us…” Her voice was filled with tears.
Jesse sounded sad now, “I have to go now. I am tired. Take care Trish and take care of Shawn.”
Trish didn’t want the conversation to end like this, “Jesse…”

All she heard then was the phone click and the call was over. She let the tears stream down her face, looked back toward the hallway and hoped that Shawn had not heard any of this. There was no noise coming from his bedroom.
It was only eight thirty and she sat there at the table staring into space letting all the words that were said sink in.
Her tears were subsiding as she tried to process the conversation. Obviously so much bitterness had been building up for Jesse toward Shawn. She knew the brothers were close and their love a special bond but Shawn’s accident had put them to the test and now all the built up emotions were bubbling up. Trish realized that she had caused the boat to rock, apparently very much so and she started feeling guilty inside.

By the time Shawn came wheeling out into the kitchen she had collected herself and had decided to not tell him about the phone call. Shawn had already taken a shower and looked fresh and cheerful as he came wheeling toward her. He wore shorts that were covering his knees some, socks only and a muscle shirt. Trish was still in her sleep clothes. Trish glanced at his bony and skinny shins as he came right up to the table, “Good Morning!”
Holding himself steady at the table he leaned forward some and she kissed him, “Good Morning baby!”
Shawn smiled, “Baby?” It was the first time she used this pet name for him.
She touched her hand to his knee, “Is it O.K. if I call you that?”
He nodded and looked from her hand to her face.

Everything seemed so unreal still, Trish sitting there in his kitchen in her sexy pajama, her smooth legs crossed over each other and her long blonde hair looking somewhat unkempt. He caught a glimpse of her painted toe nails. She still had a large sturdy band aid covering the stitches on her left hand. She got up and walked over to the counter, pouring Shawn some coffee. He kept his eyes on her, scanned down her legs and her ankles, admiring her defined Achilles vein and on her right ankle a silver anklet blinked. She was so beautiful and she wanted to be his. His heart was skipping beats looking at her and almost like she could sense his eyes on her, she turned around at the counter and instead of walking back to the table she set her hands on the counter next to her and looking at him sideways she smiled, “What are you looking at?”  
Her eyes shimmered and her smile was seductive.
Shawn grinned, “I am looking at you and thinking about what a lucky guy I am.”
Trish smiled and threw her hair back with her hand, “I am a very lucky woman to have you all to myself.”
She grabbed the coffee mug and brought it over to Shawn. He watched her and when she sat down she smiled at him, “You look like you are having a good day.”
“I am having a great day so far, don’t jinx it.”
“Do you want to eat breakfast? I will jump into the shower now.”
“I will wait for you.”
Trish planted another kiss on Shawn’s lips and disappeared into her bathroom.

Shawn had not heard any of the phone conversation between Trish and Jesse and he pulled his phone over and checked all his sites and email. There was no missed call from Jesse and he wondered if he would hear from him anytime soon. He opened his text messaging and typed a short message, “Jesse, how are you? I hope we can talk again sometime.”

With a sigh he sent the message, not expecting to hear from Jesse in the near future. He hated the way things had spun out of control on the phone and even though Jesse was the one who had thrown all the accusations and insults at him, he still had a hard time being in this situation with his brother. Jesse and he had always been close and fighting with him was always very difficult for Shawn. It had happened many times, usually Shawn being the instigator out of anger and pain, now it had been Jesse and Shawn didn’t want it to be this way.
Outside was a beautiful August day. It had been hot and on the rainy days very humid.
Jesse had been gone for almost three weeks. In such a short period of time Shawn’s world had turned upside down with Trish coming into his life.

Trish came back into the kitchen, barefooted, wearing a summer dress and looking stunning.
They had breakfast together and while eating she suggested, “Should we do something fun today? It is beautiful outside.”
“I was thinking about still trying to get into the braces.” He looked at her curiously, trying to read her expression about the idea.
She smiled confidently, “Oh yeah, that’s right. We did talk about that last night.”
Even though she tried to sound carefree, Shawn sensed something in her words.
He looked at her and took her hand into his, “Trish, only if you are cool with it.”
She nodded, “Yes Shawn, I am cool with it. Let’s do it after breakfast.”

He left it at that and hoped that it wasn’t causing her any strange feelings pertaining to his paraplegia. Down the road she wanted to be a Physical Therapist so this was something she shouldn’t have any issues with.
After they cleaned up the kitchen Shawn wheeled back to his room, “I will get the braces out and stuff.”
“All right, I will be there in a moment. Wait for me to put them on.”

She hurried to her bathroom and as she closed the door behind her, she stood in front of her mirror and stared at herself, contemplating what she was about to see in a moment; Shawn in his leg braces, standing and maybe taking a few steps.
She felt her breathing become shallow as she told herself, “Pull yourself together Trish. You are going to see your boyfriend in braces, no big deal. You can handle it. You want to become a freaking Physical Therapist, you need to be O.K. with this stuff.”
She stared at herself and took another deep breath, then headed toward Shawn’s bedroom.

Shawn had laid out the braces with the back brace attached to them on the bed, the black forearm crutches were leaning on the side of his bed. It was an RGO brace with the two leg braces attached with hinges to a back brace giving him stability in his trunk.
He sat there in his wheelchair, smiling, “All ready to get strapped in.”
Trish smiled, “Let’s do it.”

Her heart was beating frantically in her chest and she was worried Shawn would somehow feel her racing pulse at the prospect of seeing him in the braces.
Shawn explained, “I will get on the bed, it is easier to put them on that way and I can get up from the edge of the bed then.”
Trish nodded silently and watched Shawn transfer with ease, lifting himself over onto his bed, his strong arms showing his muscles work with only the tank top on. Her thighs were burning up.
He pulled his body up to an upright position leaning on his headboard, “O.K., now I have to kind of lift myself into it.”

With gasping breaths, he adjusted the brace and eventually he lifted his right leg into the molded shells of the matching leg brace. The braces were custom made for his legs, they fit the shape of his legs perfectly, his foot resting in a molded foot plate, his calf resting in a grey padded plastic mold and his thigh encased by another grey padded plastic mold, all the pieces held together by the hinges and sturdy rods along the outside and inside of his legs, leather cuffs to fasten the braces on his legs.
The back support would be strapped on as well, giving him efficient stability in his trunk for a short period of time.
His shorts became somewhat crumbled in the process of his strapping on the braces. Trish watched him in amazement buckling the first brace.
Shawn glanced up at her and she snapped out of the moment, “I am sorry Shawn, here, let me help you.”
A little out of breath he said with a smile, “That would be great.”

Trish leaned over and helped lift Shawn’s left leg into its brace. Shawn was holding himself up on his hands, watching her fasten the cuffs, pulling them tight and then helping him with the back brace. She was fully focused now on the task and while she finished with the back brace, Shawn asked her, “Have you seen braces like this before with your school program?”
She shook her head, “Not yet, that will start next year. We will actually be in class rooms for that program, I can’t take that online.”

Trish felt her heart beat fast, the inside of her thighs feeling moist from sweat and her hands trembling from strapping the RGO brace on. Shawn kept watching her closely for any sign of distress or uncomfortable feeling but she seemed to be fully engulfed in the process of getting the brace on him.
When she was done she stood up, “There, you are strapped in for the ride.”
Shawn nodded with a smile, “I just need to put on my shoes before I stand up.”
Trish watched as he pulled his whole body over to the edge of the bed, he was held rigidly in the device.
As he reached the edge he looked at her, “Can you pull my legs over the side of the bed?”
Trish realized his legs were stiff in the brace and she asked, “Can you unlock them?”
Shawn nodded, “Yeah, on the back of the knee.”

Trish found the mechanism on the back of his knee and pulled on it, unlocking the brace and Shawn’s leg bending at the knee over the side of the bed like a puppets leg. She did the same with the other leg and Shawn was able to push his buttocks up to the edge of the bed, holding himself in a sitting position and trying to calm his breathing. He just sat there and Trish squatted in front of him, “Are you all right?”
He looked down at her, sitting somewhat higher on the bed, “Yeah, it is just exhausting to get in this thing.”
She looked at his legs and Shawn was surprised when she touched her hand to the brace and let her hand explore the molds, the hinges, the rods on the side and feeling over the cuffs holding it all in place. He watched her silently and wondering about her action but at the same time intrigued by the focus she put into exploring the braces encasing his legs.
She seemed to be fully in the moment. Trish admired the rigidity of the braces on Shawn’s fragile looking legs. She felt very aroused and tried her best to hide this from Shawn but her breathing came quick as she let her hands travel over the braces, along the side all the way up to the back brace making it easier for him to sit up.

When she finally looked up at him, her eyes flickered nervously and he asked lowly, “What are you thinking?”
She looked at the braces again, “They look…it looks really good on you.”
Shawn didn’t know what to make of this compliment and he didn’t really understand why she said something like that.
He laughed lowly, “Are you looking at the same thing I am looking at? I feel like a robot.”
Trish looked up at him, “You look like a really hot paraplegic guy in leg braces and I happen to love this very much.”

At this moment Trish considered telling him more how she really felt about him in that way but she was too scared. The more she experienced Shawn’s disability with him, the further away her plans of ever telling him about what was inside of her slipped. How could she tell him that his being paraplegic, depending on these devices to make him mobile some way or another turned her on so much? How could she tell him she would love to see him that way every day?

Shawn pulled her from her thoughts, “If you feel that way I guess I won’t complain”
He laughed but he was still thinking about her words of “loving THIS” very much.
He asked Trish, “Could you get my shoes from my closet over there?”
Trish walked over to his closet and grabbed the one pair of Nikes and brought them over to him. Without Shawn having to say anything she gently pulled the shoes onto his braced feet and tied the laces as Shawn looked on.
Once his shoes were on his feet he pushed himself closer to the edge of the bed, “Can you give me the crutches?”
“Don’t you want to use this frame thingy to stand up in? The one that is in Jesse’s room?”
“No, I will try it with the crutches.”
“That seems harder?”
“It is somewhat but I think my arms are strong enough and I feel good today, I think I can do it.”

Trish stood up and handed Shawn the fore arm crutches on either side. The cast on Shawn’s hand had really become part of his body, he had gotten good at using the strength of his fingers and been doing most of his daily tasks even with the cast on. Now he was just going to try to hold the crutches as well. The cast was hard as a rock and nothing would break it.

Shawn pushed his arms through the arm loops of the crutches and placed his hands on the handles, “When I get up the brace will lock in the hips and knees and keep my legs straight.”
Trish was a bit worried now and held her hands out to either side of him as Shawn pushed himself upright, two clicks announcing the locking of the braces on his legs and hips and then he held himself there, focusing his eyes on his feet and trying to find his balance in the rigidity of the RGO brace. He was breathing heavy and stayed still for a moment until he looked up at her and when he met Trish’s eyes he saw they were shiny and glistening.
He was thrown off some for a moment, “Trish, are you all right?”
She nodded and swallowed, “Yes, I am just happy to see you like this, standing.”
Shawn was a bit worried, “You are not going to cry, are you?”
A tear dropped out of Trish’s eye, “I am sorry Shawn, no, I am not crying…it is because I am so happy to be here with you and you sharing this with me.”
Shawn wanted to smile and try to make her feel good but he had to concentrate on the task of standing and holding himself up on the crutches. His knuckles were turning white with the strength he used to hold himself up.
For a few more seconds he stood there, breathing and holding himself up until he said lowly, “I will try to take a few steps now.”

Trish nodded excitedly. She loved seeing Shawn in this way but at the same time even though he was holding himself upright and he was about to attempt some steps, inside she knew it wasn’t going to change anything. He was not going to be walking anymore except for maybe in those braces a few steps. The bad part about this was that she was totally fine with him never really walking but the shame about her attraction tried to surface with full force seeing Shawn’s eyes glow at standing up and seeing the pride he felt about being face to face with her, even a few inches taller than Trish. Even though it cost him enormous strength and concentration, in his dark eyes she could see that tiny shimmer of hope he had of maybe one day walking again and it made her feel bad.

Shawn tried to lift his one foot up some, more likely dragging it over the carpet and then repeating the same process with his other foot, the whole time holding on tight to the crutch handles, his arms slightly shaking of having to use all their muscles and full strength. His whole body was swaying a bit and Trish kept holding her hand out to catch him should he maybe fall or something.
He dragged his feet one by one over the carpet, breathing heavily but feeling so proud. At the same time Trish felt the longing inside herself and wanting so much more of him and really all of him. She felt her panties get wet watching Shawn and her whole body was charged with so much desire for him.
Trying to encourage him she said, “You are doing great baby, keep going!”  

This was going on for about twenty steps, ten toward the door and ten back to the bed when Shawn was breathless and exhausted, reaching his bed again, “Shit, this is so freaking hard.”
At his bed he turned around awkwardly and looking at Trish he asked, “Could you unlock them again?”
Quickly Trish pulled the levers on the back of the knees and with his legs bend Shawn let himself down on his bed again. He pulled his arms out of the crutches, let them drop to the ground and fell back on the bed, catching his breath.
Trish climbed onto the bed and laid down next to Shawn, looking at him with her head resting on her hand. Shawn moved his hand over to her waist and she smiled at him, “That was good, you did great.”
He was still breathing heavily and after a moment, “I don’t know, it doesn’t feel very promising.”
“You just have to do it more often to get stronger with it and more comfortable.”
Shawn turned his head to face her and said lowly, “You do realize that paraplegia is irreversible, don’t you?”
His eyes were shiny and sad and Trish nodded and replied lowly, “Of course I know that, baby. I do want to become a Physical Therapist after all.”

Trish let her fingers travel over his cheek, his skin felt hot and Shawn watched her face for a moment, feeling the gentle touch of her hand on his face until he asked lowly, “Trish, why are you really with me?”
Trish was surprised at the question and wondered if Shawn had any knowledge of her being a devotee but she didn’t think he had a clue.
She thought for a moment and then answered, “I am with you because I find you very attractive, nice and fun and…” She sighed and added, “Shawn, I don’t know, I just fell in love with you. What can I say? That is the way it is. It just happened.”
He kept his dark eyes on her, scanning her face and said, “I am so happy to have you here with me Trish. I hope everything works out somehow. I love you very much.”
Trish said softly, “Of course everything is working out. What are you worried about?”
“I am worried about Jesse. I also know I need to get my ass up and you give me a reason to get my life together again. I can’t stay stagnant like this, I need to do something with my life.”
“I will help you with that and don’t worry about Jesse, it will all work out. I love you so much Shawn.”
“I love you Trish.”

They cuddled closer and fell into a loving kiss. Shawn wasn’t able to move much with the braces on, but he felt Trish move over him some and her kissing became wilder and more passionate. He laid under her and with his arms around her back he held her to him.
They kissed for a while until Shawn let his lips unlock from hers and whispered, “Let me move up on the bed Trish. My legs are still hanging over the side of the bed.”

Trish scrambled off of him and watched as Shawn pushed himself up on his hands and sitting up straight, the back brace holding him in place he pulled his body over and his legs all the way onto the bed.
She watched every move he made and every muscle he used as he finally sat up on the bed. She stuffed two pillows behind him, letting him sit up slightly, just enough so she could comfortably lay her head on his chest and could see all the way down his belly to his feet. The clam shell back brace was wrapped around his belly and trunk, attached to the leg braces and she let her fingers trace along the brace edges. She felt very aroused seeing him like that and when a moment ago her arousal had faded some during their conversation, now in the silence and looking at him, it came bubbling up again.

Shawn was still exhausted and just enjoyed the moment with Trish by his side, his fingers softly stroking through her hair and not motivated to get the braces off just yet.  Trish kept gazing at Shawn’s legs encased in the braces and she let the moments of his taking some steps pass in front of her inner eye again. She felt her loins aching for release and her pussy pulsating into her thighs.
Lowly she asked, “Shawn, can I take your shoes and braces off?”
Shawn still had his Nike’s on and even though he was somewhat surprised at Trish’s question he was actually relieved to hear her ask because he was done with the ordeal, “Yeah, if you want to.”

Trish sat up and moving down to the foot end she untied the laces of his Nike’s and took first one shoe off, then the other, exposing Shawn’s socked feet resting in the foot molds of his braces. She then moved from one leather cuff to the next, unbuckling and unstrapping, Shawn watching her closely as she freed his legs from their confinement.
Trish was fully in the moment and he saw her chest rise up and down quickly as she worked her way up to his back brace. She undid the Velcro straps on the side of the back brace, then opening the clam shell, revealing Shawn’s wrinkled tank top underneath, slightly moist from sweat.
He didn’t miss her gaze at the brace parts and seemingly taking the act of unstrapping the braces from him very serious.
Without asking she actually lifted Shawn’s right leg out of the brace and then the left leg. He assisted her in sitting himself up some so she could take the back brace from his body. He was free again and she glanced up at Shawn. Her face looked flushed and when Shawn’s eyes met hers she looked down quickly.
He wondered a little bit about her enthusiasm but in a way was flattered by her interest in helping him and doing a very good job with it.

She moved the braces away and gently let them drop down from the bed. Then she let her hand travel up Shawn’s leg and he felt a little nervous. Usually her hands had been travelling from the top down, now she was coming from his legs up. Her hands stroked softly over his skinny legs, rubbed around his bony knees and to his surprise she let her hand run under his shorts. He didn’t feel her hand on his leg but he saw it and he saw her face, seemingly fascinated and lost in the moments.
He did not want her to come near his paralyzed manhood and watched her hand vigilant as she slid it around under his shorts on the inside of his thighs.
Right when she was getting a little too close he reached his hand down to her, “Trish, please don’t…come up here and kiss me.”
Trish looked up like she was caught doing something wrong and snapped out of the moment by pulling her hand out from under his shorts very quickly, whispering, “I am sorry Shawn.”
He shook his head, “Don’t be sorry, just come up here.”
He took her hand and pulled her up to him.
Holding her to him he looked at her, “Thanks for unstrapping the braces for me. You did that very focused.”
Trish tried to avoid his eyes and smiled shyly.
Shawn pulled her to him and let his lips latch on to hers, holding her tight to him and kissing her hard.