Thursday, February 19, 2015

Footsteps - Chapter Ten (Part II)

It'd been a long time since sex had felt like this. It had been a long time since sex had felt like anything at all, given that I'd been dancing at a one-guest party for a few years. Once Caleb had fished a condom from his beside drawer, and I had had the pleasure of rolling it sensuously down his long, hard, thick cock, prompting rumbling moans of pleasure from him, he returned one hand to my body, almost brushing me aside, keener to devour my body than be devoured by me. Leaning on his right arm again, his free hand was soon racing over the contours of my shoulders, down to my breasts, which he lovingly caressed, running his thumb over the hard nub of each nipple until I was ready to scream. Then, forcefully but not brutishly pushing my shoulders down into the mattress, his chest dipped close to mine as he pivoted his left leg up over mine and resumed his position on top. His hard cock nudged teasingly against my swollen clit as he moved. My hips writhed invitingly.

Supporting all his weight in a half-collapsed, one-armed plank, resting his shattered right hip a little on the left side of my pelvis, he reached his left hand down and circled the bud of my clit with his soft fingertip. The unexpected intensity of his feather-light touch drew a stifled moan from my lips and a wicked handsome grin from his. And then his head was at my opening and he was guiding his hard cock into me. "You're so wet," he breathed right before he drove into me like a jackhammer.

I was pinned to the bed by him, helpless as a butterfly mounted for display, his hands beside my head, cuffing my wrists, clamping them down, his heavy hips hanging from the end of his spine preventing me from moving. He gasped as he felt how tightly I gripped him back in the only place I could. His right leg offered him no strength or leverage over me, and he semi-crumpled on that side, his narrow hips tilting down at an angle where the damage began and his strength failed. With his eyelids ever closed, he drove into me, urgent, needful, deeper, harder, his cock filling me absolutely. Unable to control my body because of the Classical statue come to life on top of me, all I could do was adjust the angle of my hips as he thrust into me.

As I tilted up, his full length slid into me, and I felt his balls knocking against me. "God, Lyss," he whispered, his breath hitching in the middle of my name. "I'm so close..." he gasped.

He'd hardly been in me more than a few minutes but he was ready to come. I clenched tighter, not worrying about prolonging it this first time. I wanted to see what he looked like when he gave me all his self-control, when he emptied himself inside me, and as I shifted my hips up one last time, he began to buck, letting out a series of moans, one of which I swore contained my name, but he was so incoherent that I couldn't be sure.

He fell forward onto me, his shaking arms collapsing, his abs clenching in spasm, and his hips jerked and rocked in rhythmic spasms as he came. Then he fell still, breathing ragged and rasping, dark hair tangled over my face. His hands too fell quiet as all the strength and tension ebbed from his body, and his fingers released their bruisingly-tight grip on my wrists.

I reached my freed arms up over his back, tracing light circles over his skin, the scarred surface like an aerial photograph of a long-quiet battlefield, and he gave another grunt and bucked again, hips lurching weakly just once. "No fair," he whispered. I laughed softly and pressed my palms into the solid muscles of his back, running along the lean lines until I reached the base of his spine, where a light sheen of sweat slickened his skin. I savoured the sensation and then ran a hand over as much of each cheek as I could reach from where I lay, half crushed by Caleb’s spent body.

Then he gave a different grunt and said, his speech slurred like he was half a bottle of single malt down, "I n-nneed to mmmove... M-my hips are..." he broke off with a gasp, and pulled away, pulled back, drawing his length from me carefully, but the rush of cold air made me grimace as I felt the sensation of being left suddenly empty.

He rolled inelegantly off me with a sharp inhale, digging my quad with his right knee, his right hand flashing to his hip and kneading the muscle there. I looked over at him and saw that his misshapen quad was pulsing rapidly, making his leg stiffen and shake. His cock lay across that strangely shaped muscle, now half-hard. I rested my hand quietly on his heaving chest, concern beginning to mingle with lust. My other hand lay on the sheet between us, only inches from his sore, shuddering leg, and I slid over and rested it against the shaking muscle. "Lyss, don't..." he hissed as he breathed out.

"You came so beautifully," I murmured, noting with pleasure that he managed to smile for me, perhaps in agreement.

"And as soon as my body stops freaking out," he whispered hoarsely, "I'm going to make you c-come beautifully for me."

"Mmmm..." I moaned, shifting and letting my right hand trace his collarbones, which seemed to distract him from the pain in his leg.

Pushing myself up onto my left elbow, I leaned over his chest, flipping my hair in a manner worthy of a certain commercial and fanning it out over his lower body in a way that made him begin to moan with pleasure again. I kissed his taut chest, following the path of a few thickly-corded scars for a while like a rut in the road, before nosing my way down his beautiful abs, leaving a total of six kisses, one for each division of muscle, and a seventh I placed just in the nest of hair above his cock, which drew a gasp and a smile from him.

His eyes were rolling lazily from side to side beneath the lids, which flickered rapidly, though to my slight disappointment revealing nothing of what lay behind. His thick, strong brows began to look more than usually soft and relaxed, and his lips lay slightly parted as his breathing quietened, and he began to look almost asleep. After planting a soft kiss on those quiet lips, I moved along his jawline to his neck, unconsciously exhaling as I kissed a pulsing vein, which drew a tremulous chuckle from him.

"Ticklish?" I asked, surprised and somewhat delighted at the unexpected Achilles heel.

"Bit..." he admitted softly.

"Oh really...?" I said, a fun kind of danger ringing deliberately in my tone.

With half a laugh he sat up a little, his leg having fallen quiet and still, and he reached out a curious hand, looking for my shoulder. He didn't find me first time, but when he did, he gave me a playful shove and I tipped over onto my back with a giggle and a soft grunt. "Don't even think about it, miss," he grinned. "I'm not done with y-you yet..."

I was surprised that I liked this side of him. He was commanding and almost dominant with me, but I could tell that if I’d said 'no' to anything, he'd have backed off. Besides, his hands were so polite, even as he pushed me playfully onto my back, that I found no objection to letting him take the reins.

There was a rustle as he rolled over, away from me, reaching for the tissue box beside his bed. I assumed he was taking the condom off, but stayed where I was. Shortly his hands returned to my body, gliding over the covers until he found me. “There you are,” he whispered. He explored my figure with his smooth, warm hands, moving all over my body, making every cell and fibre thrum with want. Never once did he open his eyes, but he turned his ear towards me a little ways, following the faint whisper of his skin on mine, occasionally breathing more deeply, nostrils almost flaring.

“Y-you ok?” he asked after a while. “Y-you’ve gone all tense…”

I smiled, laughing softly. “Yeah, I’m good,” I said in a whisper. It was none of my business whether he showed me his eyes or not. I reached my hand up and put it on the back of his neck, pulling him gently in towards me, which allowed me to plant a soft kiss right on his temple. It made his eyelids flicker protectively, almost like a wince, but he smiled that heart-stopping smile.

“Alright,” he said, satisfied that I was ok. “Now, where w-was I?” His softly stuttered question made my chest flutter like a snow globe as he leaned close to me.

“You promised to make me come…” I whispered, my breath snaring in his hair as it fell in waves around his ear.

Then he did move his hand to the soft skin just above my clit and caressed me, reigniting all my lust and making me roll my hips, begging him with my body to touch me where I really wanted him to. “I n-never pr-pr-promised,” he said, darkly, leaving a kiss on my neck.

I complained wordlessly with a loud groan, and he laughed.

“But I w-will,” he smiled, moving his hand down just below my clit and doing a figure of eight around that most sensitive bud.

My hips lurched skywards and I wanted to grab something, anything, to anchor myself as he circled my bud, first slowly, and then with greater urgency. Switching between circles and coaxing strokes, he pushed me towards the edge. I ran my hands desperately over his scar-crossed chest, his collarbones, down his back as far as I could reach, my nails raking along his thighs, and then up through his hair, tugging and pulling, only making that god-damned sexy smirk grow wider and more lopsided with each desperate yank.

“Pl-play nice with your cr-cripple,” he crooned darkly, softly, sarcastically. “Or you'll hurt me…”

“You’re former Army Captain,” I panted. “If you can’t stand this kind of torture, then you can’t have been that good…”

He laughed, loud and genuine for a few seconds, his finger halting its regular looping movement for a moment, before he remembered that we were not alone in the house, and we had to keep it down. Now, as I teetered on the edge of a very loud orgasm, was not the moment for a young child to come bursting in. I pushed that thought from my mind, as it threatened to throw ice water on my fire, and instead concentrated on Caleb’s incredible touch on and around my clit.

He seemed to have sensed my dip in temperature, and he dropped off his right elbow so that he was lying completely on his side, his head close to mine, giving me an excellent view of the muscles in his arm as I lay on my back, though my own vision was beginning to blur as he took me closer. “As a c-captain, I g-got used to people doing what I told them to,” he said evenly. At that moment, he brought his finger up to my clit from below, and I nearly screamed. “So…” he added, “C-come for me…”

And I did.

I had to bite my lower lip to stop the scream, and I caught it in my throat as I caved inwards, folding almost in half, rolling over so that we were nose to nose as I exploded into orgasm, my legs pressing into his, and then shuddered and twitched for a good number of pounding heartbeats afterwards.

And as I opened my eyes a minute or two later, I found myself looking straight into his.

It took me a moment to realise exactly what I was seeing: I was seeing Caleb for the first time. Just as he’d said they were, I saw that they were blue – bright, ice blue – in stark contrast to his dark hair, but there was a thick, milky sheen of damage which brushed over the irises, washing them out like fog over snow-capped mountains. His gaze looked sightlessly right through me as he lay on his side. One eyelid was heavier than the other, his left, and it hung a little lower over his eye than the right, but only fractionally, but it gave me the impression that he was on the verge of giving me a sly wink. I loved them instantly.

“I love you,” I found myself breathing, sensing my heart beginning to slow again.

He blinked, exhaled in surprise at my statement, smiled, blinked again, and then, as though the act of blinking recalled his attention to his eyes, he suddenly rolled away from me, darting over to lie on his back with a harsh laugh, clamping his eyelids shut again and throwing his arm up over his face.

I was confused. “Something I said?” I’d just told the man that I loved him, and he reacted like that?

Then I saw the smile that was spreading over his face, and I honestly thought for a minute that it really was going to reach from ear to ear. His other hand rested lightly on his stomach, the hand that had so recently coaxed and pushed me to blinding orgasm, and it began to jump up and down with his muscles as he started to laugh.

“What?” I pressed, managing to push myself up onto my left elbow. I lay my right arm over his lower abs, just above his hipbones, beneath his resting hand, and he started at my touch, relaxing instantly though as I began to run my hand over that enticing trail of dark hair which crept up from around his cock towards his belly button. He was still laughing, borderline maniacally. “Ok,” I said sweetly. “I can tell this isn’t ticklish laughter, but what has tickled you? The fact that I said ‘I love you’?”

“No,” he insisted earnestly, turning serious for a moment, adding, “I’m sorry,” with a smile, rolling back over suddenly and catching me up in his arms. He held me close to him, crushed me into him, so close that I was worried I’d run out of oxygen shortly as he pulled me into his chest. “I…” he laughed again. “I just… just k-kind of forgot…”

“About your eyes?” I asked apprehensively.

“Yeah,” he said carelessly. “I don’t show my eyes around anyone, ever… Not even Amy if I c-can avoid it…” and he began to laugh again. “And then here y-you are, l-lying in my arms and c-coming l-like that… I think…” he still had his arms around me, but he backed off a little as I wheezed audibly, “I think my brain has just finally got that y-you’re for real!” he laughed, running his hands down my body from my shoulders, along the dip in my waist, to my hips and down, down to where I still glistened with my own cum. He pushed the pad of his fingertip against me, whispering, “So wet,” with a smile.

“See, I did mean it when I said you’re gorgeous…” I insisted playfully.

His chocolaty laugh, rich, dark and low in my ear, combined with the gentle but insistent pressure on my clit made my hips roll again and I shuddered onto my back. “Again?” he asked, half incredulous, half pleased. I nodded, and he tutted, “Wh-what have I told y-you about head shakes and bl-blind people…”

“I didn’t shake my head…” I groaned, barely able to form words as he teased my swollen sex.

He slid one arm beneath my head so that my cheek was against his chest, allowing me to inhale the smell of his skin, and kiss his solid pecs. “I know,” he said, his voice no more than a soft growl somewhere near my ear.

I came much quicker the second time, and by some miracle, I made almost no noise as my body lurched and bucked into orgasm a second time. As I collapsed back into his arms, I looked up at his face. I didn’t need him to tell me he loved me back.

I didn’t need it, because he opened his eyes again for me.

They locked on some distant sightless place, skimming way past my face. For an instant they were locked still, but then they began to rock laterally, lazily side to side, side to side, and he closed them again. I nuzzled wordlessly into his chest, not wanting him to think I was gawping, feeling the buzz dying between my legs, and an immense tiredness sweeping up my body. He fished for the duvet with his left hand, drawing it up over us before returning his hand to my body, draping it over my hips.

Right on the edge of sleep some while later, I suddenly realised I hadn’t told Luke I was staying at Caleb’s, and, loathe as I was to wriggle free of him, I said I’d sent Luke a message so that he wouldn’t launch a full search and rescue operation for me, and Caleb mumbled something back which sounded like he agreed with me.

The brightness of my phone stung my eyes as I tapped a quick message out. Almost immediately, Luke replied, saying merely, ‘Don’t do anything I wouldn’t. x’ I snorted, and had begun to message back with something along the lines of ‘there’s nothing you wouldn’t do…’ when an amendment arrived from Luke. ‘On second thoughts, don’t do anything I wouldn’t want you to. See you tomorrow.’ I turned my phone off and chucked it down onto the pile of discarded clothes beside the bed, and slithered back next to Caleb, who now lay on his back and might well have been asleep already.

The sleeplessness of the weekend caught up with me and I drifted under in a matter of minutes, my naked body pressed against Caleb’s, the warm winter duvet encasing us both, feeling satin-soft against my bare skin.

To be continued...... 


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