Saturday, November 22, 2014

Three's A Crowd Chapter 9

The first night for Trish at Jesse's and Shawn's house turns into an unexpected situation, manifesting insecurities and feelings of guilt and shame for everyone.

Many nights even though Shawn was tired and exhausted from the day it still took him a while to fall asleep, sometimes slight spasms keeping him awake.  With Jesse’s bedroom being adjacent to his, he heard Jesse get in his bed shortly after they had said Good Night.

It was probably about twenty minutes later when Shawn heard some rustling noises coming from the living room and hearing the floor creak under light footsteps. He lifted his head and looked toward his slightly open door, waiting for his eyes to adjust to the darkness.  A window in the hallway let in some light from a yard lantern and kept the hallway always lighter than the bedrooms at night.
To his amazement Shawn saw Trish’s shape sneak soft footed by his room and he heard a creak from Jesse’s bedroom door. He lifted his head up some more, wondering if anything was going on with Trish. He made out some whispering and eventually the creaking floor in Jesse’s room and then the door closed.

Shawn couldn’t believe what was happening. Trish had obviously snuck into Jesse’s bedroom and now they had closed the door and were in there together. Shawn swallowed and let his head fall back onto the pillow, instantly feeling disappointment and pain creep up inside himself.
He was in shock and still hoping Trish would come back out of the room, maybe with Jesse and they would take care of whatever Trish needed.
It didn’t happen, they did not come out and the door stayed closed.
Instead Shawn picked up some noises from Jesse’s bed squeaking, whispers and soft moaning sounds. Jesse and Trish were sleeping together.
Shawn laid in the dark, emotions of anger and pain brewing inside him. At the same time he knew he didn’t really have a right to stop this from happening. Jesse hadn’t been with a woman in a long time because of being bound to the house with Shawn all this time. Trish was hot and obviously she was interested in Jesse. She had been drinking during the evening but even though she had been chatting and joking happily with Jesse, Shawn had been thinking that just a tiny bit there was a chance that she possibly found him attractive and interesting. How could he have been so wrong assuming she had maybe checked him out earlier that night?
Even though he was terrified of having a woman like Trish around for the next few weeks to possibly assist him with very personal issues, deep down inside he had still been somehow excited to have her around and maybe, but just maybe become more than friends. He didn’t really have a plan on how that would work, because “more than friends” relationships were not something easily accomplished for him anymore.
Being paralyzed from the T-6 vertebrae down had brought on more issues with it than not walking or spasms but also made Shawn realize that some things were not possible for him anymore. He had kept telling himself that no woman would probably take a chance on him anymore at all if she knew just a little bit about how his injury had affected his life socially, physically, psychologically and sexually.
The pain he felt lying in the darkness and hearing the soft noises of passion in the other room turned into an utter feeling of loneliness and Shawn trying to fight emotions of despair. A knot formed in his throat, feeling like it cut off his airway.
Since his accident and knowing the extent of his injuries and how it would affect him, he had put all hopes of ever dating or having any sexual interactions to the side. He avoided going out or meeting people especially women out of fear of questions and having to explain that sexually he wasn’t exactly a stallion anymore.
He knew of other paraplegic guys with girlfriends or married, some going about their life like nothing ever happened to them and some claiming women were even more into them than when they were still on their own two legs.
He kept pondering in his thoughts and cursing lowly into the darkness he wiped over his face. He heard them next door and actually held his hands over his ears in the hope of blocking out the noises of lust. For a moment he took his hands off his ears and guided his one hand down under his blanket and pushed it under the elastic of his lounge pants and the incontinence briefs trying to feel of any sign of life or excitement down there because as much as he tried not to picture it he did see Trish appear in his mind and combined with her soft moans and thinking about what they were doing he felt his hands tremble and his heart beat fast. When he touched himself all he felt was a soft and limp penis. For a moment he thought about trying harder but then he felt disgust at himself and thought about how he was a joke of a man, incomplete and filled with self-pity, a guy who couldn’t even act on one of the most basic instincts of men anymore.
He pulled his hand up again and just laid there trying to fight all the emotions overcoming him.
He didn’t hear Trish leave Jesse’s room and eventually tiredness overcame him and he fell asleep with wet eyes and unfulfilled desires and longing.
He was worried to have to face Trish and Jesse in the morning and having to keep his feelings inside.

Jesse had heard the footsteps too and sat up to hear if something was wrong with Trish. She had been drinking at least three large glasses of red wine during the evening at dinner and Jesse was surprised when her silhouette appeared in his door frame.
He whispered, “Trish, what is it?”
She shook her head and said in a hush, sneaking into his room, “Nothing.”
With that she sat right on his bed, hugged him and whispered in his ear, “Jesse, you are so hot…if you don’t want me I’ll leave your room right now.”
Very surprised Jesse scrambled out of his bed and softly closed his door. His mind was racing at what to do about this. He sat back down next to her and whispered, “Trish…I’m leaving tomorrow.”
She stroked her hand over his face, “I know but I thought we could…” she paused then whispered, “…we could sleep together. I know you haven’t been with a woman in a while and it would be nice I think. You are such an attractive and great guy Jesse, do you even realize how women check you out?”
He didn’t reply anything but moved his hands up to her face, stroking it and letting his fingers run over her long blonde hair. Trish was right, he hadn’t been with a woman in over a year and even the last one he was with had only been a one-night stand.
Once Shawn had come home from the hospital and rehab Jesse’s social life had been put on hold.
His hand travelled down her hair to her breasts under her tank top. She felt so soft and her breasts were round and firm, just the right size in his hands.
Trish moved closer to him and whispered, “Jesse, kiss me!”
Her breath smelled of toothpaste and red wine. He lowered his head, “Trish, it is not right…I mean…you are here for Shawn. I don’t feel right.”
She took his face into her hands, “Jesse, don’t worry about it. I will be here for Shawn, right now I am here for you. Kiss me!”
Jesse looked up at her, he saw her dark face and silhouette in his room, only the window letting in a faint light from the outside.
Trish stroked her hands over his bare chest tracing his pectorals down to his belly. His breathing came faster when he lifted her tank top over her head and he felt her bare breasts with his hands, moving up to her neck and finally giving in to the urge to kiss her.
Blood was pumping quickly through his body as he kissed her hard and pushed her down on his bed. He leaned over her, stroking her breasts and belly, kissing her demanding and passionately. Trish felt warm and good next to him, a feeling he had almost forgotten.
She kissed him back, let her tongue slither down his neck, nibbled on his ear lobe and he could barely control the sudden onset of desire. She moaned softly as he let his hand slide down her belly and to the inside of her thighs feeling the heat trying to escape.
He moaned softly into her ear, “Trish, you feel so good for me.”
Her hands travelled over his shoulders, her fingernails softly running over his back and down to the elastic waistband of his lounge pants. Slowly she slid her fingers under the waistband and traced under it along to his hip bones and around to his back where her whole hand forcefully grabbed his ass.
He moaned and kissed her harder, moving his hand from her thighs to her ass cheeks. He felt the soft material of her sleep shorts, then slowly moved his fingers under her waistband and started wriggling her shorts down over her long, smooth legs and dropping them on the floor next to her tank top.
Trish started tugging on his lounge pants and he helped slide them off quickly.
Jesse laid on her half way, their kissing was full of passion. Trish felt Jesse’s erection on her leg and she let her hand travel down to it and stroked it softly, his cock was hard and warm, filling her grip completely and some more. His hand had returned from her ass back between her thighs where his fingers stroked up and down, stopping just short of reaching her swollen lips.
She wanted his hand there, she wanted to feel him on her and inside her. She whispered his name in between kisses.
Eventually Jesse stopped and whispered breathing fast, “I need to get a rubber.”
He was hoping and praying that he still had some in his dresser drawer as he dug his hands into it, trying to find a condom. To his relief he found one and rushed back over to the bed and dropped the little package on his night table. Then he cuddled back in bed next to Trish, pulling her over to him, kissing her again on her lips, her neck over to her breast. Trish dug her hands into his hair and travelled up and down his back again with her hands. Jesse moved his hand back down and reached her warm opening.
He softly stroked her lips with his fingers, rubbing softly around her clit and making her moan into his chest, “Jesse, you are so hot.”
His breathing came fast as he slowly let his fingers glide inside her wet opening, feeling around inside it and feeling the warm moisture surround his fingers. She was ready for him, kissing his chest wild and pushing herself against his hand. He slowly pulled his fingers out and reached for the condom, while Trish was stroking her hand up and down his erection, driving him crazy.
He smiled in the darkness, “Trish, let me get the condom on.”
She took it from him, unwrapped it and swiftly pulled it over his hard cock. He slid his body over hers, she kissed him excitedly as she softly spread her legs under him. Jesse’s weight and muscular upper body was hovering over her, her hands slid around his neck and over his back again.
He was breathing quickly as he held himself up over her and finding her moist opening with his erection, sliding into her with no problems, moaning and breathing quickly, “Oh Gosh Trish, you feel so good.”
He slowly started sliding in and out, while she moved with him in rhythm, pushing herself to him. Their rhythmic movements became quicker, their breathing fast and their bodies glistening with sweat.
Jesse’s movement became more forceful, his lips were locked with Trish's lips until he moved over to her neck, sucking her skin and thrusting harder into her. Trish’s fingernails dug into the skin on his back, she moaned and pushed hard against him.
Jesse’s body trembled, his muscles tightened and a low groan escaped his mouth as he came hard inside her.
Trish held onto him tightly, breathing quickly herself.
From the moment she had laid eyes on Jesse she had been attracted to him but just like she felt an attraction to Shawn, which scared her in some strange ways. Jesse though had given her more signs that he was also attracted to her. She liked Jesse’s smile and his humor. In contrast to Shawn’s hostile attitude Jesse’s kindness made him tremendously sexy to her.
During the course of the evening she had became slightly drunk and thoughts of her and Jesse had crossed her mind a few times.
She hadn’t really planned on acting on her urges though but the wine had stripped her off her reserve and as she had laid in her bed her thoughts had ran around Jesse again. Shawn had been quiet all night and even though there had been a few moments when they seemed to connect, she was still intimidated by him and his behavior.  
Jesse was kissing her neck and tried to keep the heat of the moment going. Trish had felt so good for him. He realized how much he had missed the closeness of a woman, the warmth and passion.
Trish was happy lying with him, he was hot and hard to resist. She held him tightly still, but she felt the excitement slowly subside into a feeling of comfort and closeness in his arms.
Jesse kept kissing and touching her and eventually he said, “I’m sorry Trish!”
“About what?”
“Apparently I was a bit too excited, right?”
“What do you mean?”
“I came too fast…you haven’t….” he swallowed, “…you haven’t…”
She interrupted him and whispered softly, “Jesse, it’s o.k. I am fine…you felt so good inside of me…your body is so hot and I liked it very much. I’m fine really.”
Jesse took a deep breath, “Still, I shouldn’t have been selfish!”
She stroked the strands of hair out of his forehead, “Jesse, you were not selfish, you deserved every bit of it. I enjoyed so much being with you like this.”
They kissed softly until Jesse said, “I have to get the rubber off!”
He pulled his still hard cock out of her and took the filled condom off, wrapping it in a tissue and letting it drop to the floor.
He laid down next to Trish and stroked her face softly, “I will make it up to you sometime. I promise!”
Trish smiled, “O.k.!”
She moved close to him, “I want to cuddle and lay with you.”
Despite the passionate moments and Trish feeling very good in Jesse’s strong arms she couldn’t help the faint feeling of guilt creeping up and that maybe she had done something very wrong.


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