Wednesday, December 3, 2014

New Story - Three's A Crowd. Chapter 1

Hello everyone, so I thought I could just go without doing anything on the blog for a while but I guess I was wrong, I am having writing withdrawals already so I decided to go ahead and start posting another one of my stories while I am also going to work on NSA 2.
You will find similarities to NSA in this story and its writing style. Once I pulled out the story and started editing I found myself thinking how some of it sounds similar to NSA but I guess I can't help that, it is just my writing style. Yes, I like the working class characters that could be living around the corner from me, it is the world I live and move around in. My characters have flaws and are not wealthy and perfect, they are regular Joe's and Jane's trying to make ends meet. So here I give you Chapter 1 of "Three's A Crowd",  Jesse and Shawn, two brothers dealing with what life throws at them. This story also plays really where I live so I felt I was more familiar with the settings and places I will put them in. Let me know what you think about this and if you want more. I love you all, Hugs, Yours truly Dani

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