Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Three's A Crowd Chapter 13

Hi friends, here is Chapter 13 of TAC. In this chapter Trish and Shawn are trying to deal with the situation at the lake, both in their own way but not helping the way they feel about each other. We also get a little glimpse into how Trish found out about her attraction and putting a name to it. I like to get more out of the characters and I don't want to have them jump right into a sexually driven romance and I hope that is O.K. for my readers. My characters tend to be a bit complicated but I hope you want to stick around for more of Trish and Shawn and follow along how they will hopefully manage to let their guards down in the way of how they feel for each other. Thanks for reading and always appreciative of your comments. Yours truly, Dani

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