Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Three's A Crowd Chapter 10

Hello my friends, here is Chapter 10 of TAC. Thanks for all your feedback and taking the time to read the story. I know last week's chapter may have been disappointing to some of you but I can tell you there is really no way around for Trish and Shawn to somehow make their situation work. With Trish's secret attraction to Shawn and Shawn's insecurities and hostile attitude it is not going to be easy but hopefully you will follow along and enjoy the story as it keeps unfolding. Of course then there is Jesse who I also like very much :-) but we will see how this plays out. Your comments and feedback are important to me always and I am so thankful for all my readers. Hugs, Dani
Here is also a link to the TOC for "Three's A Crowd":
Table of Contents "Three's A Crowd"

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