Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Twist Of Fate Chapter 17

Recap of Chapter 16
Cassie’s ex-boyfriend shows up and is greeted by four angry people. Matt bravely puts up a fight with him which leads to the arrest of the unwanted visitor. Matt has a few physical after-effects, but Cassie is again very efficient and takes matters in her own hands. Her medical care ends up in a sexy scene.

Today is our boat outing and I promised Gary a new fishing pole for Christmas. He feels embarrassed but I insist on getting him one before we leave. I ended up taking a sleeping pill and some pain killers at three o’clock in the morning and I’ve had better days. In fact I don’t feel well at all. I hope it’s not bad news for the surprise getaway I planned with Cassie. I am rarely sick, except for the spasms and back pain but this time I feel feverish and weak. In my case an infection shouldn’t be taken lightly. Last time I had a fever it went sky high and I ended up in the ICU for two weeks with a urinary tract infection. I prefer to assume it’s a temporary state due to the stressful and fairly violent close contact I had with the ex. Nonetheless I am still angry at myself for the shameful personal incident that followed and I blame my broken body whose bruises don’t heal as well as before. Cassie knows I had a rough night and tries to talk me out of going. Needless to say, I don’t comply. After breakfast I follow Gary to his pickup with Cassie in my wake, “I’m coming with you.”
I laugh at her stubbornness, “No you’re not. This is a guy thing and you’ll be bored.”
She gives up easily pretending to be offended, but the twinkle in her eyes says otherwise. I think she likes the idea of me and her dad starting to bond. Moreover she knows perfectly I’d go, no matter what.
“Ok, I’ll see you when you return. I am going to walk Gus and say hi to the neighbors.”
“Good idea. We’ll be back in no time, hopefully not empty-handed.”
I see Gary’s lopsided smile, “Whoa! I’m impressed. You must have a secret to be obeyed like this. Cassandra has always been a tenacious and obstinate girl.”
“You’re right, she has a temper but I like this side of her. Anyhow she is not always that way. She is also responsible, smart, caring and sweet. And according to me, being independent with a personality is not a flaw. I think you have a wonderful daughter.”
He nods a couple of times obviously agreeing with me.

I am glad Cassie doesn’t see me struggle to get in the truck; otherwise she would have taken me back into the house by force. Gary is not really too confident either. My side is still painful and the passenger’ seat is too high for an easy transfer. In fact, there is no possible transfer, just a physical performance. I have to plop down on the footboard first, then grab the side handle in the cab and pull myself up inside with my other hand pushing on the open door window. That is after letting my legs dangle in thin air like a rag doll which seems like for ages. At some point I almost ask Gary to come to my rescue and help me back down in my chair. Even if my arms muscles are strong I have a bruised and painful hip for the previous day, only four hours of sleep and an overpowering exhaustion. I finally make it under Gary’s anxious look. We sigh in relief simultaneously. Still, he has to put the wheelchair in the bed truck after I explain him how to take the wheels off. It’s out of my reach. It takes me longer to get in and out the truck than choosing the fishing rod in the store, but I don’t regret it seeing Gary’s childish smile. He looked for a cheap one, but I convinced him to take a high-end brand.
“This is top of the line material. I never had such an expensive pole. Thank you Matthew, it’s a beautiful present, but you didn’t have too.
"I know but I wanted to. Let me be clear though, I am not Jeffrey trying to buy you off. It’s just your Christmas gift and don’t imagine I’ll buy you presents like those each time I come.”
He smiles at my fake serious tone, and we are back and ready for our fishing trip. I have to go to the bathroom first and I need help again for the stairs. Cassie comes to assist her father to haul me up. They now know I can get them down on my own, but Gary is still nervous to see me balanced on my two rear wheels to bump the steps down one by one. To board the boat is a brand new ballgame. I have to leave my chair again, so Cassie and her dad can carry me on board, because the boat is much lower than the deck. Then Gary brings my wheels on the boat, so I can transfer back once more. That’s a lot of transfers but I have no other choice for certain activities. I wish I could sit on the deck seats but I do not trust my unsteady balance. Even if the waters are still, it’s rocking a bit and I am afraid of the other boats’ wakes. After all it’s my first time on a boat since my accident and I stick to Gary who is piloting. I position my wheelchair close to him and put my brakes on.
“Are you ok Matt? Comfortable enough?”
“It’s perfect Gary. Thank you for taking me.”
“You’re kidding right? Thank you for coming with me. Usually I’m all by myself so I appreciate the company.”

While we slowly move along the canal, I start to relax and I feel a little better. It is not too hot and the direct sun feels good on my face. Putting my sunglasses on I am able to look at Gary without blinking and we have friendly small talks. We stop in the middle of the bay and I can see he is excited to fish with me and his new rod. I have to admit it pleases me too. I didn’t fish for years, and I am curious to do it from a wheelchair. After we are both settled and waiting patiently for some activity on the other end of our lines, Gary resumes chatting, “If I may say, your wheelchair doesn’t limit you to enjoy life and do a lot of things. I can see you are a real fisherman Matthew. You know how to set the bait and throw the line, not like this wannabe. He was such a sissy letting me hook his baits and unhook the fish with a disgusted face; that is not to mention the countless lines he broke.”
I chuckle frankly while he goes on, “I am sorry for not trusting you with my daughter and assuming you couldn’t take care of her or make her happy. I was totally wrong. Honestly, when she told us about you with the wheelchair and all we were taken aback. We really thought she was wasting her life getting into trouble to become a caregiver. I feel bad to tell you this but I pictured you very differently. Cassandra didn’t go into details regarding your…problem, so we went for the worst.”
“How so? Did you imagine me in a vegetative state? In a power chair, completely dependent with a feeding tube and a 24 hour attendant care?”

My tone is sarcastic but I can’t help it. I am fed up with people having such wrong ideas of disability and degrade us or feel embarrassed in our presence.”
“Kind of I admit, but after meeting you and knowing you better, I am much less worried. Well, I wish you didn’t have this terrible accident and I feel sorry for you but you seem to handle your predicament pretty well. I reckon you have more willpower and strength than any able-bodied people and I admire you. You are a good guy, much better than this moron Jeffrey, and I have never seen my daughter so radiant and in love. I don’t blame her for choosing you.”
“Thank you for your honesty and kind words. I am aware I am not the perfect boyfriend for a parent’s point of view, but I love your daughter and I’ll do anything for her.”
“I saw what you already did yesterday and that’s enough for me. I’ve only known you for two days but I know you are brave, honest and I already like you. You have my blessing. My wife is more hesitant and wary but she’ll come around. I’ll see to it. She is a stressed and stressful woman and just scared about people health issues, so imagine a wheelchair! I had a heart attack two years ago but I feel perfectly fine now. Even if my test results are all good she would like me to do nothing else but sit in front of the TV all day and have her daughter by our side forever. I keep on telling her she should be happy if her daughter is happy and let me lead an active life as long as I can. Oh, what can I tell you? Women can be so overwhelming and bossy! Sometimes it’s hard to bear.”

His statement sounds so resigned and accepting I can’t repress a smile and I nod mischievously, “Yeah, I know the feeling but as they say it’s for our own good and what would we do without them?”
“You’re right son. We love them the way they are and we are not perfect either!”
He squeezes my shoulder in an affectionate way and we share a few seconds of mutual emotion.

We come back with five fish, four for me but the biggest for Gary. Its size is worth all of mine together. He almost broke his new pole pulling it out of the water, and I had to come to his rescue. I know what we are having for dinner tonight. The women are amazed but not too happy about cleaning those fish. I willingly volunteer, “I’ll do it. My mom and sister hated doing it too, and they don’t want my father or me to fish anymore. We buy them ready to cook now. But I did it so many times with my dad when I was younger; I think I still have the skills of a fishmonger.”
They all smile at me and Helen puts an apron over my head with such an unusual confidence she startles me. Everyone laughs at my surprised but funny face.
“You can’t imagine how grateful I am Matthew. He brings me back fish to clean almost every week. I think I will get along very well with your mom and your sister. They seem to be insightful women.”
I smile at her remark and wiggle my eyebrows, “You’re welcome Helen. And yes I am surrounded by perceptive women, but it can be irritating sometimes. I’ll be right back.”
I wink at Cassie and Gary gives me a knowing look. With this moment of complicity I spin around to head to the bathroom. I have been gone for over two hours, we had some beers and I need to drain my bladder real bad. After I am done I find Cassie seated on the edge of the bed. She is staring at me with a naughty look.
“Were you waiting for me Baby? Are you mad for what I said about the women I love?
Nope. I just want you to kiss me before you take care of those fish.”
“Are you implying I’ll be too stinky after the job?”
“I am farsighted. I hate the smell of raw fish!”
“Hey! I’ll shower and if it’s not enough you can scrub me. Deal?”
“Deal, but even so I need a hug right now.”
“You don’t need any excuse for that kind of activity. I will always agree.”
She sits on my lap and kisses me in a warm embrace. When I am able to catch my breath again I take an offended tone, “So you tricked me for a cuddle session. Confess to your crime Lady.”
“I confess your honor. What is the verdict?”
“The Defendant is sentenced to no touching for a full day.”
“You can’t do that, it’s torture!”
She puts on a scared face and I burst out laughing.
“Ok, sentence revoked until further notice.”
She giggles and fondles under my t-shirt.

When we eat the fish caught by Gary, cleaned by me, cooked by Helen and tasted by everyone, I announce a little bit bluntly, “Tomorrow I am taking Cassie on a trip for a few days, but we’ll come back here before returning to Chicago. She really wanted me to know you and I am glad I came and met you, but I thought it would also be nice to take her someplace else, where we could hang out by the beach and take some pressure off. I hope it is ok with you, and I am sorry for not telling you when we arrive, but I wanted it to be a surprise.”
Cassie’s big green eyes are questioning me with a stunned look, and Helen doesn’t seem too happy about it, “You could rest here, the beach is only a few miles away.”
“Huh…I know but I meant…right on the beach…just… the two of us. It is our first vacation together and I already booked somewhere.”
“I think it is a wonderful idea. When Cassie is here she doesn’t do anything. She doesn’t even go to the beach and we work during the day. It is fairly boring, don’t you think Helen? They need to clear their heads especially after what happened, and they would like to spend some time alone. That’s understandable.”
Gary winks at me. Helen is pouting but nods not totally convinced, Cassie has a broad smile on her face and I feel less embarrassed.
The next day we leave quite early because we have a three and a half hour drive, but for a complete change of scenery. I am taking her to the Florida Keys, and I really want us to do nothing but lie down on beach chairs, drink cocktails and make love in a king size bed. My first plan was a cruise in the Caribbean, but a crowded ship with frequent stops in harbors for touristic visits is not really handicapped friendly. And I know Cassie; she is like me and more into a romantic and intimate getaway. In the privacy of the bedroom, she asks me puzzled, “When did you plan this Matt, and when did you intend to tell me?”
“I decided to take you on a real vacation when I booked the plane tickets. I had no intention of telling you until the last minute, but your parents needed to know a little beforehand. It’s not very polite and even rude of me to take you away from them without asking anyone’s permission, even though I need us to be alone for a few days in a remote and different location. I also must admit that selfishly I want you all to myself.”
“Well, I’m selfish too because it is a mutual feeling, and I am dying for this moment. Wherever you’re taken me, it will be paradise.”

I brought my hand control system with me so I can drive, and I surely impress Cassie’s parents when they see me sit behind the wheel. When we are all set to go, Gary is all smiles waving goodbye while Helen is nodding slightly with a concerned look. I drive all the way down just stopping once to stretch my legs, figure of speech! In my case it is to ease the tension in my back, but mostly to cath and drink coffee. We are both emotionally tired from the previous days with Cassie’s argument with her folks, but mostly with Jeffrey’s intrusion. I know she is still upset about it and fears the consequences. I am not troubled in the least myself but not throwing the towel until further legal action is taken. In the mean time I’ll make sure this guy won’t harass her anymore. We don’t talk much during the drive, each of us being lost in our thoughts. Cassie dozes off leaning on my shoulder half the ride, and I have to wake her up when I stop the car in the Key West Harbor. She opens her eyes and smiles at me sleepily, “are we here yet?’
“Not quite. We have to take a seaplane to go on a private island.”
She looks perplexed but excited, “Where are you taking me Matt?”
“To Little Palm Island. It’s only accessible by boat or plane, so I figured it will be secluded enough for our romantic getaway.”
“Wow! That’s sounds riveting. After living all my life in Florida I have never been there before. Can you believe it? Did you?”
My guess is her last question is implying ‘with Melissa’.
“I haven’t either.”
I feel the need to add, “With nobody else but you.”

Earlier I called the seaplane company to mention my disability and there are two staff members waiting for us at the foot of the Cessna. One of them takes our bags from my lap and they let Cassie board first. As I can’t do the four stairs up even in my wheelchair, they have to get me out of it and carry me in their arms. They are very cautious and make sure my head doesn’t bump into the doorframe, because the entrance is very narrow and low. They even have to remove the wheels of my chair and fold the frame to get it in. It is a tedious and yet degrading process for me, but I refuse to restrict ourselves from anything because of my disability. As much as I hate planes nowadays I’ll do anything to see this magical twinkle in Cassie’s eyes. It’s a very quick flight, but the sightseeing of small islands beaches, the ocean’s various shades of blue and turquoise beneath us are breathtaking. Cassie is holding tight onto my hand, and stuck to the window like a child seeing Santa Claus in person.

I have to rely once more on people’s help to unload my wheelchair and myself, but it is done with simplicity and discretion.
We check in at the reception and are escorted ceremoniously to our suite. If I have seen the resort pictures on the Internet, I am still impressed by what I discover. As for Cassie she is speechless and awestruck. This is a very expensive place that I never could have afforded in my twenties, neither before that with my parents. When I could, thanks to my NFL substantial paychecks, I didn’t have time or never thought about staying in such a luxury place. Now I have other considerations and my new motto is that we only live once. Since I am safe from financial worries I want it to be of benefit to Cassie, and I am looking forward to enjoy this stunning setting with her. I asked for the most secluded bungalow on the island. It features a wide living space with a separate dining and living room, and a huge private deck overlooking the ocean. I let Cassie lead the tour, and I am rewarded by her broad enchanting smile and sparkling eyes. As she discovers the private beach hidden among tropical lush vegetation, I instantly think about her father who would comment on every tree, plant and flower. The wooden deck is equipped with a Jacuzzi ready to use with steaming and whirling waters and an outdoor shower. Interior features give a traditional West Indies touch blended with true island design. Striking vaulted ceilings rise to thatched roofs, and iron and teak ceiling fans linger below. The colonial style king size bed is covered with red rose petals, surrounded by large eggshell sheers and decorated with a bunch of fluffy cushions. I already imagine myself propped against them with Cassie in my arms. She seems to read my mind because she looks at me with eager eyes. Everything seems perfect and handicapped friendly, except for the antique bathtub which sits proudly in the middle of the luxury bathroom. I made sure beforehand there is also an accessible shower.
“Do you like it Babe?”
“Are you crazy Matt? I have never seen such an enchanting place. Thank you so much. It is from far the best Christmas’ present I ever got.”
“I am glad to hear that and you are my Christmas’ present.”
She giggles and like a little girl she throws herself onto the plush mattress making all the flower petals scatter around her.
“Come next to me Matt. This is so soft and comfy. It will be hard to get out of this.”
“I agree on that. It looks very tempting and I could use a little nap…but a cheeky one!”
We test the bed making love and our lascivious desire leaves us blissfully satisfied.  Exhausted as well, I am unable to move for a while and I even fall asleep. When I wake up the sun has almost disappeared giving way to a horizon on fire. The sky is exploding in layers of yellow, orange and red. It almost looks surreal but so magnificent. Cassie is not in the room and I miss her already. I transfer quickly and look for her. The living room is open to the outside patio, and I find her in the Jacuzzi tub wrapped around hot aromatic vapors contemplating the same sky I was discovering a few minutes ago. The sea seems darker now, except for the setting sun’s feeble light which is reflecting on the surface like a river of diamonds. Cassie has her back turned so she can’t see me. I approach silently from behind and wrap my arms around her neck. I startle her, but without turning her head she takes my hands in hers with a sigh of pleasure, “Matt, it is so relaxing here! You spoil me so much. I have to warn you though; you shouldn’t do this too often or I could get used to it!”
“You deserve it and I am treating myself too because I didn’t take a vacation for a while. Not since the accident, and months before we were in the middle of the playoffs, so I was training hard. I don’t remember the last time I swam in the ocean.”
“Can you still swim?”
“I can in a swimming pool so I don’t see any reason why I couldn’t in the sea. The only problem is my wheelchair in the sand. There is no way I can wheel to the shore. I’ll try to figure out something tomorrow.”
“Oh yes! Let’s find a way. I would love to be in the ocean with you Matt. For now, can you join me in the Jacuzzi?”
I look at the wide wooden tub skeptically. It is too high for me to transfer in, and there is no step half way to sit on.
“I don’t think I can Cass, but thanks for overestimating my acrobatic abilities.”
I mean it. She has a gift to strengthen my self esteem. When everyone sees my paraplegic limitations, Cassie on the contrary always seems to ignore them to the point I can totally forget them myself sometimes. Right now, she is giving me a pleading look as if it was a vital decision, “Please Matt, I’ll help you. You will feel so good in the water and I’ll give you a massage.”
“You have a sneaky way to convince me Baby. Ok, let’s try but I don’t promise anything.”
As I am only in my boxers I pull them off wiggling my waist from side to side, while Cassie gets out of the tub to help me in. She is completely naked, smelling nice from the essential oils, and her beautiful body terribly tantalizing, although I really don’t think it is such a good idea. She has not my father’s strength, and this Jacuzzi is much higher than a regular bathtub. While I am assessing the situation, she realizes her proposition is risky and looks annoyed.
“I am sorry Matt, I didn’t think. It was selfish of me. Forget about it. ”
“No. I like when you see me as an able-bodied and don’t belittle me. I like challenges. Let’s try it. I’m going to put my legs first and you will help me to get out of the chair.”

I have to do it now before I change my mind. I wheel forward against the tub, facing it. I lift my lifeless legs one at a time and put them in the warm water that I can’t feel. I could burn myself I wouldn’t know. Then I struggle to slide to the edge of my chair as my legs are raised above and already half immersed. Cassie is checking intensely, not so confident for once to see me in that perilous position. I really don’t like what I’m about to do but I’ll do anything for her.
“Now, what do you want me to do Matt?”
“Come closer.”
She leans on me and I hook her neck with my arms, “Ready?”
She nods.
“Ok, I count to three and you lift me, so I can sit on the edge of the tub. Then I think I can manage by myself. You’re sure you are ready for this Cass? You know I am a dead weight and a heavy one.”
“Yes I’m sure, start counting.”
She pulls me up and out of my chair, and sits me down delicately on the edge of the hot tub. Now I am back at the same level of my legs. Cassie is holding me tight by the shoulders, but I can’t stay long like this without back support.
“Ok. Now go back in the tub to catch me in case I slip too deep in the water. It will be stupid to wind up drowned in a whirlpool spa.”
“Matt, please! This is not funny, don’t joke about that.”
I chuckle, “Don’t worry I am good at free diving!”
She is back in the water ready to welcome me. Hands behind my back tightly holding the edge, I slip my upper body in the warm water and this time I can feel the heat.
“Phew! You really wanted me here didn’t you?”
She sighs in relief and kisses me. The bottom is slippery and I have to hold onto the sides. She squeezes her body behind mine and wraps me in her arms so my back can rest on her chest. Now I have my hands free to touch her velvety thighs under the scented and bubbling hot water. The trouble was worth it and I relax in her arms, while as promised she massages my shoulders and chest. It feels so right to be here with her, far from everyone, everything, on an open deck facing the ocean with a tropical breeze caressing our faces. We don’t talk for long minutes taking pleasure in the sensual touches of our mutual bodies.
“What are you thinking Cass?”
“That you took me to heaven. I am afraid I am dreaming though, and I am going to wake up to find out none of this is real.”

Puzzled by her sudden emotion, I turn my head slightly to the side to be able to face her, “It is real Babe. We are here together and you are doing wonders with your magic hands wandering over my body. In the water nestled against your breasts I almost have the sensation I am whole, because I forget I don’t feel my legs. Let me kiss you and show you this is not a dream. I shift on my side, put my arms around her waist and we kiss with passion until we need some air.
“Touch me again Cass, it feels so good”
I shift back against her, take her hand and guide her on my chest and my stomach. She seems to enjoy caressing me as much as I relish the feeling of well-being she is giving me.
“Thank you for all this Matt, I love you.”
“You can touch me and love me all you want, but please stop thanking me. I am as happy as you are.”
My hands are still resting on her thighs, gently stroking them with delight. Her own hands keep on exploring my extra sensitive torso and shoulders, until I don’t feel them anymore. I can guess they are foundling my lower abdomen. Suddenly Cassie startles me with an exclamation, “Matt!”
“What’s the matter?”
She promptly takes one of my hands and put it between my legs. We are both in shock. My penis is hard, I am having an erection. I stroke it, touch it, cup it in both hands like a hidden treasure found, stare at it through the hot bubbles, and instantly tears are stinging my eyes. It is my first real erection without stimulation in over a year. I don’t believe in miracles, because if I can see my erected shaft, I still can’t feel anything. I stroke it so hard in despair; Cassie has to stop me and removes my hands.
“Do you see that Cass? Is it for real? Now it’s me wondering if I am not dreaming.”
“No you’re not.”
She beams at me wiping my tears. She touches me down there for the first time and she seems to enjoy what she has in her hands. I let her make the most of it, because I can’t tell if it will be repeated. She is gentle, affectionate and I am burning inside not being able to feel her touch and even less, penetrate her. All of a sudden I am also burning outside. I am hot, I breathe with difficulty, and I feel terribly wrong.
“Cass, help me out of here quick. I think I’m going to pass out.”
I close my eyes.
“Oh, no no no Baby, not here, not in the tub. Please look at me. Matt!”
I feel a few little slaps on my cheeks and I open my eyes. Did I faint? I don’t know how she did it, but I am seated on the edge of the tub slouched against her, and she is out of Jacuzzi. If she lets go I fall backwards and she knows it. She quickly puts a towel on my shoulders, another one on my wheelchair still holding me close.
“Matt you have to put your arms around me and hold on tight. Can you do that? Matt! focus. Look at me. I have to put you back in your chair. You are as red as a tomato and you are scaring me.”
I faintly lift my head and I catch a very concerned look. In a very low and tired voice I can only whisper, “Ok”. I weakly wrap my arms around her neck, and I don’t know where she gets the strength from, but she pulls me up and then down on my chair. I am helpless with my chin falling on my chest. She wheels me rapidly in the bedroom. She helps me lie down, disappears in the bathroom and comes back in a wink with a glass of iced water and some wet cloths. She lifts my head and forces me to drink. Then she freshens up my face, my neck, my shoulders and my chest with the cool washing cloths. My breathing is back to normal, however I feel weak, dizzy and nauseous.
“There you go. You look less red. How do you feel? Can I leave you for a second to call  for a doctor?”
One word I hate especially on vacation. It makes me recover faster. “No! No doctor. Please Cassie. I am better. I’m going to be ok. It already happened to me a couple of times. It’s a sudden rise in my blood pressure probably due to the hot water. I probably stayed too long in the Jacuzzi. It is not recommended for paraplegics.”
“Oh Matt! Why didn’t you tell me before? Why did you accept if you knew? I am going to feel guilty ‘til the day I die.”
“I have been reckless and I’m sorry. I wanted to be with you and I don’t regret it. Maybe the erection came from the hot water too. It is a known fact that the heat speeds up the blood flow in the arteries.”
Saying so I give a glance at my genitals to find out it is back to its flaccid state.
Cassie understands and seems sorry for me, “It was already gone when I pulled you out of the water.”
“Well at least you saw it big once.”
I am being cynical to hide my disappointment. She sits beside me and glides her hand lovingly on my face, “Stop feeling sorry for your manhood. I am not. Well, I am for you but do we need a hard-on to be sexually fulfilled? Not me. I have never been so happy and I discovered what love is all about with you and without…an erected penis.”
She puts her hand gently on it and I feel very uncomfortable. I remove her hand and straighten up against the headboard, “Thanks Cassie for cheering me up, but that doesn’t make me less impotent.”
Why am I ruining this wonderful first day with those down-to-earth concerns? We made love in this bed not long ago and it was awesome. Stop feeling sorry for yourself Matthew Vincent. You are happy, you make her happy and it is the only thing that should matter.
I haven’t talked for a while lost in my gloomy thoughts. I have those down moments sometimes, but less since I am with her. Her anxious voice brings me out of my emotional state, “Matt, are you ok? You really scared me out there.”
“Yes I am now. Sorry I frightened you.”
I pull her down to me and kiss the tip of her nose. I’m back to my old self, “Are you hungry?”
She nods with a smile.
“Ok, let’s get dressed first.”
“Matt, are you sure it’s wise? ”
She still has a concerned look. I swiftly sit up to wipe away her anxiety, “You see? I’m ok. Promise.”
I am still naked, just wrapped in a towel and she wears the resort bathrobe. I am still a bit nauseous but eating something couldn’t be a bad thing.
“Can you get me some clothes from my bag?”
“I can do better.”
She chooses some cargo shorts and a sleeveless shirt and she dresses me like a baby. In other circumstances I would refuse to be assisted like a child, however Cassie doesn’t do it in that way, and I kind of like it. I also feel a bit weak still, so it gives me a little more time to recover. She disappears in the bathroom for a quick moment and comes out wearing a long strapless dress. It is 75 degrees and we are eating outside. I ordered over the phone before coming and I can’t wait to surprise her more.
“Are we going to eat out?”
“Yes, we are but not far.”
I look at my watch.
“It should be ready by now and we are even a bit late. Come on, let’s go.”
I transfer into my chair and head to the terrace.
“Matt, we can have dinner here and go out tomorrow. You could use some rest.”
“Do I look sick? Stop worrying. It was no big deal.”
“Where are you going? There is nothing there, but the sea and it’s dark now. Plus, in case you haven’t noticed you have no shoes on.”
“No need. Just follow me.”
I grin at her puzzled face and pull her by the hand.

Passed the wooden deck there are a few steps, three to be exact, to go down to the private beach. When I say private the word is meaningful. There are forty bungalows around the island but we feel like on a private deserted one. Privacy and intimacy is the resort’s main focus and I can testify they succeeded. I bump down the stairs balanced on my rear wheels, but as the steps are made out of wood and moving a little, I have to hold on to the rail for support. The mangrove is surrounding us with its tortuous branches and roots entrenched in the sand. This part of the ground is hard and flat and I can easily move forward. Our little closed nest of lush vegetation opens up to an enchanted beach, supplied with two comfortable beach chairs and a small table in between. On the side there is a dining table set for two covered with an immaculate white table cloth, sprinkled with more rose petals, and lit up with two red candles. Flames of bamboo tiki torches are glooming on the water and reflecting in Cassie’s astounded eyes. Coming out of nowhere a discreet waiter is lighting up a fire pit between the table and the soothing surf.
“Oh Matt! It is so beautiful.”
“Have a seat my love and enjoy the scenery.”
She notices the two chairs under the table and thoughtfully starts removing one, when I stop her with a gentle pull. “No, I did it on purpose. Tonight I sit in a regular chair. My wheelchair doesn’t fit in this romantic ‘tête-à-tête.”
I transfer nimbly on the luxury padded chair and ask Cassie, “Can you put this out of my sight for now?”
She looks surprised but so am I; at myself. I always keep my wheelchair as close to me as possible. She hides the wheelchair it behind a nearby tree. I sigh in comfort. When she is seated herself, I take her hand and kiss ceremoniously the back of it.
“Shall we eat Milady?”
She flashes her best sensual smile at me, and I can decipher a cheeky look in her twinkling emerald eyes, “Yes Milord, I am starving to death.”
I burst out laughing and nod at the waiter who is still by the fire, ready for us. He hurries toward our table wishing us a warm welcome and after taking our order, he leaves in a religious silence. Cassie is gazing at me with an appreciative look and I feel an intense happiness inside.
“You know it is the first time I see you seated in a regular chair at a table. It feels strange but at the same time it looks so natural.”
Do I sense a hint of regret in her soft voice though? I did it for her. However, once more I wrongly assumed she is like everybody else who prefers to ignore my wheelchair. Not only she doesn’t mind at all but she likes it. I ask her bashfully, “And is it good or bad? Because I can switch back if you want.”
She stands up abruptly and wraps her arms around my neck from behind, “Oh, Matt I am so sorry if I gave you this impression. I have enough issues about the whole topic; don’t make me feel guiltier. You know I am proud of you in whatever circumstances. It’s just that since we arrived here everything looks different, out of the ordinary and so surreal.”
I grin, “If this can be of any comfort and gives you solace, I am still an impotent paraplegic in need of a wheelchair. Appearances can sometimes be deceiving.”
“Matt! Stop talking like that, please. Don’t spoil this magical moment.”

She sits on my lap, and while I am trying to move my lifeless legs to make room for hers, we kiss wildly and erase the awkward conversation. My appetite is back and we have a delicious dinner. We see the waiter only three times, one for each course, and we don’t even pay attention to his presence. We only have eyes for each other with the still waters of the ocean and the white sanded beach as witnesses.


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